Barely Legal Austin 3. Sugardaddy by caracol101

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Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Gay, Oral Sex

What a tangled, cum covered, web I weave.

Sometimes I feel like a black widow spider, I keep trapping all these men in my web and it turns out bad for them. I didn’t think Austin had it in him to just haul off and punch his dad or me for that matter. Hmm. Guess I deserved it. My dick is my enemy at times. Austin is back living with his parents, god knows how its going over there. Carl’s wife knew about it all, wonder how that conversation went. My son has gone to stay at his mother’s for a while, he says he’s not mad with me, just needs some time. So here I am, all alone, with no one to keep me company, spare the various men and women I sleep with. Oh well.

Just another Tuesday, as far as I was concerned. Shooed away my lover from last night and got a shower. I must be very vain, I just stared at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out what made me the way I am, to do the things I do. Well I found no answers so I just got dressed while I wondered what to do tonight. I really had nowhere to go and no one to go there with. Then, for some reason I thought, fuck it I’m getting out of town for a few days. I hurriedly packed a suitcase and jumped in the car for the airport. I really had no idea where I was headed, so I just stared at the departure board till something caught my eye.

“ One first class ticket for the nine o’clock flight to Honolulu please.” I asked the lady at the counter. I’ve never been there I thought to myself.

Three grand later I headed through security and plunked myself at the nearest bar for a drink, I just hate flying, so I’m usually drunk for a flight. Four cosmos later I was feeling fine. Why a Cosmo you ask? Well, when I came out it was the stereotypical gay drink and I kind of just fell back on it in a public setting. Kinda like putting up a rainbow flag and seeing who caught your eye. Didn’t take long for a gorgeous little Latino boy to come up to me. What a sight to see. He was about five foot nine, maybe 150 pounds, mouthwatering caramel skin, short black hair, and blue eyes. He had to be wearing contacts, no way could those eyes be that blue. I was momentarily distracted with the thought of him sucking my dick while staring up at me.

“Hi, I’m Jesus.” he said.

Jesus, is right I thought I’d worship you.

“Well, thanks!” he replied.

Oh, shit. I said that out loud! Oh well. “ Sorry bout that, I’ve had quite a few. How about you sit right next to me and I buy you a drink to make up for it.”


“So, Jesus, where are you headed today?” I asked as the bartender brought his Cosmo.

“Actually I just got off work. I bar-tend at another place in here. I was gonna just head home but you caught my eye and I just had to say hello.” He told me.

“ Well, great thing for me.” We chit chatted back and forth. He was a medical student, 22 years old, gay, and single. Only the gay and single parts interested me, but maybe the med student thing would be kinky later, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

“ Well, I better be going, you have to catch your flight and you don’t wanna miss it. I hear Hawaii is beautiful.” he told me.

“ Not as beautiful as you I’m sure.” I said. Then I got a great idea. “ What are your plans for the next few days?”

“Nothing really, school is out for the semester and I’m off work for 4 days. Why?” he replied.

“ Well I have a wonderful idea, How about you come with me to Hawaii?” I asked.

“ I couldn’t afford that in a million years, but I would in a heartbeat.” He said.

I hadn’t told him of my oversized wallet, oversized dick yes, but not the wallet. “ No problem, I’ll take care of it and any clothes you need, I’ll cover everything. And just so you know I’m not trying to be a sugar daddy here, well maybe a little.” I told him. He thought about it for a few moments and said…

“ Sure, why not, lets go.”

We quickly ran to the gate to get him a ticket and after some sideways glances from the lady, he was booked in the seat next to me. Just in time too, apparently the airlines have cutoffs for buying tickets but I guess they are not gonna turn down someone buying last minute first class seats. We boarded shortly and took our seats. The flight attendant brought us some wine as the plane continued to fill up.

“ Wow, first class all the way to Hawaii.” he stated. “ You must be filthy rich.”

“ I’m pretty well endowed…… the financial department.” I told him.

“ I hope that’s not the only thing that’s well endowed on you.” he said while feeling my soft cock through my jeans. The scoff I heard reminded me where we where, apparently little old ladies don’t approve of a man feeling another man’s dick as they walk by.

“ You’re gonna have to just wait to find out.” I said.

The plane was still boarding when my phone vibrated. I looked at it and say a text from Austin. “At your house, you’re not here, was hoping to see you.” It said. Well I wasn’t gonna worry about him, maybe it was the booze or the hurt jaw from his punch but I replied “ Sorry, flying out to Hawaii with this cute guy I just met.” I turned the phone off after that and soon we were airborne. Due to the late hour there was no dinner service just pillows and blankets handed out. Jesus and I kept on with the wine though, I’m sure it annoyed the attendant who probably just wanted to sit and relax and not deal with two drunk guys who didn’t hide the touching and feeling they were doing. About an hour into the flight the lights were all out and snores could be heard. I was feeling a little tired myself, but apparently he wasn’t.

“ I have an idea.” he said. “ Lets sneak into the bathroom for a little fun.”

