The Becca Chronicles Ch. 4 - 6 (2nd try) by Not+a+writer

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, First Time, Incest, Teen, Virginity

Chapter 4

I finally decided to use their fears against them. The way to get to watch them suck each other would be to confront them that I knew what they were doing. Basically, I decided to blackmail them into letting me watch. I would have never told anyone they were sucking each other off, but I needed them to think I would tell my girlfriends about it.

One day when we were home alone, I went into Eric’s room to talk to him.

Me: “Hey, Eric, can I talk to you for a bit.”

Eric: “Sure, Sis. What’s up?”

Me: “Well, it’s kind of weird to talk about. You see, I’ve heard you and Steve several times when I was in the bathroom. I know that you guys have been sucking each other’s dicks.”

Eric: “Oh shit. Don’t tell anyone. Please Becca. We do it because it feels better than jacking off. Oh, shit. This is bad.”

Me: “Look, Eric, I don’t want to cause you any problems and I don’t really care if you guys do it. It’s just …”

Eric: “Just what, Becca?”

Me: “I’d like to watch you guys do it. I think it would be hot to watch you guys.”

Eric: “Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. Plus, Steve would totally freak out. Especially because he has a thing for you. He talks about you all the time.”

Me: “I know. I’ve heard him. And I’ve heard you defend my honor. Thanks for that. But I don’t mind guys drooling over me. I think it’s pretty funny, actually. As long as they keep the drool to themselves, I’m okay with it.”

Eric: “Well, you know, you are pretty hot. I think most of the guys at school think so. It doesn’t help that you always take off your bra when you get to school. Do you do that just so we can see your tits?”

Me: “Not originally. I just don’t like the feel of wearing a bra and I don’t see the need to wear a bra if you don’t have big tits to hold up. But I do now kind of get off on seeing guys straining themselves trying to look down my shirts or watching my nips jiggle.”

Eric: “You can’t blame us, Becca. We’re all horny teenagers and any chance to see a girl’s tits is not something we are going to miss. And your tits are really nice.”

Me: “Do you really like my tits? Did you like looking at them in the shower?”

Eric: “What do you mean in the shower?”

Me: “Come on Eric. I know you’ve peeked at me in the shower. It’s okay. I’m not mad. I was pretty sure you had done it and then I heard you tell Steve about it. So, answer the question. Do you really like my tits or is it just that you like to see any tits?”

Eric: “Of course I like your tits, Becca. And, yeah, I pretty much like all tits, but seeing yours was really special. You look so beautiful naked and your tits are just the perfect size for your body. I’ve gotta admit, after seeing you in the shower, I had to go to my room and jack off thinking of your beautiful body. You’re really hot, Becca. I just wish you weren’t my sister.”

Me: “What do you mean you wish I wasn’t your sister?”

Eric: “Because I would want to be with you but I can’t because you’re my sister. I have to even complain to Steve about his comments about you when I agree with him totally. It’s really hard, no pun intended, to have such a hot sister.”

Me: “Damn, Eric, that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me. I’ll tell you what, if you let me watch you guys suck each other’s dicks, I’ll let you see my tits whenever you want. How’s that?”

Eric: “Oh, Becca, I don’t know how we could do that. And I don’t really want you to see me suck Steve’s dick. I don’t want that visual in your head when you think about your big brother.”

Me: “That’s just it, I haven’t seen how big you’ve gotten. How about if you help me to just watch Steve suck your dick then? I have an idea how we can do it.”

I outlined my plan to him and he agreed to give it a try. He wasn’t happy about it, but I think the chance to see my tits motivated him. The plan was for him to suck Steve’s dick first and then when Steve started sucking him, I’d burst into the room pretending I didn’t know Steve was there.

It happened a few days later. Steve was over and I was listening from the bathroom. I needed to wait until Eric was done sucking Steve’s dick. Eric was going to say something to let me know Steve was sucking him and then I’d burst in.

Steve: “Oh, yeah, Eric. That feels good. Suck my dick, Bro. I wish it was Becca in here sucking my dick. I’m imagining it’s her lips on my dick. I going to cum in her mouth Eric. Oh, yeah. Here it comes. Take my cum, Becca!”

Eric: “Damn, Steve. I’ve told you about that. I don’t want to hear about Becca’s mouth on your dick. Think of someone else when I do that or I won’t do it anymore.”

