Aunt Rebecca’s Remarkably Torrid Lesbian Incest Epic – Part 2 The Seduction by Mafia+Bitch

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So what a night I had with my sister and her daughters. The girls took the news well, and showered their mother with affection and support.

Jaden and I shared some very hot looks and I think she also was secretly happy that her father wouldn’t be around anymore.

In the weeks that followed I often relived my kiss with Jaden and the lust filled moment I had spent with her mother. I felt there was a good chance that I could get back into Angie’s bed but Jaden would be my first conquest.

In going over our brief kiss I felt that Jaden would be ready and willing to go further, and might have if we hadn’t been interrupted. Was this wishful thinking? I didn’t think so and my pussy became dripping wet every time I thought of taking things further with my hot little niece.

The idea of possessing Jaden's sweet young body, and to have her writhing in a haze of sexual pleasure under my tongue, turned me on to no end.

The summer had finally arrived. I was invited by Angie to join her and the two girls on a trip to the beach. Jaden and I have always enjoyed chatting, so we kept to our towels together and slightly apart from the rest. I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit, and as I took off my shirt I noticed Jaden staring at my breasts, which made me smile. I took my time removing my shorts, turning so that my ass was a few feet from her as I slowly peeled my shorts off my firm round ass. I glanced back and sure enough, Jaden’s eyes were riveted to my ass.

How do I describe this hot young girl as she took off her clothes to reveal a small bikini .Well I'll try. I'm a bit on the tall side at 5' 7," Jaden stands a good 4 to 5 inches under me at 5' 2." She has luscious straight blonde hair with short bangs that goes long down her sculptured back. She has wonderful soft doe-like brown eyes on a slightly freckled, delicately beautiful face, with just a tiny hint of baby-fat still lingering around her cheeks and neck. She has one of those impossibly thin young lithesome bodies, nicely flared hips and perky peach-sized breasts that jut out firmly. As she removed her tank top and threw back her head to untangle her hair, she pushed her perfect nubile boobs out even further and licked my lips I wanted to taste them so badly.

I sat next to Jaden in the back seat on the way to the beach and I loved the way her skin tight jean shorts showed off her blossoming hips and the curve and crease of her crotch area. Jaden must have noticed me stealing glances at her body. As she unclasped and unzipped the shorts I sighed, Jaden didn’t seem to notice as she wiggled the jean shorts down her led then with her back to me, slipped her fingers under the bikini bottom, which had ridden into her ass. She stretched the fabric over her perfect ass and her fingers lingered there tracing the curve of her bubble butt.

I noticed that as she looked over at my body her nipples stiffened beneath the thin material of her bikini top. We settle down on the hot sand. She has a teen magazine, and I have an erotic lesbian summer novel, and my lurid thoughts in mind. I imagined what Jaden would look like spread-eagle in my bed, and the wonderful things I would do to her unsuspecting young body. I wonder what her face would look like as her teen pussy repeatedly flushed with orgasm. How would she respond to my tongue savaging her clit, or taking one of my toys up her tight virgin ass?

As I began chatting with my niece I had fun picturing the kinds of wicked scenarios of sharing Jaden with Taren and other women with a passion for young teen girls. I let my mind imagine how utterly hot it would be to bring Jaden together for a lustfully incestuous fuck session with my lovely sister, and her mother. Angie, was boiling beneath the surface and throwing her hubby out of the house just might be the catalyst for my incestuous escapades.

"Say Jaden, how about going for a walk down the beach for a bit?" I asked very casually.

"Yeah! Aunt Rebecca, that sounds like a great idea," she said smiling, her eager eyes shining up at me.

I told Angie, that we're going for a walk. She looked like she was almost asleep, nodded her head plopped back on her inflated pillow. As usual Julie had her nose in a book and didn’t even look up. She was on her back with her knees bent and her legs were spread wide. I paused long enough to take in her beautiful body, and sighed at how the hot her thighs looked splayed open like that, and how hot she looked with the soft outline of her pussy lips outlined in crotch of her bikini bottoms. I picked up the blanket bag and returned to Jaden.

Jaden and I started off down the beach. The sun was high and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The day is not too hot because it's still early in the season. The sand felt wonderful between my toes. The crashing waves had a hypnotic effect on me as we made our way out of the crowded portion of the beach closest to the parking lot. As we walked, Jaden smiled up at me. I wondered if she had any idea of what I had in store for her.

She talked about how boring her family was and asked me if her mom liked to have fun when we were her age. I smiled and told her that her that her mom was a lot of fun when she was younger, and that she was the best big sister anyone could ever have. We walked around a curve in the beach, far from the crowded beach.

