Amazing Mary by Jackadventures

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Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male

Most of my stories are detailed and very developed so I’m going to try and write a short and sweet story.

Mary was only a year younger than me. We met at a friends birthday party in my sophomore year. I instantly had a crush on the girl with short blond pigtails and braces. Mary had a soft voice and was hard to hear while in the party so we sat outside by the rivers edge and talked. Mary’s mother picked her up a little before the party officially ended and I didn’t see her again for four years ironically it was at another party.

Mary had grown up and filled out a lot over the last four years and I almost didn’t recognize her when I first saw her. The party was a graduation party for one of my ex-girlfriends named Shannon, we had remained friends but once I got to the party I realized I was only invited so she could make me jealous. Shannon kept her new boyfriend attached to her by the elbow at all times and introduced him to me as “My new boyfriend Brent, he is a Sophomore in college.”

I laughed at the introduction and shook his hand as I remembered filling Shannon’s mouth with my cum a few months earlier. I broke up with Shannon because she constantly talked about her ex-boyfriends and how they could make her cum by doing various things to her body. Now if Shannon was so desperate to make me jealous she must be doing the same thing with Brent explaining the details of how I got her off to him every night.

I found the kitchen and saw a dark blue mini skirt first. Short blond hair was tucked behind her ears led down a thin neck to bare shoulders under a very tight hot pink tank top that showed a very revealing mid drift. Her legs were smooth thin and long with bare feet. Stunned by the gorgeous girl, I stared feeling my penis tingle and begin to grow. Another boy from the party slammed into my right shoulder bringing us both back to reality as he too had been stunned by the girl in the mini skirt.

The soft voice sounded so familiar that I blurted out without thinking, “Marry?”

The beautiful girl turned to look at me her face was long and full with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones. It was Marry but an older way more sexually mature Marry, she wore thick black eyeliner that gave a sexy deviant look to her colorless eyes. Her lips were bright red and smiled wide after examining me for a few moments.

“Justin!” Mary shouted before leaping into my arms for a tight hug. The boy who had run into me moments earlier ran from the kitchen sporting bulging wood in his shorts.

“I can’t believe you are here,” Marry said taking a few steps back to look at me again. Mary’s frontal view was as sexy as her back. The hot pink tee shirt was cut short revealing the lower half of her large firm breast and her abs were so well toned she had the shadow of a six pack.

“I can't believe you are here either. You look amazing.” I said while trying to delay the growing hard on in my own shorts. “I tried to get in touch with you after that birthday party but they said you moved like a week later.”

“Yeah, dad is a marine and we were shipped out to Florida the next week.” Mary’s face dropped into shadow as she recalled the move. “I tried to find you about a year ago when mom and I moved back to town but couldn’t remember your last name.”

Mary and I poured two strong drinks from the kitchen counter and made our way outside like we did all those years ago. There was no river or dock this time just an over-crowded swimming pool but we managed to find two chairs at a far corner with a stone table between them.

“So how do you know Shannon?” I asked taking a large gulp of the burning brown liquid to calm my nerves.

“Shannon? No, I know Brent,” Mary’s eyes darkened at the mention of his name. “That ass hole invited me to this party to make me jealous. He told me it was just a normal party, though he was going to…”

“Apparently they are both fuck tards then.”

“Both?” Mary asked after draining the cup in one go.

“Yeah, Shannon is my ex and it was apparent when I got here she was just trying to make me jealous.”

“Is it working?”

“Not anymore, I just ran into the girl I’ve been in love with for the last four years,” I said with the unmistakable influence of the alcohol before unwisely emptying my own cup.

Mary didn’t make any comments she just lowered her face and bit her bottom lip in that cute way I remembered from years earlier. I could easily imagine the glint of braces and two pigtails. The burning feeling in my crotch that started when I first saw Mary in the blue skirt was now spreading up my torso and down my legs with the aid of the inhibition inhibiting alcohol, and from the look on Mary’s face it was also working on her. The gravity of our two bodies seemed to increase exponentially as we stared into each other's eyes. When the wave of heat hit my brain I couldn’t resist anymore, lunging at the bright red lips. Mary responded with more force catching me in the middle and carrying me backward over the chair and into the freshly mowed grass of the yard. A distant cat call momentarily broke the passionate moment and then faded into the white noise of pounding blood.

