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Authors note: This story is the missing piece between the two events told in "Like Mother, Like Daughter", which is the first story in this series. This story will stand on its own but be certain to drop back and read the first story!

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On to the story...

She Wants The Neighbor

My daughter Lindsey and I had been on our own for about two years when I took a transfer to south Florida. We spent three days driving all over Fort Lauderdale trying to find a house and finally happened on one on a quiet cul-de-sac. It was perfect, had a pool (a requirement in south FL), was 20 minutes from her school and 30 minutes from my office.

It didn’t take long before we managed to get most of the boxes unpacked and we settled into a nice routine. One Saturday afternoon we came back from the grocery store to find one of our neighbors from across the stree out cutting his grass. He had on shorts, sneakers and not much else. Lindsey immediately started foaming at the mouth; she was stuttering and having difficulty with the menial chore of carrying in the bags of groceries.

Teasingly I asked her what was wrong and in typical 15 year old fashion she started gushing about “how freakin hot” this guy was and that he “looked like an underwear model!” Admittedly, he did look hot, he looked like he was about 25 and she was right, he could have been a male model. I was amused at her reaction so I suggested she go introduce herself. Man, she about flipped out! She started off on how a girl like her could NEVER get a man like him! I just started laughing and she got a little testy with me and demanded to know what I thought was so funny. I said “honey, any hot, young teenaged girl can get any man she wants, she just has to know how to do it!” Lindsey just stared at me for a moment, then looked back at the guy for a minute and then back at me and asked “how?”

Now Lindsey and I have always been close and we talked openly about everything. I figured as long as she was talking to me and getting good information she was less likely to do something stupid. I told her we’d talk after we got the groceries put away.

As a star soccer player Lindsey was always in great shape, she was 5’7 about 120lbs with brown hair and hazel eyes. She had a nice B/C cup that never seemed to have much jiggle in them when she went braless around the house… and legs… man she had legs that went on forever… the most awesome legs a man could imagine and they ended at one of the most perfect, rock hard asses God ever put on a female.

So, moving on with the story, while we were stocking the pantry, rearranging stuff in the fridge to make room for all the new stuff Lindsey again wanted to know how a teenaged girl could seduce a guy like our neighbor.

I said you know that little denim mini skirt you like to wear to the mall? She nodded, I said that skirt with no underwear, some platform shoes with heels, one of your tank tops with no bra and you are about 70% of the way there. The rest is in how you bend over, how you sit and how you just give little peaks enough to flash the man you want... and once we get aroused there is no saying no to anyone!

Lindsey just looked at me with those hazel eyes and finally said “so you’re telling me to act like a slut!” I laughed and told her that slutty wasn’t always a bad thing. I explained how girls used “slut” to control and shame other girls but that guys liked slutty. Besides, I told her “you can be slutty in very subtle ways and with class.” She seemed to ponder this and not much else was said about it so I figured the conversation was over.

After putting away all the groceries, I switched into my trunks and managed to take a quick dip in the pool and was just toweling off when Lindsey came out on the back patio in her denim skirt, some high heeled platform shoes, a much too small tank top which left nothing to the imagination and two of the hardest nipples sticking straight out!

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open! After about a minute Lindsey asked "if I liked" and I said “what man wouldn’t?!?!” I asked if she were going to go over and introduce herself and she got all flustered and said “no, not yet, he’s still working in the yard.” I reminded her she was not on birth control and she said “Dad, its not like he’s going to fuck me as soon as he sees me!” Yeah, little did she know about how quickly a man would fuck her! Unless this guy is gay or a total moron it would take him all of about 15 minutes to have his cock in her pussy!

I continued to towel off and went back into my bedroom to change into some dry shorts and throw on an old t-shirt. When I came out of my bath I found Lindsey sitting on my bed and flipping through a playboy I kept in my nightstand. I asked her what was up and she looked at the floor for a minute and mustering up all the courage she had finally said “I don’t know how to bend over or sit the right way to tease a man.” I wanted to laugh at this because I think women are genetically wired for these moves but I decided to play along just to get a few peeks.

I said stand up, she did. I told her to turn around and straighten my bed out… as she started doing this she was most lady like. I walked up behind her and said here, like this… and I spread her legs about shoulder width apart and said when you bend over don’t bend your knees. Without looking back at me she did as she was told and that denim skirt rode up high and had I been sitting I would have gotten a perfect shot of her pussy… so, I decided to sit in the chair on the other side of the bed as I walked around I looked down here top and I could see some nice cleavage.