Steve: “Sorry, Eric, I know you say that, but I can tell when I talk about Becca you get more excited. You just won’t admit you’d like to bang her because she’s your sister. I get it, but if she were my sister, I’d be trying everything to get into her pants.”

Eric: “Dude, you’re sick. Just suck my dick so I can forget about what you’re saying.”

Steve: “I bet it doesn’t take you long to cum. Your dick is as hard as ever from thinking about your sister. Give me that thing and pretend my lips are hers.”

Eric: “That’s it, suck it. Take it deeper. It feels so good.”

That was my cue. This was going to work better than I imagined after all that talk about me. I burst into the room through the bathroom door.

Me: “Hey, Eric, I ..shit. Oh my God, I’m sorry.”

Eric: “Becca, what are you doing in here. Get out. You’re not supposed to come in from the bathroom. Get out.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but damn that’s hot. I’ve never seen guys suck a dick before. Don’t stop Steve.”

Steve: “Becca, oh shit. Please don’t tell anyone. We’re not gay, honest. Shit. Shit. Shit.”

Me: “Steve it’s okay. I won’t tell anyone. Just let me watch. Please? I know you guys aren’t gay. I get it. Girls get together too, you know. Please suck Eric’s dick. This is so cool.”

Steve: “Really? You want me to do it?”

Me: “Fuck yes, Steve. Do it. Suck him.”

Steve bent back over Eric and took Eric’s dick back into his mouth. It was hot. In seconds, Eric was totally hard. It was a lot bigger than that time I saw it in the shower. At that moment, I wished it was me sucking his dick. I didn’t know where that came from. I’d never thought of sucking a dick before, let alone my brother’s.

Me: Erik, your dick looks so hard. This is hot. Cum in Steve’s mouth, Eric. I want to see Steve swallow your cum. I’m watching your hard dick going in an out of Steve’s mouth. Cum, Eric. Cum for me.”

Eric: “Oh, shit. Here it comes. I’m going to cum for you Becca. This is for you. Uh, uh, uh. Swallow my cum, Becca.”

I don’t think he realized that he said my name. Was he imagining it was me sucking his dick? I watched him start pumping rope after rope of cum into Steve’s mouth. Steve was gulping it down. It seemed like it was a lot, but, then, I’d never seen a guy cum before so I wasn’t sure.

Steve sat up and wiped his face from the bit of Eric’s cum that oozed out of his mouth. Both boys were sitting in front of my totally naked while I was totally dressed. They didn’t seem to realize it until suddenly their nudity hit them and they tried to cover their dick with their hands.

Me: “Don’t cover up, guys. It’s kind of late for that. Thanks for letting me watch. That was really cool. Come on, guys, take your hands off your dicks. Let me see them.”

Steve: “It’s not fair that you get to see us naked and we don’t get to see you. You’ve gotten your show. I hope you’re satisfied.”

Me: “Steve, don’t be a poop. I know you like sucking Eric’s dick. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I loved watching you do it. You know, I was looking at your dick while you were sucking Eric so there’s no reason to cover up. I’ve already seen it. Show me your dick again.”

Steve: “I guess you’ve seen it all so here you go. But I still think it isn’t fair that you’re sitting there totally dressed when we’re naked.”

Me: “Would it make it better if I took off my shirt so you could see my tits? I don’t want to get naked, but I’ll show you my tits.”

I lifted my shirt up over my head and took it off and tossed it onto Eric’s bed. Of course, I wasn’t’ wearing a bra so my tits were out there for them to be seen.

Eric: “Oh, shit.”

Steve: “Damn, Becca. Your tits are so fine. They’re perfect.”

Me: “Thanks, Steve. I’m glad you like them. They’re not real big, but I think they’re pretty good myself. I love to play with them.”

Eric: “Oh, shit. You shouldn’t tell us stuff like that, Becs. We’re going to be jacking off to that thought now for a long time.”

Me: “Ooh. You guys will think of me when you jack off?”

Steve: “Are you kidding, Becca? I can’t count the number of times I’ve thought of you while jacking off. Now, I’ll be able to use this memory of your actual tits instead of my imagination of what they look like. The real thing is so much better.”

I could see that their dicks were already starting to get hard again because they were looking at my tits. I loved that. It was the first time that I know of that I actually made a guy hard by looking at my tits.

