Good neighbourhood. Chapter 1 by Naughtyrusguy

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Fantasm | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

Chapter 1. Dreaming of her boyfriend.

A usual family that consisted of three persons moved from a small town into a big city. They were Clair, Tom and their 15-years-old daughter Kate.

The life in the big city was much harder that they had ever expected. The family had lived well at their home town but here, in the big city, everything was out of control. Like Clair, Tom couldn’t find any work at all. it seemed that everybody wasn’t interested in their skills. No matter how hard they tried, nothing made it. On top of that, their daughter Kate had always been a popular party girl and she was constantly requiring some money for clothes, parties and so on. She just didn’t want to live like a poor girl. In the end, Kate was given whatever she wanted.

Anything had its end and soon the family almost ran out of the savings. They were starving and they totally understood that they were on the verge of getting homeless people if nothing changed. Even their 15 years old looked for a work but they always got the same answer: “We’ll call you back.” But there were never any calls.

The family was lucky. If there was not their good neighbor, they would walk the streets many months ago. Mike, the neighbour, helped them with money whenever they needed it but Tom knew that it couldn’t last forever.

One day their neighbour Mike visited them. He worked in a big financial company and said that there was a free vacancy in one department. His companion agreed to hire Tom but Clair’s husband would have to work as a bull.

The family knew that it was the only chance and they couldn’t miss it. Tom immediately said “Yes”.

That day, on his way out, the neighbour came up to their 15 y.o. Kate and whispered to her, “Sweetie, I’m doing it only for my son JD. He had such a crush on you and I hope you’ll be nice to him. Otherwise, you would have walked the streets, searching for customers!”

Although it sounded like some warning, Kate liked what she heard. Mike’s son JD liked her and he was the guy of her dreams. Every time she dreamt of the best boyfriend the girl thought about him but in reality they hardly said “Hi” to each other.

Mike was a prosperous businessman who ran his department. He was 30-something and he looked handsome especially for his age. The man was tall, broad-shouldered and in a good shape. His voice sounded nice and stern at the same time.

But his son JD was the other dish. He was 17 and he dropped out of the school for beating teachers and students to death. JD had a really bad reputation and everybody on the block was woundily afraid of him.

The guy was a real badass but Kate had a crush on him and everybody couldn’t help but notice it. JD just teased the girl more and more, trying to make her so desperate that she was ready for anything. The guy was tall and broad-shouldered, the body was well pumped-up and covered with several tattoos. It wasn’t surprising that nobody wanted to be in his way. Kate noticed that even her parents were afraid of him a little, too.

One month passed. Kate’s father Tom had been working so hard that he had little time for his family. He got paid for the first month and he managed to pay few bills.

The family had moved here months ago and there was still no a moving-in party yet. Like a good person, Mike helped them again. He offered to celebrate it in his huge backyard and defray the expenses. Hesitatingly, Tom agreed but he promised to pay back every dollar to him as soon as possible.

The celebration day had finally come. Like father and son, Mike and JD were in the backyard, trying to arrange everything for the party.

“It’s amazing to watch how desperately our neighbour’s daughter wants you to date with you. She’s literally ready to spread her slutty legs for you. I think you should have fun with that lil’ slut Kate there,” the father said.

“I’d love to, dad!” grinning, JD replied. “But I guess she’s too shy for it, even though she looks like a cock-teasing bitch!”

“Bullshit, sonny!” Mike said. “The party is a good chance to get laid. I think you should come to her now.”

“But the slut’s probably in classes right now,” JD hesitated.

“Let’s go to her mom and ask,” Mike said.

Like any father, Mike wished his son well. He knew that JD liked sex. It wasn’t a secret that some of his female employees had sex with JD to keep their jobs. They were ready for it, although they knew it was illegal, JD was still 17. But Kate was another thing. Mike’s son liked the girl and he didn’t want to make her do anything. It was obvious that Kate would do anything on her own free will if she had a chance. The party would be that chance.

Father and son had much in common: Mike liked Clair, Kate’s mother and wife of his employee Tom, but his son JD liked Tom and Clair’s 15 years old daughter Kate. Father and son hoped that their dreams would come true at the party.

Mike knocked on the door but there was no answer. So he opened the door and they stepped inside. The man was sure that Clair was at home and he walked up to the kitchen. He was right, she was there. Clair stood at the stove, cooking something as two horny males, Mike and JD, said hello to her.

Clair turned around and smiled at them. The woman was happy to see them. Mike helped her family with money many times and she was very grateful for it. She welcomed him with open arms. Then Clair turned her head to JD and said “Hi” to him.

“Is Kate in, Clair?” Mike asked in a friendly tone.

