Emi Loves to Play by tjrasberry

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True Story | Asian, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Threesome, Wife

It all started last year. My Japanese wife of five years, Emi, and I were making love after a night of dancing and drinking Scotch, followed by Champagne. She is not a strong drinker, so needless to say after 4 Glenfiddich on the Rocks and 3 glasses of Krug, she was helplessly drunk. She’s a real hottie in bed and that night was no exception. She sucked my 7-inch cock with pure lust and passion. For some reason, I was feeling very adventurous and began asking her questions that I would have never asked before.

With my shaft buried in her tight cunt, I looked her into her eyes and asked, “Emi, you really love to fuck, don’t you?” She smiled, “Yes, I love fucking you!” “No”, I corrected her, “I mean you really love to fuck. If another man’s dick was in you right now, you would keep humping his cock, wouldn’t you?” She stopped moving and looked at me with an unfamiliar glare. I thought that my fun had ended and our sexy copulation would abruptly end, with me sleeping on the couch.

She then grinned, “Yes, the way I feel right now, I would keep fucking him… especially if he was handsome and had a hard, thick, long cock!” I was surprised by her candidness. “So once a big, long, thick cock enters your juicy little twat, you can’t help yourself?” She kissed me on the lips and rammed her tongue into my mouth, before responding, “I am very drunk right now and very horny. Yes, in this condition, I don’t think I could help myself. Do you have anyone in mind that you would like to see fuck your naughty wife?” She had never been so open, when speaking about sex.

I was caught off-guard; so I hesitated. “Well, my dear, you brought up the subject; don’t you have someone who you would like for me to fuck?” I felt that I could be honest with her at this point, “I have sometimes fantasized about Jack doing you.” Jack is my best friend from college. He lives 500 miles away in another city, but we keep in touch and get together at Christmas each year with his lovely wife, Cha Cha. She is a delicious little brown sexpot from Costa Rica.

”Jack”, Emi repeated, “He is very cute and I’ve seen that big bulge in his pants from time to time.” I felt more confidence, “So would you like to fuck Jack?” She laughed, or should I say giggled, “No, but we can pretend. Honey, I only want you in my pussy… no one else!” I felt a mixture of happiness and disappointment. I was happy that she was loyal to me; but disappointed my fantasy of seeing Emi fuck another man would not come true.

She tilted her head to the side and asked, “So, Mr. Wet Dream, how do you want to conduct this role play? Do I pretend you are Jack and talk dirty or do you want to tell me your fantasies; while we you pump my hot cunt?” I smiled, “Let’s pretend that I am Jack; but first let me get the blindfold to make it more realistic.”

After placing the blindfold over her eyes, I quickly retrieved a large 9-inch strap-on dildo from its hiding place. I had put it in my bottom draw in case of just such a situation. I slipped on the straps and locked-in the realistic dildo. It was about two inches longer and half an inch thicker than mine, plus the tip turned up… insuring constant contact with Emi’s sensitive g-spot.

She giggled again, “Where is my new lover? Jackie Boy come do me baby!” I positioned my face near her

wet pussy and began licking her labia and clit. Emi went wild, “Oh yes Jack you know what I like”. Soon, I was driving my tongue deep inside, which quickly triggered an intense climax. “Oh God, Jack you have me baby. Please shove your big cock into my naughty pussy. My husband wants to watch you fuck me.”

Kneeling between her legs, I grabbed the dildo and rubbed it up and down her sopping slit. “Jack, Jack, you sure know how to turn a girl on. You can play with my slutty cunt anytime, Baby. Do me, Jack… do me deep!” I then penetrated her vaginal lips. As I began pumping, the dildo went deeper and deeper inside. “Yes Jack, oh your shaft feels so good. You’re hitting my spot perfectly. You’re thicker that my husband. I like it!” Finally I sank all 9 inches inside her. “God Jack, you’re touching me in places, I’ve never been touched before. I’m Cumming Baby, yessss!” Emi’s body began to vibrate out of control while she literally screamed with pleasure. I could see juices leaking from her pussy. She was in true ecstasy.

