The Bookworm, the Dog, and Me- Part III by EquusMaxx

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Fantasy | Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism

Part 3

Summer vacation had finally arrived, and not a moment too soon. Thanks to Mikaela giving me tutoring I’d finally achieved honor roll. Also, thanks to my little sisters new found sexuality, we were both enjoying life more. Life without Dad seemed less of a hassle now. It seemed that somehow I’d stepped into the role of being “man of the house”, and I enjoyed it. As I matured, my male dominance seemed to be growing too. Maybe it was just my hormones kicking in. I don’t know, but it felt nice to be more sure of who I am, and to have a role in life instead of just being a “kid”.

After knocking out the school bully I’d become quite popular. I still avoided the praise and admiration of others, but I have to admit it’s nice to have the prettiest girls in school trying to make conversation with me, rather than having them avoid me.

Mikaela was really developing rapidly now. Her pert little titties had grown into a pair of 36C eye-poppers. They were even more stunning when coupled with her small waist. Her nipples were like tight little cherries with small areolas. She was developing into what I would call, “the total package”.

Mom had a pool put in last month, and I love it. Watching Mikaela do anything in a bikini is scintillating! All of my male friends at school have been begging me to have them come over and go swimming “with you and your sister”. I wonder why, LOL! She now has literally crowds of guys talking to her and asking her out, which is cool, but Mom won’t let her date until she’s sixteen.

Speaking of Mom, Mikaela and I were enjoying the pool one afternoon when she asked me, “Isn’t Mom beautiful?” In all honesty I’d never really looked at Mom that way before, because after all, she’s “Mom”. At that moment I looked towards the house and saw Mom walking out in her one-piece bathing suit.

“Yeah” I answered. “I suppose she is”.

“Do you think she ever misses sex?” Mikaela asked. “I mean, all she does is work ever since the divorce”.

We both knew why. Mom has been the backbone of our care, before and after the divorce.

I grinned at Mikaela and said, “I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t miss sex. It’s great!”

Mikaela laughed and splashed water at me.

Mom was now poolside.

“Well, it looks like you two are having fun!” Mom said.

“We love having a pool again, Mom. Thank you so much” I said.

Mom smiled and dove into the pool. When she surfaced, the cold water had produced a profound effect on her. Her nipples stood out proudly in her bathing suit. My eyes almost fell out of my head. Mom is slightly taller and heavier than Mikaela, with a set of 40DD’s that seemed to cry out, “suck on me, please”. I mused for a second how I wished I could remember being breast-fed on those babies. After staring at Mom and Mikaela’s breasts bobbing up and down in the water, nipples fully erect, Mom asked me to bring her a drink poolside. My cock was at full erection, even in the cold water, and was now impossible to hide, so I waited until Mom wasn’t looking before I got out of the pool. Mikalea, however got a good look at my swim trunks pointing out and smiled. She swam over to Mom and whispered something to her.

When I returned to the pool, Mikaela was leaned back against the far side of the pool, treading water, and Mom was at the side of the deep end awaiting her drink. My erection had subsided, but hadn’t retreated by any noticeable means. The thickness and length were still very visible in my trunks, and as I walked towards Mom, the wet trunks clung to my cock, clearly pronouncing its size. It was at that moment that I noticed Mom staring at my cock. For some reason, this started turning me on, and even though it was pointing down in my trunks, my cock began stiffening again, stretching the fabric. After a few long moments of engulfing my cock with her eyes, Mom looked into my eyes.

“Oh!” she said, hoisting herself upwards and making those huge globes bounce about tantalizingly.

“I’m sorry, dear…I was thinking about something” she said.

The view from my vantage point standing above her was fantastic. Her breasts were large and beautiful, with ample cleavage.

“Here you go, Mom” I said, bending down to give her the drink.

“Thanks, baby” she said as she took the drink and turned to look at Mikaela, who was giggling.

As I stood, the fabric clung to my erection and my cock pointed outwards from my gym shorts. I had a hard-on and there was no hiding it now.