“Yes, she just came in. Has anything happened?” Clair looked alarmed.

“No, no. Just my son wanted to spend some time with her before the party. Well, like arranging some tables and chairs in the backyard, you know,” Mike explained.

“Of course, JD,” Clair replied, playfully smiling. “She’s in her room. Go upstairs.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Sperling,” the guy said and walked away.

Mike and Clair heard him going upstairs and they were happy. Their children got along with each other well and they were going to spend some time tet-a-tet.

JD wanted to take Kate by surprise and went upstairs stealthy. But she wasn’t the one who was going to be taken by surprise.

The room’s door was cracked open a little and he could see Kate’s bed. The teenager was lying in the bed and covered with a light blanket. The guy immediately remembered how hot her body looked in those revealing outfits she wore whenever he saw her. It seemed that she only waited to get stuck.

JD didn’t let anybody know how much she had a crush on her but that girl had been driving the guy crazy. He wanted to spy on that little cock-teasing slut a little. He strained his ears and JD could hear a quiet slurping noise. Kate’s head was pulled back and her tiny mouth was open a bit. The legs were spread and slight moves under the blanket became obvious. Kate was masturbating at that very moment!

JD had fucked many female employees from his dad’s work but he had never witnessed anything like that. Kate was fifteen only! She was a real naughty girl, he guessed.

Watching her performance, he bit his teeth into the lower lip and his hand instinctively squeezed his throbbing cock through jeans. JD’s legs were shaky. Like a zombie, the guy slowly unzipped his jeans in order not to make much noise. JD didn’t want to be caught in the act.

He pulled his cock out and began slowly stroking it. JD just stood there, imagining how her mouth would slide up and down his cock, how Kate would moan impaling herself on his monster cock. He had many fantasies and he was looking forward to making them true. All in all, JD was horny as hell and he was ready to fuck the shit out of Kate.

His head was full of filthy images and his emotions sought for releasing. The guy’s palm was already wet with his sticky pre-cum. JD was pretty sure that his cum would paint the room’s door soon.

Perhaps, it was his imagination or something else but he could clearly hear Kate whispering his name. Could he be spotted or did she ask him to join the fun?

He stepped inside and she kept on whispering, “JD! Oh JD! JD! Come on, JD!”

He was walking towards her and his cock was stuck out of the fly. Only when he stood by the side of her bed, the guy noticed that Kate lay with the closed eyes and whispered his name again and again. JD was smart enough to understand that Kate was dreaming of him now.

Grinning, the guy looked down on the floor. There were her clothes, scattered by the bed. They were cut-off jeans, a top, a bra and a panty. JD was smart enough to understand that she lay absolutely naked under the blanket.

Biting his teeth into the lower lip, the guy was staring at her hand that had been playing with the pussy under the blanket. He knew that the girl’s pussy was dripping wet; the guy could smell the odour of her sex and he could hear the slurping noise. JD glanced at her mouth and it was so erotically open. Panting, Kate kept on whispering his name without stopping.

His mind was spinning around and JD guessed that the girl wouldn’t mind if he joined. He just leant down and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

There was no shadow of obstacle and JD immediately felt Kate’s tongue sliding inside his mouth. He loved it! Not every girl knew how to give a kiss like that.

The girl felt horny all day. She hadn’t had a boyfriend since leaving her home town. Kate’s ex-boyfriend was her classmate and she used to play with his cock quite often. He didn’t object when the girl jerked off or sucked his cock. It was fine with him. Although it made her boyfriend think that she was a kind of slut but he didn’t say it to her. It was great to have a cock-addict like her.

Kate had gone home from today’s classes and went upstairs to her room. The girl just knew that she needed some kind of a relief. She was in such a hurry that she forgot to close and lock the door. Kate just slipped out of her clothes, leaving them on the floor by the side of her bed. Her mother was at home and there was a chance to get caught in the act. So the girl covered her naked body with a blanket and immediately started masturbating.

Kate rubbed the clit. The warm waves of pleasure overtook her immediately. As usual, the girl dreamt about her neighbour’s son JD. His rough stature made her pussy wet every time she saw him but she was afraid of saying a word to him. Kate was ready for anything to become his girlfriend. And the solid chance of hanging out with him would be at tonight’s moving-in party. Just thinking of it made Kate rub the clit like a mad girl.

The tempo of masturbating was so intensive that she could feel the point of no-return coming. The girl’s toes were curling with excitement and she felt it was about the time. Gasping, Kate whispered his name. And at the very moment Kate felt somebody’s lips on hers. The girl thought that her fantasy was so vivid that it felt so real.

