Devil's Island CH 12 by snuskhummer11

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Fantasy | BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, Submission

12. The New Cargo

Jason got the reply from Sanchez first. He would be interested in 2 or 3 new whores. They had to be between 18 and 25 no older than that. Slim and reasonably pretty. No flat chested women. If Jason could bring him 3 then he would trade an older whore as a guinea pig and pay the difference. This would work out very

well Jason thought to himself. All he needed now was to pick out three victims.

Since Sanchez wasn't nearly as particular about their looks as the man on the Island, it would be much easier for Jason to find and kidnap three women. There was plenty to be found either online or in bars and clubs. The bars was quicker, the web you had to develop more of a relationship before the meeting, even if there was a lot of naive young women on there. Jason continued to surf the web while he was making up his mind, which would be best, the bars or web. He decided to do some work on the twins since that would be a hard one. He posted several messages on various groups and websites, hoping that might give some result. At that moment, the mail from Alex came in. She was very eager to get the guinea pig and not to wait until he had secured the twins. Jason sent a

brief note back saying he would get the guinea pig in a trade with Sanchez

within a few days and to expect him by the weekend. He picked up the phone and called Ben.

"Ben, it is me."

Yes boss. What's up?" Ben sleepily replied.

"We have an order from Sanchez for 3 grade A or grade AA ones."

"Ok. I'll get to work on it and have the rest of the crew doing the rounds,

unless you have any prospects?"

"No, I don’t, and I want to fill the order quickly. So, let’s just pick up something but still take care. No sloppy work."

"Don't worry. I spent enough time in jail. I'll check with you before the grab takes place. Keep your cell on."

"Ok. Ben let me know how it is going."

"Sure thing." Ben said and then hung up without saying goodbye.

Jason knew he could trust Ben to handle a few whores without any problem. He also knew Ben might very well call in a favor or strong arm one of the minor pimps to get an easy pick up. Next Jason called Jack to let him know that Ben and probably Larry as well where about to make a delivery to the yacht and to expected them at any time over the next day or so. Jack lived on the yacht and he was never involved in the grab. His job was to take care of the cargo once they got onboard. There was another reason Jack was never involved in the grab just in case something went wrong Jason wanted Jack to have the yacht ready to sail on a moment’s notice. Jason had never been caught and he wasn't about to take any chances. If he had to run, he would run. Most of his things except the computer were stored on the yacht in the first place. Jason hadn't used his real name when he rented the small one-bedroom apartment that he used as a base. His money was stashed abroad in various bank accounts and once he had enough, he would just sail south and live on the yacht.

Sometimes he had toyed with the idea of maybe he could convince the man on the Island to let him build a house there but perhaps that wasn't such a good idea in the end. Jason made himself a drink and settled down on the couch while he waited to hear from Ben. Jason didn't hear anything from Ben that night, but he wasn't worried about that as he drifted off to sleep. In the meantime, Ben and Larry were discussing how they would go about getting the three women. Larry had heard that one of the independent smaller pimps had picked up two young girls at the bus station and Larry suggested they just squeeze him hard and pay him some coke and he would hand them over, not daring to oppose either Ben or Larry. Ben agreed that would be an easy pick up and the pimp would never utter a word about it either he knew what would happen if he did. Even if Ben worked for Jason, he was still a feared man on the street in the seedier parts of the world and was well connected. Larry didn't exactly have the same reputation, but it was commonly known that he was Ben's right arm. The two of them set out for the pimp's house and as luck would have it, he was home and not out checking on his

girls. Ben had counted on that fact since he had two new girls to break in to their new duties. When the pimp opened the door, he wasn't pleased to see either of the men. There could be only one reason for the visit. He silently swore to himself. The two girls he had picked up where really good-looking girls and would bring in a lot of money once he turned them out on the street. Now it appeared that he would have to give them up. He knew there would be no real point in trying to lie or cheat Ben. That would have far more serious consequences, still he wasn't happy.

"Ben, Larry. What is up?"

"You know why we are here, so let's make this as painless for you as possible" Ben replied in a harsh tone.

"Ash man. I just picked them up and they are good ones two. Not often you find two good ones like this."

"So much better. I have an urgent need for them so let's just have a look and then I'll tell you what you get or if you prefer you can discuss it with Larry here." Ben said in a very determined tone of voice.

Blackie the pimp knew there wouldn't be any wheeling and dealing and there was no point in pleading his case. It was best to just hand over the girls and take what he could. Blackie led them into the sitting room where the two girls were sitting and watching TV.

"This is Jane and Tess." Blackie said nodding toward the girl.

Ben looked at the two girls. They were both about twenty years old, blonde and with a reasonable figure. Ben was guessing they were both 36 C's. Tess might be a little bigger, but both were rather pretty and would fetch a good prize for Jason and the crew.

"Ok. Larry give Blackie the bag. "

Larry handed Blackie a brown paper bag. A quick look told Blackie there was

about 5000 dollars’ worth of coke in there. Not a very good prize considering the two of them could have brought in 20 times that over the next year once we got them working. Blackie looked at Ben with a disappointed look.

"Is that it?"