My grin conveyed my agreement and he went in first. I followed a moment later. Thank god we were on a big plane, the bathroom had some room to move around. I stared into his beautiful blue eyes and ran my hands down his chest. God, it was so firm, the flesh of a strong young man made my mouth water. I drew him close and kissed his lips, they were so soft and yielding. His tongue ran along my lips and it let him invade my mouth. What a sweet taste his tongue gave me, a mixture of him and the wine we had enjoyed. I inhaled his warm breath and savored every inhale I took. His hands held my head steady, not like I was gonna break away. My hands rested on his tight little ass grabbing handfuls of firm flesh. He broke the kiss just long enough to take our shirts off. Ecstasy. That’s the word for this. I broke the kiss this time, I trailed my mouth down to his neck, nipping at the skin. His aroma filled my nose, a beautiful bouquet of a man that you wish could be bottled and sold. My hands now ran up his back holding him tight to me.

“ Oh my good you feel so good.” I told him.

“ You too, baby. You make me quiver all over.” He said.

I returned my mouth to his and unbuckled his pants, dropping them to the floor. He did mine. We kicked out of them and stood there, him in boxers and me naked since I didn’t put any underwear on.

“ What a dirty man you are.” he said. “ Not wearing any underwear.” He glanced down and gasped. “ Wow, I guess you are well endowed in our ways too.”

He reached down and grasped my soft cock. He stroked it nice and slow making it grow. Good lord, his hands were so soft and gentle yet firm and rough, maybe this kid was worth worshiping. He kissed me again while keeping up the pace on my cock. He broke away and kissed down my chest, stomach , and hips on his way to the prize he desired so much. Keeping a firm grip on my cock he licked it from base to the head sending waves of pleasure through my body. His other hand caressed my ass, feeling it up and down. So lost in the pleasure I gasped loudly when he swallowed my whole length in one go. Fuck, his mouth was burning hot and so, so wet. This was not his first blowjob he’d given. His mouth expertly worked my cock up and down, pausing only flex his throat on my swelled knob. I wanted to let him go for hours but stopped him before I could come.

He looked a little upset when I picked him up, he quickly got over it as I pulled down his boxers and set my eyes on his cock. A rather thick piece of six and a half inch meat stood rock hard in front of my face. I marveled at the beauty of it. His pubes were trimmed but not shaven, just like I loved it. I grabbed hold of it and felt like it would burn my hand it was so hot. I slowly stroked it and inhaled the aroma of sweat and musk of a man. I was in heaven, pure heaven. If I died now anywhere else would be hell. I licked the head and was rewarded with salty pre-cum. Kissing down the shaft he let out a moan of pleasure until I reached his balls and sucked gently. He gasped with delight. I returned to his hot prick and swallowed it down, inch by glorious inch until I had it all. I wrapped my lips around it and worked it back out, sucking gently. Up and down I worked that hot cock, tasting pre-cum with each thrust. I couldn’t believe my luck to find this sexy man just hours ago. His breathing picked up and his moans grew louder, I knew what was coming. My god did it ever! A few strokes later and he exploded in my mouth. It had to be the biggest load I’d ever taken, so hot, sweet, and tart. Like pineapples. I kept on stroking his cock getting every last drop, he shook all over with ecstasy.

I stood up and kissed his lips. His breathing ragged, he was speechless. Fine by me, we didn’t need to talk. I turned him around and bent him over the toilet. Spreading his ass, I saw what I desired. A pretty little pink asshole. Feverously I dug in, his hole pulsed with the pleasure he was feeling. Massaging his cheeks as I continued I asked him.

“ You ready for me to fuck your ass?”

“ Oh god. Yes. Please for the love of god fuck me. Please hurry. I need it so bad.” he answered

I stood up and lined my cock up with his pretty asshole. I was gonna bruise it nice. I rested the head on his hole and pushed gently. My hard cock slid right in. First an inch, then another, slowly until all eight inches were firmly embedded in his ass. I waited a moment and pulled all the way out just to slam all the way in again. He screamed in pleasure and pain. He would get no mercy from me. I kept an easy pace at first but picked up speed. Soon I was slamming away at that tight hole. He begged for me to slow, but I ignored his pleas. Soon he quieted down except for moans of pleasure. The sound of our sweat covered bodies slamming into each other, made me thrust even harder. I pulled out and stood him up. I sat on the toilet and lowered him down to my cock. I got a bird’s eye view of my cock being swallowed by his hungry ass. God, I loved to watch my cock disappear in a nice piece of ass. Every time he rose up I watched his hole stretch for my retreating cock. I reached around and grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it in rhythm with my thrusts. His moans grew louder as did mine. I could feel my climax building, I furiously stroked his cock. With one last hard thrust I exploded in his ass. Almost as if it was shooting out of him, he came as well. I pumped his ass a few more times, savoring the feel. He collapsed on my chest and I kissed him deeply.

“ Oh god, that was amazing.” He said.

“ and we aren’t even to Hawaii yet. It’s only gonna get better.” I told him.

We got cleaned up and dressed. I had hoped to sneak out and back to the seats without being noticed but once I stepped out I realized that was impossible. Even in the dark I could see the eyes that was the whole plane watching us. Slightly embarrassed but strutting like a peacock I grabbed Jesus’ hand and pulled him into a kiss in front of everyone. We received a few cat calls and a little scoffs. I didn’t care. We took our seats and settled in for a nap.

Part of me wondered how Austin was taking my text…………………

Rating: 87%, Read 14920 times, Posted Jan 23, 2014

Fiction | Anal, At work, Blowjob, Gay, Oral Sex


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