Eating Cum for Her by Haywood72

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True Story | Cuckold, Wife

My wife/Mistress directs me to write these stories for her and then we do them in reality. She always takes parts of my story but changes the reality to suit her needs. This was a story about eating another man's cum.

It started innocently enough. You were allowing me to jerk off and lick my precum off your nipples like normal. Then you began whispering as I licked you that it was such a shame that I didn't want to taste cum after my orgasm. You talked about how you knew I wanted to do it, and how much it would please you. I nodded as I was getting closer to cumming. You made me stop.

You asked how could we make it happen? How could I eat cum when I was so grossed out by it after I came? You let me start jerking again as you whispered that if it was not my cum, but another man's cum I would still be in the mood wouldn't I? As I thought about it you placed your wet nipple in my mouth and asked again. I was so close and the thought was making me more excited.

Answer me or I won't let you cum? Yes or no? I said yes and you took me in your mouth as I began to cum. Mmmmmmmmmm, it felt so good. You sat up, opened your mouth so I could see all of my cum inside then bent over to kiss me. I turned my head but with one hand you grabbed my chin and the other pinched my nose until I opened my mouth and you kissed me. You allowed the cum to run in my mouth as you stuck your tongue deep in my mouth. I squirmed and tried to turn my head but I couldn't.

You sat up and looked at me laughing. "Well, you little sissy bitch, you have to admit for your cum eating fantasy to cum true we need a donor, right?" I looked at you, so powerful and sexy, and as disgusted and grossed out by what had just happened, I was excited about how you took command and made me do what I had always wanted. I was amazed as I heard myself say yes.

"Okay, so here is how we are going to do this. I will find a man, a dominate man, who will accept that I have a sissy who will be involved on whatever level I decide. You will not have a say in who I choose, how often I or we meet with him, or any other details about the situation. You will buy me lingerie that I will only wear for him and if we need a room you will pay. Understood?"

I nodded yes

"And while we are talking about it I may or may not have you with me when I meet him, you may or may not be in the room when I have sex with him. You will always be dressed as my sissy if you're present. You will be submissive and respectful to me at all times and never, ever, say no to me in front of my lover. You will suck his cock if told and you can expect verbal abuse and humiliation from me in front of him and also from him if he is comfortable doing so.

You can expect to help me clean and dress before we meet as my house maid. You may be required to serve us drinks or do other tasks before, during, or after our sexual play.

Now I know this is a lot to accept and I know a "real" man would never do this but just remember you begged to submit to me for years so this is how it's going to be from now on and I don't want to hear any of your sissy whining about this, understood? OH, and as your reward sissy, every time he cums, in me or on me, you will lick it all up, no arguments."

I nodded yes. While you seemed unsure of what my answer would be with the conditions you had demanded but I was in sissy dream land. My Mistress wife, my private porn star was going to cuckold me. She was going to take a dominate lover and I was going to be involved on some undetermined level.

Over the next week this fueled my fantasies but nothing more was said. You did have me wearing my new chastity device 24/7 except on Monday evenings when I was allowed to take it off. This kept me super horny all of the time. My mind raced with thoughts of this new turn in our relationship but you didn't mention it and after a couple of weeks I thought you were just playing with me.

Then you came home from work one evening and told me I was taking you shopping. We went dress shopping and you picked out a new dress. I paid for it but nothing was said. Two days later you told me you needed the car after work. I asked where you were going and all you replied was, don't ask. When the time came you put on your new dress, some high heels and left. When I asked how long you'd be gone you didn't answer.

Damn, I knew you were going to meet "him", whoever that was and my mind was on fire. Who was he, where were you meeting, damn you looked so hot, were you just meeting to chat, or was this a sexual encounter? Surely not, I hope, uh, I didn't know what I hoped. I sat and thought about it all evening, one part of me was jealous, another part excited. Being in chastity since we had our first talk about this had me so horny I could hardly function so I put on some panties, telling myself that would remind me of my role in this new dynamic. So I waited, and waited, then finally you came home.

You seemed to be in a good mood so I asked what was going on. You told me you had a dinner date and that it went well. I asked who it was with and you looked very serious at me and said that I would just call him Sir. Then you stood up and reached under your dress, pulling your panties off. You sat down, spread your legs and told me to come over to you and get busy.

I knelt before you, I hesitated, "did you?" I asked. You replied that it didn't matter you expected me to service you no matter what and I was to get busy. I began licking and sucking your clit until you got off.