Instinctively her tongue was darted out and it met, like she thought, with the imaginable boyfriend’s tongue. Their tongues started struggling as her fingers danced around the hot box. The slurping noise of their tongues swirling around each other filled the room and the lovers’ hot breaths burnt their mouth cavities.

Kate was on the verge of orgasm when she felt a breeze on her breasts. Perhaps, the blanket slid down her body, revealing her nakedness and she felt a chill. The girl made herself open the eyes and she saw that it wasn’t her fantasy. It was a real person above her.

Kate saw some real person. She had been kissing somebody and she didn’t have the slightest idea who he was. Kate saw nothing but his closed eyes. It was obvious that the kisser was enjoying that private moment too. He opened the eyes and broke the kiss. The girl immediately understood who he was. It was Him. It was JD who she had a crush on and who she dreamt about. And he had just kissed her.

Kate came to herself a little and understood why she felt a breeze on her breasts. The guy wasn’t on the shy side: JD’s strong hands mauled her ripe tits boldly. The girl got her hand from beneath the blanket and put it on his neck.

“What are you doing, JD?” Kate asked with a trembling voice.

He took her hand in his and said, “Don’t you like it, baby?”

There was an awkward silence. Kate just didn’t know what to say. The girl got flushed when the dream guy took her hand that had recently played with her pussy. The fingers glistened with her love juice.

JD acted as usual. He was straightforward. The guy took her juice-covered fingers in his mouth by turns and sucked them in, enjoying the taste of her teen pussy. It was delicious. JD could see that Kate was stunned with what he was doing. The guy felt it and he knew that it was fine with the girl. They both knew they were naughty and made for each other perfectly.

Licking his lips playfully, JD directed her hand under the blanket and said, “Go on. I want you to cum!”

The guy was sure as hell that Kate wouldn’t protest it and she didn’t want to. His voice sounded like a command to her and she couldn’t help but fulfill it. Her hand immediately found the spot and she started rubbing her pussy again.

It was the first time when a female wasn’t forced to please JD’s desires. Those girls who had been brought by his father were made to have sex for keeping their jobs but Kate was another thing. She was a real sex-craved nympho. The girl was head over heels in love with JD. The guy really liked her very much and he didn’t want to do her any harm. JD knew if he played nice, that girl was going to be a perfect plaything.

Watching the way Kate played with her pussy at the presence of the guy she had hardly known was driving JD crazy. She was a sex-addict and she was only 15. The guy also wanted to play and he couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. JD put his strong hands on her boobs.

Despite of Kate’s young age, her breasts were big and firm. She was definitely a curvy naughty girl.

The guy put his hands on her heaving tits and gave them a good squeeze. He kneaded the tits so that the nipples slid between his meaty fingers. They were pink earlier but they became coned and harder now. It was obvious, and JD knew it, that Kate was enjoying the sensations. She wriggled and moaned. The girl’s back arched as if giving herself to his total possession. JD lowered his mouth to those inviting mounds and his tongue touched the skin.

Kate was trembling under his touches and she let out a long sensuous moan. It was too much for her and the girl spread her lovely legs wider. Her pelvis bucked against the fingers that had been playing with her dripping wet pussy. She had never been so excited before. Kate was totally out of her mind!

Squeezing the girl’s boobs, the guy’s tongue circled around a nipple. Occasionally JD nibbled it a bit and the girl let out long moans of heavenly pleasure. When he sucked the nipple in, he tried to keep it inside in order to make it look harder.

JD looked up and saw Kate’s hands behind her head nailing the pillow. She felt so good that she even stopped playing with the slippery pussy and was just weltering in pleasure her lover had been giving to her. Her mouth was open and her pouty lips formed an erotic “O”. The dirty thoughts of fucking that sweet mouth immediately came into JD’s mind. All that gave the guy’s cock a tingle and he wanted to feel her tongue again.

JD made himself tear away from those inviting boobs and the guy planted a kiss on her pouty lips. Like an animal, the guy was devouring the girl, sticking his tongue into her mouth as deep as it went. JD could feel her hands lace his neck and her agile tongue swirled around his in this wild dance.

It was the best make-out Kate had ever had. She had never experienced an intensive kiss like that before and she wanted it to last forever. The girl put her hands around his neck and stroked his hair, giving the guy the time of his life. The teenager was ready to please her dream guy in every possible way.

Those kisses were making JD crazy and he wanted more. His right hand slowly slid down her slim body, pausing at every curve of Kate. The girl just let him do it and the guy’s hand was on her pubis in no time.

JD heard her whisper, “Be gentle, baby. I’m a virgin and I wanna stay like this. Please.”

