Megan's Lesson by dochog

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True Story | Bestiality, Female, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Old Male, Rape

Megan's Lesson

My name is Megan Carter. I am 18 years old. I have blue eyes and short brown hair. I am 5'8 with large 34d breast. I am the captain of the cheerleading team at my High School. It was the fall of my senior year when everything changed. It was a Friday night and I was getting ready to go out. I took a shower and shaved my legs then I shaved my slit bald. I'm not a girl that sleeps around. I have only had a sex with one of my ex-boyfriends but having my slit bald made me feel sexy. When I got out of the shower I put on a white thong and then a short skirt. I decided not to wear a bra. My breasts were large and perky enough that I could get away with not wearing a bra. So I put on a shirt that hugged tightly to my breast. After I finished getting ready to go out I gave myself a look in the mirror. I could see my hard nipples poking against the thin fabric of my shirt. I thought to myself that I was really looking sexy. When I went down stairs I realized that my parents had already left for a dinner party they were going to. I was getting paid to watch our neighbor’s house that weekend. All I had to do was feed and let out their dog. Easy money. The only issue was their dog was huge and a beast to say the least. I grabbed the keys to their house and walked down the street to their house.

When I got to the house I quickly made my way into the house locking the front door behind me. I stated calling the dog's name in an attempt to locate him. “Russ, where are you boy. Russ come here", I said. As I walked around the house I found it odd that Russ wasn't anywhere to be found. I walked into a room in the back of the house. I noticed that the back door was open. "What the hell", I said to myself as I quickly moved to shut the door. Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind covering my mouth as they put a knife to my throat. "Shut up bitch and do what I say", the person holding me commanded. The stranger then spun me around and threw me on the couch. He quickly gabbed my hands and tapped them together. "Please let me go", I begged as I held back my tears. "Sit tight good looking", the man said as he stood up. It was then that I noticed there were was another man in the house. They were grabbing all of the jewelry, TVs and the laptop. My neighbors were being robbed and I was caught in the middle I thought to myself. After a couple of minutes I heard this loud noise. It was Russ he was scratching at the door they had shut him in a bedroom.

The burglar that had taped my hands together grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up off the couch. He dragged me down the hallway until we reached the bedroom where they had put Russ. He opened the door. Russ be growling, quickly the man threw me on the floor. When I hit the ground my short skirt lifted up giving him a great view of my thong covered ass. "To bad you could be my daughter, because I could pound the shit out of your cunt", He said with a grin. "Please don't. Let me go, please" I begged him. He just laughed and shut the door. I began to cry as I thought about the situation that I found myself in. I laid there on the floor crying for a couple of minutes. Then Russ walked up to me and began licking my long muscular legs. Within minutes Russ was trying to push his head up under my skirt. He began licking between my legs. I was in shock as I felt his tongue hit my thong covered slit. It took everything I had but I pushed Russ back. I then rolled on my slide and raised myself to my hands and knees. Without any warning Russ jumped on my back from behind. I quickly realized that he was trying to mount me. Suddenly the door to the room opened. The burglar who tapped my hands together walked in. "What the fuck. Is that dog trying to fuck you?” he said with a laugh. Russ jumped off me and began growling. Slowly the man reached down and grabbed me by the arm and lifted me up.

"I bet you are a tease, aren't you", he said to me almost angrily. He looked down at Russ and said, "Let me help you out". Then he grabbed my shirt and tore it off me exposing my young, large, perky breast. He bent over and sucked on each of my breast while he grabbed my ass with his free hand. He released my breast from his mouth. My nipples were hard as rocks from his sucking. He spun me around and slammed my face against the wall. He then flipped my short skirt up and with one hand grabbed my thong. "Please stop", I screamed. "Shut the fuck up", he said. Then with one violent pull he tore my thong off. He them slapped my ass and said, "Damn you have some nice tits and a sexy ass". He then unzipped my skirt and pulled it down my long muscular legs leaving me completely naked. The man then threw me to the floor and pulled out his knife. He then ordered me to lie on my back and spread my legs. I was so afraid; I just did as he instructed trying to hold back my tears. "Teases like you need to be taught a lesson the hard way", he said. I then noticed that he looked over at Russ. "Come on boy; come see what she's been hiding from you. “What the fuck", I thought.

