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Lucy Camden was one of the sweetest, most innocent young ladies the town of

Glen Oak had ever known. She had recently graduated high school and would

soon be entering collage where she was going to study to be a minister like

her father before her.

She had always resisted the idea of premarital sex, she was a girl who was

determined to wait till her wedding night. She had dreamed of her first time

being with her new husband. Sure she had been curious about sex, and had her

chances to have sex, but she none the less was determined she would wait,

little did she realize but those plans were fixing to change. And they would

change all because of a comment from one of her sister's friend.

One day Stacy, one of Mary's friends was over at the house and she and Mary

were outside in the backyard and were talking about different guys that they

knew and what they would like to do with them, if the chance ever came about.

About that time Lucy walked up and asked Mary and Stacy what was going on.

"Oh nothing you'd be interested in Lucy," Stacy quickly replied.

"Well what are you talking about then?" she asked once more.

"If you must know we're talking about guys," said Mary.

"But the subject matter would be to hard for you to handle little girl," said


"Why, what's the subject matter?" she asked puzzled.

"Sex, who would like to do it with, not that ever want to do it, you know

with you wanting to be a nun and all," Stacy said.

"First of all I'm not going to nun, I'm studying to be a minister, secondly

what do you mean by that?"

"Oh come Lucy, everyone know your as prue as fallen snow."

"Look just because I don't sleep around like you doesn't mean I havn't had

more then my share of experiences with guys."

"I'm not saying you don't like guys Lucy, but lets be honest the farthest

you've ever went with a guy is kissing and handholding. I'm willing to bet

if a guy ever touched your virgin pussy you'd have a heart attack."

At this point she shot a glance at Mary who hadn't said a thing.

"So is that what you think too?" Lucy asked her.

"Nothing personal sis, but I have to say Stacy is right."

"Whatever!" She screamed before storming off.

Later that night she confronted Mary and asked her why she said nothing to

defend her.

"Lucy it was nothing personal, but Stacy was right."

"What do you mean she was right?"

"How can I put this as delicate as possible, Lucy you're a prude."

"I am not!"

"Oh really and what's the most you've ever done with a guy?"

"I don't know, what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean Lucy."

"Well I've made out with guys."

"Oh ok but other then kissing what else have you done?"

"Well I once let a guy touch my breasts."

"Over or under the shirt?"

"Over, why?"

"Well if you're such a prude why didn't you let him touch the real thing?"

"I don't know, and like you have let a guy touch the real thing."

"As a matter of fact Lucy I have, I've let guys do more then touch them in


"Are you serious?"

"Yes I am."

"And what's the farthest you've ever gone with a guy?"

"Put it this way little sister, I know how to please a man."

"Your not a virgin?" she asked truly surprised.

"No Lucy I'm not, in fact I haven't been one for a while."

"When did you lose it?'

"Last year."

"To who?"

"To Robbie."

"How, when?"

"After we broke up I was out one night and we ran into each other and we got

to talking and he ended up inviting me back to his place and I went and one

thing led to another and before long we had done it."

"Oh my god, do Mom and Dad know?"

"Now what do you think? And there not going to know, got it?"

"Huh, ok."

"But like me and Stacy were saying you shouldn't talk about things like sex

since your going to wait for marriage, besides you and I both know you don't

even think about it, and as far as I'm concerned this conversation is over."

While Mary may have ended the conversation what she couldn't end were the

thoughts running through little Lucy's head. For what Mary and her friend

didn't know was that Lucy had sex running around in her brain quite a lot.

On more then one occasion she considered going all the way with a guy.

In fact she damn near gave up her cherry when she was just 14. At the time

she was dating a guy named Jordan, who was a hot football player. She told

him once she'd be more them willing to sleep with him. But unfortunately he

had "too much respect" for her to actually take her virginity.

She also came close to letting Robbie's brother Rick fuck her. She went out

with him about two years ago and thought he was so hot. They ended up parked

in his car out on a back road. During there make out session he put his hand

up her skirt and started feeling around on her pussy. At first she started

to push his away, but then realized how good it felt. She let him play with

her cunt through the outside of her panties. Eventually he slid her hand

inside and started touching the lips of her shaved vagina. He really got her

hot when he began finger fucking her. Then she remembered how he told her

that he had a real treat for her.

