Anya and the Fighter by gaggedKitty23

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Erotica, Hardcore, Romance, Submission

Anya Stolnyheva was a lissome, athletic girl of 18 or 19 with gorgeous breasts, long copper-flecked brown hair, and a face of elven-like beauty. Her cobalt-blue eyes gave her an innocent look that only made men want to pursue her that much more. Right now though, she was definitely taken…

How had Kolkev become her boyfriend? That first night remained a blur. Their meeting at the nightclub had been pure chance. The girl had seen him and thought 'Yum,' but she hadn't been prepared for his intelligence or his stubbornness. Even now Anya still had niggling thoughts, after months of dating him. She still didn't think she was good enough for him. Not because she wasn't smart or funny or beautiful. Anya knew she was all of those things. But despite all of it, this mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter was out of her league.

Kolkev Jaru was built like some weird hybrid of bull and titan. He had the strength of a bull, but his masculine form had the handsome physique of a titan. His gigantic biceps and his six-pack chest rippling with muscle, they were a type of eye candy that Anya never grew tired of. What made him in a different league though, was his status. As one of the top MMA fighters in the business, his reputation had grown to something of a legend. Unlike other fighters, he hadn't been content to just fight. He'd worked on his education, nabbed a master's degree in business, and now the lucrative promotional deals he'd snagged would put him up for life. Even if he fought his last match tomorrow, it wouldn't matter.

Kolkev was a god, and that was the problem. Anya felt as if he didn't really know her, or she him. He'd taken many women to his bed, but each time he'd had to break it off. Not because he'd wanted to. Not because he didn't want to find that girl of his dreams. No, it was because as a 'legend' and a 'god' Kolkev tended to attract people who were hungry to leech off his power, and not because they truly cared one whit about Kolkev the mere mortal underneath. The mere mortal who had doubts and fears just like any other human being.

Anya wanted to be that girl for him. That dream girl. The woman who had his back. But she didn't know how to break through all those layers and barriers he'd built up over the years.

So this night was definitely a milestone in their five-month relationship. He'd admitted to her about his secret fantasies. He loved to dominate his women. He wanted more than just the vanilla sex she'd been offering to him. Was she game? He hadn't pressured her; he'd just given her that choice.

Now, the girl knelt, completely naked, hands cuffed behind her back. She waited for her 'Master.' She waited for Kolkev to come home.

The house was a two-story affair with a spacious patio off the back that looked down a sloped embankment toward a forest, and from beyond the forest came the sound of a rushing river. This was the Colorado Rockies, a place where pristine wilderness was never too far away. Anya loved it here. She loved the peace of it. It seemed odd, the contrast of the sounds of nature outside and the hammering of her heartbeat in her chest as she waited for Kolkev to return home.

Then it was time. She heard footsteps coming up the front walk. Kolkev unlocked the door and stepped through. Anya took a moment to appreciate her boyfriend/god. Kolkev had a compact face, but it was handsome in its own rugged way. His nose was a little big, but perfectly shaped. His eyes brimmed with charisma, bearing down on her with an intensity that made her blood pump that much faster.

Kolkev's eyebrows arched up. She'd sent him a text earlier hinting that there would be a 'surprise' for him when he got home. They'd talked about what this fantasy might involve. She was ready for him. They had a safe word. Now what would he do?

"Welcome home, Master. How may this slave please you?" she asked.

The MMA fighter slipped out of his workout shirt and pants, stripping naked within seconds. He pulled her up by the neck and savagely slammed her against the wall, or so it seemed. He was careful not to let her body hit the wall too hard. The sound of it was more brutal than the reality. He looked into her eyes, his dark gaze heated with desire.

"Are you sure you want to know the answer to that question?" His hand gripped her by the neck, but his free hand was already gently playing with her nipples…skimming across her breasts…sliding down her smooth belly to cup her sex with its light dusting of pubic hair.

"Who do you belong to, Anya?"

The girl's blue eyes flared desperately. "You, Master. I belong to you."