Me: “I can see you guys are getting hard again. If you guys jerk off for me, I’ll play with my tits for you.”

Steve: “Oh yeah, that’s a deal.”

Both boys grabbed their dicks and started stroking them to hardness while I fondled my tits. I licked my finger and circled a nipple with my wet finger. I pulled and pinched my nipples. I pulled my tit out as far as I could by the nipple and then let it spring back. I squeezed and jiggled my tits. The boys were jacking off faster and faster. It didn’t take them too long to start shooting their cum all over their stomachs. It was the first time I’d ever seen a guy cum. I loved it.

Me: “Look at all that cum. I’ve never seen a guy cum before. Thanks guys. This has been fun. I’ll leave you alone now and let you clean yourselves up. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

I grabbed my shirt off of the bed and walked back out of the room without putting it back on. I closed the door to the jamb and then stayed there to listen to what they’d say.

Steve: “That was really hot, but I sure hope she doesn’t tell anyone or we’re fucked.”

Eric: “Don’t worry. She wouldn’t do that to us. I know she wouldn’t do it to me so you’re safe too. I came so hard watching her play with her tits. They’re like the best tits I’ve ever seen. I wish she wasn’t my sister. I feel weird perving on her and wishing I could suck those nice nipples of hers.”

Steve: “I wouldn’t care if she was my sister. If she let me, I’d suck those tits and do anything else she’d let me do. I just wish she didn’t watch me suck your dick. That’s not really an image I want her to have of me. I mean, she knows we’re not gay, but she caught us doing something that is gay. Damn, this sucks.”

Eric: “I wouldn’t worry about it. She seemed to really like it. If she thought it was gay, she probably would have been grossed out or something. Instead, she begged us to continue. Seeing her perfect tits was worth it.”

Steve: “I have to agree. She’s just so hot. If she wants to watch, I’m okay with it.”

Eric: “I came really hard in your mouth with her watching. I was imagining it was her mouth on my dick. I’ve been trying to not think of her that way, but after today it’s going to be really hard not to.”

I realized I had my hand in my pants listening to the guys. My brother, in particular, was now admitting he thought I was hot and wished he could suck on my tits. I couldn’t believe how this day changed me. I wanted my brother to suck my tits.

Chapter 5

After dinner, I was watching TV with my brother. My parents were still in the kitchen taking care of the dishes. I turned to Eric and tried to be as quiet as possible.

Me: “That was really fun today, Eric. I really loved seeing you guys naked and watching Steve suck your dick. It was really cool watching you guys jack off. I went back into my room afterwards and rubbed my pussy raw reliving it.”

Eric: “Really? Wow, now that’s another hot image for my spank bank.”

Me: “Remember, I promised you that you could see my tits whenever you want if you let me watch, so I owe you.”

With that, I looked towards the kitchen and I could hear them still working in there. I turned towards Eric and lifted my shirt to my chin and showed him my tits.

Me: “There’s your first payment. You like?”

Eric: “Hell, yes I like. You’re really beautiful and your tits are just perfect. I love seeing them.”

Me: “I think you want to do more than just see them, don’t you?”

Eric: “Yeah, I’d like to feel them, kiss them, lick them, and suck your nipples. I’ve never done that before and I can’t imagine doing it on a more perfect set of tits.”

Me: “After mom and dad go to bed tonight, come into my room and I’ll let you play with them.”

Eric: “No shit? Oh, Becca, I’d love to do that.”

Me: “Come into my room naked. No clothes allowed. Okay?”

Eric: “Really? That sounds good to me. I’ll be there.”

We spent the rest of the evening like normal just watching TV and talking about nothing in particular. Eric and I have always gotten along pretty well. Sure, we’ve had arguments now and then like any siblings, but we spend a lot of time together. Being only a year apart, we go to school together and we have some friends in common. I like being with Eric and I thought I’d really like to feel his mouth on my tits. I’d never had anyone do that before. I couldn’t wait until my parents went to bed.

I got ready for bed, but instead of putting on some pajamas like normal, I got into bed naked. I was going to give Eric a real thrill. I laid in my bed waiting for my parents to go to bed and for Eric to come in. It seemed like forever until the bathroom door finally opened and I could see Eric in the doorway backlit from his bedroom lamp. He was naked.