He lowered her seat back, lifted up her skirt and slid her panties down.

Once he had accomplished that he preceded to bury his face between her legs

and give her the pussy eating of a lifetime. She actually came twice. As she

looked back on the experience the only thing that kept her from letting him

take her cherry pie was that when she looked at the clock it read 11:15 and

she was supposed to be home over an hour earlier. She knew how much trouble

she would be in if she came home late, so she was forced to stop and have

Rick take her home. But she knew in her heart that if she had just an hour

longer that night she would have lost her virginity.

Yes Lucy knew she had fantasies about sex and deep down she wondered how much

longer she would be able to stay a virgin. Though there was a part of her

that wanted to wait till she was married, there was also a part of her that

was yearning to get fucked long and hard.

The ironic part of it all was that it was because of her sister Mary that she

had all the horney thoughts running through her head tonight. And soon it

would be because of her sister that her first sexual experience would take

place. For less then a week later the guy who would get lucky and break her

in entered her life.

His name was Jim Robinson. He was about 5'9 and 160 pounds, with light sandy

brown hair that just touched his collar. Besides being none too hard on the

eyes there was something else about him that made Lucy want him, he was

Mary's boyfriend, although they had only been seeing each other for two

weeks. She thought to herself how much fun it would be to take a guy from her

sister. That would teach her.

Jim and Mary had only been dating a few weeks and although he was involved

with Mary she had caught him on more then one occasion checking her out. He

often would give her chest the once over and she knew she could have him.

And more important deep down she knew she wanted him. But how to make it

happen? Little did she know but the opportunity would show up when she least

expected it to.

That Saturday Jim stopped by to see if Mary wanted to go to lunch with him.

He rang the doorbell and Lucy answered the door.

"Oh hi Jim," she said with a big beaming smile.

"Hi Lucy, is Mary home?

"Nope, sorry you just missed her, she just left with Stacy."

"Shoot, I was wanting to take her out to lunch."

"Well she should be back in a while, if you'd like to come in and wait your

more then welcome."

"Yea, ok, I guess that will be all right."

Actually Lucy knew Mary wouldn't be back till much later, but this was her

chance to get Jim alone and she was going to take full advantage of it.

After they had walked into the living room she invited him to sit down on the

couch. She sat next to him and they began talking and getting to know each

other better. They talked about a variety of things, like where he and Mary

had met, where they were both heading in life, family and all sorts of

things. Lucy quickly found herself very interested Jim.

And Jim was quite taken with the little vivacious blonde sitting next to him.

Besides being very intelligent she was very attractive. And the outfit she

had on was rather reveling. She wore a tight t-shirt, which showed off her

ample breasts and a lot of cleavage. Not to mention the tight blur jeans she

had on which put her very cute ass on display. Jim found himself thinking if

he wasn't already involved with Mary he'd defiantly make a play for this

honey. What he couldn't seem to realize was that she wanted him to make a


After talking for about a half an hour the thought went through her mind that

even though this was her sister's boyfriend she wanted him and was going to

have him. But like she thought a few days before, how do I make it happen?

That's when it hit her. Every time she leaned over she caught Jim trying to

stare down her top. Well of he was going to check out her knockers she

decided to give him a titty show he wouldn't soon forget.

She started talking very quickly and ever time she would speak she would

bounce around in her seat, causing her breasts to jiggle. Jim's eyes would

follow them with every move. She knew she had him in the palm of her hand.

After that she began to move closer to him and started to rub up against

him every time she spoke. Then to really get him going, as she would push

closer to him and glide her tit up his arm. Each time she did this he would

have to adjust how he was sitting because she was causing him to get a major

league hard-on. She knew it was time to move in for the kill.

"What's the matter Jim?" she asked in her most innocent little girl voice.

Jim was trying to stay cool as he told her "oh, nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh yes I'm sure, why do you ask?"

"Well it's just that you seem a little uncomfortable all of a sudden."

"No, no I'm fine."

"Jim, do you mind if I ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead."

"Do you find me attractive?"

"Of course Lucy, why?"

"Because I was having a little trouble telling, that's all."

"Well I do."

"What do you find attractive about me?"

"Your very pretty, you have a great body, your smart, actually you're

everything a guy could ever want in a girl."

"Really, well if that's true then why haven't you made a move yet?"

