Snow Story ch2 by Lostonefoundone

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Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Male, Teen Female

I woke up later, around the time my alarm clock would normally be going off. She was still laying on top of me, sleeping. she had an angelic smile on her face. The mess we had made between us had turned cold and a bit sticky. I lightly ran my hand up and down her back, feeling her creamy skin. She started to stir awake. As she woke fully, she looked up at me with her beautifull hazel eyes.

"Hi" I smiled at her. "Feel like a shower?"

"That sounds like a good idea" she said. "We made a bit of a mess." She squirmed around on me a little, our goo making a sticky, wet peeling noise.

I sat up with her still stradling my lap. "Put your arms around my neck." I grabbed 2 lucious handfulls of her ass and lifted her like a todler, her legs and arms wrapped around me. I walked us both into the bathroom and towards the shower.

"Umm, I need to go" she said, a little embarrased.

"Hang on a sec" I said as I walked passed the toilet and stepped into the shower. Without putting her down, I said, "Go ahead honey." She started to protest, but I told her to just let go.

With a bit of a nervous giggle, she let go. Her warm flow hit me in the lower abdoman before running over my cock and down my legs. I looked into her eyes and smiled at her as she peed. "Bet you never thought you would get to pee all over your boss, huh?"

"No I didn't." She giggled again. "But I have kinda liked the idea since I saw it on the internet."

"oh?" I said, setting her on her feet. "Mind if I go also then?"

"hang on a sec" she said as she got on her knees. She took ahold of my half erect member and said, "Go for it."

I let loose, feeling that sweet release that only comes from emptying a full bladder. I got a different kind of thrill watching her direct my warm stream across her chest then down her stomach to her slit, leaning back a bit so the spray would hit her right. One of my few lady friends had liked to pee on me, but had not let me return the favor. I knew it was just a power trip for her, but I enjoyed it so I never protested. I was really enjoying the show, and was sorry when I ran out of ammo.

I turned on the tub and let the water warm before I flipped on the shower head. We stood rubbing each other down in the warm water for a while before I grabbed the shampoo. I began to lather her shoulderblade length honey brown hair. As I did, I said. "You didnt learn how to give that kind of blowjob on the internet, did you?"

"No" She said. "My older sister is a bit of a slut. Well, actually, she's a really big slut. I asked her to teach me how to do it so I could give guys pleasure without having to let them into me. She taught me the basics and a few special tricks she knew. I practiced with a large dildo she got for me. When I did it for my last boyfriend, he completely stopped asking to get in my pants. He never went down on me like you did earlier though. He would just finger me roughly after I got done. Selfish prick."

"Most teenage boys are selfish, especially about sex" I said. "They havent matured enough to understand how wonderfull it is to give pleaser as well as recieve it."

After rinsing her hair, I grabbed the soap and started lathering her back. I carefully scrubbed and rubbed from her shoulders to her ass before continuing down her legs. I washed her petite little feet and started back up the front of her. I carefully avoided her crotch, and went up her belly. When I got to her breasts, I took my time washing and rubbing them very thoroughly.

I then ran my hands down and started gently washing her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her slit, slowly increasing preasure till i was rubbing well down in between her lips. she leaned sideways into me, lifting her leg a bit to give me better access. As I continued to rub her, slipping the occasional finger into her hole, I started stroking my other hand through her ass crack. She had been moaning for a while now, but I noticed when I slid over her anus, her pitch went up. On my next pass through her crack, I stopped and applied a light preasue with my middle finger directly to her rosebud. she responded emediately with a deeper breathy moan.

I increased the presure till my soapy finger slipped in to her anus up to the first nuckle. This seemed to really exite her, so I continued to push until my entire finger was worked into her. I had my other middle finger buried in her pussy. I stated to stroke in and out with both fingers as my palm messaged her button. I alternated strokes in and out in her cunt and asshole. As one finger went in, the other came out. It didnt take long for both her holes to clamp down tightly on my fingers. Her body shook against me as she cried out.