Those words surprised the guy a lot, because he thought she wasn’t a virgin according to the way she looked and acted.

JD could feel a well-trimmed strip of pubic hair under his palm. It felt good but the guy liked clean-shaven pussies. He knew that he would take care of it later. His fingers slipped below and touched the swollen clit. It was big and wet with her pussy juice.

Kate’s body immediately all tensed up when she felt his hand on her most intimate spot. The girl had never let any guy touch herself down there and it was an absolute new ground for her.

JD’s fingers, working on her pussy, felt incredibly experienced. They squeezed the clit between themselves tenderly, giving Kate a shiver and then they slid between the meaty pussy slit, getting all juice-covered. And after that, those dripping-wet fingers were back on the clit again. All her crotch, clit, swollen pussy lips and tender thighs were glistening with Kate’s pussy-juice.

If JD had sex with the girl, she wouldn’t protest it. Kate was just out of this world now! But something went wrong as she guessed.

Kisses and masturbation continued but Kate felt JD grabbing her right hand that was around his neck. Her hand was being pulled away. Kate was confused. She just didn’t understand what she had done wrong. Or maybe didn’t he like it? The guy pulled it down his body until her hand touched something warm and pulsating. Kate squeezed it tight and became shocked.

The girl held JD’s cock. It appeared that he was so vulgar that his cock was stuck out of his fly as he kissed her. Kate just couldn’t believe it! Not any boyfriend of hers dared do such dirty things. It took them at least several days to give her a kiss but JD had already kissed her, mauled her tits, watched her masturbation, played with her pussy and made her hold his cock now. And they even weren’t on the first date yet.

On the other hand, Kate liked that feature in JD. All her life she was always in charge; everybody did whatever she wanted but JD was another thing. He didn’t ask, he just did what he wanted to without asking any permission. JD was a natural dominant.

The girl held JD’s cock and his hand was above hers. His strong hand forced her hand slowly stroke the cock. Kate wasn’t a newbie at handjobs and she instinctively stroked the shaft as their tongues kept on dancing around each other.

In the end, the guy broke the kiss and looked down at her with his lust-filled eyes. Kate flushed at the thought that she was jerking off the cock and JD’s hand didn’t guide hers any more but it was too late to stop.

Kate stared at the cock and she was shocked. It was the real monster cock. The girl had dated with two classmates back at her home town and their cocks were considerably smaller. Even the biggest black cock she had ever seen in some porn flicks was smaller. JD’s cock looked like it was about 12 inches. On top of that, the cock was very thick in girth. Kate loved JD’s cock much!

The teenager looked up and saw that the guy threw his head back in pleasure and he was having the time of his life. Kate could hear his gasps and she knew that she was doing right.

The girl stared at the cock as she gave that handjob. The gentle skin was peeled back and the purple head of the cock was revealed. It glistened with pre-cum and Kate gulped a lump in the throat. The girl was thirsty. She just couldn’t resist the temptation to take that wonderful cock in her mouth. Kate licked her lips in anticipation and she became ready to prove JD what a good girlfriend she could be.

The girl stuck out her pink tongue and gently touched the tip of the cock. It was clearly seen that the cock jumped up a little. Kate heard “Oh yeah, baby!” and she knew that JD didn’t mind it at all. The girl was going to give him her best tongue job. Her tongue lapped the dickhead and circled around it, collecting all that sticky pre-cum.

Kate liked that taste much although she had never told any of her ex-boyfriends about it. The girl could have gotten a bad reputation of being a cum-eating slut and it was vital at her home town. However, one day Kate even managed to swallow quite a portion of hot cum when her ex-boyfriend got carried away with sensations and he was too slow to take the cock out of her mouth. He excused for it later and the girl tried to look insulted but she considered that it was her best blowjob ever.

And now Kate was licking JD’s monster cock. After every lick of hers, another drop of fresh pre-cum appeared on the piss-hole. The girl was fast enough to lick it away. During that, the girl’s lust-filled eyes were closed and she was savouring the moment. It didn’t take much time before her lips, tongue and palate was coated with that pre-cum.

Then Kate started working on the shaft. Her pink tongue slid up and down the entire shaft of the cock. The girl squeezed that hard meat in her hand and her tongue did its way along the underside from the fly to the head of cock. A wet trail left behind after that. Then her tongue did its way from the dickhead to the fly. Kate had been doing it several times and she was rewarded with loud moans of pleasure. The entire shaft became shiny with a pretty good quantity of her saliva on it.

Kate couldn’t believe how long she hadn’t played with a cock! And now she put her hands on the cock of the guy she had been dreaming of. Kate couldn’t resist the temptation of taking it in her mouth.