Emi pulled off the blindfold and saw the huge dildo deep inside her satisfied cunt. “I knew it wasn’t you, Honey. Sorry, but it felt so good.” From that day on, I played the roles of different men fucking Emi, not just Jack. Sometimes she would make up a character and describe his body features and cock. I purchased different sized vibrators and dildos… even a 12-inch black one, with bulging veins. She seemed to like the black one best. Her orgasms during our sessions with Jerome and Nat, the names she created for her black lovers, were the most intense of all.

She became more and more excited with our role play. She especially liked to talk dirty to her pretend lovers; calling herself their slut, bitch, sex toy and naughty Jap Wife. Our sessions went from once or twice per week to every day. Two months ago, I bought an expensive video camera and began recording our sessions. Sometimes she would wear a kimono or yukata and do a sensual strip tease before masturbating in front of the camera. In fact, we posted her best sessions on the Internet; however, she always wore sunglasses and a wig, just in case someone we knew stumbled across the website where we displayed her activities.

One night, after the two of us drank an entire bottle of scotch, I talked her into going on a live web page where women would strip and talk to men in real time. She dressed in her yukata (Japanese Robe) with a pair of silk panties and no bra underneath. The first man to join her was a guy named, Neil. We could see him in a small window of the screen. He jacked-off, as Emi stripped for him and then began to play with her tits and pussy. His cock was about 8 inches long and very thick. Emi urged him to cum for her. As she masturbated, she watched the screen while Neil pumped his hard shaft. “Yes, Baby, pump your big cock for me. Do you want me to suck it for you? I can lick your big balls and slide my tongue up and down your rigid staff. Oh look at the pre-cum forming. Shall I lick it off and then suck your bulging cock into my throat? Would you like that Neil?”

He answered in a panting voice, “Yes you nasty little slut, I want you to deep throat my shlong and swallow every ounce of my sperm.” His rough language made Emi wild with lust, “Yes Baby, I’ll drink all of your creamy cum. Do it for me Neil; shoot your load all over my mouth!” No sooner had she said it then he blew his wad, covering the camera lens so that we could barely see him.

Suddenly, two more men appeared on the screen… Dan and Paul. They were surprised to see Emi totally naked and very horny. “Hi guys. Are you ready to play?” Paul spoke first, “Yes beautiful. What are you Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese?” “No” she said, “Japanese. Let me see your cocks.” Within seconds they took off their underwear and exposed their average 5 and 6 inch dicks to Emi.” “Ya know, guys, I always wanted to try double penetration. Which one of you wants my ass?” This time Dan spoke up first, “Yes… me, I’m your ass man.”

Emi turned her shapely butt to the screen and rubbed on some lube gel. “Shove it in me Danno. Paul you crawl underneath and let me ride your cock” She then inserted two dildos, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. As she simulated fucking her two viewers, she talked to them. “Do me Paul. Push that hard cock into my wet cunt. Now Dan, be gentle as you slowly bury your stick into my rosebud. That’s it boys. Do me good.” I could see the two men staring at my pretty wife, as they wildly stroked their cocks. Emi looked back at the screen and enjoyed the show as well. “Oh yes, Paul fuck my pussy. I want you to cum inside. Fill me with your juicy semen. Danno, do you like my ass? Do you want to shoot your cream deep into my hole?” Paul finished first, spraying cum all over his desk and chair. Dan followed quickly, shooting several volleys of sperm high into the air. Emi also had an orgasm for both men to enjoy. When we signed off, Emi kissed me, “That was very exciting. Let’s do it again… soon.” I asked her if she was ready to try it for real. She giggled and said, “No, Honey, this is as far as I go. You are the only man I want inside me; but this role playing sure is fun.” I guess I can’t complain. Even though my fantasy remains unfulfilled, watching my wife perform for other men is deeply satisfying.

Rating: 87%, Read 22848 times, Posted Apr 18, 2012

True Story | Asian, Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Hardcore, Threesome, Wife


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