Castle Tails by Homealone_447

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Castle Tails

By Homealone_447

Claire and her friends looked through their hotel window at the old castle sitting at the top of a nearby hill. They were seriously considering a strange dare from the old lady managing the hotel.

“So tell me again what the woman told you,” Brooke said, “If we spend the night up there, we won’t have to pay our hotel bill? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Her friend Madison responded, “It is true. Claire and I were talking about the ridiculous stories they say about the castle and I guess the old lady didn’t like what we said. She really believes in that shit.”

“Yeah,” Claire added, “She told us that she can prove it if we spend the night up there. And she is willing to cut our hotel bill.”

“I’m not afraid of a stupid ghost. Count me in!” Rachel said with an assertive tone of voice. To which Madison responded,

“You are not brave bitch. You are just cheap! Haha”

Brooke, who usually worried too much about anything, looked at her friends with concern and said out loud, “I’m not sure girls. It could be dangerous and… where are we going to sleep?”

“Who says we are going to sleep?” Claire answered quickly, “All we need is a bottle of tequila and a few blankets.”

“Ok, let’s vote for it,” Rachel said raising her hand, “I am in.”

After a quick vote, the outcome was obvious. They were going to spend the night in the old castle.

“Sorry Brooke. You are screwed,” Rachel said mockingly.

“Ok, I’ll go. But I still think it’s not a good idea,” Brooke responded.


They arrived at the front gate just before sunset. The large, gray walls looked a lot more impressive up close. It was evident that the castle had been built centuries ago. The lack of maintenance made it look abandoned and the scars from time indicated that it had been under attack at least once before.

“Ok, we are here. Now what?” Claire asked.

“See if it is locked,” Madison said from a few feet behind.

“What? No, you do it!” Claire responded.

“Ok, move your ass. I’ll do it,” said Rachel as she stepped forward and pushed the heavy door.

It wasn’t locked and the four women walked in. They waited a few seconds until their eyes adjusted to the dark and looked around.

The interior of the large building was completely different from the outside. It was dusty but not abandoned as expected and it still had a lot of old furniture.

“Look at all these antiques!” Claire said.

“Cool! Maybe there are beds in here. We can have a nap if we get tired,” Madison exclaimed.

“It is most likely that you will be so drunk that you won’t care where you sleep,” Rachel responded.

“Who takes care of this place? There must be someone living here and we are trespassing,” Brooke said.

“Relax. The old lady told me that nobody lives here. She must clean this place herself,” Claire said to Brooke.

“That means she is here. She must be watching us right now, waiting for the right moment to slash us with a hatchet!” Rachel exclaimed, faking fear.

“Don’t say that!” Brooke said with her eyes wide open.

“Haha… You and your happy thoughts,” Madison said to Rachel.


The girls sat in the main room, chatting and drinking for a few hours. It was dark outside and the only light came from their gas lanterns.

“Ok, time to search for a bathroom,” Rachel said as she stood up and started walking out of the main room.

“Don’t forget to flush!” Claire said with a smile.

“You shouldn’t go alone. It is not safe,” Brooke said.

“If I see an evil ghost, I’ll tell him you say hi,” Rachel said to Brooke just before she moved out of sight.


Rachel walked through the long halls opening all doors, her fashionable boots echoing in the wide corridors and high ceilings. But to her surprise, none of the rooms had what she was looking for.

“Who designed this damn place? So many rooms and no bathrooms? What’s up with that?”

She walked into an ample room, hoping to find at least a latrine but instead, she found a large box on the floor that looked a lot like a coffin. The box was open and there was nothing inside.

“You have to be kidding me,” Rachel thought.

When she was about to leave the room, she heard a faint noise.

“Eh? What was that?”

Rachel scanned the dark space moving her lantern from left to right and back. She was able to distinguish a shadow of someone standing behind a column.

“I think there is someone standing over there,” Rachel thought, “That old lady from the hotel is really going out of her way trying to scare us.”

“Hi there!” She said out loud.

A man walked from behind the column and stepped into the light, wearing nothing but a dark cloak. His skin looked pale but veiny, giving him a sinister appearance. He spoke with a calm voice,

“You are invading my property. But don’t worry; pretty girls like you are always welcome.”