Me: “Come on in, Eric. Get in bed with me.”

Eric: “No shit, Becca? Damn.”

He pulled back the covers and could see part of my naked body. He slipped into the bed and I pulled him to me and pressed my naked body against him. I couldn’t believe how good it felt to feel a totally naked hug. It didn’t matter it was my brother. No, that’s not true. I think it mattered very much it was my brother. I felt good in his arms.

Eric: “Oh, Becca. I can’t believe I’m feeling your naked body against mine. It feels so good. I don’t think it’s supposed to, but I love being in your bed with you. This makes this day just the very best day of my life. Can I touch you?”

Me: “Yes, Eric. You can touch me. You can touch me wherever you want. I want to feel your hands and your lips on my body. I can’t believe how good this feels either.”

Eric: “Oh my god, Becca. I can’t believe this. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have dreamt of being able to touch you, but I never thought I’d get to. Your tits are so soft and smooth. I need to get my mouth on these beautiful tits.”

Me: “Yes, Eric, Kiss them. Suck on my nipples. I love it as much as you do. You can rub my pussy too, if you want. Obviously, we can’t have sex, but I’m up for almost anything else. This just feels so good having your hands and mouth on me.”

I felt his hard dick against my leg and I reached down for it. For the first time in my life, I had a guy’s dick in my hand. It was so hard and yet soft. It fit perfectly in my hand. It wasn’t a big dick, but it was perfect for me. It wasn’t going in my pussy so I didn’t need it to be big. I squeezed it and felt it pulse in response. Eric groaned into my breast. He had one hand on one tit and his mouth sucking on my other nipple. It was heavenly.

I no sooner thought that when I felt his hand leave my breast and start dropping down my stomach. And then he was at the top of my pubic hair. He rubbed his fingers through my hair and it felt so good. Then his hand dipped down and for the first time in my life someone other than me touched my pussy lips. I was soaking wet. He ran his finger up and down my slit gathering my juices on his finger. He pressed in further and he found my vagina. He circled the opening with his finger while still sucking my nipple. It felt like the two were connected. I’d never felt anything like it before.

I needed him on my clit. I reached down and grabbed his hand and moved it up. I pressed two of his fingers right on my clit hood and I rubbed them against my clit. He got the idea and started doing it on his own. I was still holding his dick and I could feel him leaking all over my thigh. I was rubbing his dick back and forth through his slime on my thigh. He finally lifted off my tit to speak.

Eric: “Oh Becca, you’re going to make me cum doing that. I’m going to make a mess.”

Me: “No you’re not. I’ll take care of it.”

I pulled the covers back off of us and saw him next to me naked with his dick in my hand oozing his precum. I hated to make the next move because I liked his hand on my pussy, but I moved down and took his dick right into my mouth. I didn’t even stop to kiss it or lick it. My first time with a dick and I just plopped it right into my mouth. Within seconds, I felt his dick start to pulse and cum shot into my mouth. I didn’t expect it to have so much force and I pulled my head off to swallow what I had and another shot hit me full on the face. I put his dick back in my mouth and took the rest of his cum and swallowed it. I loved it. I loved having his dick in my mouth and I loved having his cum on my face.

Eric: “Becca, I can’t believe you did that. That was so much better than Steve doing it. It was so good I couldn’t hold it back.”

Me: “I loved it, Eric. I have your cum in my stomach and some on my face and I love it. I don’t even want to wipe it off. I love the feel of your cum on my face. I want to do this a lot. I want your cum in my mouth, on my face, on my tits, anywhere you want. But, Eric, you have to promise me you’ll never tell Steve or anyone else. It has to be our secret. And if you can keep the secret, we can do stuff together a lot and learn about sex together.”

Eric: “Don’t worry, Becca. I’d never tell anyone, especially Steve. If he ever found out he would hound me for details and wanting to get involved. He’s my friend, but I don’t want him touching you. You have my word.”

Me: “That’s good. It would be as bad for me as people at school hearing about you guys sucking each other off. I want to be able to try as many things as possible we just can’t fuck. I can’t get pregnant. That would be really bad. But I’m all for us using our hands and mouths on each other to make each other feel good. Speaking of that, I need your fingers back on my clit. I want you to give me my first orgasm by someone other than me. You can rub my clit and play with my tits or you can even lick my pussy. I definitely want you to do that at some point. I’d love to feel a tongue on my clit.”

