Corn Girl_(1) by wildstevie69

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Fiction | Coercion, Male, Teen Female, Young

This story is fictional. It has to be, musn't it? If I had really done this, I could be arrested. So all representations herein, are purely figments of my imagination, any similarity between characters herein and anyone living or dead is purely conincidental.

Yeah, sure!

Corn Girl

Indiana. I'm on my way to the Indianapolis plant, a required once per month engineering visit. Of the four required visits each month Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and of course Chicago, were close enough to the regional headquarters to drive instead of fly. Overall, the 4 hours spent driving to Indianapolis was just about the same as driving to the airport, waiting for the flight, flying, renting a car and driving to the plant. Only Detroit was too far to drive. With great late summer weather, I preferred to drive. I could take the interstate but, since I was in no hurry, local roads and small towns were more scenic. I was about 1 hour outside Indianapolis on a two lane headed east. At 70, the corn fields on both sides were flying buy. The music on the radio was country/western, and the smell of corn under a hot late summer day was intense.

Some of the farmers had small shacks fronting the road where they offered vegetables for sale from their own gardens. On the way home, I thought, I'd stop and get some fresh tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers. It usually wasn't any cheaper than buying the same thing in the grocery store, but the freshness and taste was far superior.

Whoa! What was that! I was passing one such shack, its wares displayed out front. In only a flash, I had seen the long thin legs, tight blue jeans shorts, naked midriff, white shirt, tied just below her chest and long blond hair. She had walked into the shack and disappeared, I had flown by on the opposite side of the street. I slowed, something about the way she looked and moved, sent a shiver of excitement through me. I would have gone back for a second look anyway, being the horny voyeur that I always was, but something made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. As I turned around I was shaking with excitement. What was going on?

As I approached the shack from the east, little signs advertised its, offerings. Fresh sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, just picked strawberries. Corn boil, $1.00. Stop ahead 500 feet, 250 feet, I pulled over and parked well off the road in a field entrance clearing. I knew there was a vehicle turn around up near the shack but I figured keeping the car and its license out of sight was

a good idea. What was I thinking? If she was pretty and alone would I attack her? Rape her? I'd never do that, I'm not violent, I'm pretty despicable at times, but not that! But what if she just got scared, she accussed me of something, it was better to leave the car unseen. I walked to the shack along the rows of corn.

Nobody seemed to be around. The vegetables were neatly arranged in rectangular baskets on a table in front of the shack. Two small kettles were on a small propane stove, one with boiling water, the other, melted butter. The roof of the shack stuck out far enough to protect and shade the table. A doorway with no door was at the far end of the wall that ran behind the table. Still nobody. I walked around the back of the shack to see if the girl I saw was out back. Nobody. A small opening, apparently for a window, that had long been been broken and removed was in the back wall. I skirted the wall intending to walk around the shack and back to the front.

"Emmmmmmmm", a soft feminine sound, drifted from the window. "Emmmmmmmmm", there it was again. I quietly approached the window opening. I looked around to make sure no one could see me. I was surrounded by 5 foot corn, only a small path around the shack had been mowed to keep the weeds down and there was no way anyone could see me. I was shaking with excitement. I peered past the corner of the window into the room. "Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh". I moved slightly, and looked down. She was just below me. Her head rested on one sack of corn, her blond hair spread out behind her, her eyes were closed. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips opening and closing. Her body splayed across several lower sacks. The sunlight slashed down the length of her young body. Her white blouse was blinding as it reflected the sunlight coming from the window. Her bare midriff golden in the light. Her legs were spread far apart, the blue jeans dangling around one ankle. Her hands were between her thighs, holding something, moving it slowly, up and down against herself. Her fingers pulled upward exposing something yellow. It was a cob of corn, warm buttery corn from the corn boil, between her thighs, she was rubbing it up and down the length of her cunt. The kernels were glistening and buttery. I could hear the corn as it rubbed against her, little noises escaped her lips. My hands had unzipped my pants and pulled my cock free. I slid my hand up a down its hard length. I wanted to jack-off right there watching her. Her legs moved, she drew them up, bending at the knees. She must have been 13 maybe 14 at the most. Her face could only be described as wantonly angelic. She turned the cob so it was pointing at her pussy and started moving it slowly, in cirles, between her pussy lips. I was grasping my cock, pulling and sliding my hand over the end, bring myself closer to orgasm. Then an idea, flashed in my mind, I reached for my camera, which I always had on my belt. With shaking hands, raised it and could see her image erotically displayed on the digital screen. I pushed the video button, and watched on the screen as the corn slowly was pushed between her thighs, "Ahhhhhhhh!" 1 inch disappered, then pulled back, and pushed in again. "Ahhhhhh" Sounds she made were getting louder. As quickly as possible, I snuck around to the doorway, trying to not make a sound. Crouching low, at the very corner of the doorway I could see her across the room. Her face wasn't visible, but her body from feet to chest were clearly visible. The cob was now only half visible, its remaining length deep into her young pussy. I kept to the side of the door and let the camera record her movements and sounds. Her hips were lifted and moved in circles as she kept, inserting and removing the cob. Pushing it deeper with each cycle. I'd gotten enough, I moved back around the shack, put my hard cock, back in my pants, and approached the shack again from the east but this time made plenty of noise.