“Dude! You are naked!” Rachel said stepping back, “The old lady put you up to this, didn’t she?”

“There are no old ladies here,” the man said.

The man got closer to Rachel as the moonlight filtered through the window. He talked with a soothing voice but Rachel was getting uneasy. She considered the possibility that this guy could be a crazy psycho that had nothing to do with the old lady.

“Give me a break. Who are you suppose to be? Count Dracula? You have your coffin and everything,” Rachel asked, trying to disguise her nervousness.

“You can call me Lestat. What is your name?” the man answered, stepping even closer.

“Hey! That’s close enough buddy. I know how to defend myself,” Rachel said defiantly.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you,” Lestat said.

Suddenly, the creepy man jumped forward with incredible speed and grabbed Rachel’s arms. Her lantern fell noisily to the ground.

“What? Let go off me!” Rachel demanded.

She began to panic. Lestat was staring at her with wide, reddish eyes. They looked so unreal. Rachel tried to call for help but her voice choked in her throat.

The man in front of her was scary as hell but when she tried to look away she found that she couldn’t. Rachel felt a chill running across her back and up into her head.

“No… Help…” she babbled.

A strange dizziness soon clouded Rachel’s mind. She couldn’t understand what was happening to her. Her thoughts became disjointed and she was unable to form a coherent idea. She could almost feel the man’s will taking over her brain and pushing everything aside.

“Yes, my dear. Give yourself to me.”

Rachel could hear his voice but his lips weren’t moving. It was impossible.

The man’s eyes were so magnetic, so alluring. They were speaking to her. Telling Rachel to relax, to stop resisting; everything was going to be fine. She just had to comply. To let him guide her through the fogginess that filled her head.

Rachel’s face and body slowly became limp and submissive. Her eyes remained fixed on his, letting an unrelenting power of dominance filter into her helpless mind.

Lestat released her arm, certain that Rachel was now under his control.

“Now and for all eternity, you belong to me!” Lestat said.

“Yes… “ Rachel responded.

“Show me your body,” Lestat ordered, testing her obedience.

“Yes…” Rachel grabbed her top and pulled it down, showing her rounded breasts to her Master.

“You will do just me, my dear. Kneel before me!” Lestat ordered.

“I kneel…”

With absolute obedience, Rachel knelt down, never taking her eyes off his. Lestat’s cock was already growing from the excitement of having such a beautiful new bride.

“Now, suck me. In a moment, I will suck you in a way you will never forget,” Lestat said with a grin on his face.


Rachel leaned forward with an empty mind and a hungry mouth, ready to please her new Master. She projected the tip of her tongue, delicately touching his fully erect phallus.

Lestat grabbed the back of Rachel’s head and pulled her violently. His cock smashed the bottom of her throat and beyond, lodging his entire meat deep inside of her. He kept her like that for a moment before pulling it out, just to shove it forcefully back in.

Lestat fucked her face for several minutes while she complied without a single flinch.

Rachel’s hands rested on her lap while her head bobbed back and forth and her lips wrapped around the vampire’s phallus.

When Lestat had enough fun, rejoicing on his own undefeatable mind controlling powers, he decided it was time to feed.

“Now is my turn, stand up and remove your clothes!” Lestat ordered.

Rachel removed her clothes quickly and stood before the vampire. She felt undeniably aroused for reasons her mesmerized mind could not understand. Lestat looked straight into her eyes, reinforcing her submissiveness as he opened his mouth wide, showing his sharp, long fangs.

Rachel remained immobile while he stepped forward and bit her neck!

Lestat had waited many years for this and Rachel’s blood tasted overwhelmingly delicious. He grunted as the savor of the sweet, warm nectar flowed from her pulsating veins into his ravenous body.

Rachel gasped from the searing, momentary pain as his fangs pierced through her soft skin but at the same time her pussy jolted hard and her legs trembled from the excitement of feeding him, her Master.

Just a few seconds later the pain was gone, replace by a pleasurable feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction. Her eyes rolled back as overpowering arousal reached every cell of her body.