Eric: “Becca, I’ll do anything you want and we’ll be careful. I don’t know how much we can do like this at night with mom and dad just across the hall, but we have a lot of time together during the day. I can’t wait to see your whole beautiful body in the light.”

With that, I felt his hands go back to my pussy and he quickly found my hard nub. His mouth went back to my tit. He clearly loves my tits. The more we do, the more I wanted to do. This afternoon, I just wanted to watch them, but doing that seemed to switch on something that was lingering within me. And now I want to try everything. I’m safe with Eric. No one will know and he’ll never try to do something I tell him not to do; I can trust him. It’s not like we’re going to fall in love or something; we’re just going to have some fun. Heck, I’ve sucked his dick, well for about three seconds, and he’s working on my pussy and we’ve never kissed.

It was feeling real good. I could tell my orgasm was coming. I realized that the covers were still tossed off and Eric was looking at my naked body. That added to my feeling and my orgasm washed over me. I grabbed Eric’s hand and pressed it against my clit to keep him from continuing to rub when my clit was super sensitive. Eric kept his mouth on my tit the whole time and was licking, flicking and sucking my nipple. It felt like electric shocks running from my nipple to my clit and back. It was the longest and best orgasm I’d ever had. Not that I had that many in my young life. But it was monumental at that moment.

Me: “Thank you, Eric. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had. We’re going to have so much fun together as long as we can keep it a secret. I love you, big brother.”

Eric: “I love you too, Sis. This has been the absolutely best day of my life. Being able to touch your beautiful body is way better than I ever dreamed it would be.”

Me: “As much as I wish you could stay in my bed and sleep with me, I’m afraid you better get back to your room. If mom and dad ever leave us alone for a night or a weekend, I’m going to want to spend the night with you. I like feeling your warm, naked body next to me. And I really like feeling your arms around me. This has been a great day for me, too.”

Eric, reluctantly, got up out of my bed and made his way to the bathroom door. At the door, he turned to look at me. The covers were still up and he could at least see one of my tits. I just let him look at me. He finally turned and went back into his room. It had been one hell of a day.

Chapter 6

The next day, it wasn’t a shock that Eric didn’t invite Steve over. We didn’t really know what to do or how to start. It was different starting out dressed and in broad daylight. I decided to start us out with a talk.

Me: “Eric, now that things have definitely changed between us, I think we should change the bathroom rules. There’s now no reason to be concerned about each other’s nudity. I say we leave the bathroom doors wide open unless we are in there to take a crap. I don’t think you’d want to smell my shit and I don’t want to smell yours. So, when we do that, we close the door to the jamb as we do now. If the other person needs to come in and can take the smell, then go for it. I don’t mind you seeing me take a piss or a shower. In fact, I’ll probably be naked in the bathroom most of the time so you can see me all you want. And I think it would be fun to share the shower, if you want. I hope you’ll be naked too. From now on, when we’re alone, if I’m naked you have my permission to touch me wherever you want. You don’t have to ask if you can; just do it. As far as I’m concerned, I’d like to be able to just get naked as soon as we get home from school. I’d just be worried that you’d be bringing Steve or someone home. So, I think that once we’re both home, if we don’t have anyone else here, I’ll be getting naked and I hope you will too. I’ll be glad to suck your dick whenever you want and you can play with my tits or my pussy whenever you want. I just want us to have fun together.”

Eric: “Damn, Becca, that sound like fun. I’m in. I like the new bathroom rules. Basically, we just try for some privacy when taking a shit and otherwise we’re open to each other. I like it. I can’t wait to watch you pee. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’ve never seen a girl do that. And I really can’t wait to take a shower together. I’d love to lather up your whole body and rub our soapy bodies together. This is going to be fun. But I’ve got to ask, are you sure it’s okay for us to be doing these things together. I mean we are brother and sister. Society seems to think there is something wrong with it. After last night though, I can’t imagine why. I just want to make sure you don’t end up with regrets.”

