Betrayl by MissBulletxxx

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Lesbian, Old Male, Threesome, Written by women

The music in the club was blaring loud; Lois moved her slim body to the rhythm of the music, her curvaceous hips grinding into the front of her best friend Robyn. They both knew the boys loved this. Lois a tall, slim physique with a teeny waist but a perky set of DD’s wore a figure hugging striped jumpsuit, the low plunge at the front didn’t leave much to the imagination. Her perfectly slender feet were covered by a cute pair of black heels. She looked good and she knew it. As she stared at her equally beautiful friend she couldn’t help but notice the glimmer of the piercings on her friend’s chest. Robyn a slightly smaller chested girl, was dressed in a lace crop top, no bra, her nipples, pressed hard against it, her toned, tanned tummy on show but her sky high legs, covered in a super skinny pair of jeans. Lois felt her pussy get wet at the sight of her friend, Robyn gave her a cheeky wink and flashed her dazzling white teeth; she nodded her brown pixie crop towards a tall well-built guy stood at the bar. They had found their prey. Ever since both girls had popped their cherry at a house party together, they made it their mission to sleep with the same guys, at the same time. Robyn the more outgoing of the two made the first move; she approached the muscly guy with a slight wiggle in her bum. Lois giggled at her friend’s confidence and waited for her cue. Robyn slid up next to him a look of desperation on her face, she slightly brushed his arm. ‘Oh I’m sorry, excuse me I’m just a little worked up, I can’t find my friend anywhere.’ Ryan turned to see who had addressed him, he was met by Robyn’s big brown eyes, the twinkle with in them made his balls twitch. ‘No worries hun, have you tried ringing her’ ‘Yeah she’s not picking up,’ she put her hand on his forearm, ‘Can I stay with you until I find her?’ Ryan felt the blood rushing towards his quivering member, like this chick had some sort of spell on him. ‘Sure hun, can I get you a drink. Robyn smirked she knew she had succeeded, she graciously accepted. Now it was Lois’ turn to approach, ‘Oh my god, babe, there you are, I have being looking everywhere for you.’ ‘Thank god! Ryan meet my friend Lois.’ Ryan immediately met his eyes with a pair of big juicy breast so perfectly shaped he couldn’t help but imagine his tongue playing with them.

After many drinks flowed and the three were well acquainted Lois made the suggestion they all go back to hairs, her house was empty after all, her mum and step dad were away for the weekend. The taxi ride home proved to be the starters for their evening. Ryan’s tongue swapped between both Lois and Robyn’s the girl’s hands rubbing up his broad legs, getting closer and closer to his raging hard on. When they arrived at Lois’ house, the girls led Ryan upstairs. They tied his hands to the head board and stripped him down and then their selves. They presented their perfectly naked bodies to him both knelt at the end of the bed ready to continue their show. They turned to each other and slipped their tongues into each other’s mouth, their soft lips touching encouraged Robyn to nibble on Lois’ bottom lip whilst her hands cradled her perky bum. Lois could feel the hard nipples of Robyn against her chest, she moaned in excitement. Robyn pushed Lois back onto the bed and spreads her legs revealing Lois’ hot, sticky pussy. She lapped up her juices with her darting tongue. Lois then proceeded to reverse roles with Robyn she twisted her middle index and ring finger and inserted them deep into Robyn who’s back arched with pleasure. The touch of her best friend was magical and sent tingles up her spine.