Every heartbeat meant an ounce of blood drained from Rachel’s body and with every heartbeat her pussy twitched harder, making it impossible to resist. She wanted him to take her completely.

When Lestat sucked one pint of the sexy woman’s blood, he threw his head back, feeling the darkest energy spark within the center of his undead body. His true self was coming alive again and was urging to get out!

The transformation was unavoidable. His true image emerged replacing the human form; a tall, thin, humanoid figure with wolf eyes, bat ears and enormous fangs. He was now ready to take everything that belonged to him!

The bloodthirsty monster grabbed Rachel’s submissive body with his clawed hands and turned her around, facing away from him. He had a new toy and he wanted to play with it. Lestat was going to finish what he started moments before, his cock already growing to twice the size.

Lestart forced Rachel to bend forward and shoved his massive, cold phallus deep into her pussy.


The entranced woman moaned loud as her silky, curvaceous body stretched to take it in completely. Even within her mesmerized state, Rachel felt his fat member penetrate her deeper than she thought possible.

Lestat fucked her lubricated pussy hard and fast, reaching all the way to her womb every time, shaking her entire body from head to toe.

Without retrieving his cock, Lestat lifted Rachel like a ragdoll and sank his huge fangs in her veins once more, draining her warm blood even faster than before. Rachel grunted and shuddered within his grip as her skin turned paler every passing second.


The inhuman creature fucked Rachel for a long time, smashing his cock deep into her pussy and bringing her closer to an inevitable orgasm. Lestat would ravish her for as long as there was an ounce of blood flowing through her body and there was still plenty of it…

Without removing his phallus, Lestat turned her over again and leaned forward to sink his teeth into her left breast. Rachel’s heart was pumping the remnants of her blood with full force, making it easier for him to suck it into his starving body.

For a second, Rachel imagined that delicious red blood gushing everywhere and suddenly she felt hungry too.

Lestat pinned Rachel’s pale body against the wall and increased the pace. He knew her climax was near and her fate would be sealed forever.

Rachel could almost feel her soul escaping from her burning body and yet she wanted him to keep fucking her. She wrapped her legs around his rugged form pulling him closer.

Her pussy contracted tightly around his cock as his fangs sank deep into her neck for the last time. The pleasure she felt was unbearable and somehow she knew that her impending orgasm was going to be devastating, putting an end to her previous, unrewarding life.

Lestat shoved his cock as deep as he could while his balls shuddered just before the inevitable release.

Rachel writhed and jolted reaching a powerful climax at the same moment that Lestat discharged a huge load of cum into her blood-drained body. Her leg stretched out and trembled rapidly while her arms reached out into nothing, as an orgasmic farewell to her previous existence…

It was done. The last drop of blood had been drained from her trembling body and this mind-blowing orgasm marked the start of a new beginning.

Rachel stared into nothing as her last traces of human life vanished in the darkness. The receding spasms in her pussy slowly gave way to an unnatural hunger for blood.

Lestat let her feeble, quivering body slide lifelessly to the stone floor.

“Yes my dear. Let my essence spread within your body and you will be my bride forever.”


Back in the castle’s studio, the girls started wondering about Rachel…

“Don’t you think Rachel is taking too long? Maybe we should see if she is ok,” Brooke said.

“If she doesn’t come back in five minutes, we’ll organize a search expedition,” Madison responded.

At that moment, Rachel walked silently into the room. None of her former friends noticed her until she spoke…

“Are you talking about me?” Rachel asked with a serious tone.

“Holy crap!” Claire exclaimed as she looked at Rachel’s nude body.

“Rachel! Why are you naked?!” Madison asked.

The girls stood up and gathered around Rachel trying to figure out what was going on, unaware that a menacing shadow was moving behind them…

“That’s the best Halloween costume I’ve ever seen! Did you use powder on your whole body? You look so pale!” Claire said excitedly.

“Awesome!” Madison said.

“You… you look like death,” Brooke added with a nervous voice.

A loud, ghostly growl made the young friends feel a chill in their guts. They all turned around at the same time to look at Lestat moving closer to them from behind. He swiftly grabbed Brooke’s dress, eager to get her naked and get a taste of her warm blood.