The girl’s tongue slid here and there along the cock and it was already well-lubricated. If there was any new drop of pre-cum, the agile tongue immediately licked it away. What a hungry bitch the 15 y.o. slut was!

Her tongue was circling around the purple dickhead when her lips closed around it. Kate was shocked how it filled her mouth cavity. It seemed like there was no room for more, the mushroom head was too huge.

Her jaws were sore a little from it but she tried to get accustomed to the size. If JD decided to be her boyfriend, the girl would have to suck that monster cock often. So Kate kept the dickhead in her mouth and she tried to do suction a little. In and out. It was obvious that the girl was doing fine because JD’s loud moans were clearly heard. They gave her more enthusiasm.

Little by little, Kate’s mouth got accustomed to the size of cock and the girl tried to add some tongue job while the head of the monster cock was inside her mouth. She was rewarded with moans of appreciation.

Kate tried her best and she felt JD’s strong hand on the back of her head. The guy pushed it harder, hinting the girl to swallow his cock deeper. The idea of it frightened her considerably. Only having the dickhead inside made her mouth stretch to the limits. The girl could hardly breathe. How could Kate swallow any deeper?

JD enjoyed the way the girl tried to satisfy him. It was clear that Kate was unexperienced at deep-throating a big cock like that. But the guy didn’t want to be hard on her. JD knew that there would be an opportunity to try this and many other nasty things. The fact was Kate tried her best to meet his expectations.

The guy could feel his cum boiling in the balls and he knew that he was going to blow his load at any moment. He opened his lust-filled eyes and looked down. Kate’s head was bobbing up and down the dickhead. JD was so excited and he felt his cum going up the shaft.

The guy pulled his cock out of her mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “Fuck yeah! Open your fucking mouth, girl!”

Kate was happy and shocked at the same time. JD didn’t ask whether she wanted to have cum in her mouth or not. He just commanded. The girl had to open her mouth and she looked up. That monster cock towered above her face and JD’s hand was jerking it off in a full throttle.

It was absolutely new for her. Nobody would ever think about doing that stuff.

Kate heard his grunts and thick drops of cum landed on her angel’s face. The first globs were on her chin, cheeks and nose but then streams of cum splashed out into her wide-open mouth. They felt hot and endless. Kate felt that cum on her tongue and there was much of it. The streams of sticky cum poured straight down her throat and the girl had to swallow it as fast as could.

It lasted for a while until JD unloaded completely. He stood there, trying to come to himself. Then he glanced down at the 15 years old girl. Kate lay on the bed in front of him and the blanket hid nothing.

Her body was about 5 feet tall without any signs of fat. Her legs and arms were slim and her stomach was flat. The belly-button was nicely-pierced. The pussy lips were swollen and red after such an intensive masturbation and a thin strip of pubic hair was above it. Her breasts heaved and they looked big and firm but their nipples were red and hard. They just asked to be squeezed. Kate was a redhead and her thoughts were sluttish. Just the way she looked. All her face was cum-stained and the girl didn’t try to clean her face. Her pouty lips and bedroom eyes could turn every man’s head. Grinning, JD leant down to Kate and kissed her on the forehead, the only clean spot.

“Thanks, sweetie,” he said. “I just needed it.”

After those words JD hid his wasted cock back in his jeans.

On his way out of the room, he just added, “By the way, I came here to ask your help with things in the backyard. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

Kate, thickly-coated with cum, watched the guy leaving her room. She was stunned. It looked like he went in, came in her mouth and walked away. The girl couldn’t understand if they were couple or not. She would have to find it out in the backyard.

Oh God! Kate wanted to stay in the bed but JD told her he would be waiting for her in the backyard. It gave the girl some strength to get off the bed. She came up to the mirror and looked at her reflection.

Kate couldn’t recognize herself. There was a cheap teen hooker. Some thickly cum-coated face. Huge globs of cum were everywhere. Some of that stuff poured out of her hungry mouth and dripped down on her perky tits. She just couldn’t believe how much cum was poured down on her. It seemed like at least a dozen men came on her. The girl’s tits glistened with that cum in no time. She pushed her big boobs together and the stream of cum went down her stomach until it ended on her pubis.

Kate wanted to memorize the moment. The girl took her cell phone and began to take explicit pictures. They showed her in full glory. Several pictures looked very hot. There were some ones, showing some cum dripping down from the girl’s pussy as she rubbed her clit. It looked like a jailbait had been freshly-fucked. At that moment Kate imagined that she was a model girl. The one she was always dying to be.

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Rating: 86%, Read 29912 times, Posted Oct 02, 2012

Fantasm | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Male, Masturbation, Oral Sex, School, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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