As if to reward her, Kolkev leaned forward, passionately enveloping her mouth as his tongue slid between her lips to plunder, to taste. She let him. She felt herself melting against the wall as his tongue claimed hers. Her nipples beaded up as his hands cupped each of her cones, massaging them gently as his stiff cock grazed her belly. The barest brush of that hard male length sent a shiver down Anya's spine.

She looked down. Her eyes widened at the sight of his engorged manhood. It looked almost angry, pulsing with so much blood, ready to fuck her. But Kolkev's expression softened. The MMA fighter hugged her tightly, tenderly, as he pulled her away from the wall and lifted her into his arms bridal-style.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured. "And your gift of trust means so much to me. I am sorry that I got carried away just now. Are you okay? I didn't hurt you?" She shook her head no. He carried her effortlessly up the spiral staircase and set her down carefully on the queen-sized bed in the master suite.

Anya looked up at him, surprised, yet…not. Kolkev was a harsh man, a man's man. But he also had a secret, softer, loving side which few ever got to know. Only a few women could ever say they'd glimpsed that side of Kolkev Jaru.

He moved with the grace of a panther now, his cock bobbing with each confident stride as he prowled around the side of the bed. She lay on her back now, her wrists still cuffed behind her. Her legs were splayed wide, her pink pussy exposed to him. He slid onto the bed, and his palm rested on her cunt. Softly. Possessively. He slowly began to rub his hand up and down, just enough to create friction along her clit, not much more.

The attractive girl bit her lip and felt her inner muscles tighten up. Arousal coiled through her body like a snake. Oh god. She was already getting wet. She fought back the urge to whimper like a helpless child as her hips bucked forward into his palm with an unspoken plea.

"Did I say you could move, slave?" Her Master's hand stilled on her crotch. She looked at him, her eyes imploring.

"Please, Kol. I want—"

He slapped her across the face, not a hard slap. Not a damaging slap. But it startled her, disoriented her.

"When I ask you a question, you answer it, slave. And you speak only when spoken to. Do you understand?"

Anya shuddered. "Yes Master, this slave understands." She was rewarded by the feel of his palm, so warm, pressing against her slickening sex again. She kept her muscles from clenching too hard, just letting Kolkev slide his palm as he rubbed up and down her pussy, a devilish, tormenting rhythm that slowly coaxed her toward the pinnacle. Her sex began trickling with fluids. Her heart rate kept mounting, her nipples hard as little pink diamonds as they stood out on her chest. Her cuffed hands clenched up as she moaned.


"Do you like that, slave girl? Answer me." His one palm stayed against her clit, rubbing with a firmer rhythm, while his other hand pried open her mouth and gripped her lower jaw possessively.

She looked at him, her eyes glazed over with pleasure as his palm ground into her clitoris with even greater dedication. She nodded, it was all she could do with his hand on her face. He withdrew the hand and leaned down, forging a lazy trail of kisses up the side of her neck, sucking on her ear lobe and whispering.

"Do you want to CUM, my little slave? Hmm?"

"Yes Master. Please let me come," she begged. He leaned over, pulling one stiff nipple into his mouth and giving it a fervent suck. Sensations tore through her chest. She arched her back, presenting her tits to him like an offering. He switched and began giving the other breast equal attention. Meanwhile his hand rocked against her opening, her slickening folds feeling the heat of his palm grinding back and forth, more and more firmly, back and forth, rubbing feverishly…conquering her cunt, controlling her reactions.

That was when he did the unexpected. Suddenly Kolkev drew his hand back and then gave her pussy a calculated smack.


It was just hard enough that her clit felt a jolt of sensation, and that sensation threw her unexpectedly over the edge. She had never reached orgasm like that before. Never had the perfect combination of arousing anticipation and a sudden assault of sensations driven her over a cliff like Kolkev had just now. It was almost as if he knew her body better than she did. She crooned loudly now, her hips thrashing as her snatch convulsed and flooded the sheets with its pungent fluids.