"You are still alive aren't you?" Ben hissed at him.

"Ok. Ok. It is a deal. Still not a very good one."

"Maybe if you come up with a third, we could make it worth your while."


"Yes, none of your old ones" Ben replied.

"Let me see what I can do. Might take a few days you know." Blackie said.

"Tomorrow night at the latest. That's all the time I can give you otherwise

you'll just have to settle for this."

"What are you talking about?" Tess asked.

"You and Jane are going to take a trip with these two guys." Blackie answered her.

"No, we are not" Jane intervened.

"Sure, you are" Larry said with a grin as he pulled his gun out.

"You wouldn't want to end up dead here on the carpet would you?"

Both girls starred at the gun that Larry pointed at them and feeling a little scared.

"What is going on Blackie?" Tess asked.

She never got a reply because Ben had moved up behind the couch and with a quick motion had injected Tess, who fell sideways on the couch and was effectively sedated. Jane had time for a quick "What the fuck" but then she was knocked out too.

"Ok. Blackie call this number if you get a third and don't forget, not a word to anybody. I have ears all over." Ben reminded him.

Blackie just nodded. He didn't need to be reminded to keep his mouth shut. He was well aware of Ben's reputation and he rather give up two good whores than end up in the river or some other place equally disagreeable. Larry picked up Tess and carried her out to the van then returned for Jane. When they had both girls in the car and Blackie had gotten his last warning from Ben, the two started driving down to the docks. Larry was driving, and Ben called first Jason then Jack to update them on their progress and that Jack should expect a delivery very shortly. It took only a short time for Larry and Ben to get to the yacht. Jack was standing near the gangplank and when he was sure nobody was around, he motioned Ben and Larry to bring aboard the cargo.

Ben and Larry got out of the car and checking around them before getting the girls out of the back. Carrying one each they quickly walked aboard the yacht and down below to where the cages where waiting for its new tenants. Jane was dumped in cell one and Tess in four. This was done so that they could not reach out through the bars and touch each other once they woke up. Jack looked over both Jane and Tess.

"Jason will like these two. In fact, they might be good enough for the man on the island without making a trade with Sanchez." Jack said.

"Blackie wasn't happy and he might have a third one for us by tomorrow." Ben replied.

"Hmmm...A fresh one?"

"Yes. I told him didn't want any of his old whores. Even Sanchez wouldn't want those."

"Tell Blackie we have a special order and we can use two additional fresh ones. That might give him some incentive to work harder for us. " Jack turned toward Ben as he spoke.

"I don't think he will be any good for the special order but if Larry has a nice chat with him I am sure he will come up with three fresh ones." Ben chuckled.

Larry just grinned and Jack knew what Larry's nice chats would be like, nothing that anybody would really like have happen to them, especially not a second nice chat. Larry could be very persuasive.

"I'll call Jason and let him know what we have so far. You two can take off but keep in touch and we will sail tomorrow at midnight even if you can't get any more meat" Jack told Ben and Larry.

Ben and Larry nodded and went ashore and took off in the car. They would not have to make another pick up tonight, so they decided to hit their favorite bar for a drink and maybe they could spot something interesting. Jack took one more look at the new cargo and made a final check to make sure they would not have any trouble in their cells. This would be Jack's last trip even though he had not told Jason that yet. Jack would either stay on the island or if the man of the island did not let him, he had a backup plan worked out with Sanchez as a whore trainer and whoremaster. Minding whores was almost as profitable as the slave trade but a lot less risky. Jack hoped however he could persuade the man on the island that he could be useful to him. Jack had only met the man once and

although Jack was a much bigger man, he feared the little man on the island.

Jason wouldn't be happy, but Ben was very capable of taking Jack's place. Jack also had a feeling that Jason was thinking about retiring; maybe he had the same thought as Jack about the island. It was just a feeling Jack had but he knew Jason pretty well and it was just a matter of time before they would be forced to run anyway in Jacks opinion. Jack dialed Jason's number still in deep thought about when to tell Jason.

" is Jack. We have delivery of two pieces and fresh pieces at that."

"Very good. What about a third piece?"

"Ben said it was very possible and maybe even a full load" Jack replied.

"Hmm...Ben has been hard at work then?"

"Yes, he found a local source that is easily persuaded to business with us."

"He can't be traced back to us I assume." Jason said with some concern in his voice.

"No. Larry will make sure that the source stays inline and he doesn't know you or me."

"Even so tell Larry to make it a final deal after he delivers, if he does."

"Will do Boss."

"Be ready to sail regardless tomorrow at mid night Jack." Jason reminded him.

"The yacht will be ready see you then."

Jason hung up the phone. He knew that Ben had come up with two really good

pieces of meat from what Jack had told him. Jason wasn't sure now if he should deal with Sanchez at all and just make one delivery to the island even if he didn't get top price for the guinea pig and he had not filled the special order. Jason also knew that it could take a great deal of time to find a pair of red headed twins, in fact he may never be able to fill that order. Jason wondered what if he found a pair of blonde twins, would that do. Twins wouldn't be easy to find regardless but if hair color weren't an issue then maybe it would be easier and also a little less risky. Jason sent a message to Alex, Asking if

hair color was critical. Then he went to sleep.