Russ had been watching the action very attentively. Lying on my back completely naked with my bald slit clearly visible I felt completely exposed. The man came over and cut my hands free from the tape. Suddenly Russ walked over to me. He was standing in between my muscular legs. He lowered his head. Then I felt his tongue slap my slit. He began licking my slit with a passion. "Oh yeah, eat that pussy boy", the man shouted. I was in shock. I didn't know what to do. Russ's rough tongue began rubbing my clit as he licked away on my exposed bald slid. Then without any warning I felt his tongue enter my tight slit. "No please", I screamed as I began to cry. The man holding the knife told me to shut up and go with it. I closed my eyes and begged god to make this end quickly. Russ would switch from licking my slit to tongue fucking me. I could feel my slit responding by getting wet and my clit began to swell and throb from the attention it was receiving. I covered my large breast with my hands. "Put your hands by your side bitch. I want to see those big tits", the man said angrily. I placed my hands by my sides. A few minutes later I felt my body beginning to prepare for an orgasm. “I tried to fight it but it was of no use. I began moaning and I clinched my hands into a fist. "Oh yeah, fucking cum slut", the man shouted at me. "Oh my, ohh shit", I yelled. I felt my whole body tense up then I exploded. My juices shot all over Russ's mouth. Russ just kept licking away slapping my clit with his rough warm tongue. When I finally stopped cumming I was so humiliated. I tried to close my muscular legs but Russ was too big and strong and he wasn't moving. I looked over at the man holding the knife and I could see the hard-on in his pants.

"Roll over. Get on your fucking hands and knees slut", the man yelled. Russ stepped back so I was able to close my legs. I slowly rolled to my side and raised myself to my hands and knees. The man reached down and with one hand he cupped one of my large breasts while his other hand grabbed one of my legs forcing them apart. Even though I was on my hands and knees and my young naked athletic body was in doggy style position with my legs spread I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I was begging the man to let me go when out of nowhere I felt Russ Mount me from behind. "NOOOO!” I screamed. His paws dug into my back making me arch my back. My hard nipples rubbed the floor as I tried to regain my balance. The man holding the knife said, "Take it like the slut you are or I'll cut that pretty face of yours up". I couldn't believe that I was going to be fucked by a dog. I felt something thick and slimy hit the inside of my muscular thigh. I lowered my head and looked between my legs. I saw his huge red dog cock moving towards my wet and tight bald slit. His cock was long and thick. I looked at the guy holding the knife he was undressing. "Please I'll let you fuck me just don't let the dog do this to me", I begged. He just laughed and said, "You are a slut and a little tease. Now your bald little cunt is going to be enjoyed by our big furry friend. Shut up and take it slut."

I sat there trying thinking of a way out of this situation when I felt his thick cock poking around my wet slit. "Please no", I begged. Then it happened. I let out a loud gasp as I felt his thick cock enter my slit. Russ began violently pumping his cock trying to stuff it inside of me. I could feel my little slit stretching to allow his cock access as he fucked my young naked athletic body from behind. Each pump sunk his cock deeper inside of me. At that point I gave up. I knew there was no going back now. I spread my long muscular legs further apart to allow his cock better access to my slit. I didn't want his thick cock to tear my tight little bald slit. My naked athletic body bounced back and forth as he viscously fucked me from behind. My large breast swung back and forth in rhythm with his pumps. My little bald slit was wrapped so tightly around his cock that I could feel his veins pumping blood to his large cock. "Fuck that tight bitch", the man holding the knife yelled. I looked over at him he was now completely naked and jacking off while he watched this dog fuck me. I was so humiliated that a dog was getting to enjoy my young naked body. I could feel his thick cock throbbing deep inside of me.

After a few minutes of intense fucking, I felt something like a small ball slapping my slit with each one of his pumps. I didn't know what it was until I heard the man holding the knife say, "knot that whore, she wants your cum". I sat there on my hands and knees letting out deep grunts each time his thick cock slammed inside of me. I felt his knot pounding against my tight slit. It took everything I had to keep my balance as the dog fucked me roughly from behind. After a couple of minutes his knot begun working its way past the lips of my tight bald slit as it sunk into my young naked athletic body. "Please stop", I screamed out in desperation as I felt his knot sink inside of me. I could feel my muscular ass bounce while Russ fucked me from behind. I was in disbelief of what was happening to me. I could feel Russ's knot moving deeper inside my body as he pumped his cock inside my tight bald slit. Once his knot was three inches inside of me I knew it couldn't go any deeper. I sat there grunting as he continued to roughly fuck me from behind.