"Helloooo...?" I said in a fairly load voice was I approached. I could hear movement in the shack and as I got to the table she appeared at the door. Her face flushed, the top button of her shorts still unbuttoned.

"Hi", she responded, "is there something that I can get for you?" She looked around. "I didn't hear you drive up."

"I'm parked a little way down the road, I past by and too late decided to stop, so I just pulled over and walked back", I explained.

"Oh. Did you want some corn or tomatoes? They were just picked this morning." She said with a friendly smile. She was nervously arranging the produce in the baskets. I watched her every move. She was definitely young and very cute. I could see the slight round curve of her breasts as she bent over the produce and the shirt parted a little. They were small round mounds and the nipples were visible when the material stretched tightly over one or the other. I didn't respond, I just watched her. Her hips were small but her ass very round and compact. The small shorts made her legs seem even longer than they were and her movements gave a tiny glimpse of cheek when she turned the right way. I could see a small streak of glistening moisture running down the inside of one thighs. "Uh," she looked around, "anything?" Her gaze dropped to my crotch and stayed there, she obviously realized my excited state. Then realizing I was watching her she quickly looked away, nervously biting her lip, and sort of laughing.

"I'll probably stop on my return trip tomorrow", I said, picking up a few pieces of produce and looking them over. "On my way home."

"That way they will stay fresher and I won't have to carry them around."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense", she said, sounding disappointed.

"Won't you be here tomorrow?", I asked.

"No, my brother works the stand Wednesdays. We trade off, whoever works gets to keep that days sales.", she explained.

Now I understood her disappointment. "Oh, in that case let's see. How about I buy the things I want now, we can bag them, put my name on it and I'll stop by and pick it up tomorrow? Wouldn't that work out better?"

"Sure, that would be great", she smiled with a big grin. She grabbed a large bag, opened it, "what would you like?" I picked some tomatoes, sweet corn and cucumbers and handed them to her. She wrote the amounts on the bag, put the total on the bag and looked into my eyes. "That will be $5.25. What's the name?"

"Stevie", I spelled it out, and handed her $6.25. "I'll have a corn boil to go as well." She went behind the table, grabbed a cob of corn from a sack and was about to remove the husk. At the same time, I removed the camera from its case on my belt and pushed the button for image viewing. "Uhhh, could I pick the cob I want?", I asked.

"Oh, sure, sorry, they were all picked just this morning."

"Here, I want to show you the one I want", as I raised the camera into view. She looked at me quizically, then at the screen. I moved up behind her, held the camera in front of her and pushed play. Her image appeared on the screen, writhing, humping the corn cob, moaning estatically. She froze, first flushing with embarrassment, then all the color draining from her face as she watched her own pornographic image. "That the cob, I want", I said as my hand reached down and cupped her tiny round ass through the shorts. I turned off the camera, and stared at her. "Let go back there", I said as I moved her and myself toward the shed door.

"But,..but..,I..,please don't kill me...please don't hurt me" She was begging me and looking like she was going to cry.

"Don't be silly. I'm not going to kill you, I'm not even going to hurt you. God no, look, we have a little fun, OK, and nobody sees this, nobody finds out. We don't, and I'll make sure your parents, friends and school have both video and stills of you, fucking yourself with that cob of corn. You won't live it down. You understand?"

