Group footjob heaven!_(1) by Footslayer666

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex

I open my eyes, dazed and confused, and scared out of my mind.

I look around to see where I am.

“What the fuck happened?” I ask myself.

All I can see is a big luxurious room that can fit 100 people.

Thinking I just woke up from a coma, I try to move. But I can’t.

I’m strapped to this huge bed by the wrists and ankles.

I’m about to call for help when I hear footsteps move towards me.

“Hey baby!” Says one girl in a crowd of beautiful women.

“He looks like he could use a hand to fix his problem down there!”

Says another, as she points towards my cock, which is fully erect.

I hadn’t even realized in my altered state of mind that I was naked.

“Or a foot! Or a lot of feet!” Says the first girl. Giggling and winking at me.

They are all in bakinis and sandals, and all of them have freshly painted toes.

They’re petite. Some white, some Latina, some Asian...

I think there was a hot girl from every ethnicity in this group.

They all took their sandals off whispering about what they’re gonna do to me.

The first three crawled up the bed. One inbetween my legs sitting criss cross.

The others at my side.

“Where am I?” I ask, studdering over my words.

“You’re in heaven sweety” says the one in the middle. These three were blondes.

“We are going to make you cum! All of us!”

They all smiled while the one in the middle grabbed the base of my cock with her hand to life it up, and they all three started kissing it at the same time. They slowly made out with my cock for a solid 5 minutes, and it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt. I started moaning so loud, only encouraging them to kiss harder and lick faster. Then they stopped and all three had every hand on it. You couldn’t see my cock. I look at them and the girl on the left says”let’s see how many feet we can fit on his dick at once!” Then a bunch of sexy girls, come crawling up the bed. The girl on the left took her right hand which covered my head off my dick. And every girl crawling up gave my cock a sloppy kiss. The three then let go and one after the other, foot after foot, my dick is covered. I look up to see at least 20 girls shoving their feet into the cluster trying to touch my dick. Giggling about the massive squirming I’m doing with the restraints. All I can see is all these beautiful women rubbing as many feet on my dick as possible. Evenually they stopped rubbing and just gripped it tight. They all looked at me and one said “watch this baby!” I look. “We’re gonna wiggle our toes until he cums!” Then without hesitation, the mass cluster of feet muster as many toes on my dick as possible and proceed to wiggle furiously! The girls start laughing. At this point the girls begin to start taking their bras off one at a time. Now I’m getting a footjob from all these beautiful women and they’re sucking on each others tits. I don’t know what’s sexier, the cute laughter of all these women while staring in my eyes during the largest group footjob possible, or the moaning while they massage each others tits and bite each others nipples. I start to get close and they can feel me tending up, intensifying how hard they press their soft toes into my cock. Each with different toenail polish. Some have black toes, others blue, red, pink, purple, some with sparkles. All pedicured and smooth to the touch. I cum furiously all over their beautiful feet, making them glisten. Shot after shot of cum and they’re still working me, harder and faster! I scream, only to delight these beautiful women. I finally loosen my grip on the sheets, and the girls pull their feet back, only to have one of the girls grab my dick, lean forward and kiss me. She smiles and looks back to ask the rest if they’re done. “NOOOO!” They all reply, and she looks back at me, still smiling, and spits on my dick. She lives it up and slides it between her tits and says “are you done yet?” Wink’s at me and sucks my head while still working it with her tits. Clearly she doesn’t care if I’m done or not, and seeing as how I’m tied up, it doesn’t matter anyways. I throw my head back! I can’t stop squirming and moaning. This is the best feeling I’ve ever felt! It was like losing my virginity, only better. My senses were so heightened in this altered world and it made sense that this was heaven. Nothing could be better than this! She swirls her young on the head, and leans her bead back, giving every girl a chance to suck the head. A few times the girls would kiss and then kiss with my head inbetween their mouths, while the girl still working me with her tits stared so seductively into my soul. I felt like cumming again, and she could tell. She tells the girls to “put your feet on his head so he can cum on them again!” They instantly shoot at least 5 feet up to her clevage and wiggle their toes. I begin to scream but before I can one of the girls forces a kiss on me that silenced my scream to a desperate moan and I cum again. Just as hard as the last time and that’s when I’m told by the girl tittyfucking me, “guess what? We’re still not done!” She winks at me and I shutter as they begin to open a big dresser and pull out an assortment of socks and pantyhose...

More fun to cum in part 2...

Rating: 64%, Read 6365 times, Posted Mar 27, 2019

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, Foot fetish, Group Sex, Male, Oral Sex


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