Kolkev leaned down, lapping at her sex, hungrily drinking up her cunt cream as his tongue explored her damp folds. His hands cupped her ass, pushing her crotch flush against his face as he drank from her like a man dying of thirst. Her overly sensitive pussy couldn't take much more of this. Her back arched even more drastically this time, her breasts aching as a fresh orgasm tore through her inner folds, her muscles clenching and unclenching in a series of spasms joined by mind-obliterating pleasure. He sucked hard on her clit, not giving up, not letting up for even a second, forcing her to ride out one of the most intense orgasms of her young life.

"OHHHH GOD YES! OOOHHH FUCK! YES. Oh yes… Oh please, don't stop. Oh my god, Kol! Yes!!! Uhhhh…" Her overwhelmed body continued thrashing for a long while, her heart galloping hard in her chest as Kolkev kept right on slurping at her pussy until he'd swallowed the fresh surge of fluids, good to the last drop. He leaned back and then knelt between her legs. His stiff cock swayed a bit, the huge head of that cock poised between her labia, just the head of his shaft barely touching her snatch.

"You want this inside you, slave? Tell me what you are. Are you my slave bitch? Do I own your pussy?"

Still dazed in the happy aftermath of her climax, Anya nodded vigorously.

"You should SPEAK when you answer me, slave." He slapped Anya again, just startling her. He slapped her again and again, a series of disorienting smacks that sent her senses reeling.

"What do you say, slave? Hmm?"

Anya dangerously thrust her hips and cunt towards her Master's cock so that the bulbous head snuck inside her.

"I am your slave bitch, Master. This pussy is yours. Please fuck it. Please put your cock inside me, Sir. I'm begging you." Anya loved the way those submissive words seemed to stir her man's libido. It was like she'd just unlocked his darkest secret, and now that secret gave her a certain power over him. The moment those submissive words escaped her lips, she watched Kolkev's cock grow even longer and harder, if that was possible.

"Fine, bitch, you get this entire cock up your tight pussy. Now take it, bitch. Take this cock. Take it DEEP." He thrust into her, balls-deep in one brutal plunge.

Anya's beautiful face scrunched up in shock. She gasped as she felt the fullness of his manhood driving into her like a hurled spear. His silky-steel shaft pounded her now. He put one hand around her neck, pinning her head to the bed, while his other hand fisted in her hair. He fucked her like that, plowing into her with a steady, inexorable rhythm, the slapping sounds and smacking sounds of their joining bodies, masculine piercing feminine, just filling the bedroom. He couldn't believe how tightly her cunt hugged his shaft. Slowly but inevitably, those smacking sounds took on a squelchy-wet quality as Anya's moistening slit accepted the cock which was hammering into her like a battering-ram, stretching her pussy until she could feel the tip of his cock at her cervix.

"UUuuhhh! Fuck! You little slut. Your cunt feels like heaven," Kolkev growled. "What do you have to say for yourself, bitch? Hmm?!" His grip on her neck tightened, but not enough to cut off her air. She sputtered.

"Fuck me harder, please Master. Fuck this pussy harder. This pussy belongs to you. Stretch it. Fuck it so hard I squeal. Fuck me so hard and cum deep inside me. Claim my pussy as yours with your hot, sticky CUM. I need it inside me. All of it. Please Master."

"You want all of it?" Kolkev roared. "You think you can handle all of my cum, little slave?" He kept pounding into her, so violently the bed shook and squeaked, and his swelling testicles jostled back and forth in a violent blur. His hand stayed tight around her slender neck, making it clear she was his helpless captive, completely under his strength. He leaned down, his lips pressed to hers. Her mouth opened like a blossom underneath him. Her tongue leapt out to battle his as she returned his kiss with equal fervor. She loved the feel of his hard, muscled chest against her supple cones, her sensitive nipples feeling jolts of pleasure as their bodies seesawed with the constant, brutal fucking he kept giving her.