She nodded. She let me push her ass in front of me and walked into the shack. I turned her around and started to untie her shirt. It opened revealing two exquisitely round, small globes with small pink nipples. I dragged a finger tip across her left nipple and she jumped like she'd been given an electrical shock. She smiled tightly. I bent down and gently kissed her lips, she tried to turn away, but I used one hand to hold her head, the other rubbed and squeezed her backside. As I kissed her, her lips started to respond slightly. "You're very pretty", I breathed against her lips. "Relax, I think you'll really enjoy this, and nobody will know. OK?", she involuntarily nodded, but with only the smallest of movement. I kept kissing her lips, softly, every now and then flicking the tip of my tongue against them. I felt her body relax a little more. I kissed her cheeks, eyes, neck. I pushed her back onto the sacks of corn, I couldn't stop kissing her. I lowered my head to her breasts and slowly sucked a nipple between my lips. It hardened, and stuck out like a pencil eraser, from the surrounding areola, I licked, nibbled and sucked at its firmness. First one, then the other. My hand was now between her legs, her thighs were relaxed apart, no more squeezed tightly together, trying to keep me out. She was accepting that this was going to happen, regardless. I was kissing her stomach, running my tongue around her belly button. The zipper on her shorts was coming undone. My hand groping the mound between her legs. The fine hairs silky beneath my palm. I was gentle. I pulled at her shorts, without thinking, she raised so they could be removed. My lips pressed against her mound, kissing her firmly there. She breathed in deeply. Her hand was on the top of my head. My tongue licked over her slit, pushing between her pussy lips. I kept listening to the sounds around me. A car now and then whizzed by, but no one stopped.

"Ohhhhhhhh", she groaned. Her hips pushed against my probing tongue. I knealt down between her legs, her legs drew up and spread apart. My lips pushed between hers, her dampness coating them with a slightly salty, buttery taste, mingled with young teen pussy juice. I found her clit, a hard little button with the tip of my tongue. I gently circled it, licking, sucking it like it was a tiny cock. "Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh, oh, yeahhhhh, there, there," she was now abandoning herself to the sensations welling up in her young body. I put a finger at the vaginal opening and slowly pushed it into the warm, wetness beyond. Then a second, and yet a third, the corn cob must have stretched the muscles as I found almost no resistance at all. I was easily slipping 3 fingers in and out her wet pussy as my tongue lapped at her clitoris and licked every drop of her sweetness. "Geez, oh geeez, I'm ,I'm ...", she was grinding her hips against my mouth, her hand pulling at my hair, "I......., uhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, unhhhhhhh,", her legs squeezed together tightly, her back arched, and I could feel the spasms squeezing my fingers inside her, pulsing through her clit against my tongue. I kept kissing and licking her till she was lying quietly. "No more, oh, no"

I stood up, and she languidly got up on her elbows, watching me. I stood a few feet in front of her and unzipped my fly and pulled my erect cock out of my pants. "My turn", I said lightly. Her eyes were glued to my cock, as if she never saw one. I'm not that impressive, probably 5 inches fully erect if that. About 1 1/4 wide. Her mouth opened but no words came out. I stepped closer to her, and she sat up, her hand reached up and grasped my shaft, lightly squeezing it, like she was testing it for firmness. Her hands were soft and warm, and again like trying to see what it was made of, she ran her fingers from the tip to the base. I stepped even closer. "Kiss it, go ahead, don't be afraid, it's OK". She leaned forward and pressed her lips to the underside of my cock, just below the knob. One kiss, then a second against the fleshiness of the knob. She was learning fast. "Lick it, sweetheart". Her small tongue drew a line from base to slit. Then circled the head, she looked up at me. I smiled. "Oh, yeah, that's it." She seemed to smile back a little, then opened her mouth and let her lips fully encircle my hot cock. She was sucking me,

using her open mouth to slide up and down my penis, using the tip of her tongue to draw lines and circles up, down and around my cock. I could feel the tension mounting in me, juices bubbling in my balls. I couldn't last much longer. I stepped back, and my cock pulled from her lips with a popping sound. She still held onto me, looking at me questioningly.

I pulled out my wallet, and removed a rubber, from the bills compartment. "What's that?", she asked, as I ripped the package open.

"Are you on any form of birth control?", I enquired. She shook her head no, she was still holding my cock, like she didn't want to give it up. "Well, this is a rubber, I'll put it on so you can't get pregnant, OK?".