She recovered and looked up at me. "You're going to wear me out" she said.

"It's hard not to when you're so responsive" I said. I grabbed her ass gently and smiled. "Especially back here."

She smiled back a little sheepishly. "Like I said, I didnt want to break my cherry yet. I was masterbating one day and got the idea to try putting my dildo in my ass. After I finally got it in, I found I really liked it."

"oh really" I said. "That's something Ive never gotten to try. None of my past lady friends were interested."

She turned her back to me and pushed her butt out. Looking back over her shoulder, she smiled and said, "Nows as good a time as any."

Getting exited, I put my hand under her and gathered some of her juice to add the soap. I lubed up my member and placed it at her backdoor. We both grunted as I pushed in. The wonderfully tight grip of her dirt shute surrounded me as I pushed myself in. She breathed a heavy sigh as my thighs came up against her cheeks.

"Oh yes" she moaned. "I don't like it too rough back there. Be gentle"

Her velvety smooth insides massaged my shaft as I slowly rocked in and out of her. Keeping one hand on her hip for leverage, I reached around and fondling her luscious mounds. She reached down and slowly rubbed her clit. We bothed panted deeply as we ground together. Her previous masterbation had gotten her ready for my intrusion, but had not loosened her up at all.

Despite my 2 orgasms already, the new sensation of her ass brought me to my climax rather quickly. I groaned loudly as I exploded in her bowel, my seed shooting deep inside her. The sensation seemed to push her over also. Her insides gipping my cock tightly as she shuddered all over.

I slid out of her and we cleaned up, again, as the water started to cool. Getting out, we toweled each other off lovingly and gently. I looked deep in her eyes and brushed my hand softly down here face. "Hi" I smiled at her.

"Hi back," she said, and then let out a huge yawn.

"Bored with me already?" I asked, smiling.

"No, silly. I told you you were wearing me out. And you kept me up half the night." She said with a impish smile.

"Whoa whoa whoa, you're the one who came into my bedroom. This was your idea."

"I know," she giggled, her smile getting bigger.

I wrapped her in my robe and carried her to the couch, then tucked her under a blanket.

"You rest there. Im going to clean up the little mess we made in the bed."

Going into my room and throwing some shorts and a shirt on, I gathered the bedding and went downstairs. By the time I had moved her clothes to the drier and started the sheets in the washer, she was fast asleep. A lovely, contented smile on her face.

I let her sleep while I checked on what was happening outside in the rest of the world. Opening the blinds on the kitchen slider, I got a shock. There was at least 2.5 feet of snow against the glass, and it was still snowing heavily. It looked like the world had gone softly melted and been bleached of color.

Thanking the stars that the power was still on, I went into my home office and got on the computer. Checking the weather site, I saw that the snow would likely continue for at least the rest of the day. Federal relief was already being planned, but nothing could start until the snow actually stopped falling. There was talk of Canadian and Alaskan rescue teams being brought in with dogs to handle emergencies till the roads could be cleared. People were being told to not try to get out, and call for help only if absolutely neccessary.

Bringing up my phone list, I started to call around to my employees to check on them. My managers and their families were all fine, as were most of the rest of the crew. The ones I sent in the truck had all made it back home safetly. I called Laura and Bill's place. Bill answered the phone.

"Hey Bill, its Jimmy. I was just calling to check and see that you made it home safe last night."

"Yea, we made it, barely. I had to bring those other 2 girls here. Couldnt make it to their houses. Didnt seem to bother them much, they were up half the night giggling in Kate's room."

"Heh, knowing those 3 I dont doubt it. I ended up with Tina here at my place. They closed the bridge before I could get her out there."

"Hmm, sounds like I should have just brought her with me. Like you need a teenage girl stuck with you for a few days"

"Naw, she's a good kid, really. I dont mind having her here. Besides, she is probably better off here than at her house. Her parents tend to keep more booze than food around, from what she has told me. Ill just help her with her school work and keep her busy the best I can." Some interesting thoughts flashed through my head on that last statement. "I stocked the fridge and pantry a couple days ago, so we wont starve, not that she eats much."