"Jaden sweetie," I smile at the earnest young girl next to me, "Do you know why I really invited you out here on this little walk?"

"Umm, I, I think," Jaden whispered, “Aunt Rebecca, ar-are we, umm, are we going to kiss again?"

“ Jaden, sweetheart, I hope we're going to do a lot more than just kiss. Would you like that hun?”

"No! You and me- I mean you and I. Aw, that would be just… wrong! Wouldn’t it!? " Jaden said in a hushed squeal, grabbing my arm.

“Why what on earth would make it wrong, baby, have you ever thought of having sex with another girl?” I asked nonchalantly.

"A-auntie, sometimes, I think about boys, sometimes but mostly I think about girls, and I have to admit," she looked excitedly and shyly up to me. "I, um, I-I've even thought about being with you that way." Jaden grinned widely, her hands trembling slightly.

I took my Jaden’s hand, understandingly, “So you have had sex then?” I ask softly.

"I went out with that guy Brad, but tried to feel my cunny and was a total jerk. And, well, I, I tongue kissed my girlfriend Tara at a sleepover, that was after you kissed me, but that’s all I’ve done, oh except masturbation, does that count?”

“ Really, oh hunny there is so much you need to learn." I whispered brushing the backs of my fingers over her soft cheek, “We're all alone, Jaden I want to be your lover. I hope you understand what that really means." I very gently slipped my arm around her slim waist, she was nervous but leaned softy into me we begin to walk again.

"As an older woman I have much to teach a young girl like yourself, and being your Aunt adds a certain incestuous thrill don’t you think?." I watched as her face blushed a light red.

"Oh God." She gulped, "I don't believe this is happening! This is so exciting. W-would we go

out on a date?"

"Actually, sweetie. I want to become your lover right now. Here on this beach. We'll just

walk over to those dunes, nobody will see us." I looked into her big soft eyes, smiling, my

imagination was working overtime!

"A-and what would we d-do it…I mean what would " the fourteen year old girl asked, nervous but intrigued.

I took her shoulders in my hands as we stop. I looked her in the eyes which, knowing that my eyes were filled with passion for her, and her alone, "Jaden, I know things are moving fast here, but you can always say no, at anytime at all! If you do say no, that would be fine. I will always be your aunt and I will always love you. Just the same, if you do say yes, I have to tell you that I'm a serious lover. I don't hold back my passion, at all. If we do make love, I will make love to you only as a woman can. I will kiss you deeply and hold you in my arms. We'll feel the pleasure of our bodies pressed together, kissing passionately, our tities mashing together. We'll also do other things. I'll let my long wet tongue loose all over your tight little body. You will feel it in deep inside you. But really Jaden the choice is yours, what do you say? Should we head back towards your mom and sister, or get lost up in those dunes?"

I gently rubbed my hand up and down Jaden’s bare back and neck. Her eyebrows were draw together and she bit her soft lower lip as she considered my overt amorous request, struggling

with her inner demons, anxiously thrilled and excited at her possible entry into a very

different world from what she had experienced up to now.

"Oh! This is so wild! Um, let’s do it Aunt Rebecca ! Yes!" She said trembling. "Lets go

over to the d-dunes."

Her voice was now low and serious. "Teach me. Just please, please be--be gentle with me." Jaden’s brown eyes brimmed with excitement.

"Oh you silly sand bunny! I'll be gentle all right. Jaden, sweetheart, we're going to have so

much fun!"

I leaned over and dart my tongue behind my niece's ear that sent shivers through her young body. She smelled so good, a mixture a girl-musk, suntan lotion and beach.

I took my young niece by the arm and gently marched her across the beach up into the dunes. We walked deep into the back-bay area. We found a nice series of sandy valleys, secluded enough for my purposes.

Far off I heard the relaxing sound of the waves crashing into the beach. Finally after many

late nights of sweaty fantasies, one of my most wild desires was about to become a reality. I could feel my young niece tremble as we made our way down to the bottom of the dune.

I laid out the thick beach towel and faced Jaden. She looked up at me, a nervous smile on a lightly freckled face. I returned her gaze and slipped both my arms around my niece's slender waist. She looked up at me shyly and giggled nervously. I drew her close to me. She pulled back for a short moment, and then gave into me with a groan.

We were tummy-to-tummy, Jaden's was shorter than me so her perky firm breasts pushed up nicely into mine. Jaden’s body felt wonderfully soft, warm and supple against mine. She blushed deeply, tentatively smiling up at me.