As I sat down my daughter continued working on the bed, slowly working her way around to my side, never making eye contact with me but not avoiding it either. As I studied her I could tell she was turned on, she was flushed all over her face and down her chest. Finally she was on my side of the bed and as she bent over I saw the most amazingly beautiful pussy I could have ever imagined and there wasn’t a hair on it… without thinking I let out a gasp which caused Lindsey to freeze in place. Finally, I asked her how long she had been shaving and she said “for about a year now”. I just said "it looks nice." She finished making the bed and I continued to admire the view. God how I wanted to touch her but there was no way I was crossing that line!

As she finished I stood up to go into the living room and the movement behind her caused her to look over her right shoulder at me and her eyes immediately went to the tent in my shorts. I stood there for a minute to let her look, it was oddly arousing to have my own teenaged daughter stare at the hard cock in my pants! Finally I just turned and walked away.

I was sitting on the long side of our L-shaped sectional and had turned on a game when Lindsey came into the room, she first looked out the window to see what the guy across the street was doing and he was still working. After staring for a few minutes she sighed and started to walk over towards the couch. I asked her if she would get me a beer and without a sound she turned on her heels and headed to the kitchen. A moment later she returned with a cold beer and a chilled glass… just exactly what I needed to cool me down.

As she walked towards the coffee table she kept staring me right in the eyes and I just smiled at her. As she got closer I could really make out how hard her nipples were and man did I want to reach out and twist them around a bit! Finally she bent over from the other side of the table and put everything down giving me a great shot down her top. I thought for a minute those tits of hers were going to fall out but no such luck! Quickly she stood up and I thought “oh, oh, this game is over” but to my surprise she came around to my side of the table and with her feet shoulder width apart bent over and proceeded to pour the beer right in my glass! That was the closest I had been to her pussy and I could see how wet she was… if I sat forward enough to put my elbows on my knees my nose would have gone right up her ass! God how I wanted to reach out and touch this cock teasing little whore but I knew if I ever touched her I would fuck her and there was no way I was going to do that to my little girl!

Finally she managed to get my beer glass full and she walked around to the other part of the sectional and started to sit down. I told her “Stop!” and she froze right in place. Told her to turn more towards her victim so he could get a shot up her dress when she sat down and she turned towards me and performed the most lady like sit but with that short skirt and no underwear there was no way I would not see her crotch and see it I did! As she sat there I took a drink of my beer and thanked her. I asked her for a napkin from the table and as she started to lean forward I suggested she let her legs fall apart just a bit, to at first concentrate on the napkin but once she had it to shift her focus to the man, if he was staring at her pussy she had him, if he was looking away it was going to take more work.

Being a fast learner she did exactly as I said and I was looking dead on at her pussy trying to get as close a view as I could. Finally she handed me the napkin and sat back so I could continue to gaze up her dress. After about 5 minutes of her switching positions, crossing and uncrossing her legs she decided to go look out the window again. She stood for a moment and then pulled a chair out from the end of dining room table closest to the windows and sat in it sideways facing the window. If our neighbor looked he wound not have known who was sitting at the table or what they were doing, to him it would have just been shadows but Lindsey had a full on view of him. I let her watch for a moment and then decided to go join her. As I stood next to her I asked her what it was about him that excited her so much. She just kept looking out the window and shrugged. I said, “come on, we don’t have secrets from each other and we come this far, I told you how to seduce him and you have shown me just how sexy you can be. What’s this attraction?”

Very quietly she said “Do you remember when you and Mom had those friends stay over that one night in Atlanta?” I said “Yes, “Larry and Patricia.” She nodded. Finally she continued and said “I saw you and Mom fucking them and this guy looks just like Larry that fucked Mom.” “Ahh…” I said! “I knew you had caught us before and I remember the time you stood and watched Doug and I fuck your mother and I watched you finger yourself until you came” and she looked at me and just smiled.

(Authors note: You may want to go back and read Like Mother, Like Daughter”)

I could tell Lindsey was horny, she was about as horny as I had ever seen anyone. I was surprised at how open she was being with me and how desperately she wanted to fuck this guy. After a few more minutes of silence passed I reached out and touched Lindsey on the head, to give her one of those reassuring fatherly pats to let her know I understood her desire. As I started rubbing her long brown hair she slowly spread her legs and her hand went up under her skirt and I could see her starting to play with herself. I wasn’t sure what to do… do I walk away and leave her or stand there and watch? Obviously she didn’t mind my being there but I didn’t want to walk away and send the signal that her sexuality was taboo but on the other hand I didn’t want to cramp her style either.

