Sara's Awakening Part 1 (rewritten) by catsteve123

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Fiction | Incest, Masturbation, Solo, Teen Female, Voyeurism

***I posted this story the first time a little over a year ago. It was the first story I'd done on this site and I was amazed that it was received fairly well. The biggest criticism that I received being it was unrealistic that Sara (the main character) who was eighteen was just learning about things such as masturbation and well all things sex related. So this is my attempt at trying to explain the reasoning for why she is the way she is. There are only small changes made but hopefully this will help in making the story a little better than it was previously. I guess I was attempting to give her the naivety and innocence of someone younger but still manage to keep her "of age" as I find the first experiences a person has with "discovering" themselves to an incredibly sexy thing. Anyway hopefully that helps clear it up and I hope you enjoy the new version. Also if you like the re-done version better than the original and think I should do the same with the other parts let me know and I may do so.***

Sara had been laying in bed for a little over an hour now. The first half hour had been easy for her but now her eyes were getting heavy with sleep. Then came the now familiar sound of her door creaking open slowly. It was so faint that normally it wouldn't have been noticed but Sara had been expecting it. Hoping for it. She tried to be very still lest she give away the fact that she was actually awake. Pretending to still be sleeping she did a little roll in her bed so she was facing the door to her bedroom. Very carefully she cracked her eyes open so she could see the door. It was a little after eleven at night and all the lights in the house were out but she could still make out the shadowy figure of her father.

He had been doing this more often lately. The first time she had caught him was three weeks ago. She closed her eyes again and thought back on the memories of the last few weeks...

*She had been sound asleep when she'd heard a fairly loud bump against her bedroom door. Then a voice lightly whisper "dammit"... It took her a few seconds to realize that it was her dad's voice. She sat straight up in bed and looked around her room. Her brain was still drunk with sleep but the sleepiness was fading quickly. Her heart was hammering with surprise and fear. She sat there in the pitch blackness of her room listening very carefully. She heard rustling, then the sound of footsteps retreating down the hallway. They were quick but surprisingly quiet.

Sara turned her attention to her bedroom door and saw it was cracked open slightly. Somewhere in the house a light flicked on and illuminated her room slightly. The sleepiness had finally drained from her brain and was replaced by the question of "what exactly had he been doing outside her door"? Then she heard water running in the kitchen so she decided to investigate. She slipped into a long night shirt and went to the kitchen.

She found him in front of the sink looking out the window and sipping a cup of water. He was in his plaid pj pants and a white t-shirt.

"What are you doing up baby girl" he asked without turning to face her?

Sara jumped slightly. She didn't think he knew she was there. "I just needed a drink of water daddy" Sara said quietly. She wasn't sure why she was lying instead of saying "well you scared the hell out of me when you were looking in my room and I wanted to come find out just what you were doing watching me in the middle of the night".

Somehow that idea made her really nervous and strangely tingly. She tried to ignore where the tingly feeling was coming from. It made her almost desperate to cross her legs and she didn't know why.

"Here you can finish mine" daddy said as he turned to her. She looked at his face as he handed the glass to her. He looked strange. His face was different... kind of red she realized. Like he was embarrassed or like he'd been working really hard.  He was in his pjs so she couldn't think of any reason why he'd be embarrassed or what kind of work he'd be doing at this time of night.

She looked closer at him and saw a bead of sweat running down the side of his face. She also noticed his breathing was quicker. He was almost huffing.  What could he be doing in the middle of the night that could cause him to work up a sweat and get him all red faced she wondered? Daddy was in great shape and only 40. It wasnt easy for him to wear out.

She decided to ask, which again made her feel tingly... "Daddy... what are you doing up so late and why are you out of breath"?

He looked a little blank for a second then smiled at her "Oh I thought I heard something outside. I went to check it out. Ended up chasing shadows out there." He let out a little laugh then continued "then I started to worry that maybe you snuck out or something" a look of real worry passed over his face "so I checked your room and saw you were still there sleeping. My knee gave out on me and I smacked the wall... hope I didn't wake you up " he said.

"Is your knee ok" she asked.

"Oh yeah its fine. Must be getting out of shape or maybe it was just from relief of finding you still here" he said.

"Oh daddy. I would never sneak out." she said cheerily to him.