“Ahhhh!!” Brooke screamed in panic.

“What the fuck?!!” Claire yelled.

“What the hell is that?” Madison asked at the same time.

The vampire ripped Brooke’s dress off as the scared woman stepped back and managed to break free. They all started to run as fast as they could but Rachel blocked Madison’s attempt to flee and firmly grabbed her arm.

“Why don’t you stay here? You are really going to enjoy it,” Rachel said calmly.

“Run Madison!” Claire screamed as she ran behind Brooke into the hall.

Trapped between Rachel and the creature, Madison tried to make sense of what was happening, “Rachel! Please tell me that this is a joke… that this is not real.”

“This is very real. You will see that in a moment,” Rachel responded showing no emotion.

“Welcome to my home, precious thing,” Lestat said with a raspy voice.

Madison turned her head to see the dreadful vampire reach out to her. She screamed as he ripped her dress completely off her body.

Lestat grabbed Madison’s slim waist with both hands and lifted her from the ground, offering the scared woman’s blood to Rachel, his new bride.

“Do you want a test of her? Go ahead my darling… bite her!” He said.

“Rachel, stop this!!” Madison pleaded to her friend.

“Yes… I want her!” Rachel said, looking fixedly at Madison’s eyes.

Madison looked down at Rachel’s mad eyes, realizing with true terror that this was real, unbelievably real. The woman staring back at her resembled her old friend but she was a different person, a different creature!

“No Rachel! Don’t do it!” Madison cried.

Rachel swiftly leaned forward stabbing her new fangs into Madison’s crotch. The blood began to flow into Rachel’s body and her pussy twitched from absolute pleasure. She visualized Madison on her bed, moaning lustily between her arms, embracing the secret relationship they used to have in the past. Today, they would become lovers again and it would last until the end of time.

Madison was almost in shock. She still wanted to believe that none of this was true but the painful bite was proving her wrong. She suddenly felt Rachel’s tongue reaching into her pussy and her nipples swelled involuntarily. The soreness weakened rapidly along with her inner strength.

“Yes! Eat her!” Lestat exclaimed. His harem was getting bigger.


Claire and Brooke ran like hell through a maze of halls until they found a door that promised a way out. There was a large bolt keeping it closed but they managed to open it and move inside. They walked in the shadows down a stairway and ended up in a dark basement that seemed to lead nowhere.

“I think this is a dead end. We should go back and try a different way,” Brooke said catching her breath.

“Wait. There could be a maintenance door in here. Let me take a look,” Claire responded.

Claire found a torch by the door. The intensifying light showed an ample, wrecked room but no doors.

“You are right. This is some kind of dungeon,” Claire said, “Do you realize that this could be just another prank from Rachel? Maybe she and Mady are laughing at us right now.”

Brooke did not respond. She was frozen in place with her eyes wide open staring at something behind Madison…

“Brooke? What’s wrong?”

It was an enormous humanoid with a thick, brown fur covering its massive body. A werewolf!

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Nooo!” Claire screamed as she turned around.

The large beast smelled the alluring scent of the females even before they entered the room. He lurked in the shadows until there were within reach and charged on Claire with only one thing on his mind. He grabbed Claire and used his sharp claws to tear off her clothes.

Brooke couldn’t move from sheer terror.

The werewolf dragged Claire to a clear area among the rubble of the dirty ground while Brooke slowly stepped back and crawled into a fetal position near the stone wall. She couldn’t even dare to look at the hairy beast and her struggling friend.

“Please don’t kill me!” Claire cried.

The excited creature pushed Claire’s legs wide open while he positioned his enlarging cock against her pussy. It was then when Claire realized that the monster wasn’t going to eat her… at least not yet.

“Oh my God! I think he wants to fuck me!” Claire thought.

Claire felt the enormous rod splitting her pussy lips apart and slide fiercely through her tight cavity all the way to the bottom. Then the werewolf started to pump her so fast that she was barely able to breathe between high pitched squeals.

“Ahh Ahh Ahh…”

The beast pulled her up and forced her to sit on his lap. He easily lifted her slim body in the air and smashed her down onto his cock over and over. He knew that the time he had was limited and he was going to make the best of it. It had been so long since he fucked a woman.