As I was debating what to do her breathing got heavier and became much more rapid, I could tell she was nearing an orgasm. Just as her head flew back I reached down and grabbed her left tit and started twisting her nipple around. This sent Lindsey into a screaming orgasm. When she finally came down I let loose of her tit and stroked her hair a little more. The she said “Damn, now I’m not sure I’m horny enough to go over there!” I looked out the window and saw our “Larry” head into his house. I said it’ll take him about 10 minutes to cool down and about 15 to shower, if we time this right you can catch him in his towel. Lindsey looked up at me with a quizzical look on her face.

I said “I could get shot for this and I’ll stop if you want but I have absolutely got to lick you!” Before she could say a word or even fully process what I had just said, I was on my knees and had her legs spread wide apart with my tongue buried in the tightest hole I have ever known. I think the suddenness of my movements surprised her so much she was too in shock to do anything but the moment my tongue hit her clit it was all over for her. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me so tightly into her cunt I thought she was going to break my nose!

Now, I am a pussy eater. I was married to a bi woman for 16 years and I have had lessons from the best of them. I can literally make a woman pass out from coming but that wasn’t my goal this time, I was going to get Lindsey, my very own 15 year old daughter hot enough to go across the street and fuck a man that she was having serious fantasies about.

So focused all my efforts on reading my daughters body signs and each time she got close to an orgasm I would back off. Repeatedly for over 5 minutes I would bring her to the brink of an orgasm and back off leaving her incredibly frustrated, hornier than she had ever been in her life and willing to do anything to cum.

As I backed off the last time Lindsey was pleading with me “Please Daddy, make me cum.” And “Please Daddy, I need it so bad, I’ll do anything.” I just smiled at her and said “I know you will Darling.” As I looked back down at that amazing pussy I realized that I had not stuck a finger in there, a complete stranger was going to fuck her and I had not had my finger in there yet. I slowly moved my hand towards her pussy and before I could even touch her she started humping up trying to get to my finger. I just told her what a good girl she was and as my finger made contact Lindsey began to loose patience… she screamed “for Gods sake Dad, put something in there!” I slowly slipped my finger in, to the first knuckle, to the second and still no hymen. The deeper I went the more excited she became. Finally I was all the way in and trust me when I tell you this, it would have been difficult to get two fingers in. Just my one finger was being gripped so tightly that I could barely pull it back out. But pull it out I did, right back to the finger nail and then back in. Suddenly I found myself seesawing in and out of my daughters pussy while she screamed obscenities at me “Fuck me!” “Fuck me hard with your finger!” “Make me a slut just like Mommy is!” and when I heard “Oh God Dad I’m gonna cum!” I pulled my finger out of her dripping wet cunt and I stood up.

She was covered in a nice sheen of sweat and she had shock written all over her face. As I was standing there in front of her with the tent in my shorts she reached out and grabbed my cock and started squeezing it. She looked me dead square in the eyes and said “Before this day is over, I’m going to have a hard cock in my pussy!” I just smiled at her and told her she needed to get across the street.

She stood, took a moment to gain her balance and started walking towards the door. As she turned the handle she looked at me and said “What should I say when he answers the door?” I just said “tell him were his new neighbors and our phones aren’t working right and ask if you can use his.” She smiled and walked out the door.

I stood and watched my daughter walk off knowing that some dumbass was going to be the luckiest man alive! I was thinking that if he sent her home in under 4 hours he was a complete moron!

Watching her hit his front door I turned and walked over to the couch and thought I’d try to focus on the game. The thoughts of what had happened over the last two hours kept playing through my mind. What Lindsey had said about having watched my ex and I during some of our wife-swapping adventures and the one time I had watched her watching me and a black friend of mine really fuck her mother good.