A light wind stirred the sands, a chill ran up my back. Far off I heard the lazy sound of the

surf crashing. I kissed my new young lover on her soft full lips. I pulled back a bit, and stuck out my tongue, delicately tracing the soft pointy tip carefully around my niece's soft lips. Jaden closed her eyes and moaned.

I held the Jaden tight and kissed her hard. Our lips mashed, slip and sliding together. She was she so lovely, I kissed along her lovely neck and gave her a little love bite just at the bottom of her neck.

"Aaah! Aunt Rebecca!" Jaden gasped as I ran my hands up and down her back, crushing her

lithe body into mine. I continue touching, kissing my young niece. My hands slid under

the flimsy material of her bikini bottom. Her young firm ass felt cool to the touch, firm and smooth under my probing fingers. My niece moaned, and trembled against me as I roughly kneaded then pinched her lovely butt cheeks. I released Jaden and stepped back.

"Now Jaden, you've come this far, so listen carefully, to start you off I want you to put your hands on the top of your head, and I want you to close your eyes again," I said excitedly.

"Um, okay," said Jaden as her breathing became more heavy.

I moved in behind Jaden, her hot young body was mine for the taking, “Now spread your legs wide for me hun.”

"Okay, " Jaden whispered as she repositioned her legs wider apart.

"Now Jaden, you'll have to spread those hot little legs a lot further than that, if I'm going have access to your young wet pussy."

"Oh, oow. I-I can't believe I'm doing this! Okay, okay!" I watched my niece’s ass flex nicely as

she spread her legs wide open. She gulped, "Is-is that enough Auntie?"

"Yes, that will do nicely."

I stepped up close to Jaden and gently ran my wet lips between her shoulder blades. Her

skin was delicate smooth, soft. I moved closer pressing my body against her back. My ample boobs pressed into Jaden’s narrow back, her lovely ass fit nicely between my hips.

Ever so slowly I brought my hands to her waist, Jaden’s head slumped forward her whole body trembled under my touch. I held her firmly from behind and pulled her slight, girl’s body against mine a little more tightly.

Her skin felt so delicious against mine. I slowly caressed up and around her firm little tities. Jaden moaned and whimpered pushing her ass back against my cunt. Her hands remained on top of her head. I gently kissed the back of her neck. She gasped as my hands came up to cup her perky breasts. Through her thin bikini top I let the tips of my fingers feel her stiff, puffy, nipples. Her young tities felt truly delectable, so soft and firm. I continue to hold the Jaden against me as I begin squeezing and kneading her tities, pulling softly on her tiny nipples.

"Aunie Oh! Th-that feels sooo good,” she gasped.

"Baby, this party is just getting started,." I hissed closed to her ear.

My sharp tongue slowly licked Jaden from the middle of her back up to her neck. She groaned and wiggled her ass against me. I slowly slid my hands down over her incredibly lithe body, gently circling her thin waist.

“Oh Jaden, my dear sweet little niece," I whisper in her ear, "over the next few hours I'm

going to lick every inch of you with this magical tongue of mine. Besides all the fun kissing, my

tongue is going to spend a lot of time buried deep inside your young pussy, also I'm not going

to forget that tight little bottom of yours. You'll never look at a woman the same again after

I'm through with you baby."

"Oh A-auntie! You're making me so cr-crazy!"

"That's the whole point sweetie."

I pressed my body into hers cradling her rocking her gently. I bit and nipped along the back of her neck. I let my long, slender fingers and play with the front of her bikini bottoms.

"Oh fuck." Jaden hissed wiggling her ass up and down against my pussy.


"Jaden darling, do you have something for your Aunt down under here?" I whisper wickedly in

the young girl's ear as my fingers gently dip briefly under her bikini bottoms. I rub my fingertips

between the thin elastic and her exquisitely soft pubes.

"Ooh, Oh my God." Jaden quietly moaned as she looked down at the sand.

"Hmm baby? Do you have a nice little pussy under there for me to play with?"

"Oh please do," Jaden whimpered, as she leaned back against me, and her head rolled back on my shoulder.

Slowly ever so slowly I inched my fingers under her bikini bottom, until my hand gently cupped the outer swollen lips of her lovely, young cunt. Jaden moaned quietly under my gentle assault. My fingers slid easily up and down her pussy lips as my thumb quickly found and began to message her slick little clit.

"Fuck yes! There is a nice little bud for Auntie to play with!"

"Oh yes, that fe-eels so fucking good Auntie."