I knew that since Russ's knot was inside of me he would be cumming soon. The idea of him cumming inside of me almost made me vomit. Russ began whining and panting really hard. I stared at the wall in front of me as my naked body bounced back and forth. I was trying to think of something other than the fact that a dog was fucking me. Then I felt Russ's cock expand deep inside my young naked athletic body. I screamed, “No!” as Russ's thick cock begun shooting loads of warm dog cum into my helpless young body. I felt warm all over. He shot so much cum inside of me that I could feel it leaking around his knot and down my muscular thighs. The man holding the knife started laughing as he said, “what is it like knowing that you are a dog's slut? you fucking tease". I began to sob. A few minutes later Russ's knot slid out of my little tight slit making a popping noise as it exited my abused young naked body. A stream of dog cum flowed from my tight slit down my muscular legs. Russ walked to the corner of the room and lay down.

Quickly the man holding the knife moved behind me. He said, "You’re so sexy I don't mind having that damn dog's leftovers". Then with one violent thrust he shoved his thick hard cock up my cum covered slit. He fucked me hard making my ass bounce each time he slammed his body against mine. My large breast swung back and forth. I was too weak to fight back. I just sat there grunting as he told me how tight I was or how warm my slit felt. After a couple of minutes he dropped the knife and placed both his hands on my waist. I knew he was going to cum inside of me, but Russ had filled me so full of cum I wasn't sure if my young naked body could hold anymore cum. "Take this you fucking tease. I hope I knock you up", the man shouted. He pumped his thick cock up my bald slit a few more times than he buried his thick cock deep inside me. He let out a loud grunt as he came inside my young naked athletic body. He sat there behind me until his cock went limp and slid out of my cum covered slit. I could feel both warm loads of cum deep inside my womb. The image of a dog's sperm swimming towards one of my eggs gave me the chills. I collapsed on the floor. The man stood up and used my torn shirt to wipe the cum off his cock. Then he got dressed. I was so humiliated that I just laid on the floor crying. "Please, no more, please just leave me alone. I won't tell anybody. I promise", I begged. "I know you won't because you won't want all your friends finding out that you had your tight little bald cunt fucked by a dog. I'm sure everyone would love to hear about how he came inside of your sexy cunt", the man said with a laugh. He then kicked me in the stomach, knocking the breath out of me. I laid there gasping for air as he left the room. A minute later he returned with a roll of tape in his hands.

"I'm guessing that you’re just watching this house since I don't see any pictures of you anywhere in the house. Am I right?” the man asked me. My eyes focused on the knife he was holding in one hand and the roll of tape he was holding in the other. "Yes, it's a friend of my parents. I was just watching for them until tomorrow. They should be home tomorrow night. If you let me go I swear I'll tell them I didn't see a thing that when I came by everything was fine in the house", I said almost begging. The man grabbed a handful of my hair and raised me off the ground. Once I was standing a wave of human and dog cum slowly leaked down my muscular thigh and down my long legs to the carpet. The man then dragged me out of the bedroom to the living room. Once we were in the living room he threw me to the floor. He grabbed my arms and tapped them to the corner of the couch. My young athletic body was completely naked with my arms in front of me taped to the leg of a couch. After making sure that my hands were tapped down the man stood up and slapped my ass. "Damn you have a nice ass", he said. "Maybe I'll see you again soon sometime, until then I leave you like this as a surprise for the man of the house or the dog", he said with a laugh. "Keep that cunt of yours tight", he said. Then the man walked out of the house using the back door. I hadn't seen the other burglar and I couldn't hear anyone in the house so I assumed the worst was over. The shock of what had just happened to me was too much. As a result I passed out.

I woke up to Russ licking my face. When I opened my eyes I could see the sun was rising through the back windows. I couldn't believe I had been passed out all night. I tried to tell myself that my rape had been a bad dream until I went to move and found myself naked with my hands tied to leg of the couch. My nipples became hard as the cool air hit my naked flesh. Russ started licking my back as he worked his way down my young sexy naked body. When he reached my waist I quickly put my long legs together tightly. That didn't seem to faze Russ. He began licking my ass whole. Then he forced his muzzle between my Muscular thighs as he fought to get access to my slit. "Stop it", I yelled as I felt his rough warm tongue make contact with my abused slit. Russ just continued licking my slit working a couple inches of his tongue inside of me. Then he just stopped. He stood over my naked body and began to bark followed by a very intense growl. I knew what he wanted. That damn dog wanted to be inside of me again. He wanted to fuck me. Panic over took me as I knew that there was no way out of this situation that would end well for me. Russ snapped his jaw together followed by a deep growl. I knew that since I was tied up there was no fighting back. I was broken. I gave in. I knew that I had to give the beast of a dog my young naked athletic body again.

