An Account of an Arch Cocksman by hugecockstu37

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"Oh my God! You're so fucking huge, Anthony!"

Words like that always made my dick twitch a bit, and this was certainly no exception. And the fact that I broke Kendall down to the point that she would not only fuck me, but turn her into a raw carnal pile of meat was even more satisfying. She was such a bitch until I began to "press her buttons," as it were.

"Holy fuck!" she groaned, half in pain and half in ecstasy. "I-I-I-I can't stop my leg from shaking!"

It was enough to send me over the top as that vein of cum travelled the long distance up my cock and began to shoot spurt after spurt on the overstretched walls of Kendall's 19-year-old pussy. I had a habit of counting my spurts every time I came, as I had to admit, I was kind of a world class cummer. I counted about six or eight while inside her pussy, then I pulled out to shoot the remaining all over her chest. While standing on my knees still between her legs, I managed four more nice spurts, shooting one all the way to her neck, making for 12 in total. I've done better --- but this cum bath was certainly no slouch.

"Oh my God, you cum so fucking much," she said exasperated, moving her hand down to her D-cup titty to scoop up a finger full of my freshly laid cum, putting it in her mouth. "Mmmm, you taste just like pineapple!"

"Yeah," I said, my breathing ragged. "I try."

I still find it amazing that here I am, just having turned 30, my beer gut coming in at full force and far from my most attractive, and I was still fucking hot ass college-aged girls and, on occasion, girls even younger, on a pretty damned regular basis.

It's kind of hard to believe that it all began when it was 19, as well, and still a nerdy ass virgin. But that's when everything changed... you see, if you look up the phrase "Late Bloomer" in some online dictionary, it will have a picture of 19-year-old me, probably with my dick in my hand. The way that I changed, seemingly overnight, was just shocking.


When I graduated high school, I was, all things being equal, probably the biggest nerd in our class. I was about 5'1" -- tops. Maybe 125. Maybe. And it never occurred to me to get contacts, so I sported these godforsaken coke bottle glasses. It was a gruesome time, and I was miserable. It's hard to explain, but I seriously thought getting a girlfriend was a pipe dream. Remember when you were a kid, and you would think about how far-fetched it would be to grow up to be a movie star or something like that? That's really what it felt like to imagine myself with a girlfriend. It was a concept that was so ridiculously out of reach, I couldn't even fathom it.

So as you could imagine, all I really did during those years was sit around and jerk off all the time. I mean, ALL THE TIME. I knew that's at least one thing I had going for me --- my cock was pretty big. I was pretty obsessive, like that kid at the start of the movie "Porky's" that would measure his cock every morning. I am ashamed to admit that I did the same thing. I'd obsess about it. And when I started growing hair on my balls at about age 13, my cock quickly spurted up. Before I even entered high school, I measured my erect cock at 7-1/4 inches long and almost 6 inches around. I always felt good when I looked at myself naked in the mirror, and when hard, I'd see this monstrous thing on my tiny little body. But of course all I wanted was for my tiny body to follow suit and match the size of my dick. But it never happened and here I was, already 18 and resigned to the fact that I would be the shortest, scrawniest shit in the world.

My first year of college was uneventful. I got average grades taking gen-ed courses. Had no friends --- and definitely no girlfriends. But the summer after my freshman year, everything changed.

First off, I started growing like a weed... I grew from 5'1" to 6'2" in the span of three months. It was crazy --- I was in major pain all the time and I began to get scared I would NEVER stop growing.

And then there was my cock. Now that was crazy. It was already pretty big, but it grew right along with me. In fact, when I got rock hard, it was nearly 11 inches long. It was, in short, fucking gigantic. No hiding it whatsover when it got hard.

So by the time classes started for my sophomore year, I noticed things began to change. First of all, I was taller, more filled out, and simply more attractive. My face used to look like a kid's, but it elongated a bit, and now I looked like a man. And then that thing between my legs --- Jesus, there was no hiding it. If it got hard randomly, it was all over.

That's just what happened when I was waiting for the city bus to go home one fateful September day after classes let out...

Firstly, I had to explain that not only did I look like a nerd, at that point, I barely had my driver's license and had no car. I still took the city bus to college every day. VERY lame. So I had to wait by the bus stop near campus, which was also near East High School, so a lot of kids from there took the bus home from that stop, as well.

The group of kids that hung out there were these trendy hipster goth kids, and I had to admit, even though the girls looked kind of weird, a few of them were really hot. I kind of silently stared and stared... that is, until something happened...

Rating: 65%, Read 14564 times, Posted Jan 31, 2013

Fiction | Erotica, Extreme, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, School, Young


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