She finished her water then walked quickly to him. She reached up around his strong neck and gave him a big hug. His arms snaked around her and held her tightly. Then she noticed something strange. Was he smelling her hair? No. Silly she thought. He's still out of breath. Why in the world would her dad want to smell her hair? She almost giggled. Then tried to ignore the thought before she did giggle. Wouldn't want to confuse the poor guy she thought.

But there were a few things she couldn't ignore. The feeling of her dads warm breath on her throat... and the intense tingle that had returned since his arms went around her. Then without even really thinking about it she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him right on his cheek but very close to his mouth. She felt him stiffen slightly. But then it passed. He gave her a quick kiss to her forehead and told to get back to sleep...

That night she had touched herself for the first time ever. Growing up her mother had always told her that she was never to touch herself "down there". That it was a bad, dirty thing to do and that if she ever did she would send her away.

Sure there were times where something would brush up against her there and it felt really nice... but she took her mom's words very seriously. There were other things that mom had said that didn't make sense when it came to that part of her body. But she never questioned it. She always felt mom knew best and she feared doing something bad and being sent away.

Now mom was gone and the tingle had become so intense after she kissed him that she was afraid she wouldn't be able to walk back to her room. But she had... and when she did she couldn't help but run her fingers down to her thighs. Thats where the tingle was the most intense. She let her fingers rub and pinch her thighs. It felt great but the more she did that the more the tingle increased somewhere else.

That night the fear was still there but so was something else she couldn't explain. Slowly she ran her hand up her inner thigh closer to where the tingles were coming from. When it got there she felt wetness there. This had happened before of course but she never put much thought into why it was like that. She closed her eyes and let her fingers explore herself there. She found that some spots gave her more intense feelings than others did. One place in particular was so sensitive that her body jumped every time she touched it.

She focused most of her attention on this one spot but if she rubbed too long it became almost painfully intense. So she moved on and let her fingers touch other spots. Eventually she tried putting a finger inside herself. She had tried this once before when mom was still around. For weeks she worried that mom would find out and send her away to some horrible place. For a brief second that fear hit her again but her desire to keep pushing what her body was feeling was stronger than her fear.

She let her finger rest against her tight opening before pushing against it slightly. She could feel herself tightening against the pressure. She took a deep breath and pushed a little harder. The tip of her finger slid inside her hot wet hole. The pleasure of it was intense and she tightened even more around her finger.

By now she was panting with excitement and a little frustration. She wanted more... needed more. She began moving her finger in and out of herself nearly melting with the intensity of what she was feeling. It was almost as if something deep inside her was getting bigger and bigger.

Sara's legs were beginning to tremble and shake now. "What was happening" she wondered. She let her finger slip out of herself and ran it quickly to that special spot that felt so intense. When she found it she almost screamed out from it.

Sara could feel that building inside growing stronger now. It took every last bit of her focus to keep from moaning and screaming as her fingers began to find a rhythm. Alternating between letting her finger slide inside herself and rubbing it over that delicious spot.

She was beginning to think that the feeling inside her was going to cause her body to explode... and that was when Sara had her very first orgasm. Her legs went straight, her back arched, and she nearly screamed. Her legs involuntarily clamped around her hand. She wanted to continue rubbing that spot but it was so intense that every time she tried her legs tightened around her hand stopping her. She decided to let her finger slip back inside her. She could feel her pussy tighten around her small finger. It was as if strong electric currents were running through every inch of her body.

After the initial intensity of it was over she lay back and enjoyed the small tremors of delicious pleasure that continued to run through her body. Sara had no idea what had just happened to her but she knew that her life had changed forever because of this experience.

Is this something that happens everytime you touch "down there" she wondered? The feeling had been so amazing that she tried to do it again immediately after but despite making herself feel really good she had no success achieving that ultimate bliss again.

Sara forced herself to stop after a few minutes and noticed just how tired she suddenly felt. It was as if every thing had been drained from her body and her eyes began to fluttered before finally closing for the night.

Sara woke up late the next day she realized as she glanced at the clock. 10:47... wow dad would already be gone for work. She climbed out of bed and immediately felt that tingle again. Instead of giving in to it Sara decided to find out just what was going on with her...

Rating: 94%, Read 111783 times, Posted Jul 26, 2014

Fiction | Incest, Masturbation, Solo, Teen Female, Voyeurism


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