Brooke, trembling like a leaf, was still afraid to look but she could clearly hear the squishy sounds of the werewolf cock penetrating deep into Claire’s pussy. In other circumstances, Brooke would have sworn that Claire was having sex with a long time lover by the sound of her moans.

After several minutes of unearthly ravishing, Claire caught herself enjoying the situation. The hideous beast was oddly skillful while fucking her, as if he had done this before hundreds of times and he was deliberately trying to make her feel good.

“What is wrong with you? You can’t enjoy this…” Claire reproached herself.

A scary growl in the distance indicated to the werewolf that he was running out of time. Claire’s arousing reverie cleared immediately from her head and she screamed out loud still trying to protect Brooke.

“Run Brooke! Run away!” Claire screamed.

The panicked girl finally reacted, “Ehh?”

The werewolf stood up and turned around without removing his cock from Claire’s pussy. Claire couldn’t help moaning loudly from the pleasant feeling of his hard cock steering within her insides as the creature carried her like a rag doll.

Meanwhile, Brooke ran up the stairs and out of the dungeon just in time.

One second later, the dominant werewolf showed up at the scene, demanding his right to mate with the female. His fur had a grayish tone, suggesting longevity.

Claire looked at him with reassuring certainty that he was not trying to kill her. He wanted to fuck her too. This werewolf was a little bigger than the first one and so was his cock.

“Holy crap!” said Claire, staring at the beast’s enlarged phallus.

The younger werewolf knew his place and quickly submitted, offering the slim woman to the leader, who leaned forward and smelled her crotch confirming that she was suitable for mating. Claire felt his breath blowing around her wet pussy lips and she twitched involuntarily.

The big werewolf wasted no time and immediately shoved his large cock in Claire’s pussy. Claire felt it going even deeper than before and screamed in bliss.

The other beast had to settle with Claire’s tight ass, fully aware that he was not going to impregnate her this way. He pushed his cock into her anus as far as he could while Claire was going berserk by the wicked surprise. She was no longer in control of her emotions and she was well on her way to reaching a delightful orgasm.


Meanwhile, at the other site of the castle, Madison’s skin was almost as pale as snow. Rachel’s fangs pierced her neck and sucked the last drops of blood while Lestat banged her pussy with all his might, eager to drive her over the edge and into his world.

“Yes, my dear. Suck her dry. Let her be one of us!” Lestat said.

And Lestat came, ejecting a cold, gooey load of cum into Madison’s shuddering pussy. Madison suddenly saw a bright red light explode behind her eyes and all her muscles strained from the overwhelming orgasm. Her pussy twitched over and over around her new Master’s cock, milking it, absorbing his essence right into the center of her darkening soul.

Lestat dropped Madison to the carpeted floor while she still twitched and growled, letting the last traces of her old self escape into emptiness and allowing her new, blood thirsty conscience to take over completely.

Rachel fervently cleaned Lestat’s cock with her luscious tongue.


Down in the dungeon, both huge werewolves smashed their bulky bodies against Claire’s frail figure, relentlessly shoving their fat cocks into her pussy and ass in a rapid pace. Claire’s legs and arms swayed back and forth freely while the besieged woman barely hung to consciousness.

She stared up into nothing unable to think or do anything other than enjoy the unbelievable ride. Claire was being fucked by monsters and yet she was having the fuck of her life. She had lost count of how many times she’d climaxed since the beasts first penetrated her.

Much to her disappointment, the bizarre ravishing was coming to an end. The leading werewolf growled loudly as he reached his peak and sprayed her pussy with a large quantity of hot sperm, driving the overwhelmed woman into yet another orgasm.

The other werewolf stopped the fast fucking motion and let his leader pump all the sperm into Claire’s flooding womb.

Claire could clearly feel the massive phallus pulsating inside of her and the hot fluid filling her insides completely.

When the leader was done, they let her feeble body slide to the ground but the other werewolf was not finish yet and he kept her head up while he aimed his cock at her face.

Claire was forced to open her mouth wide while the beast pushed her head against his thick cock. She dared to imagine the beast’s large balls boiling with hot semen ready to gush out and flood down her throat.

