Chelsea's Persuasion [3] by hanes_el

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Fiction | Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young

I woke up to something pulling at my teeth. From inside my mouth. I opened my eyes to Chelsea’s cutest little butt cheeks pulled apart just above my face. A small string of bright pink anal beads lead a trail from her tiniest little hole, into my mouth. I watched as that tiny hole slowly expanded. A little girl pink radiated from the hole; a sphere of glistening determination.

Two beads in my mouth tugged at my closed teeth. I dared not open my mouth even though I knew it was what I should do. I should just observe. They would have to come out sometime anyways. Sick reasons to continue what I was doing.

Chelsea’s little hole reached the full diameter of the sphere and then popped out. A girly little moan escaped her mouth down near my penis. She was propped over me, slowly pulling herself free so she could suck on me; fighting the erotic pain to reach her food.

I was untied!? I was completely free! Just lying on my bed; naked, with my too young thirteen year old daughter hovering over me, completely naked as well. She was just at the most beginning stages of her puberty. About three years after the normal sexual awakening in girls. Three years of touching herself for pleasure and then walking into puberty with her father leaving, because of her, solely because of her; I was a monster, I snapped a branch inside my daughter. She was on the edge and I pushed her.

A year or two earlier, I could have gotten away free. A year or two later, the same. Either too immature to understand the situation or too mature.

Another bead popped from her tiny anus. My penis jumped. My daughter moaned. Her vagina was right there. I could lift my head up and suck it into my mouth. I could use my free hands and rip her body into my face. I could feel her orgasm on my tongue. I could do anything to her. Flip her over, suck her nipples dry, shove my dick into her oh so tight slit. Pull out her anal beads slowly as she convulsed onto my penis. Suck the saliva from her mouth.

She would let me do it all to her. She would cry in excitement. Cry in joy that I loved her so much. But this wasn’t love. This was lust. This was not right; it was a human flaw I had to bear. A flaw that could not result in expansion of the human race. No life could come from my little girl and her little body, not without risking her own life; truly a fault for humanity.

Should I even be allowed to produce another life? With my genes I would just breed another one like me. I would die before I let anyone take Chelsea from me though. Her father is me, this monstrous thing, but I don’t care. I am a selfish person and Chelsea deserves a chance at life. Even if she holds such genetic code in her. If she isn’t me, then she is a carrier for another me.

I felt a small tongue lapping at the head of my dick. After another pop, Chelsea rode the open string up to another bead. The tiny little hole in her behind bulged out before opening in the slightest to that beautiful pink. Almost there sweetheart. Almost there.

The bead broke through her and she immediately pulled forward onto my penis. She was sucking me like I had seen her chug from a water bottle on a hot day; she never had enough.

I just noticed that my hand had moved itself up to Chelsea’s tummy. It was gliding itself down to her slit. It was cupping her entire vagina. I wanted to stop but I had no control anymore. My conscious could not override my subconscious.

Oh so gently, I caressed her lips. My little girl moaned onto my shaft. Up and down, I continued feeling her soft perfect skin. Why was it so perfect? Why did I have to want it so bad? I could spend weeks just feeling and looking at it. An inch away from the slit was the smallest hole on her body; from it, a little pink tail hung out latched into my mouth.

I pushed my middle finger into the crack. I loved my wife so much, but Chelsea was her own person. I had to give her credit for that. She was soo tight; soo incredibly warm. My finger entered into a hole unknown to it. The slit did nothing to accommodate the intruder; the canal I occupied pushed in with its normal force, squeezing my finger like it was nothing.

Shamefully, I began pushing and pulling the finger in and out of her. I was feeling the inside of my daughter; feeling her inner organs. They were feeling me; they now reacted and starting sizing me up. As I poked and prodded the little girl, her vaginal muscles massaged my intruding finger to gather data on it. But not enough apparently.

Chelsea gasped on my penis as I curled my finger and ran it in a circle to every extremity inside her. I pulled my finger out and rested it on top of her clitoris. Chelsea’s mouth broke motionless on my dick. The warm breathing from her small nostrils pumped onto my scrotum. Her saliva slowly ran down my shaft in her closed firm mouth.

I pushed my finger back into her, gliding the front of it all along her clitoris. I felt my daughter hum down the head of my penis, my whole trip into her. When my knuckles bumped into the base of her slit, I immediately began slowly pulling back out; so gently, I continued rubbing the front against her clitoris.

I pushed the beads out of my mouth with my tongue and felt as my little girl’s tail fell from my cheek to my shoulder. I did not cease my onslaught on my daughter’s clitoris though.

Chelsea pulled free from my penis and gripped her little hand over it. Then I felt both of my testicles work their way into her mouth. When they both slurped cozily in, her little hand slowly pumped up and down over my shaft. She was sucking on my balls and jacking me off, my own daughter. I had no will left in me.