"I don't know, I guess because I didn't think you wanted me to, you know with

me dating your sister And all."

"As a matter of fact Jim, I do want you to."

Having said that Lucy brought her face up to his and they started kissing.

At first it was just real small kisses, but soon their tongues were working

there way into each other's mouths. It didn't take long before Jim had

started playing with Lucy's huge breasts. He began taking to wrap his hands

around her huge globes and squeezing them, this got Lucy as hot as hell.

After awhile things started getting more physical. Jim wanted to do more then

just kiss and play with her tits. He took hold of her hand and slid it down

and placed it on his crotch. She had never felt a guy's cock before, much

less a hard one and feeling it got her more then hot and bothered. Lucy

originally thought she would seduce Jim and they would just end making out,

but it wouldn't go any farther then kissing, but it was going way beyond that

and she could tell it wasn't going to stop and she found herself not wanting

to stop.

Jim began running his tongue up and down the side of her neck, getting her

even hotter, and then all of a sudden he put his hand up her shirt. While

feeling her up he realized she wearing a bra that snapped together from the

front and once his hand found the hook it was nothing to get it open. Once

it was unsnapped her gorgeous melons fell out and into his hands. He played

with her nipples with his right hand as he worked her shirt up over her head

with his left. In no time at all her shirt was off and she was in nothing

from the waist up but her opened bra. Soon he slipped the straps over her

shoulders and that came off too.

By this time Lucy was a raging inferno, all the lust she had down deep was

boiling and she was ready to do more then think about sex, she was ready to

be fucked. She straddled Jim's lap and started to grind her pants covered

pussy on his rock hard cock. Has they dry humped each other their tongues

explored each other's mouths.

Jim wrapped his large hands around each of Lucy's nice tight ass cheeks and

he began squeezing them as though they were bread dough. Lucy was lost in a

state of ecstasy, she knew before the day was over her well guarded virginity

would be gone.

Eventually Jim picked her up and laded her down on her back on the couch.

He lay on his side next to her and they continued to kiss and explore each

other's bodies. Soon Jim began to rub his hands between Lucy's legs. He was

getting her extremely wet and in no time had her moaning. Then he retched

up and unsnapped her pants and slid the zipper down. Then he slid his hand

into her panties and started to run his finger up and down the folds of her

soaking wet pussy. After a few minutes of this he stuck his finger into her

cunt. Much to his surprise he soon felt his finger rubbing against her hymen

and was shocked to realize she was still a untouched.

"My god Lucy your still a virgin."

"Yes, yes I am, but please Jim don't stop, I want you to be my first."

Jim realizing this was the chance of a lifetime to pop the cherry of such a

hottie wasn't about to say no. "Well ok, if your sure."

"Oh yes Jim I'm sure, trust me I'm sure."

With that Jim raised up onto his knees and began to slid Lucy's pants off of

her. Suddenly she stopped him.

"No Jim wait!"

"Please don't tell me you changed your mind" he replied.

"No it's not that, I just don't want to do it here."

"Where then?"


Rather relieved she didn't want to stop altogether he quickly said "oh, ok,"

Jim stood up and helped Lucy to her feet and then picked her up in his arms

and carried her up the stairs to her room.

Once he had her in her room he laid her down on the bed and preceded to

finish taking Lucy's unsnapped jeans the rest of the way off, pulling them

down past her already bare feet. Now was on the bed clad in nothing but her

white panties. As Jim looked down on her the only thought that seemed to

running through his mind was she's finger licking good. He could barley wait

to get his face between her legs. Hooking his hands into each side of her

panties he slid them down to reveal the most beautiful pussy he had ever

feasted his eyes on. It only had a small strip of fur just above her cunt

lips. He knew she would taste fantastic.

Now that she was naked he quickly took of his clothing so he could join her

on the bed. After he striped he got on top of her and began to smother her

face and neck with moist wet kisses. It didn't take long before he had worked

his tongue down her neck and he was locking and sucking on her breasts. He

would take his tongue and lightly flick her nipples getting them as hard.

Then he would work them into his mouth and suck on them like a newborn going

for milk.

After he got her tits as stiff as could be he started to work his way down

her lovely young body. He kissed his way down to her stomach, stopping only

when he got to her belly button. He began running his tongue into her button

hole which caused Lucy to start giggling uncontrollably. She never had anyone

do that to her before and the sensations were both exciting, ticklish and

incredibly erotic.