Mom saw where Mikaela was looking, and before I could dive in the water, Mom turned and saw my full erection straining at my shorts. The outline of my cockhead, and the entire length of my shaft was fully visible now.

I saw Mom’s jaw drop open in that split second before I dove into the pool.

I stayed under hoping the erection would subside, but had to come up for air eventually although still semi-erect.

Mom and Mikaela were giggling and grinning like a couple of possums.

I started swimming laps and tried to clear my head, but it was continually filling with thoughts of how the rest of Mom’s body might look, and if her pussy wrapped around my cock would feel as hot as Mikaela’s.

The rest of the afternoon was spent just laughing and swimming and having fun. By evening we were all tired and totally relaxed. Mom got out of the pool before us and gave herself some liquid relaxation in the form of several Mojito’s. It was her first full weekend off in quite a while and she was finally getting a chance to unwind.

About an hour later, Mikaela and I toweled off. I made a rat tail with the towel and cracked it like a whip on Mikaela’s tanned ass.

“Hey!” she screamed, and chased me around the pool.

I stopped running eventually and stood by the pool, arms crossed, with a “What are you going to do about it?” look on my face.

Mikaela walked up to me.

“What?” I said in my most dominant tone, which wasn’t very convincing because I was in that funny stage where my voice was changing.

Mikaela grinned wickedly and said, “This!” and pushed me backwards.

I managed to grab her arm and pulled her into the pool on top of me.

I squeezed her ass with both my hands and she kicked away.

When I surfaced, she was laughing.

“I’ll get you for that!” she said.

I smiled and got out of the pool again.

We both toweled off again and went inside. We, including Mom, all stayed in our bathing suits because we’d all gotten a little too much sun, and putting on regular clothes would only have made us hotter.

After dinner and a few more drinks, Mom was really beginning to unwind. She laughed and joked with us in a more adult fashion, recognizing the fact that we were young adults now. It was a great day. I had no clue as to how much better of a night it was going to be!

At about 10p.m. Mom excused herself to turn in for the night. Her legs were slightly wobbly, and her gait was showing the effects of multiple Mojitos. I jumped to my feet, and putting my arm around Mom, walked her into her bedroom. I helped her sit on the edge of the bed.

“You’re strong” she said. “My little boy has become a man”.

I saw her looking at my trunks.

“Thanks, Mom” I said, bowing out before my dick got hard. “Call me if you need anything”.

The door to Mom’s room creaked as I tried to close it, but the door frame is a little out of square and it wouldn’t click shut, so I left it slightly ajar.

Mikaela had turned the lights off in the Family Room and was stretched out like a cat on the couch watching TV, so I flopped down in the recliner. It was a chick-flick. Not really my cup of tea, or so I thought, but there were some nice-looking couples in it. The guy was handsome and buff, and the girl was hot as hell. I started digging the erotic scenes a little more and more.

“Hmmmm….so this is why women like this type of movie” I thought.

I noticed Mikaela’s movements as she squirmed around on the couch.

She was getting turned on.

I got up and went to get a drink from the Kitchen, and while walking past Mom’s room heard a soft buzzing sound and moans from within. Peeking in the door, I got an eyeful! Mom had stripped off her bathing suit and was lying back, legs dangling off the bed, and she was pumping a large vibrator vigorously into her pussy. I could see the moisture on the tool glinting in the soft light of her room.

My cock sprang to attention immediately. God, my Mom was hot looking! The look on her face was a mixture of pain and pleasure. The toy was at least ten inches long, and Mom was burying it to the hilt. I watched until my dick was so hard I could have hammered nails with it! It was beautiful.

I pulled myself away and went to the Kitchen for that cold glass of soda. My hands were shaking so bad that I could barely pour it without spilling it.

When I walked back to the Family Room, I dared not look in Mom’s room because I already wanted to pump my cock while watching her, and feared what might happen if she actually saw me. I didn’t want Mom to think I was a pervert like Dad. I think she was finished though because when I passed by I could no longer hear the buzzing of her toy.