With one arm I held my niece tightly from behind. Using my free hand I pushed the bikini cups from her tities and began to pull and pinch her hard puffy nipples. The hand that was now busy inside her bikini bottoms, began to rub with more pressure up and down the slippery wet pussy and then I suddenly insert my middle finger into her slick pussy hole.

"Aah. Oh! Auntie!" Jaden's voice was high and plaintive. "Ooh. That's, that's so fucking amazing!"

I pinched her nipple in one hand, her clit in the other. I held the trembling girl against me,

so wonderfully soft and firm. Her knees buckled but held her up.

"Oh my! Ooh! Auntie, I-I-I Oh!" Jaden shivered against me as I gently pumped my longest

finger in and out of her soft wet cunt. She remained weak in the knees. I withdrew my

fingers from her pussy. She moaned and whimpered in disappointment.

I push Jaden forward so she fell to her knees on the blanket. I unsnapped her bikini top. I

lifted it up. Jaden raised her arms to help me get the skimpy top off. I threw the top off to the side. Jaden’s petite sculptured back was now unadorned and quite beautiful. I grabbed her bikini bottoms and with one swift movement my young lover is naked.

I tore my suit off and spun the young girl around. We faced each other nude on a blanket at the bottom of the dunes. Gratefully the sky was now overcast. A warm breeze moved up from

the water.

I was so fucking turned as I looked down at this naked, gorgeous, girl vixen before me. Jaden

smiled nervously, and was clearly excited. Her perky breasts jutted out proudly, her pink, puffy nipples looked so dark and hard. Her downy cunt hair was wet.

I lay down with her on the blanket and pulled her slender body hard against mine. Our

soft now-bare bodies deliciously squashed against each other. Her breasts gently pushed against mine.

I was wild with excitement to feel my young niece in my arms! I ran my hand up and down her

back, she raised her head and our lips met in a light kiss. A gentle breeze blew her straight

blonde locks over her shoulder. I rubbed her body against mine, plunging my tongue into her hot receptive mouth. My hands roamed freely down her back as I began kneading her wonderfully smooth butt-cheeks. I push my thigh between Jaden’s young legs, and started to hump my leg against her delicate pussy mound.

"Oh fuck," hissed Jaden as her eyes flutter and she spread her legs and lifted her hips

so my leg could make better contact with her dripping little cunt. I clamp down on

the girl's thigh, rubbing my own pussy against her silky skin.

“Oh Jaden baby, I love how my cunt feels on your leg, and fuck you are so wet, I can feel your juices dripping down my thigh.”

Jaden’s eyes looked up at mine, intense and full of lust, “Oh fuck, Auntie, I had no idea sex could be like this, my pussy feels so fucking hot rubbing your leg like this.”

I could feel Jaden’s body trembling beneath mine. I didn’t want her to come yet, not by a long stretch. I lifted my leg from her slick pussy, and Jaden groaned and whimpered, lifting her young ass in the air.

I kneeled down inside Jaden's skinny legs. I gently ran my fingers up and down the soft inside of her thighs. She moaned and squirmed around on the blanket. With my left hand I squeeze Jaden's slick pussy lips together, so the soft, wet flesh was grinding on her little clit. I took two fingers and slowly twisted them between her pussy lips and pressed them deep inside her tight little cunt. I let my thumb and rub against the perfect pearl of Jaden’s clit.

Jaden groaned deeply from the pleasure I was giving her then rolled her head back and forth on the blanket.

“Jaden baby, when you fuck yourself, do you ever taste your own juices?” I asked as I took my fingers from her slit.

“No Auntie, I never have.”

I put my fingers to Jaden’s mouth and she sucked them eagerly. The insides of her mouth felt soft and warm. She seemed to love the taste of her own cunt’

"That’s in baby girl suck it down, suck down your own sweet pussy juice dear."

I continued to fuck my fingers in and out of Jaden’s cute little mouth, and then I took my right hand and began fondling her young pussy. I loved the feeling of fingering my little niece from both ends while I watched her arms and legs flail about on the blanket.

I have been blessed with a long and pointy tongue and I couldn’t wait to use it on Jaden’s pretty pussy. I kept my hands busy as I bent over and began to lick and lather my niece's belly button. I worked my way up to her tities and immediately took one of her perky breasts completely into my mouth. I slowly lapped her stiff puffy nipple, then flicking just the tip of my tongue over the top of it. Jaden moaned and wriggled beneath me.