Jim decided he was through playing, around he wanted to eat her out. Kissing

his way down to her cunt, he licked his lips and gave her a sloppy wet kiss

right on the lips of her pussy. Lucy let loose with a hearty groin.

She tied to talk but was only able to get out "please Jim don't stop."

"Get real Lucy, I'm just getting started."

With that he pulled her vaginal lips apart and began running his tongue up

and down her cunt. This caused her to feel a tingling in her like she had

never felt before. Jim would take his tongue and run it up along one side

of her pussy and then let it glide across to the other side. This would

cause Lucy to buck her hips up and moan and cry out.

Soon he was lapping her cunt her tender virgin snatch with his tongue, seeing

just how far he could get it into her. Grabbing two handfuls of her tight ass

he was sucking and licking her pussy when he suddenly felt his face getting

wet as she began to cum. This however didn't stop him as he kept licking and

tasting her juices.

He felt as though her pussy was more then wet enough now. It was time to take

her to heights she had only dreamed about. It was time to take her virginity.

Raising up to his knees, he positioned himself between her legs and placed

the head of his cock at the entrance of her cunt and started to slid it in.

He slid in a few inches when he felt the head of his cock touch against her

hymen. It struck him how only a thin piece of skin kept him from breaking in

easily the hottest girl he had ever been in side of.

Raring back he hammered his penis in her as hard as he could, has he did he

could feel it drive through the layer of skin that was her virginity. And

Lucy felt it to. When he went through her hymen she let out with a ear

piercing yelp. At first all she felt was intense pain. Jim on the other hand

felt the tightest pussy to ever be wrapped around his cock. He began fucking

her as hard as he ever fuck a girl in his life. The beginning of it was pure

agony for Lucy, but the longer it lasted the better it began to feel. Soon

she was getting into her first fuck.

Jim was drilling her with long deep strokes and then started to add a new

dimension to the act. He started to thrust his hips from side to side, which

caused Lucy to scream and cry out even more. She thought to herself that she

never imagined sex was this good, had she it wouldn't have waited so long.

After a few more minutes he told her to wrap her legs around his waist. Has

she did she began to dig her heels into the small of his back. This caused

him to begin to fuck her harder then ever.

After about 20 minutes of intense nonstop fucking Jim felt his balls start

tingling and knew it wouldn't be long till he was filling her up with his

sperm. Grabbing her hips he started to thump his meat in her with hard

energetic jabs with his cock. Suddenly he stopped and she felt him cumming

in her recently deflowered snatch. The sperm seemed to fill her up. She

leaned her head back and let out a cry of ecstasy. Never in her life did

anything feel this incredible.

As his meat drained off the few remaining droplets of cum Jim felt his cock

go soft in her and he gently slid out. Falling on to his side he just lay

there panting and trying to catch his breath. Lucy on the other hand was

laying on her back, totally spent.

"That was beyond words" he finally managed to get out of his mouth.

"As you know it was my first, but I can defiantly say it was more then I ever

could have imagined."

"But you know Lucy it gets better every time."

"Well believe me Jim, it may have been my first, but it was far from my


"Lucy do you want to go a another round?"

"I'd love to but my family will be home soon and I don't want them to catch


"I sure hope we can get together again soon."

"Oh don't worry, we will, I promise."

"I can't wait."

"Me either, but for now you better leave, I don't want my family coming home

and catching us."


They both got up and got dressed, but deep down both would have preferred to

stay and bed and fuck some more. But both knew there would be more of that in

the future.

Once they were dressed Lucy walked Jim to the door and he bent down and

pulled her body close to his and he gave her a sloppy wet kiss.

"I really enjoyed today Jim, I want you to know that."

"Me too."

After a couple of more kisses he opened the door and left, leaving Lucy with

an experience she would remember forever. As hey say a girl never forgets her


After he was gone Lucy walked into the living room and stood and looked at

the couch where it had all began. She thought to herself how good it all felt

and she knew one thing for sure, while that may have been her first time it

was defiantly not going to be her last time. In fact there was a whole new

world for her to explore. And the world was called sex, man she couldn't


To Be Continued...

Rating: 82%, Read 34513 times, Posted Apr 24, 2006

Fiction | First Time


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