Jack made another check on Jane and Tess and decided it was best to give them another shot. He didn't want then to wake up fully until they were well out to sea. Jack was feeling horny and he was tempted to use Jane even if she was still out cold, but it wasn't worth the risk in case Jason would notice somehow, so he settled for just a few squeezes of her breasts and a few feels of her pussy. She will be a nice one for the island. Jack locked the yacht down and went to sleep in his quarters. Ben and Larry had spotted one red headed girl at the bar and decided to follow her at a safe distance. The girl walked briskly toward the taxi stand and got into a taxi. Still keeping a safe distance, they followed the

cab and watched the girl get out. The apartment building had no doorman and as far as Ben could see nobody around at all. Ben decided he quickly got out of the car and approached the girl.

"Could you help me please?" Ben asked in pleasant voice.

The girl was startled she had not seen him approach.

"What do you want?" She replied in a firm voice. Trying to not sound scared.

"I'm lost maybe you could tell me where this address is?" Ben got close to her and holding out a notebook to show her.

Larry in the meantime had gotten out of the car too and was just a step away from the girl coming up right behind her. While the girl was busy trying to look at the notebook, Ben grabbed her by the arm at the same time as Larry grabbed her from behind twisting her other arm behind her back and covering her mouth with a cloth drenched with chloroform.

"Breath in bitch." Larry wheezed in her ear.

The girl tried to hold her breath and struggle free, but the men had a firm grip of her arms and a hard punch to her stomach made her breath in. The chloroform took effect and shortly she was neatly thrown in back seat of the car. Larry tied her wrist with some rope and Ben produced the syringe to give her a real sedative. She would be out for hours now. This had been a risky abduction and Jason might not approve however Blackie was unlikely to come up with anything by tomorrow night, so this was better than just the two they had already. They headed toward the yacht and without waking Jack; they dumped the girl in cell two.

The next morning when Jack discovered he had another girl onboard, he was mad.

We woke Ben, Larry, and read both of them the riot act. They had been careless and one such mistake could ruin it all. Ben having sobered up from last night agreed but it was done and now there was nothing to do about it. Jack still furious wanted all the details of last night and Ben handed him the girl's purse. After some more discussion Jack calmed down and the three of them decided to tell Jason that Blackie supplied the girl. Knowing if they told him the real story he would explode with anger and that would not be good for the three of them. Jack was about to call Jason when Ben's cell phone rang.

"Yes" Ben answered.

"Ben?.....Blackie here."

"Yes, what do you want?"

"I have another fresh one if you make it really worth my while."

"Describe it." Ben was short on purpose.

"Nice looking good condition and young. Only 20 like the others."

"Ok. Have her packed and ready in an hour and we will pick up the package." Ben hung up without waiting for an answer. He knew Blackie would do exactly what he was told he was too scared not to.

Ben told Jack and he went to the safe and got 10,000 dollars, which he gave to Ben.

"Pick her up and I'll let Jason know. Come right back because we will sail as soon as we have her." Jack instructed Ben.

Ben and Larry took off and Jack called Jason. Jason could tell Jack was worried and against his better judgment told him about the grab last night. Jason wasn't pleased at all; this could potentially be a dangerous situation. They agreed that they would sail as soon as Ben and Larry got back. Jason packed up his few things in the apartment and headed for the yacht this would certainly be his last trip for a while and he would not return to the apartment. Before packing up the computer Jason sent a quick message to Alex to let her know they were on their way. He had no response from Alex about the twins order but that was of no importance now.

Jason arrived aboard before Ben and Larry had returned and he and Jack went to check on the cargo. The girl from last night looked about 25 well-built and a red head. From her purse Jack had found out her name was Lisa but not a great deal more.

Still she might be ideal even if she wasn't a twin at least she was a red head and perhaps a suitable guinea pig.

Ben and Larry returned, and Jason told them how stupid they had been last night. Jason also informed them this would be the last trip for a while and unless they wanted to live someplace else they would better off taking their cut now because Jason did not intend to return. Ben and Larry looked surprised but they did not want to go live in a strange country so after some debating they decided to take their cut and go ashore.

Jason and Jack would make this trip by themselves. Of course, they could handle both the yacht and cargo by themselves even if the introduction of the girls would be a little lacking. The last girl, her name was Penny, stored in cell three and screaming since she had not been sedated yet. Jason and Jack took the yacht out to sea heading for the island. Jason had not yet decided if he should trade with Sanchez or just head straight for the island. Jack in the meantime had sedated Penny and everything was now quiet below deck. Jason cursing Ben and Larry slightly he had not wanted to leave just yet a few more deliveries would

have made better sense but with the abduction of Lisa he felt it was too risky just in case the abduction had been seen. It was best to stay away at least until things had quieted down. Ben would let him know unless he and Larry had been caught. The yacht sailed at a good pace as land disappeared on the horizon. Its cargo totally unaware of what horror awaited them.

Rating: 66%, Read 42893 times, Posted Aug 01, 2018

Fantasy | BDSM, Bestiality, Body modification, Cruelty, Domination, Extreme, Submission


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