I was lost in my own thoughts when the back door slammed shut and Lindsey came back through the door visibly upset! I just looked at her and she said, “He’s fucking GAY! He has a boyfriend there and they were both in towels when I knocked on the door.” I told him “I needed to use the phone but I would come back another time.” She sat down on the other side of the sectional again giving me a clear shot of her pussy… she looked me square in the eyes and said “you have got me so fucking hot, I would have fucked the mailbox if I could have figured out how to get on top of it.” I just chuckled as pulled her legs up and apart putting her feet on the couch about as far apart as she could get them, knees up the air and hot, sweet cunt staring right at me. Lindsey began to finger herself looking right at me.

I thought I would have some fun with her so I asked her if I could join her and without waiting for an answer I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started stroking it. Now I’m not gonna lie and tell you I have 8” or any of that crap, I’m hung like a normal guy. I do stay in shape so for my age at that time (45) I was considered a DILF by all of her friends.

I thought this might be the best way for this to work out, a little mutual masturbation and we can both cum and it will be all over. This wasn’t going to work for Lindsey though… she got up and came over and sat right down on my out stretched legs. Thinking she was going to break my legs right at the knee I pulled my feet in closer to the couch to give her something to sit on. As we resituated I went back to stroking my cock and Lindsey had her skirt pulled up and was clearly rubbing her clit.

Her breathing started getting more rapid and her finger started moving faster and faster across her clit. Just when I thought she was going to cum she said “Oh Fuck It!” and climbed on top my cock and starting trying to sit down on it. Thanks to her inexperience she kept missing so I slowed her down and started rubbing the head of my cock around her opening just teasing her. I figured I owed her one more chance to back out so I asked “Lindsey, are you sure you want this?” Her answer was simple and a quick ‘Hell yes, now give it to me!”

I positioned the head of my cock right at her opening and pushed up ever so slightly and taking that as her cue she started trying to sit down. Man was her pussy wet and slippery but even all that lube wasn’t enough to allow me to just pop in. It took her some effort but the more she felt that cock trying to get into her pussy the more she wanted it. Finally the head of my cock popped in… it was like trying to get your dick into a straw it was so tight!

Lindsey immediately started rubbing her clit and before I know it she started cumming and she came hard! I wasn’t more than an inch into her and she was cumming like a freight train! I let her work her way through that orgasm and as she started coming back down to earth I pulled her to my chest. It was a little difficult at first because she almost pulled off of me but I lifted her up by her thighs and pulled her closer so that she could lean on me and I could stay in her.

After a few minutes I started pushing her down on my cock… little by little she sank down on me and I could feel my cock separating flesh that never been apart before. About half way down I asked if she were OK and she just moaned so I lifted her up so that just my head was in her and let her go back down. She did that about 6 or 8 times and was really getting into it when she all of a sudden just dropped down on me and was totally impaled on my cock. I again started stroking her hair; waiting for her to get ready.

As for myself I could feel myself ready to cum at any moment but there was no way I was going to let that happen. I was going to fight this urge and fuck her through at least 4 or 5 orgasms. This would be something for her to remember!

Slowly she started raising and lowering herself on me… up and down and after about the 12th time up she started pounding me. I grabbed her by her hair and yanked her head back and asked her “Do you like Daddy’s cock?” “Do you like fucking Daddy like a little whore?” and before I could start the third question she came. Not a normal cum but the kind where her entire body convulsed. At first I thought she was having a seizure but then she started squirting! My daughter was a squirter!

As her convulsions started to taper off I realized that she was no longer riding my cock so I lifted her ever so slightly and started plowing into her tight cunt. This started her off on another orgasm. Her pussy was milking my cock for all it was worth, the friction of the in and out motion was incredible and her muscles were contracting with every beat of her heart. Lindsey was screaming at the top of her lungs and I couldn’t hold my cum back any longer!

Just when the first quirt was headed up my shaft I told Lindsey I was cumming and the little vixen looked me straight in the eyes and passed out! She was completely limp and you know what? I continued to pound my cock into her tight little cunt, nothing was going to keep me from filling that pussy to the brim!

As my balls emptied and I let her fall completely onto me and I laid there feeling her heart beat in rhythm with my own. After about two minutes she started stirring and I just stroked her hair. As her eyes fluttered open she asked what had happened and I said “Honey, you came so hard you passed out!” she just looked at me and asked “would be like that all the time?” and I said “No, but it will most always be pretty good.” She just smiled and lay her head back on my chest and dozed off.

Authors note: This story like all others involving under aged kids is fictional.

The author can be reached on yahoo IM as aprincelyfrog.

Rating: 83%, Read 76245 times, Posted May 30, 2007

Fiction | Incest


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