I slowly rose up on my knees. My felt embarrassed as my young sexy young ass was raised up in the air as my head was low to the ground because my hands were tied to the couch leg. My large breasts were slightly raised off the floor. My hard nipples lightly rubbed the floor. Once I was in position I spread my legs as I prepared my young body for the abuse it was about to take. Russ quickly mounted me from behind. The weight of his paws on my shoulders pinned my upper body to the floor. I cried out in pain has his claws dug into my shoulders. I felt his large cock slap my muscular thigh as it worked its way towards my tight slit. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the violation of my young tight slit. His thick cock poked around my little tight slit trying to find a way in. Suddenly I felt the tip of huge cock press against my ass whole. "What stop", I said as I tried to move my ass from his cock's range. Russ pushed down on my shoulders then with a violent thrust he pushed the head of his cock inside my ass. "Noo!", I screamed. Russ began pumping away. My ass whole stretched to allow for the thickness of his cock. I grunted loudly as he sunk his long thick cock up my ass inch my inch with each pump. I couldn't believe that I was getting butt fucked. To make it worse I was being butt fucked by a huge dog. I clinched my fist as the pain of his huge cock burring itself in my ass overwhelmed me. I felt my ass jiggle as his body slammed into mine from behind. I held myself helplessly in position; I was so humiliated as I pictured myself with my head pinned to the ground and my ass raised up with a dog fucking it.

It seemed like he was fucking me forever, although it had most likely only been about five minutes. With his thick cock pumping in and out of my ass I could feel his knot being pushed against my ass whole. "Oh my god, that thing won't fit", I said out loud. Russ kept fucking my ass with a passion. Within minutes his knot began stretching my ass whole as it worked its way into my young muscular ass. I screamed in pain as I felt his knot sink into my ass. After a few more minutes his knot was firmly in place. He began fucking me really fast and hard. It hurt so badly. I laid there pinned to the ground with my ass raised as this huge dog cock fucked my young ass. I knew he was going to cum in my ass at any point since we were now knotted. Then it happened. Russ let out a howl. I felt his cock expand and twitch as he shot his warm cum inside my ass. I let out a groan as I felt his cum build up inside of me. It was too much cum for my ass to handle. Soon his cum was squirting out of my ass like it was cumming out of a hose. I began to cry as I laid their knotted to this dog. Finally his knot exited my ass whole and I let my body collapse on the floor. I felt his cum leak out of my ass down my muscular thighs. Russ walked away leaving the room.

I knew that I had to escape. I leaned forward and began to chew on the tape holding my hands to the couch. After an about 30 minutes I was able to tear my hands free of the tape. I stood up as I did a rush of warm dog cum flowed out of my ass down my muscular legs forming a puddle of cum on the floor beneath me. I knew that I had to find some clothes so I quickly moved to the master bedroom where I found a tee-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I got dress and moved towards the front door. Suddenly Russ came running towards me. I quickly ran to the front door. I opened it and slammed it closed behind me as I made my escape. When I made it to my house my parents were still asleep. The clock on our stove said it was 7:30am. I quickly went upstairs and got into the shower. I tried to wash as much cum as I could off my body and from my ass whole and slit. I then went to my room and laid in my bed. The reality of my multiple rapes by a dog hit me. I cried myself to sleep. That day our neighbors came home. The called to police to report the brake in. When I was interviewed by the police I told them that when I had been at the house I didn't notice anything. Then one of the cops asked me if I knew why there such large amounts of dried sperm on the floor in the guest room and on the floor of the living room. Of course I said I had no clue what they were talking about. The cops never caught the burglars. I will never forget that night and the hell I was put through.

Rating: 86%, Read 112676 times, Posted Oct 01, 2012

True Story | Bestiality, Female, Humiliation, Non-consensual sex, Old Male, Rape


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