Mary had been my desire for years that I couldn’t accept the reality of the moment and instead let my imagination carry me further away into fantasy. My right hand found the back of Mary’s head and I laced my fingers into her hair pulling her lips lighter to mine as our tongues fought to increase the others pleasure. Fire erupted between our bodies and I felt Mary’s hands sliding over my body pulling at my belt first and then tugging my shirt up my chest. My free hand found the edge of her skirt and pushed them down as I groped the round ass cheek below. My erection ached with the painful pulsing of blood begging for attention, never before had I received such a hard erection. Sure I’d had sex many times before but something was different tonight with Mary. When Mary’s finger pushed the zipper down on my shorts and rubbed not to gently the length of my erection I screamed a moan of pleasure to the night ignoring the situation and place we were in. The party had faded away into a long forgotten dream replaced only by a pure sexual passion for this bombshell girl. If this was a dream I never wanted to wake up again.

Mary’s hair was falling free from her ears and becoming wild, the change made her sexier like a wild majestic cat so I pulled her into my lips again before tugging the hot pink tank top over her head tossing it carelessly aside. Mary’s breasts were revealed to the world in there perfect glory firm with large areolas and hard pencil like nipples. I released her neck and pulled both of the amazing tits towards my mouth squeezing, licking and sucking. Now it was Mary’s turn to scream out in pleasure and I felt wetness spread over my cock soaking into my boxers only then did I realize the pleasure that was racing from my throbbing erection was Mary grinding her wet pussy into my hard on. Mary was naked on top of me and had done her best to pull my clothes free but failed with me still laying on them. I kicked off my shoes and leaned into Mary’s chest still kissing at her exposed breasts as she pulled my t-shirt away.

Mary kissed my lips again in a sweet loving kiss before pulling her body away from mine. My passion and lust for the girl exploded inside me and I longed for her to return to my touch. The effects of the alcohol still dulled my thoughts but the faces of the many onlookers came into focus for the briefest of moments. Many were smiling, clapping, screaming and even a few were masturbating to the show. It was all still white noise in my ears as the thundering of my own heart prevented me from distinguishing any of it. Mary’s hand tugged hard on my shorts and boxers and in one swift movement pulled them free of my legs tossing them wildly into the crowd. My briefest of concerns of being nude on the grass of my ex-girlfriends yard surrounded by hundreds of faces watching me faded quickly when Mary’s firm tender hands touched my inner thighs.

The heat and passion returned my focus to the beautiful girl before me and reality faded back into the fantasy that was Mary and me. I watched the sexy girl reach between her legs to rub her pussy retrieving a large amount of her own cum that she used to lubricate my cock as she stroked.

As Mary’s had stroked my long shaft I found my voice escaping once again without my control, “Oh god Mary that feels so good!”

Mary licked her smile and said, “I had no idea you would be so big, I hope I can fit it all inside.”