That mental image quickly turned into reality as the werewolf vigorously ejected hot, gluey cum into her mouth and down her throat. Claire’s whole body quivered from a sudden excitement that made her spray a little fluid of her own.

Moments later, Claire lay exhausted on the floor, leaking cum from her pussy and mouth, still trying to make sense of the surreal events that she just experienced.

The werewolves were thankful to Claire not only for providing a pleasurable time but for unlocking the dungeon’s door that had remained closed for a long time. They calmly walked out in search for freedom.


Brooke got lost in the confusing halls that all look alike until she found one that led to an ample room. She was now alone and scared and she sadly regretted leaving Claire alone with the beast.

“I’ll never forgive myself for leaving Claire. I need to find a way out and call the police. That is the best way I can help her.”

Just a few steps ahead, Brooke turned a corner and ran into Rachel, who stood sexily in one side of the room as if she had been waiting for her.

“Hi, Brooke. Did you miss me?”

“Rachel! Are you ok? Please tell me what is going on?!”

“I want you to meet my Master. He will explain everything to you,” Rachel answered.

Brooke knew that she couldn’t trust Rachel so she tried to run the other way but Madison was right there...

“Going somewhere?” Madison asked.

“Mady!! You too? I just want to go home…”

“This is home. You will see that in a moment,” Madison said.

Falling from above, Lestat landed abruptly right in front of Brooke, cornering her against the stairway and her former friends. She had nowhere to go…

Lestat moved forward, staring fixedly at the terrified woman’s eyes and speaking in a strangely soothing voice. His hypnotic powers soon captured Brooke’s eyes and she couldn’t look away even as she tried with all her might.

“No, please. Leave me alone!” Brooke pleaded.

“Don’t be scared my darling. You are the chosen one. Come to me and you will find never-ending pleasure,” Lestat said getting his face inches from Brooke’s.

The minutes passed and Brooke’s facial expression slowly turned, showing relaxation. Her thoughts became blurry and sluggish. She felt her nipples swelling with no apparent reason.

“You are special my darling. You are pure. I know you are a virgin… and you belong to me!”

She heard Lestat’s voice echoing inside her head. When he touched her left breast, she climaxed.


Claire recovered a while later, wondering why the werewolves had left her alone and unharmed.

“I guess all they wanted was to fuck me… and some fuck it was!” Claire thought, “I have to get out of here!”

Claire walked carefully and silently back to the main hall. Even that it was truly incredible; she was now convinced that everything that was happening was very real. She had to avoid that horrible vampire creature with the large fangs or she would end up like Rachel.

“Poor Rachel… I have to find Brooke and get out of this forsaken place.”

Despite her furtiveness, Lestat and her slaves found Claire as easily as they’d found Brooke. Her intense heartbeat served like a beacon to the blood-sucking creatures.

Claire crossed a large doorway and carefully looked around the corner. It was empty. “I don’t recognize this hall. Maybe I should go the other way.”

Hanging from the wall, several feet above the ground, Rachel looked down at her old friend, “Got you bitch!”

Rachel jumped down, grabbing Claire’s forearm. Claire was doomed.

“Hi, Claire. Looking for someone?”

“Rachel!” was Claire’s only word.


Not even ten minutes later, Claire was lying on a wooden table rocking back and forth and moaning out loud from the delightful strokes of Lestat’s huge cock.

She remembered him looking at her intensely and telling her that he was going to make her feel wonderful… and he was right. She felt like she was in heaven. This was the right thing to do.

“I can smell her blood rushing through her veins,” Madison said excitedly as she stood beside Lestat, licking her own lips.

“Let him fuck you Claire. Let him penetrate all the way to your soul,” Rachel exclaimed, looking at Claire’s empty stare.

Lestat could sense the eagerness of his slaves and he encouraged them to turn their friend into one of them; to make her a vampire.

Within the excitement, all of them failed to notice a bulky figure observing everything near the far back wall.

“Go on my dear slaves. Bite her. Take her. I command you!” Lastat ordered.

“Yess!!” Rachel responded.

“Thank you Master!” Madison added.