When I entered the Family Room there was a hot love scene on the movie, and Mikaela was moaning softly, and gyrating her hips, her fingers underneath the bikini bottoms massaging her pussy.

She jumped when I entered, fearing it was Mom, and then upon seeing it was me, smiled and once again began probing her depths and rubbing her clit.

I sat down and watched Mikaela. She had turned off the overhead light and her eyes were glued to the couple of on-screen lovers, and she picked up her pace and gyrations until she suddenly shook in a series of convulsions that told me she was having a good, long orgasm.

The movie had ended during her orgasm. Mikaela clicked off the TV with the remote and after a few moments of silence in the darkness she asked, “Did you enjoy watching the movie?”

“Yes” I said, “But not as much as I enjoyed watching you cum”.

“You are really hot” I continued.

She seemed to be in deep thought for a few moments, and then she looked over at me and simply said, “Thanks”.

I heard the door to Mom’s room creak, and assumed she was coming out, and I turned to look. The door was open more than earlier and the light was still on, but no one was there. Satisfied Mom wasn’t coming out, I relaxed and slowly stroke my cock through my trunks.

“I see you liked watching me a lot” Mikaela said.

I did, and it was evident by my hard-on, but I had become momentarily distracted by fearing that Mom would catch Mikaela masturbating, especially since she was doing it in front of me.

“What did you think of Mom’s body?” Mikaela asked. “Isn’t she beautiful?”

“I think any guy would be crazy not to want her” I said.

“Or girl” Mikaela giggled. “Have you ever noticed how many female friends Mom has?”

I pondered the thought for a moment, but said nothing. “Could Mom be gay?”

Mikaela got up, walked over to the recliner, and then bent down and whispered in my ear, “I want to suck your nice, big cock”.

Those words were music to my ears. Every time my sister went down on me she seemed to get better at it.

“We can’t here” I said. “Mom might see us”.

“It’s too dark in here for her to see us easily” Mikaela argued. “Just be quiet”.

Tossing caution to the wind, Mikaela knelt in front of the recliner, leaned forward, pulled my cock out and sucked my cock into her warm mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, then pulled it out and licked the sensitive underside like a lollypop.

Reaching down, she began rubbing her clit as she sucked me.

Suddenly I heard a long moan and said, “Shhh Sis! Mom will hear you!”

Mikaela stared back up at me.

“That wasn’t me!” she said.

“Well, it wasn’t me!” I countered.

I quickly tucked my cock into my trunks and Mikaela and I stood.

Again there was a long, deep moan.

It was coming from Mom’s room!

We both quickly and quietly hurried over to Mom’s doorway, and when we looked in I guess we shouldn’t have been surprised.

Mom was still laying with her legs off the bed, but now her legs were spread wide, and with one hand she had the lips of her pussy spread apart, and with the other hand she was rubbing her clit with lightning speed as Duke drove his long tongue deep inside her honey pot.

Mikaela leaned forward on me to get a good look and whispered, “So that’s where Duke learned to do it!”

I dropped my trunks to my feet and started stroking my cock.

Mikaela was out of her bikini in a flash and positioned herself in front of me. I pressed my cock against her ass and rubbed it up and down as Mikaela rubbed her clit fast like Mom.

“Oh yeah, Duke….eat me good…Fuck!!!!” Mom squealed as her body was wreaked in a wave of orgasmic pleasure. It was at that moment that I learned Mom has the unique and rare trait of squirting. Cum shot all over Duke’s snout and he lapped up her sweet juices hungrily.

It was at that moment that Mikaela and I leaned in too far, and the squeaky door swung open.

Suddenly, there we all were.

Mom still squirting cum all over Dukes face.

Mikaela and I completely nude.

Me with a raging hard-on.

<End Chapter 3>

Hope you’re still enjoying it folks…More to cum!

Rating: 93%, Read 96240 times, Posted Jul 11, 2010

Fantasy | Bestiality, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism


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