Ryan could not believe his luck his dick throbbing in the open, he felt like he was going to burst but wanted to wait to see what was going to come. The girls then turned their attention to him. Robyn licked the tip of his dick then slowly swallowed the whole thing to the back her throat she could feel it pulsing in her mouth a flood of precum trickled down her throat. She slowly let it out inch by inch looking up to see the other two. She cupped his balls in her mouth whilst her hand worked up and down his shaft. Meanwhile Lois saddled herself on top of his chest; Ryan could feel her wet pussy sliding up and down him whilst her huge tits smothered his face. He nibbled at her big nipples and sucked down hard. She squealed in excitement and grinded up towards his face, His mouth met her juicy lips. He inserted his tongue and wiggled it round she tasted so sweet. He then focused on her pulsating clit, sucking and licking hard; he felt her juices dribble down his chin as she squirted with pleasure. Lois then untied Ryan’s hands and in one swift move he flipped her onto her front, his wet dick still rock hard thanks to Robyn, thrust inside Lois from behind, he pounded hard and rough as Lois played with her own clit. Ryan managed to pump his fingers inside Robyn who lay next to him to the rhythm he banged Lois, both girls were panting with pleasure. As Lois reached her intense climax her neck arched up allowing her to meet the longing gaze of Chris her stepdad, stood at the doorway but the orgasm had taken over her, she cried out with whilst maintaining eye contact with Chris. He lingered for a second and then rushed away from the doorway. She collapsed onto the bed as Ryan’s hot cum shot up inside her. However so many questions screamed in her mind. ‘Why was Chris in the house?’ ‘I thought he was away with my Mum’ ‘Why was he watching?’ ‘Why did I enjoy the fact he watching?’ and the last question could not leave her mind’ ‘Why was Chris’ dick so hard?’…

Hours had passed since both Robyn and Ryan had left Lois’ house. Lois laid in her panties on her bed, her mind drifted to the antics of the night before, she reminisced about Ryan’s hard cock beating into her, the feel of his full balls slapping against her butt, the feel of Robyn’s wet tongue in her even wetter pussy, her mind then focused on Chris and his hard dick pushing against his boxers the head sticking out whilst he watched Lois cum. She felt herself get wet, her panties were soaked. She twisted her nipples whilst rubbing hard on her clit; she began to pant as a wave of pleasure over took her. Her back arched up as she reached her climax. She questioned why the thought of Chris seeing her get fucked turned her on so much; it was her Mums boyfriend after all. She cleaned herself up then went off to kitchen to get food. Would she see Chris? She had placed a top over her substantial chest but her nipples were still clear. As she opened the fridge she selected her favourite peach yogurt, as she placed the spoon in her mouth she sucked down hard and twisted her tongue around it, innocence surrounded her pretty face. She turned to a gasp as there stood Chris as shocked to see her as she was to see him. He looked down bashfully, Lois waited to see if he would speak. After a moment of silence Chris looked up at his stepdaughter dressed in her cute little panties and a tight top pressing against those amazing boobs. He could feel his balls twitching. ‘I am so sorry about last night,’ Lois began ‘I..’ ‘Lois its fine we were all young once, I was just curious to what the noise was I am sorry’ Chris offered. Lois smirked, ‘You’re telling me you didn’t know what it was? Chris blushed, ‘I.. I was half asleep.. I’ ‘You certainly looked ...alert when I saw you’ Lois teased. What was coming over her, this was her mum’s boyfriend but she wanted to keep going, she wanted to see how far she could push him. ‘Where you watching for long Chris?’ ‘Lois I was just shocked, I didn’t know what to do, I’m sorry.’ Lois stepped closer to Chris, she just couldn’t help herself, she had never appreciated his bulging biceps, or the way his stubble was just the perfect length. She inhaled deeply yet felt out of breath, she placed her hand on his forearm and looked up with her big blue eyes. He was looking right back. His chest moved up and down as he gasped for breath, Lois whispered in his ear, ‘Did you like what you saw Chris?’ He gulped. She pressed herself closer to him, she could feel his erection against her, ‘I have touched myself thinking about you Chris, and I came so good.’ She walked off towards her bedroom and turned back with an inviting look.

Chris watched her longingly fighting every voice in is head to follow her and to fuck her hard. How could he do this to Layla, Lois was her baby girl. She was an amazing girlfriend he felt like just the thoughts were betraying her. Admittedly over the last year he had noticed how Lois had matured. He had caught himself staring at her on many occasions, walking around the house in her skimpy little pyjamas, making the commute from the shower in her towel, the steam rising from her hot little body. In her sexy outfits when she went out with that little minx Robyn. Once when sat masturbating he found it was thoughts of Lois that would set him off. Chris knew the real reason he had approached Lois’ room the previous night was to catch a glimpse of his step daughter squealing with pleasure, he had no clue how amazing it would be. He had walked away from her room and gone and jacked off to the fuck fest he had just seen, not once but three times.