Once upstairs as we got ready for bed you asked if I would like to be unlocked. Once the cage was off I was allowed to touch myself and you began talking to me. You told me he was younger than me and dominate. That he was excited to be with a married couple and that we would both have submissive roles but mine would be submissive to both of you. You got out your phone and pulled up a picture of his cock. You told me to look at it, that it wasn't to big but certainly bigger and harder than me. You pushed the phone in my face and as I turned away you laughed and told me to get used to that cock being in my face. Disgusted, embarrassed, excited, I started to cum and you pulled my hand away, leaving my cock to spurt weakly. Not actually a ruined orgasm, but close.

When we woke up you told me that we would be going shopping again today that you needed a new outfit and some lingerie. You said I would probably need some new things as well. We went out and you bought another new dress, then panties, a corset, hose all very sexy. You would hold things up and asked if he would like them. On the way home you told me we were meeting him Saturday so I shouldn't make plans for the evening.

On Saturday morning you had me wash the car and then come shower with you. I washed you all over. I sat and watched you doing your hair and makeup and then was told to help you dress. I couldn't help but being excited as I helped you into your corset, pulled the stockings up your sexy legs and then your panties over the garters. I helped you with your dress and heels. We seemed ready as you handed me a bag telling me my things were in there and we went to the car, you told me you'd drive. I felt so scared, so curious, so excited.

As we drove east you told me to remember this was all my doing. These were my fantasies and I had begged you to act on them. You told me that your "bull" was a nice guy and that he had just been tested and was disease free. You reminded me that I was to be respectful of both of you, address him as Sir, and that if I was good we'd play after he left. I agreed.

We stopped and bought some wine and we drove to I69 at Gas City. We had drove through the McDonalds and you had bought me "dinner". You pulled up to a motel and you told me to get out, get us a room and text you the room number. I took the bag and the wine and went inside while you drove off.

Once in the room I sent you the number and opened the bag. Inside was my outfit for the night, new heels, hose, a garter belt, a bra, and a maid outfit, very short with a little white apron on the front. There was a note that said get dressed, wait, do not call or text. There were also two wine glasses. There was also a copy of a note I had written you as one of my sissy assignments about being cuckolded. I read it and remember how excited I was when I wrote it. Now I was about to live it.

I put on the hose, dark and seamed. It took a while to get the seam straight. I put on the little bra and then the maid outfit. It was short but sexy. I put the apron on and then slipped into the heels. They were higher than the other pair you'd bought me. I staggered around the room trying to learn to walk in them. At least I wouldn't be walking much. I put the glasses on the tray that had been under the ice bucket and practiced walking around the room. As I walked past the mirror, all dressed up, excited, feeling sexy I glanced at the mirror. Damn, I looked ridiculous. Just an old fat guy in a maid's outfit, little locked cock showing above the top of my stockings, below the bottom of the outfit. I quickly became embarrassed and self-conscious. I started turning lights off trying to mute my appearance. Finally, I sat down.

I remember I hadn't eaten so I got the McDonalds bag and began eating. My mind wandered off, where were you, what were you having for dinner? Were you enjoying yourself, was he making you laugh, were you excited, knowing he was going to fuck you? At least he was paying for dinner. I had spent so much on your new clothing; I was going to be short all month. Is this someone you are going to see more than once? Would you fall for him, was this the beginning of the end of US? What the fuck have I done? When would the two of you be back? I became more and more nervous. I sat at the window, peeking through the curtains, waiting.

After staring for what seemed like forever, I saw you pull into the lot. A car followed you in and parked beside you. Both of you got out and I noticed you had been obviously drinking a lot as you staggered and he had to help you across the parking lot. Of course you would have been drinking, I knew this bothered you a lot and that I had no right to ask you to do any of this. I felt guilty but it was too late to back out now. I waited, ready to answer the door. After a few moments I heard the two of you in the hall, laughing. You seemed to be right outside the door but there was no knock. Finally, there was a knock and I walked over and opened the door.

As the two of you walked in you said turn on the lights bitch. You were drunk. I turned on a small lamp but it wasn't enough to suit you. You turned on all of the lights and I was standing there, embarrassed, humiliated, wanting to crawl into a corner and hide but you wouldn't let me. Say hello bitch you ordered so I said hello Sir.

He seemed nervous and embarrassed too. You walked around me as if inspecting my new outfit. You walked around and stood in front of him, still facing me, looking directly into my eyes as you backed up to him with your hands behind your back. I knew you were stroking his cock through his pants and soon his hands came around and cupped your breasts, groping you as I stood and watched, wanted it to stop, mesmerized as I watched, excited to see more. He seemed to gain confidence and you said "See, I told you. He is getting excited aren't you dear?" I nodded yes. "Now get us some wine." I curtseyed and went to pour wine. As I returned the two of you were on the couch and you were unzipping his pants. I watched, staring, as you pulled out his cock and slowly stoked it for a second.