Me: “Thanks for worrying about that. That just shows me how much you care about me. I don’t care what society thinks. What we do in the privacy of our home is no one else’s business. We’re just enjoying each other’s body and showing each other how much we care about each other. I mean, I don’t think we’re going to fall in love and wish we could get married or something. We’re just going to enjoy and embrace our sexuality. I promise, I won’t have any regrets. But, if any time either one of us thinks it needs to end, it must. I hope that never happens. Even if we’re both married and have kids, I hope we’ll find time to get together to enjoy each other. I’ll never have regrets.”

Eric: “Then let’s get naked. I’ve been dying to get my lips on the rest of your body. I want to kiss and lick every square inch of your beautiful body. I definitely need to taste your wet, warm pussy. I’ve never tasted that before and can’t wait.”

That was the key for us both to get naked. In no time, we stood in front of each other completely naked in the daylight. First, we hugged. That’s my favorite thing to do. Feeling another naked body against your own is just wonderful. It only took seconds for Eric’s dick to get hard. I love that he gets that turned on just seeing my body or giving me a hug.

We were in his room and he pulled the covers down on his bed. We got on the bed and Eric started exploring my body with his hands and lips. Of course, he spent a lot of time on my tits. He can’t seem to get enough of them. I think I have pretty good tits, but it’s not like they are spectacular or something. Eric can’t get enough of them. If that’s all I’d ever let him do, he would have been happier than a pig in shit.

It seemed like forever until I finally felt his lips leave my tits and start trailing down my body. He kissed and licked my stomach and then swirled his tongue around and around my belly button. Meanwhile, his hands were running up and down my legs which I immediately parted for him. In order to be able to really attack my pussy, Eric had to change his position. He got between my legs and he just stared at my pussy for a minute or two. I’m sure it was the first one he’d ever seen. He finally got down between my legs and used his fingers to run up and down my labia. He pulled my labia apart so he could see my vagina. I helped his visual out by reaching down and pulling up on my clit hood to show him my pearl. I felt his hot breath on my pussy and it felt so good. And then, finally, I felt his tongue on my pussy.

He licked all the way from my butthole to my clit in one long, slow lick. I had never felt anything so good in my life. I begged him not to stop and to give me more. I didn’t need to beg; he was just getting started. Eric buried his whole face into my pussy and moved it back and forth to get my juices all over his face. I couldn’t wait to lick it off. He tried to get his tongue into my vagina but it didn’t go in very far. He didn’t care. Eric tried to fuck me with his tongue and it felt great. He licked upwards and found I was still holding my clit hood up so that he could get to my clit. He gave it a lick and I almost came right then. He licked and sucked on my clit like he knew what he was doing. I guess he’d watched a lot of porn because he was doing a great job. It didn’t take too long before I felt my orgasm about to hit. I grabbed his head and pressed it hard against my pussy and exploded into orgasm. Eric didn’t know to stop licking my clit so he was still working it. It was super sensitive and I just kept shaking in orgasm. I couldn’t stop with his continued licking and it hurt so good. I finally found my voice and pleaded with him to stop licking and he did. Or maybe it was because I was still pressing his head to my pussy and he couldn’t breathe.

I released his head and he pulled off my pussy. I grabbed my pussy and covered it to make sure he didn’t attack it again. I was breathing like I was a race horse who just won the Kentucky Derby.

Me: “Eric, that was incredible. I have never come that hard in my life. You can do that for me anytime.”

Eric: “Good because I intend to. You taste so good. I love how you smell, how you taste, how warm and wet your pussy is, you’re just so perfect in every way. Are you sure we can’t fall in love and get married?”

Me: “Eric, I can’t say that doesn’t sound good, but you know it can never happen. Just so you know that when I say I love you, it doesn’t mean I’m in love with you. If we go down that path, one or both of us is going to get really hurt. I’m being serious here.”

Eric: “I know; I was kidding. You’re right. But I’m sure I will be insanely jealous of any guy you actually fall in love with. I can’t imagine me finding a girl I want as much as I want you, but you never know.”

Me: “What if I fell in love with Steve?”

Eric: “Geez Becs, don’t even joke about that. It would kill me if you married that horndog.”

Me: “Just kidding you back. There’s no way Steve will ever get in my pants. Don’t worry. For now, you’re the only one who will be getting into my pants, although I don’t intend to wear pants around you that much.”

Rating: 94%, Read 23310 times, Posted Feb 09, 2021

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Blowjob, First Time, Incest, Teen, Virginity


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