Inside. Inside? Inside! My mind boiled with the excitement of what many variations of inside might mean before my lust exploded with renewed vigor. Mary was stroking my cock but I wanted more, not just to feel my pleasure but to also feel hers. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but when I stood up Mary’s thighs were resting on my shoulders with her dripping wet pussy inches from my nose. I didn’t usually eat girls out preferring to finger fuck them into orgasms but Mary was different from any other. The smell of her cum and wet pussy was intoxicating, driving me mad with lust. I licked the wet slit from bottom to top or from her top to bottom creating the screeching moan I longed to hear from Mary’s lips. She still stroked my cock and though I couldn’t see her I imagined her short hair dangling down as she stroked my large hard cock along the side of her face. Licking and sucking on the tender flesh soon brought another gentle wave of Mary’s fresh cum spilling over my chin and into the crease of our bodies pressed together. This time, Mary’s moans were muffled as she pulled the head of my cock into her mouth starting to suck and lick further and further down on my hard shaft. My arms were wrapped tightly around Mary’s waist holding her in the vertical sixty-nine. The pleasure and time began to weaken my legs and arms. I felt added pressure from Mary’s mouth as she took me deeper into her throat than she had and wondered for a moment where it had come from. My question was soon answered when the feel of many hands began to touch my own flesh fondling my balls and pushing the back of my head further into the pleasure between Mary’s legs. The many lust filled onlookers had begun to participate in Mary and Is’ pleasure. Feelings of excitement, anger, passion, and fear tore at me while the many hands caressed groped and pinched at mine and Mary’s body. I tried to break away and couldn’t as the crowd pressed in tightly. Mary’s lips and tongue gave me no sense of panic from her as she continued to pleasure my shaft with amazing ferocity. I, however, felt the oxygen getting thin and my knees released on there own. I fell through the wave of hands being passed from set to set until I was laying comfortably on a pile of towels. Mary’s grip on my legs released and she continued the sucking of my cock while stroking the shaft with one hand and massaging my ball with the other. The many hands receded with final tweaks of my nipples and a hard slap to Mary’s left butt cheek.

I flicked my tongue for a final time releasing the torrent of Mary’s cum that came with each orgasm. Each time the girl spasmed on my tongue was stronger and responded with larger amounts of cum splashing into my mouth and over my face, chin, neck, and chest. I don’t know how long we were held in that pleasure cycle, what I did know was that my pleasure couldn’t be held back anymore, Mary’s blowjob was far too amazing to resist any longer. I cried out from between Mary’s legs, “I’m cumming!” Unsure as to what Mary would do with that information. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt Mary’s head drop deep over my cock pressing the head of my dick against the back of her throat moaning and vibrating the orgasm from my cock. The cum exploded from my cock shooting hard against the back of Mary’s throat. I heard her choke and gag at the first and second shots of cum until she was forced to pull away keeping just the tip of my cock between her lips. The next few loads of cum filled Mary’s mouth despite her desperate attempts to swallow it all if anything the sucking created by her swallowing forced, even more, cum from my cock into her mouth. Mary’s mouth overflowed with cum dripping from the red lips over my stiff shaft and down her chin. When I was spent my head hit the towels and I gave a final loud moan.

The thunder of my heart beat faded slightly in my ears and the cheers and clapping of the on looking crowd began to sound like distant whispering. I knew they were there now, the mind-numbing effects of alcohol nearly gone from my brain but I was still solely focused on Mary’s beautiful body as it flexed folded and twisted off of me to rest sitting next to me on the towels, she smiled at me with cum covered lips and a deep look of satisfaction on her face.

I sat up and took Mary’s left breast into my right hand as I began to kiss and suck on her right shoulder up her neck.

“That was amazing!” Mary said in a sexual moan.

I pulled away from Mary’s neck and looked into her sexy colorless eyes, it was like looking perfection in the face, “What do you mean was? I’m not done with you yet?” Then sliding my free hand behind her neck and lacing my fingers into her hair again I pulled her lips to mine. The sweet salty taste of my cum assaulted my tongue with renewed fire and passion. My erection never faded from exploding loads of cum into Mary’s mouth and so I swung her onto my lap positioning her over my still wet throbbing dick. Mary couldn’t speak but her moans of shock and surprise were accompanied by wild flailing of her arms. The cum on hers and my faces mixed attempting to glue us together. I left Mary’s sweet lips kissing and sucking down her beautiful jaw and neck. The protesting moans and flailing arms returned to passionate caressing and cries of extasy. Marys left hand gripped the back of my head as her right held tight to my left bicep. When the tip of my hard cock touched the wet slit of Mary’s pussy she released a sigh of relief as would a person dying of thirst getting a drink of cool water. Mary relaxed her legs sliding further down my penis. Her cock was tight, wet and burning hot. When her ass came to rest on my hips I could feel the head of my cock pressed hard against the bottom of her channel and she screamed and wild guttural scream of pleasure, pain, and passion. The world once again faded into the sexual passion that was Mary and me, the extended fantasy developing us and hiding our minds from anything but the pleasure of each other's bodies.