"You think you are worthy of my cum, little slut? Do you?" he growled. He gripped her by the chin, forcing his fingers into her mouth. She sucked on those fingers with a loud moan. It was hard to say anything intelligible, but she tried her best.

"Plllsss…Msstterrr…cummm…nnn…meee. Uhhh!"

His fingers slipped free of her mouth and then he was kissing her again. Their tongues wrestled as she felt that cock plunge deep into her core, stoking an inferno which pooled deep in her belly and spread to every single extremity until she felt like she just might explode. Her naked body trembled underneath the brutal thrusts of the MMA fighter as he fucked her brains out. He fucked her without mercy, like an animal, like a primal beast whose only need was to procreate. And meanwhile her submissive feminine nature responded. Her nipples pebbled up with such arousal as her cunt gripped his stabbing cock like a vice, milking his testicles toward the most exquisite finish imaginable.

"Almost there, bitch. Almost there," he growled. "You sexy little bitch, you're going to make your Master CUM. Are you fucking happy, slut? Are YOU?"

Anya's delicate face contorted with pure, delirious pleasure. She clenched up on his penetrating length, that hot pulsing length stabbing into her with such need. "Yes! Fuck me to death, you bastard. Fuck me harder!" she squealed. With his next thrust, he sent her over the edge, her cunt's spasms lovingly gushing so much cream along the length of his shaft, until her pungent scent coated every inch of his penis and even his balls. Meanwhile he couldn't hold back.

He bellowed like a dying animal.

"Deep inside you, bitch!" was all he could grate out between clenched teeth as his eyes rolled up, his testicles stiffening, and then the flood came. So much cum burst from the tip of his cock, deeply entrapped in her silky-soft and dripping-wet folds. She groaned as she felt the hot, thick spurts of cum fill up her snatch. Then the slender Russian girl went limp with satisfaction, sexual hunger briefly sated, as Kolkev collapsed on top of her. His slowly softening manhood lay nestled inside her, his heavy bulk draped across her like a warm blanket as he nibbled on her shoulder.

"Mmmm…" There was a purr of contentment. Anya realized that it was coming from her.

"Lie still." She sighed with relief, happy to take a full breath as Kolkev rolled off of her naked, sweat-sheened body and moved to grab a washcloth. He rinsed it with warm water and proceeded to kneel between her legs, wiping her clean. All the while he praised her, telling her how amazing she'd been.

"You are the rarest of jewels," he whispered, tossing the washcloth aside once he had finished. Her gaze drifted to the sight of his cock, still wet with their combined fluids, and his testicles too.

"You've cleaned me, Master. Now let me clean you," she said seductively. He sat with his back to the headboard as Anya's slender frame contorted, her wrists still cuffed behind her back. Her mouth slipped over his shaft, sucking up the sweet mingling of juices into her mouth as she bobbed up and down. He sighed with a mixture of contentment and re-vitalized lust.

"Too much more of that, and I'll have to fuck you again," he murmured. She smiled, moving off of his newly cleaned dick. Her tongue found his balls, licking them gently until they were every bit as pristine.

Then he laid her back on the bed, hovering over her as they kissed at a sensual, languid pace. A sudden vibration on the nightstand robbed them of the moment. Anya sighed as Kolkev rolled away from her, grabbing his phone. Kol's voice replied in urgent whispers to something his MMA agent, Dmitri Barzilai, was saying. When he hung up, his face had soured. He had a distracted look about him.

"What's wrong, baby?" She tried to sit up, but he gently pushed her back down.

"Stay here. Rest. I have to take care of something, but I'll be back tomorrow morning." He leaned down and gave her a perfunctory kiss while his hand caressed her cheek. Then, before she could even protest, Kolkev was gone.

Just like that.