It was time to taste Claire’s blood. Rachel opened her mouth wide showing her sharp fangs as she leaned forward ready to bite…

Suddenly, one of the werewolves jumped from the top of a bookshelf and smashed Rachel with a swift move of his arm, sending the surprised vampiress to the ground. Lestat and Madison looked up at the intruder and screamed with anger and astonishment.

They had been caught off guard but reacted in an instant…

Lestat jumped with amazing speed over the table, biting the werewolf near the neck and stabbing his large nails on his chest. Madison followed close behind, ready to bite him as well.

Claire remained on the table with her legs wide open. She also reacted to the sudden commotion, lifting her head a bit as the fogginess slowly cleared from her entranced mind.

“What’s.. happening?” Claire mumbled.

With the werewolf agonizing on the floor, Lestat knelt to finish the job. He grabbed the werewolf neck and opened her jaws wide, ready to finish him… but at that instant, the older and bigger werewolf jumped from behind and stabbed a big sword into Lestat’s back, piercing his dark, rotten heart.

“Nooo!” Rachel screamed, witnessing her Masters demise.

“Master!!” Madison cried in terror.

Lestat was dead. After centuries of hunting these lands and terrorizing the people of the small town; forcing them to send him innocent, young females, the vampire was dead.

“Master, don’t leave us!!”

“Let’s take the sword out! He might live!” Madison told Rachel in desperation.

But there was nothing they could do to save him. The job was done. The werewolf grabbed Claire from the table and carried her out of the castle. This time, he was not going to leave her behind.

“He killed the vampire!” thought Claire, watching over the werewolf’s shoulder.


The beast walked deep into the woods, away from the danger and placed Claire gently on the ground.

“You saved my life! He was going to make me a vampire, like Rachel and Mady,” Claire said.

The werewolf just stared back at her without making any sound. He didn’t have to.

“Oh… I think I know what he wants…” Claire thought, looking at the beast’s cock grow large again.

Claire willingly let him fuck her the rest of the night until daybreak. This time she enjoyed it even more than before, certain that he was not going to eat her when he was done. They both came at the same time.


The moment seemed perfect but…

The werewolf abruptly fell to his knees letting Claire fall onto the ground. He growled in a different way, clearly showing that he was in pain. Then it happened. He started to change until he turned into his original form.

“Holy crap! He is becoming human!” Claire exclaimed.

And there he was. A tall, muscular man knelt where the werewolf had been. The transformation was complete.

The man introduced himself as Arthur. He was the last leader of a long line of men chosen by fate to fight the blood suckers. His father did it before him and his grandfather did it before his father.

“I was the only one who knew how to kill the vampire and I had tried for decades,” Arthur said, “You gave me the chance to do it and you shall be rewarded for it. Please come to my humble castle. You may stay with me for as long as you want.”

“But I have to call the police. My friends are still in there,” Claire said.

“The police know about this place. They will do nothing. There is no hope for your friends anyway. They will remain vampiress’ forever,” Arthur answered.

Claire agreed to follow him. She would decide what to do when they get to his place. Plus there were other things spinning in her mind…

“Do you turn into a werewolf every night?”

“Yes,” Arthur responded.

“Hummm… That’s what I was hoping for,” Claire thought as she grabbed his hand.


Three weeks later, Brooke sat limply on a large chair. Her skin was pink as always and her body looked the same except for a noticeably pregnant belly. She stared into eternity with her mind trapped in a blissful labyrinth of arousing sensations, constantly fueled by Rachel and Madison’s caress and by the creature growing inside of her.

“I want to bite her so badly,” Madison said, looking intently at Brooke’s neck.

“You can’t! She has to remain human until she gives birth to our new Master,” Rachel said.

Brooke felt Rachel’s finger probe into her wet pussy and her nipples swelled accordingly. It was time for another delightful session.

“I can feel him stirring inside of her,” Madison said placing a hand on Brooke’s belly.

“Yes. It won’t be long.”

The End.

Note from the author: There is a graphic version of this story.

Rating: 88%, Read 58925 times, Posted May 13, 2010

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Extreme, Horror, Lesbian, Mind Control, Monster, Pregnant, Submission, Threesome


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