Mary rose up and down flexing her long slender legs and repeatedly impaled herself on my hard cock. I explored her incredible body with my hands, squeezing and groping her breasts and ass. I caressed, kissed, and sucked on every inch of her I could reach until my fingers found the soft wet bundle of flesh at the top of her pussy. My first touch made Mary scream with another countless orgasm. I rubbed the pleasure button as she drove herself down on my cock, drawing increasingly powerful cries of pleasure from the lips of the most amazing girl I’d ever met. The firm perky tits bounced pleasantly in front of my face still glistening with my saliva and mixture of cum. I wanted everything this amazing girl had to offer and soon was running her through every sex position I could remember. I started with doggie style my hips slapping against her nice round ass, then passionately kissing her neck as I pumped my dick in and out of her burning hot pussy in the missionary position.

Every cry of pleasure from Mary signaled a new change in position until I lifted her up for her to wrap her legs around my waste. She pressed her feet into my but cheeks to achieve enough lift to slide herself up and down the now dripping wet shaft of my cock. I kissed this girl with every ounce of passion and felt her final orgasm growing to excess with my own.

Mary must have sensed my hesitation at cumming inside her and pulled free of my lips just long enough to scream, “Don’t stop whatever you do don’t pull out!”

I climaxed as she did, Mary’s feet slipped free driving herself fully down on my hard shaft, I could feel her pussy tighten vice like on my cock drawing out stream after stream of hot cum. I filled her pussy with my hot sticky seed but the orgasm never seemed to stop. My testicles were emptied of every drop of cum and our bodies continued responding to each other by continuing the pleasure. My knees began to weaken as the last spasms faded. Mary pulled free of my lips and smiled a wide pleased smile, I held her for another moment to savor her body still held tightly against mine, my cock still deep inside the pussy that was dripping with my hot sticky cum.

Forceful hands contacted my left shoulder and I was suddenly air born falling sideways. A blistering rush swallowed every nerve in my body as I sank into icy depths. The sudden removal of oxygen nearly forced a panic breath. Mary’s head soon emerged from the pools water beside me and I looked up to see Shannon’s face contorted in rage screaming at me.

“Ruined my party, with this slut, you ass hole.” The rest of Shannon’s rant was incoherent as she left for the house dragging Brent by his left wrist behind her. Brent’s face stayed looking back at the pool with a mixture of, panic, confusion, sadness, and terror. The many other guests were gathering up there things and heading toward the exit obviously accepting the fact the party was over. Several couples were left fucking in the grass or behind a bush but soon finished with grunts of orgasms.

Mary’s laugh at the look on Brent’s face brought my attention back to her. She was wet, having been just dunked in the pool, the dark makeup around her eyes stayed fixed but the red lips were back to Mary’s natural rosy color. The short blond hair hung down in string clusters dripping water back into the pool. She looked even sexier naked and wet.

“Can I give you a ride home?” I asked.

Mary smiled and nodded with that cute innocent girl nod. It was amazing how she could be both the cute girl next door and the hot sexy goddess at the same time. We climbed out of the pool and attempted to find our clothes. Mary’s hot pink tank top was lost or stolen and my cum soaked boxers were also missing. I put my shorts on commando and gave Mary my t-shirt to wear.

“So does this mean you are my boyfriend?” Mary asked signing the back of my hand with her phone number.

“I’ll be anything you want.”

“Oh, role playing! Kinky!” Mary said before kissing my cheek and leaning in close to my ear to whisper. “I’ll see you tomorrow lover, I love you too.”

The whispered words caused another immediate orgasm inside me. If I had any cum left in me I would have jizzed the inside of my shorts. I watched Mary until she disappeared behind the front door of her house appreciating every step she took walking away. I was the luckiest guy in the world but the drive home was a mixture of elation and dread. Shannon would want payback for what happened at her party. Even though we were broken up and she was dating Brent I knew she still wouldn’t let it go.

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Rating: 92%, Read 66318 times, Posted Jun 24, 2016

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Female, Girl, Group Sex, Hardcore, Lesbian, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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