I thought I need to make this a very pleasurable experience for you and I am going to do my best to make it so. As I served the wine you pointed down at your crotch. I knelt and reached under your dress to pull off your panties. I was pleased that they were wet so I knew you were excited. You reached out and I handed them to you. You again pointed me toward your sweet pussy so I lower my head beneath your dress and began serving you with my tongue. I worked hard to please you and making sure you were very wet for the sex I knew you were about to have with him.

After a few minutes you raised my head up and I saw he was naked, sitting there beside you. I was glad he wasn't much larger than me, or at least how I used to be, and he wasn't some gym instructor looking guy but with a little flab like me. You told me he needed prepared too, so I crawled between his legs and looked at you again. Then I bent forward and began sucking his cock. As I did I felt your hand on the back of my head, pushing it deeper. Then you began berating me in an angry tone. "Suck it you sissy bitch. You fucking sissy slut, show us what a good cocksucker you are."

Now he began to get into it and started thrusting his hips as you held the back of my head. As I started to gag he spoke to me for the first time telling me I was his now and he was about to fuck you. "Do you want me to fuck her sissy? Huh?" I nodded yes. "Tell me, no beg me to fuck your wife sissy." You were giggling as he took control. "Tell me, beg me to fuck your wife, to make her my slut, my whore, beg me you sissy cock sucking bitch, I want to hear it." Sadly, I did, and all of us knew I wasn't man enough for you and I would never pretend to be again in his presence. He stuck his cock back in my mouth and I as he stood over me I knew he was kissing you and playing with your breasts. As I gaged again and was gasping for air you shoved your panties in my mouth. You told me harshly not to take them out and to enjoy the taste of your pussy and his cock as you enjoyed yourself the rest of the evening.

Now he moved over to the bed and was setting there stroking his cock, looking at you. I walked behind you and unzipped your dress and help you out of it. You told me to hang it up and also put his clothing in a neat pile, you were turning out lights as I did that. Next you led me to a corner and stuck my nose against the wall and told me not to move unless you told me. You whispered "I love you" before you walked away.

I heard you slip into bed and then I could hear some rustling, some moaning and I knew he was either eating you or you were sucking him. My feet hurt in the heels, I wanted to get the panties out of my mouth, I desperately wanted to see what was happening. Then I heard you ask him to take it slow, I knew what was happening. Then I heard you moan, part pain, part pleasure. After a few moments I heard his hips slapping against your ass and slowly the pace picked up, you were moaning and grunting with every thrust and I heard you begin asking him to fuck you, begging him to fuck you, and then the slap as he slapped your ass the first time. My cock was stirring but my cage didn't allow much reaction. I stood and listened and I could sense as your excitement grew your reservations were melting away. Finally, the two of you stopped and I heard you tell me to get you some wine. I walked over, poured two glasses, and carried them to the bed.

For the next hour the two of you tried various positions and allowed me to sit and watch. You would occasionally remember that I was there and remark that this is how a real man fucks. Finally, he told me to get in bed and kneel behind your head. He grabbed your ankles, spreading your legs then pushing your legs up and told me to hold them open. He told you to put his cock inside you and you did. He slowly began fucking and he kept telling me to spread you wider, he told me he was breeding you and you were going to have his babies. His pace got harder and faster until he pulled out except for the tip and came in you. As I let your legs down he ordered me off the bed and on my knees to clean hos cock. When I finished he told me to get in bed and kiss my slut wife.

As we laid there he quickly dressed and left. You looked at me and told me it was time to reclaim my wife. I knew exactly what you meant and slipped down between your legs. His cum was oozing from your pussy. I started licking it up as you demanded that I get every drop. I was reclaiming my wife and I was happy to please you. You took the key from around your neck and unlocked my cage. I began stroking it as I continued to eat you. I had cleaned up his mess but you were breathing so hard I knew you were close to cumming so I continued. After your orgasm you got up spread my legs and allowed me to masturbate for you. I came in your mouth and you crawled up and kissed me again.

You told me to get used to it that I was yours and this was a price I was going to pay for being your sissy. As we laid their together you told me next time I would not be unlocked afterward. You will be using a strap-on the next time and I will begin learning to cum from anal or just suffer.

Rating: 85%, Read 22757 times, Posted Dec 03, 2019

True Story | Cuckold, Wife


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