I sucked on my niece's soft nut-like nipple between my teeth and nibbled on it, sending shock waves through her nubile body. I plunged my fingers in and out of the girl's pouty mouth and at the same time I pounded her tight virgin cunt with my fingers seeking out her tender g-spot with each thrust.

I took my hands off her face and pussy and lean up. Jaden was breathing heavily, and looked up at me with lust in her eyes yet she also looked somewhat bewildered, wondering what I was going to do next to pleasure her young body.

I pushed Jaden’s lovely legs further apart and scooted between them. I lowered my face to Jaden’s delectable pussy. Her labia was swollen and slick. I open my mouth and stick my long tongue, I looked her right in the eyes and fastened my lips over puffy, pink cunt lips.

"Oh. Ooooh fuck you are eating my fucking cunt lips!" she groaned.

Jaden’s cunt tasted delicious, so sweet, like peaches and cream. I gently slurped up my niece's juices, keeping my mouth wide open and pressed my teeth down hard against her cunt lips. I opened my mouth even wider and wrap my lips around Jaden’s thickened pussy lips until they were completely inside my mouth. Fuck her pussy felt so hot and was virtually dripping with tasty juices.

"Ooh, oh! Fuck Auntie, that's too-oo much," she cried grabbing fistfuls of the blanket.

My tongue plunged into her wet velvety cunt hole. My nose was pressed into Jaden’s soft pubic hair. I breathed in her wonderful scent while my tongue fucked in and out of her virgin cunt.

“Ooow, mrrmm. Mmmm," Jaden gurgled and groaned, her toes curling with pleasure.

Between Jaden’s legs on the blanket, I slowly ran my tongue up her flat tummy, then onto her

perky tits. My niece moaned and trembled as I kissed her thin neck and then plunged my tongue into her soft mouth.

I gently lower myself on top of Jaden. I let my weight press into her and as our pussies meshed incredibly together. I kissed her fully on her soft open mouth and carefully lifted my hips so that my shaved cunt could make better contact with her soft furry one.

I felt the heat rising from Jaden’s hot young cunt and moving over my pussy lips. She gasped loudly as I began to slowly grind my own slippery pussy fully against hers. Our labia's pressed and slid together riding the wave of our juices.

"Oh! Auntie! Oh my, what are you doing my pussy?!" Jaden groaned as our cunts pressed and slid together.

Jaden’s pussy felt wonderfully soft and firm against mine. Her strong, wiry thighs began to spread wider as she wrapped her legs round my hips. Our breasts squished and flatten between us. I hadn’t felt anything as powerful as this since I had made love to my sister, Jaden’s mother.

I savored every thrust as our cunts seemed to be welded together with some molten heat.

"Mm-oorrmmm!" Jaden mewed as I kissed her hard and looked directly into her big doe-like brown eyes.

“Cum for me Jaden, your little cunt feels so good grinding on mine like this, I’m going to cum too baby. Cum with me Jaden!”

I could feel a tremendous welling up of desire and grabbed my niece’s tight little ass roughly and pulled her young cunt even harder into my pussy.

Jaden’s entire body began to tremble as she moaned and writhed under me. I began to

rut my hips back and forth between Jaden’s open legs. Our pussies intensely mashed and slithered together deliciously.

Finally Jaden arched and her young body began to convulse, a quake that ran through, her legs wide open and locked around my waist.

"Aaah, oh Aunt, oooh this isss ssso good, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum so fucking hard!" Jaden screamed.

Suddenly Jaden’s silky cunt erupted, spraying hot creamy juices all over my throbbing pussy. It is more than I could take.

“Oh Jaden’ my lover, your cum is so hot inside my cunt!” I screamed.

My own pussy trembled and squirted cum all over Jaden’s tummy and legs and filled her splayed cunt lips as well. I could’ stop thrusting of my hips as our cum slippery mounds continued to grind up and down against each other. I I began to speed the pace up, and then ease off, only to slowly build again.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck!" Jaden cired, “I’m cumming again!”

A second wave of hot wet girl cum hit my pussy as Jaden squirmed and twisted under me.

I peeked again, spasmed hard as I squirted cum all over Jaden’s hot young body.

We lay against each other mewing and kissing as the breeze slowly dried the cum to our bodies. When I looked at the angle of the sun I slapped Jaden’s firm young ass and told her we had to head back down the beach. I knew that this amazing afternoon with Jaden was about to end, but our time as lovers had just begun.

Rating: 94%, Read 134800 times, Posted Aug 27, 2012

Fiction | Female, Girl, Incest, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Written by women, Young


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