Chris had convinced himself the only reason he was walking towards Lois’ bedroom right now was to tell her, what she did had said was wrong, what he had seen the should forget and remind her he was her step father and loved her like a daughter. He felt his erection growing in his pants. He knocked on the bedroom door and was greeted with a ‘Come in’ to which Chris proceeded through the door. There laid his goddess of a stepdaughter topless and her panties slid to the side. Rubbing her self so hard. ‘I wondered when you would come’ Lois panted. ‘Lois stop, we need to talk this is not ok,’ Chris said in a very unconvincing voice. He almost dropped to his knees, was he really this weak. His legs carried him over to the bottom of her bed. She sat up and lent towards him. Her nipples pointing, she was now close enough Chris could feel her warm breath. ‘I won’t tell if you don’t’ Chris turned towards Lois, he was rock hard now. She latched onto his lips, he could not believe how soft they were, yet she kissed with such a passion. He felt hands slip towards his trousers and begin to unbutton them his thick dick sprung out begging for attention. Lois pushed his chest so he was flat on his back, he moaned with excitement as she devoured his penis in one. He felt it slide to the back of her throat, ‘her mum can’t even give head this good,’ he thought. As she worked her mouth up and down and around his dick, he began to feel himself ready to erupt, ‘I’m going to cum,’ he warned. This excited Lois ‘I want it in my mouth Daddy.’ Her words and the warmth of her mouth, made it uncontrollable, Chris shot his load into the back of Lois’ throat. He saw her swallow it all up, ‘what a dirty little girl,’ he thought and then he fell asleep.

An hour passed and Chris awoke, ‘Did I dream it?’ he thought almost relieved. He was then given the harsh reality check he needed as he was suddenly aware of his surroundings and that he was in fact in Lois’ rom, ‘ok, it actually happened.’ Lois was no were to be seen, Chris got up he needed to shower. As he stood naked the warm water running down his lean body he couldn’t help but smile about how good the moment him and Lois had shared. He needed to speak to Lois, even though he and Layla were going through a rough patch he needed to cut ties with Lois in this way. He closed his eyes and just let the water run down his face and through his hair. Moments later he felt a presence with him in the shower he turned round to see Lois had sneaked in, she stood there naked, her long blonde hair fallen to compliment the frame of her face, her youthful boobs so perky. Her toned tummy leading to her neatly trimmed bush. Chris had always preferred a more natural look. ‘Lois what are you doing’ Chris exclaimed. ‘What do you think I’m doing?’ Lois mocked, ‘I am just here to clean myself up.’ She squeezed in close to Chris allowing the water to soak her hair. She looked so dam hot. She pressed herself up against Chris and pecked him on the cheek. Her hard nipples digging into Chris’ chest. He then lost control. He pressed her up against the steamy ties, he held her hands above her head as he stuck his tongue in her throat. His mouth hovered own her wet body until it met her nipples. This was amazing; this is what he imagined every time he jacked off to his slut of a stepdaughter. He was now level with her pussy; he inhaled taking in her sweet scent, then lifted her leg and supported it on his shoulder, revealing her pink gash. ‘Should I do this’ he questioned in his head. ‘I have to return the favour after all,’ Chris decided. He dove his tongue deep into her opening he lapped up what he could, it was like his own personal brand of heroin. He just couldn’t get enough of her juices. He played with her inner lips tugging at them; he glided over her throbbing clit but teased it, not giving it full attention. Lois cried out, begging for Chris to satisfy her clits needs. He dipped in his index and middle finger and began strum at her gspot. It felt fantastic. He used him thumb to then stimulate her clit, minutes later he shot his load as she climaxed so strong. She collapsed down on to him, the lay the shower still running cuddled in each other’s arms, both wondering how they would hide from Layla what had happened but they both knew it would happen again.

Rating: 87%, Read 10645 times, Posted Sep 26, 2016

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Female, Lesbian, Old Male, Threesome, Written by women


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