I immediately reached both of my arms to her hips and pulled my head up. I drove my face into her slit and plunged my tongue into her. Within seconds of drinking her natural lubricant, Chelsea pulled her mouth from my balls and dropped her head to the mattress panting.

Her muscles were convulsing on my tongue. She was getting wetter. I continued licking inside of her. The pelvis in my grip bucked up and down into my face. She was in mid orgasm when I reluctantly pulled out of her and pushed her down onto the bed as I scooted out of the way. I shifted and climbed on top of her. I rolled her over to stare at me and lined up to have at her.

Her face was ecstatic, yet scared. She was finally going to get what she had been asking for. I was hanging over her buck naked, tiny body about to shove my penis deep into her vagina. The organ just now coming down from an orgasm welcomingly caused by her father eating her out. Her little pink tail was strewn under her leg off to the side. A leash I could use to keep her from running.

So much ran through my mind. Too much. I was still hovering over my daughter staring at her. Increasing resistance and shame came back to me; it showed in my face.

“Please daddy, I want this soo bad; hurry.”

The fear in her voice broke any hope she had. She probably held the fear from thinking I would reject her; I though took it as a fear that I would actually take her. She was in her most vulnerable state of living. I was leaving and she would do anything she could possibly do to stop it.

If I left her, she would never forgive herself for not being good enough for me. It would be a near drop to poverty for the two women I loved so much. I would support them with all I had, but I would have to support myself as well. Chelsea would surely seek out another man to cure her sexual frustrations. Her mother would fall under depression and resentment.

Everything Chelsea did to me in the past days, all the joy she taught me that a little girl could give to a man like me. I would never trust myself around young girls again. I would either cave in and hurt somebody else or choose the only permanent way out of this mentally disturbing life. Why did my wife have to tell Chelsea? This was my burden to bear. Only I should have to suffer. Why did I have to tell my wife? I should have faked a reason to leave. Anything would be better than this.

“Daddy, please don’t leave me. I really liked when you touched and licked me. And I really like touching and licking you. Please don’t think about the world first and then me, think about me first.”

Ending with words her mother no doubt put into her. She meant it though. Who wouldn’t? Who wouldn’t want to be first in anybody’s eyes? To have their own personal agenda placed before that of the masses. Well over 6,000,000,000 people on this planet. Like a snowflake, everyone is different. How could I judge and treat my own daughter based on the collective of that many people? All the good, and all the bad. She treated me as one; why not I to her?

If I somehow did subliminally train Chelsea to love me this way, as a father, it was my duty to fix her. Maybe though, I trained her to fix me. Everything happens for a reason; perhaps.

Chelsea’s hands reached up and gripped around my back.

“I love you daddy, we can do whatever you want. Just don’t leave.”

I gently fell onto her. I realized my weight and rolled to the side, off of her.

If I had the choice, I would give everything I ever had to turn it off. Turn off my sexual desire for Chelsea, for other little girls. Chelsea was the absolute worst though; her mind was perfect, so delicate, a creative dream waiting to be tapped. I would give everything except Chelsea and her mother. This was not something I ever asked for and I never wanted it. Memories from late high school through my entire life of a desire I hated yet loved.

I looked into Chelsea’s crystalline glossy eyes.

“Can you help me?” I asked.

“With what daddy, tell me?”

I could not ask her to help me stop loving her. But if I wanted this to stop, I had already proved that years of lonely suppression was not enough. I alone could not help myself destroy the disease.

“Can you help me stop liking girls your age?”

“No! Mommy says you love me so much because of my age.”

“You’ll grow up though. Help me grow with you; help me leave all this behind. I don’t want to leave you. You’ll never have to do anything like this again, I promise. If I start coming onto you, please just tell me something that will bring me back into reality. Maybe after awhile, I’ll stop living in my own fantasy world and realize what the real world is. I will always love you no matter what.”

“If you start coming on to me daddy, I’ll take of my clothes and jump on you yelling to take me because I’m you’re little girl that you created and raised; I’m your little servant made to please you. Mommy will even watch and probably join. I’ll help you grow with me but you can’t grow if you keep hiding everything in yourself. What did you think a family was for?”

That was not what I had in mind. She was going to help fix me but I still had a lot of fixing to do to her. Nothing gave me a right to her, and she had to learn that before she left my guidance.

I wrapped my arm over Chelsea.

“Do you want to have sex now daddy?”

“I don’t love you because of sex, honey. Most of the time, I’m happiest just holding you and talking with you.”


“I’m not staying for the sex; I’m staying for you and mommy. I don’t think I could live without seeing you and talking with you.”

“We still get to have sex, right.”

“Only if you absolutely really really want it. If you don’t, then you have to know that you’re hurting me. Do you want to hurt me?”

“So we can do it when you tuck me in tonight, and when you wake me up in the morning and after lunch tomorrow.”

I sighed.

“But right now we can just hold each other,” she said, “because I agree with you, sometimes holding is a lot nicer.”

Rating: 79%, Read 32044 times, Posted Jul 04, 2007

Fiction | Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young


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