Bill laughed. "I would offer to come take her off your hands, but I dont see that happening. You two keep warm and we'll see you in a few days."

"Ok bill, bye"

After I hung up, I dialed my bosses cell phone. I got a groggy response when it picked up. Sounded like they had been partying a bit the night before. I explained what was going on, and let them know that everyone was safe for the time being. Then I told them there werent ever allowed to go on vacation again.

Next, I called Tina's house. She never got hold of anyone the night before, so I needed to let them know where she was. I got another very groggy hello.

"Mrs. Simms, this is Jimmy, Tina's manager."

"Oh, is Tina late for work?" She pulled the phone away from her face and yelled. "Tina! Get in here!"

"No maam, Tina is here with me, thats why Im calling. I wasnt able to get her to you before the storm got too bad. I wanted to let you know where she was so you wouldnt worry."

"Storm?" She mumbled. "Well, ok then, thanks. As long as she isnt late. Bye" She hung up.

I wondered if she even understood what I had told her. She seemed at least partly still drunk, and didnt seem to give a damn about Tina at all. I looked out at Tina on the couch, sleeping peacefully. I wonder if she knows what its like to have someone really care for here, I thought. She's such a sweet girl.

I was feeling sorry for here when it hit me. I cared about here. I mean, I cared about all my employees, but with her, it was different. There was true caring, possibly the beginnings of love in my heart for this young woman. Feelings that had been there before our encounter. Feelings I had not noticed, or had been ignoring. And now that I had noticed them, they began to grow.

I sat and stared at her. Drinking in her innocent beauty as I let my heart and mind wander. How long had I had these feelings, and on what level? Where had they come from? I couldn't really find answers. The best I could come up with was that she just drew me in. Without even really trying, she had wriggled her way into my heart.

Then my insecurities joined the thought proccess. What did I mean to her? Was I a conquest, or did she care about me? Could she care about me at her age? I knew what she had said, but I didnt know if it was just to get me going. I was on the verge of an anxiety attack, when 2 things happened to make everything better.

A very clear picture of her face from the night before popped into my head, the look of lust on her features as she asked me to take her virginity. Within that look, there had been a very real look of love, dancing in her eyes. At exactly the same time as the image flashed across my mind, she stired slightly in her sleep and murmered softly, "I love you, Jimmy."

My heart soared. A joy that I had never known welled up within me. It was like a warm ocean wave crashing over me, leaving nothing but contentment in its wake. I slumped back in my chair. The sudden emotional rolercoaster left me more drained than the night before when we had fallen asleep in each others arms. I just sat, staring at her for what seemed like forever.

My wall clocked chimed noon, breaking me from my revere. I got up and went over to her. Bending down I kissed her forehead, then her cheek, then her lips. I held the kiss as she woke. As her eyes fluttered open, she snaked her arms up around my neck. The kiss intensified as we help onto each other.

When we finally broke, I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Hi"

"Hi back" She smiled.

"How bout some lunch? We kinda forgot to eat breakfast."

She laughed. "Sounds good"

We went into the kitchen and made a small meal of sandwiches and chips. We ate at the counter while we talked lightly about work, school and any other topic that happened upon us. After we finished, I told her about the weather as we cleaned up.

"I hope you dont mind being stuck with me for at least a few days" I said.

"Nothing could make me happier." She answered, leaning into me for another kiss. This one as full of tender caring as the other had been of passion.

I told her to start on her homework while I changed the laundry and remade the bed. When I brought her clothes up and told her she could get dressed if she wanted, she gave me a naughty look before going back to her homework. When I came back from making the bed, she had her legs spread and the robe open in the front, giving me a nice view under the table of her beautifull pussy.

"What a pretty Kitty you have in your lap there." I said as I sat down next to her.

"Why thank you. Would you like to pet her?" She smiled at me, wickedly.

"Hmm, maybe later. I think we should concentrate on your work for now."

