The Basement Party by DaddysBabyWhore

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"Hey, you wanna go to a party tonight? I know it's last minute but it should be fun." 

I looked over at my boyfriend, Ryan, "Sure, if you don't leave me by myself this time."

He laughed, "I promise, I won't wander off and leave you all by yourself." 

We got to his friend, Jake's house and there was a ton of people. I grabbed his hand as we walked around talking to his friends and drinking a little. After about 20 minutes he asked me if I was ready to go. 

"We're already leaving?," I asked.

He smiles, "No, we're not leaving yet." 

I was a little confused but followed him to a closed door that lead to the basement. We walked down and I saw 2 guys sitting on an old couch and then Jake along with 3 other guys taking their clothes off. I stopped and laughed nervously. 

"Uhh... What the hell is going on?"

Ryan kisses me, smiles, and says, "You said you wanted me to be your pimp." He points at the 4 naked guys who are laying out a mattress, "They paid me 50 dollars each, you're gonna fuck them and let them do whatever they want. The other two just wanna watch. Do you understand?"

I was kind of angry that he had just talked to me like that, but then again I was getting really turned on. 

"Yes, I understand."

He took my hand and walked me over to the mattress then went and sat down.

The 4 guys circled around me and one of them told me to get undressed then to get down on the mattress. For a second I thought about just running away but I didn't want to upset Ryan and I knew we both wanted this to happen. I got undressed fast and got down on my hands and knees. All 4 of them got down with me then started touching and rubbing me. I had 2 guys playing with my tits, grabbing each one and pulling on them hard. They reached for my nipples and yanked down on them. The third guy was right in front of me rubbing his cock all over my face and slapping me with it. He rubbed the head against my lips and then slid his whole cock into my mouth fast. I wasn't expecting it and when his balls press against my chin I start gagging.

He laughs, "Choke on my cock you fucking whore."

He keeps trying to push it deeper making me drool all over it. I didn't even realize that Jake had his fingers deep in my pussy. I'm so wet and I start to wonder if he'll try to fist me, I moan loudly and grind against his fingers. 

"Oh yea, she's ready to get fucked," he says as he pulls his fingers out of me. They all stop and I finally get to catch a full breath. 

Jake flips me over so I'm on my back; he grabs my legs and spreads them apart, rubs his cock against my pussy lips then he pushes into me. He growls until his dick is deep in my hole and begins thrusting in and out. 

I start to say, "Oh my god, fuck me with...," when one of the men pushes his cock into my mouth while saying, "Shut the fuck up slut and take this cock down your throat."

I rub my tongue along his cock while it goes in and out of my mouth. The other two guys grab each of my hands  and places them on their dicks. I stroke them fast while trying to push back against Jake's huge cock. He's pounding me so hard my pussy is already getting sore. The two guys I'm jerking off begin spitting on my face. 

"Jesus, you're a fucking whore!" 

"Look at you taking that big dick down your throat like a pro." 

"When Jake gets done with your cheap cunt we're gonna destroy all of your holes." 

I'm moaning and trying to scream with a dick in my mouth. Jake is fucking me so hard I feel like he's gonna break me. He thrusts into me one last time and then I feel his cum shooting inside me. I watch him get dressed then he walks up the stairs and I hear the door open and close. 

The three guys that are left all get up and the one that I was sucking sits in a chair. I walk over to him and get ready to slide his cock into my pussy. 

"Noo, no, no. I want your tight little asshole." He rubs my pussy getting my juices all over his hand and rubs some on my asshole then the rest on his dick. 

"Now slide down, let my meat stretch that hole." I slide down very slowly, it hurts more and more. Each inch is stretching me wider until his cock is finally all the way inside me. He makes me lean over as he grabs my ass cheeks and guides me up and down, his cock sliding in and out of my ass. He stops for a second and slides us down a little on the chair when another guy grabs my legs and pushes them up so each one is on his shoulders. He immediately slams into my cunt and thrusts hard in and out. I'm screaming as both my holes are completely stuffed and throbbing. I start shaking and before I know it I'm cumming so hard I feel like I'm going to pass out. 

"That's right slut, cum on our cocks. Grip them tight with your holes and make us cum. Ryan told us how much of a cum-hungry skank you are." I look over at Ryan and he's still watching me and smiling; I see the two guys that have been watching me get fucked start talking to Ryan and he's shaking his head up and down and saying something about 10 dollars. I squeeze my holes as tight as I can trying to milk the cum out of both guys fucking me. They begin to tremble and the guy fucking my ass grabs my shoulders and explodes inside me, completely filling my asshole with his hot cum. Then the other guy pounds harder into my pussy until he tenses up and shoots all of his cum into my aching hole, then he pulls out of me. 

The last guy grabs me by the hair and pushes me down, "My turn bitch, suck this cock good." 

I start to lick the head of his cock and rub his balls, I begin to take his cock into my mouth then all of a sudden he sighs; grabs my hair and slams his cock into my throat so hard I become light-headed. He fucks my throat harder, my eyes are watering and I can't stop choking. I'm drooling all over his cock and down my chin. He pinches my nose closed and pushes his big dick deep and starts to cum and as he's cumming he humps my face, still holding my nose closed so I can't breath.

He lets go of me and I gasp for air, after a minute I start to get up. "No baby," Ryan says, "get back down and open your mouth wide. These two guys paid 10 dollars, they wanna cum on your face." 

I stay on my knees and open my mouth. The two guys are stroking their cocks fast and I see Ryan jerking off now and he gets up and walks towards me. The two guys are moaning loudly while I play with my tits, pulling and twisting my nipples. First I get streaks of cum on my cheeks and forehead, then I get a huge warm load directly into my mouth.

"Swallow my cum you nasty cunt." I swallow the guy's cum and then open my mouth wide to show him. I hear them laughing and talking, heading back up to the party. 

Ryan rubs his hard cock against my lips and I begin sucking it fast, pushing my head forward against his dick and then back over and over. He starts cumming all over my face, "Ahhhh god, you were so good tonight. Now you're my whore, you fucking belong to me. I'm gonna pimp you out to who ever I want and you're gonna do whatever I say, aren't you baby?"

I smile and look at him, "Yes Daddy, I'm your whore now."

Rating: 82%, Read 19489 times, Posted Aug 27, 2013

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Prostitution, Written by women


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