"Can I put it on?", she giggled. I opened the package and handed the rolled up sheath to her. She looked at the flat ring of material, and obviously didn't understand what to do with it. I took her hands and showed her how to place and then unroll the sheath down my penis."Ahhhh". She ran her fingers tips up and down, feeling it. "Its slippery."

"Its lubricated", I pushed her onto her back. Her legs were bent at the knee and I placed the tip of my cock against her vaginal opening. Moving my cock around I lubricated the end with her juices and stimulated her clit and pussy at the same time. She was leaning on her elbows, watching what was happening down between us. I pushed forward slowly, pushing her pussy lips apart, entering her.

"Ohhh. I... Ohhh I don't....Ohhh, Ahhhh, Ohhhh, its hot, Ohhh...", it seems she didn't know what to say. She didn't move, just watched as my entire cock sank into her. She definitely had lost her viginity sometime in the past, for there was no resistance. Maybe a corn cob had broken her hymen, the one she was using was much wider than my dick. Then she raised her legs and wrapped them around me. I was totally within her. "It feels so good, so damn good, please don't take it out", she whispered.

"I won't, honey, I won't", I pushed hard against her. I could see a tear, run from the corner of her eye, "Are you OK? Does it hurt?"

She shook her head, "It's just so beautiful, I feel you in me, we're like one, you know". I leaned down and kissed her passionately, holding her tightly we lay like that for several minutes. I couldn't believe how something that started out so perverse turned out so exquisite. I actually felt a deep love for this pretty young girl. Then quite slowly rhythmically, almost without deciding to do so, I was pumping my cock in and out of her. At times I could feel her squeeze me with her vaginal muscles. I reached down between us and let my finger tips caress her clitoris, slow circles, rolling it between thumb and index finger. Her breathing deepened and her hips were meeting every thrust with their own response. "Mmmmmm,mmmmmm." she made little sounds again, indicating the sensations that she felt, her head rolling from one side to the other, "Mmmmmmmm,...Mmmmm". I slowed to long and deep thrusts, not wanting to end it too soon. I wanted to watch her, see her crescendo to sexual bliss, one more time. I didn't need to wait long, I watched as her brow tightened, her eyes closed half way, and she was biting one side of her bottom lip,as if trying to hold back the sounds of pleasure that were emanating from her throat. "Arhhhhh",uhhhhh, yesssss, oh push it in, push it in". Her body tensed, then jerked repeatedly, her vagina spasming around my cock. I picked up the pace and could feel the cum pulsing through my balls, pumping thru the tube of my cock and ejacualting into the sheath that separated us inside. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, I thought I'd never stop cumming. We both laid still for several minutes after. I listened as cars passed outside, but thankfully none stopped. Then as I pulled off her, she was again watching as my penis withdrew from her. She smiled, "I could feel it, filling up inside, please, can I take it off?" She reached for me. The condom seemed like a toy to her."I think I'd like to feel it shooting inside me without this thing."

"Well get on the pill and there will be no need for condoms. Be careful that the hairs don't get caught as you roll it upward."

She giggled, "Is this OK?", she gently rolled the rubber back toward the end making sure my pubic hairs weren't pulled. I nodded. Upon getting it off, she gave me a mischevious look, and quickly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She looked into my eyes and was smiling as she sucked and licked me. "Mmmmmm, I wondered what it tasted like," she ran her tongue up its shrinking length.


"Not bad, I bet it tastes even better if you'd cum directly in my mouth."

"How about I stop back next week, and we can find out?", I responded, putting my hands again between her thighs and gently finger her.

"Oh, yes! Next Wednesday? I'll meet you just east of here at 10:00, is that OK? There's a field entrance. Do you know where it is?" I indicated I was parked there now. "My brother will be working and we could have fun the entire day. Please say you'll be there."

"Sure, I'll be there", and I fully intended to. Just as I intended to stop the next day for the vegetables I bought. But later I started thinking, what if she told some one what happened. What if they called the police and I was walking into a trap, tomorrow or next week. After all, this was a 13 year old I had just fucked. I never went that way again. Now many years later, the corn girl is one of my most pleasant of memories.

Rating: 95%, Read 215236 times, Posted Apr 06, 2012

Fiction | Coercion, Male, Teen Female, Young


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