Just when Anya thought they were connecting on a new level… It had taken one phone call and he'd become someone else. One phone call later, and it was as if their mesmerizing, scorching, time-eclipsing lovemaking had never happened. What had made Kolkev so upset just now? Where was he going, and what could he possibly be doing that would take all night? Did he have skeletons in his closet…or something far worse? She stood up and stumbled over to the other nightstand. She managed to grasp the key to the handcuffs and awkwardly free herself. The cuffs, designed as sex toys, came apart easily.

Now Anya snagged her phone and dialed the number of her best friend since childhood. Lynn.

If anyone could give her some perspective on this, it just might be her.

But that was the problem, wasn't it? She and Lynn weren't on speaking terms, not since she'd kept dating Kolkev against Lynn's insistent advice. That had been what, nearly three weeks ago?

"Come on, Lynn. Pick up. Please pick up." Lynn had ignored countless texts before, so why would calling be any different? But it was. Anya felt her heart lurch with hope as a voice answered. Lynn's. And though it sounded as sour as Kol's face had looked minutes ago, Anya didn't let it discourage her.

"What the fuck do you want?" Fury and four-letter words, they were Lynn's thing. The half-Irish, half-Italian girl had a temper to match her ancestry.

"Please don't hang up. Look, I need…I really need your help." The panic in Anya's voice seemed to mitigate the tone of the girl on the other end.

Lynn was two years older than Anya. She'd always been the more responsible, less impulsive of the two of them. Lynn knew all about the messy, public break-ups suffered by Kolkev's previous girlfriends. She'd warned Anya that that would be her one day, that if she dated Kolkev she would be like Icarus flying too damned close to the sun. But at the time Anya had been falling for Kol, and falling hard. She had been - those most dangerous two words in the English language - IN LOVE.' And so she'd brushed off Lynn's concerns. Lynn hadn't appreciated it, not one bit. Lynn had said some blunt words, and Anya had called her some names, and other festering wounds had been brought back into the open until…well, let's just say their last conversation hadn't ended with hugs and kisses.

"Are you hurt?" Lynn's attitude right now was back to the old Lynn whom Anya knew so well, the big-sister surrogate who gave a damn and didn't judge.

"Can I come see you? Are you home right now?" Anya didn't know why a tear was leaking from the corner of one eye. Why was she so upset? Was it the simple fact that Kol didn't even trust her enough to share any of the details of his problems…problems apparently tied to his MMA career? Was it the reality that, as much as he enjoyed spending time with her, he never seemed to truly confide in her?

"What's going on, Anya? First tell me that much. Look, I'm not even home."

Anya almost started to cry. She hated herself for it, but sometimes talking to your best friend opened up vulnerabilities you didn't want to admit you had…

"I can't tell you over the phone, okay? It's too…awful." Too embarrassing. How did you tell your best friend, 'I just played the role of a sex slave in a kinky lovemaking session with the man of my dreams, and then he walked out the door with hardly a word'?

"All right," Lynn sighed. "Are you at home? Want me to come to you?"

"I'm not at home. Let me give you the address."

"Are you about to give me the address of Mr. Full of Himself? Because I have no interest in setting one foot on his property. None, girl."

Lynn thought that all MMA fighters had a chip on their shoulder, and worse yet, she believed that they were more likely to commit violence against their girlfriends. Okay, all patterns considered, maybe she had a point. Maybe Lynn had a right to be skeptical and prejudiced in some ways. Still, Anya wasn't in the mood to put up with it. Not right now.

"Look, Lynn, I know we haven't exactly been keeping in touch lately, but you are still my best friend. We've been through thick and thin and all kinds of craziness in between, so all I'm asking you, begging you, really, is to just be there for me right now. I could really use your advice, Lynn. I wouldn't be calling if I wasn't absolutely desperate. Please?"

Anya heard Lynn's voice change again. There was a softness to it that Anya hadn't heard in weeks.

"All right, girl. You want backup, you got backup. Give me the damn address."

And just like that, Anya's hope flared back to life.


To Be Continued…Part 2 Coming Soon


Rating: 82%, Read 13300 times, Posted Mar 02, 2018

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Erotica, Hardcore, Romance, Submission


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