Not given a chance (chapter 3) by countrygurl

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Fantasm | BDSM, Bestiality, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Teen Female, Written by women

I knelt beside her, "all tell you what you clean off my cock and all let you clean yourself up" I told her. She gave me a reluctant nod and opened her mouth. I stepped onto the bed and went onto my knees over her mouth. I put my dick in her an ordered her to clean it off. She obeyed silently licking it clean gagging a bit at the smell and taste of blood and cum.

A few minutes later I cummed into her mouth and she swallowed until it was all gone. I kept my side of the deal I untied her from the bed and helped her to the washroom where she went to the bathroom. I then gave her a wet washcloth and she started to clean her pussy wincing everytime the cold water touched her ruined body. After she was done I gave her a water bottle that she gulped down and a nutrition bar.

After she was all done I led her to a wooden horse and pulled her onto it when she resisted. I tied her arms and legs down to the sides so her bum was sticking up into the air. I then smiled knowing what was next. I walked up to her and re-applied the blindfold before walking over to the wall and pulling out a 4.5 girth 7 length dildo. I walked up behind her and pushed the dildo into her vagina making her scream in pain as her already abused pussy was stuck with a big object. I looked at it with a cruel smile perfect I thought before walking away to start the next part for the afternoon.

I opened up the door that went to the kennels and pushed number four on the wall. I heard the sound of metal as that kennel door was opening and suddenly Target was turning the corner and sitting obediently in front of me I scratched his ears and walked back into the room closing the door behind us and talking as I walked. "I have a special treat for you today Tar I smiled as the dog lifted his nose up catching Natalie's scent a small growl escaping his lips. I watched his cock slowly grow until its full size was handing down his body.

Target was a rottweiler smaller then the other one. He was 24.5 inches tall, weighed about 110 pounds and had a cock length of about 12 inches. He was strong, well trained and completely loyal to me. Target trotted obediently next to me as I brought him in front of Natalie slowly I removed her blindfold and smiled as she looked down at the dog in confusion. A few seconds later understanding flickered across her face and she looked down at his cock her eyes got big and she looked at me fear clouding her eyes. "please sir please don't do this you cant do this" she whined. I stepped forward and slapped her across her face twice delighted to see my red hand prints stay across her cute face. "next time you tell me what to do you'll wish you were never born" I told her before walking up behind her watching her shake in fear.

I bent down so I was equal with Target and looked into his eyes "don't be easy on her he told him sternly she tried to control me" I told him sternly and heard him growl I knew he understood. "Nothing permanent" I told then dog before standing up and taking a step back. Knowing that he was aloud to start Target padded up behind Natalie's struggling form. He licked her ass cheek before rearing up onto his back legs easily mounting her.

His booted front paws rested on her back as his cock tried to push into her pussy. When he found it blocked he moved up to her asshole pressing his cock against her entrance. Target waited one last second before he pressed forcefully into her hole. She was fighting him and she was way to tight for him to fit when her muscles were all trying to fight him out. He let out a low whine and I was up in a second grabbing the paddle off the shelf. I walked up to her ass and smacked her as hard as I could with the paddle she screamed as the welts appeared on her skin.

With her concentration broken Natalie's muscles loosened and Target saw his chance with a quick motion he plunged into Natalie's ass she let out a gargled scream of pain ass Target continued into her hole. Target was only half way into her he pulled out slightly and then through his 110 pounds against her. Her resistance tore as he rammed all the way into her ass spearing her completely on his massive 12 inch cock. Natalie was crying now her mouth wide open in a silent scream as Target held her like that.

After a few seconds he started to pump in and out of her slowly at first, but as she got stretched farther and farther open he went faster until he was pounding into her at inhuman speed. Ever time he pressed into her Natalie whimpered in pain. With every stroke her ass felt like it was on fire and the dildo in her pussy moved setting pain stretching through it to. Every Time she lost consciousness I would bring her back with a whack from the paddle my dick hard from her screams. I loved the pain and terror in her gaze it almost made up for the fact I wasn't causing it myself.

Slowly target started to get bigger inside her stretching her farther with every stroke. She cried out as he reached his biggest size before his knot appeared she felt it trying to slide inside of her and she tried to push him away. He growled and slammed against her harder the knot slipping inside of her. Target felt the knot inside him growing and heard her screams as it got bigger and bigger inside of her until it reached his full capacity.

He then stopped moving and went really still inside of her. Tears were streaming down Natalie's face and every time she tried to move pain would rip through her body. Finally Target started releasing his cum into her body squirt after squirt he came it filled her completely and started to leak out of her ass. Natalie's screams started again as the cum squirted into her torn skin causing her whole ass to burn.

Ten minutes later his sperm had stopped and his knot was shortening. Target kept trying to pull out impatiently and with every pull Natalie screamed her body shaking uncontrollably. Finally Targets knot was small enough and he unmounted her and padded off to lay on a mat in the corner. Natalie passed out on the wooden horse cum still dripping out of her ass and onto the floor.

Rating: 74%, Read 28640 times, Posted Jul 06, 2012

Fantasm | BDSM, Bestiality, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Teen Female, Written by women


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