"Oh, alright" she said. We worked on her homework for a couple hours. She was a smart kid, and quick whitted, but noone had ever taught her how to think problems through logically. We got her math assignments caught up and finishing a project for her english class. We also finished her science work.

After we finished her work, we snuggled together on the couch and watched a movie. she sat in my lap and I lightly carressed her sides and arms as we watched. She let out little sighs every now and then. As the movie wore on, my hands drifted further around her. Eventually, I was petting the sweet kitty. I could feel her getting a bit worked up, but when I started to push my finger in her, she flinched in pain. "Are you ok?" I asked.

"Im...a bit sore from earlier" she said. "What you were doing felt really good, but I dont think I can handle anything inside tonight. Im sorry."

"Nothing to apologize for. I am happy just being with you. Maybe I can help you feel a bit better."

I lifted her over next to me and kneeled between her legs. Spreading them wide, I gently licked both of her silky smooth lips. Then I genly placed a kiss right over her opening.

"Feel better?"

"Much," She said with a smile. "Thank you"

"No, thank you. You sit tight there. Im going to go make some dinner."

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a couple chicken fillets out of the freezer. I started them in a pan and got some veggies going in my little steamer. Thinking it might be fun to have a nice dinner, I lit a couple candles and set places at my dining table. I threw some frozen rolls in the oven and seasoned the chicken. When everything was done, I made up a couple plates and put them on the table. I went to her and took the remote. Switching the tv off and turning on some nice music. Then I picked her up and carried her to the table. She snuggled into my shoulder as we walked.

We talked very little as we ate, simply enjoying being close to each other. We fed each other bites of food. We looked deeply into each other's eyes. All the silly things couples do. When we finished, she told me it was the best meal she had ever had.

I was about to answer back that it was nothing special, when I caught a look in her eye that told me she was very serious. It was a pained look of long memory. A deep sorrow that even my lonely bachelorhood didnt compare to. Once again I wondered if this sweet, beautifull creature knew what it was to be cared for. Taking her into my arms, I held her to me as I stroked her hair. I spoke, barely above a whisper. "I love you, Tina." Though the statement suprised me, I really did mean it. As I held her, I felt a damp spot form on my shirt. I lifted her head and looked into her eyes. "Hey, why are you crying?"

"Noone has ever said that to me before?" She sniffled.

I pulled her back tighter into my arms, kissing the top of her head. "Well, I mean it, with all my heart."

"You dont know how happy that makes me. Ive loved you for a long time now, but I was scared to do anything about it. Even when we were bed, I wasnt sure if you really cared for me, or were just using me. I honestly didnt care as long as it was you making me feel good. But hearing you say that..." she burst into tears. Happy tears.

I picked her up and carried her back to the couch. As I sat down with her, she wiped her eyes and smiled at me. "I could get used to being carried around all the time."

"Not sure my old back could take it." I said.

"You arent old. Youre handsome, and caring, and kind, and really good in bed" She said.

"Compared to your vast experiences?" I asked with a smile.

"You made me feel wonderfull, so thats all that matters." she said, sounding very confident.

I smiled at her and went in for a kiss. She met me half way and we melted into each others embrace. Our kiss went from firey passion to soft caring and back again. Running up and down the scale. Our souls seemed to merge as we clung to each other. After who knows how long, we broke the kiss and just held each other, basking in our shared warmth. I could feel her heart beating almost in sync with mine.

After a while we decided to go to bed. We walked into the bedroom and I pulled my shirt over my head. She stepped up to me and kissed me lightly again before stepping back and dropping the robe to the floor. Once again I stared at her beautifull naked body. She broke the spell by stepping up to me and pushing my shorts down my legs. We crawled into bed and I lay down on my side with her tucked in against my chest, My arms around her.

There wasnt need for sex of any kind. The intimacy of our closeness was enough as we both drifted off to sleep.

Rating: 89%, Read 39682 times, Posted Jun 10, 2010

Fiction | Anal, Blowjob, Male, Teen Female


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