Cowboy Ch 1 by Kountrygal

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True Story |

I was visiting my sick aunt in Rapid City, SD. I was there a week, when one night at the supper table she suggested I drive down to Keystone, after all she wasn’t ill enough for me to be twenty-four-seven. She handed me a brochure and said, “It’s a trip back in time, on an authentic 1880 train, check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it.

The train took one back in time to the old west, through the Black Hills of South Dakota from Keystone to Hill City and back. One could relax in coach, and watch the beautiful scenery, or visit the dining car. However keep and eye out, there are train robbers on the loose. The re-enactment was called, “Shootout train ride.”

There’s the good-guy, as sheriff trying to protect the gold, and bad-guys trying to steal it, damsels in distress and those causing it.

My mind wandered back in time for a few minutes. Then I was brought back to reality when auntie told me she was going to bed. Adding, “What’d yah think of the brochure?”

“I’m going on a little trip, to the old west, and watch a shoot out.”

She yawned and said, “Fill me in on the details when you return, goodnight.”

My night was filled with train whistles, a handsome sheriff, and bandits. The next morning I bade her goodbye and headed for Keystone.

I met him when I boarded the train. He was sitting in the seat ahead of me, and I wondered if he was part of the shootout re-enactment. His rugged look with his chaps, jeans, and mustache took me back to an earlier time, when people were honest, and trustworthy.

I licked my lips hungrily, wondering what he sounded like, and better yet what he looked like under his clothes.

Oh god, the mere thought of it, made my pussy purr with pleasure. Just what I didn’t need right now, for him to smell how aroused I was becoming.

When he turned, and gazed at me I thought I’d melt right then, and there.

I managed to find my voice, “Hello, are you one of the actors here in the show?”

With a drawl sexy enough to melt butter, he answered. “Yeah pretty lady, names ‘Cowboy.’

Damn his voice matched his looks and my whole body screamed, ’hell yes I want to fuck him.’

“My name is Kandy, nice to meet you. This is my first time here. I’m from Tennessee and visiting my sick aunt who lives near here. She suggested I come see the show, so here I am. I love riding in old train like this, the clicky-clack of the wheels, makes me feel like it was really 1890?”

We began talking like they we were long lost friends; perhaps lovers from a past time. When his eyes met mine, I felt it clear to the center of me womanhood.

My whole body trembled, and my clit screamed, ‘well honey, now’s the time to seduce the cowboy.’

It was then he told me that he liked to be blunt and to the point. “I cannot help but notice those captivating green-eyes darling. I love a full figured woman also yours makes me wonder what lies beneath those clothes.”

I bit my lip, and blushed all over, which is not hard too do, it’s my usual color when talking to someone this sexy.

“I like it when a man is direct, and states what is on his mind. I hate it when they play games, and beat around the bush; it’s always wasted too much time. You have a very sexy smile; I’d love to see what’s behind those sunglasses.”

He removed them, winked, and said, “Lil-darlin, I think we are on the same train track, how’s about meeting me in the caboose?”

Now was my chance, “Meet you, I'd lead you there!"

“Mmmm, I like that idea.”

I batted my seductive eyes and purred, “What’s the first thing you do?”

His reply was as smooth as whiskey. “Just gaze at your sweet ass as you wiggled your way between the rows of seats to the back of the car.”

I envisioned myself in the period dress of the old western days. I laughed, shaking that idea out of my head, because there would be too many damn clothes to take off.

“Mmmm, just gaze? I like where this is going.”

When we were at the coupling to the caboose, he took my hand, and helped me across. When safely in side he took me into his arms and kissed me deeply.

I placed my around his neck, leaned into him, and then kissed him deep enough to curl his toes. As our tongues danced together, I melted into his arms.

His hands caressed my ass. I kissed his neck, nibbled his ear, and whispered, "I want you."

His warm lips moved over my neck softly kissing, his nostrils flared, while taking in my sweet fragrance. He then unbuttoned my blouse, and moved his lips down over my cleavage.

I ran my hands down his back, moaning in delight, and he growled hungrily.

With one hand, and a quick move of his fingers my bra gently falls to the floor. The only sound heard is our hard breathing and the click of the wheel over the tracks.

I unbuttoned his shirt, and kissed his flesh, “Mmm.”

His mouth moved over me breast softly kissing, and licking till he found my sweet nipple. Covering it and suckling like a baby in my arms.

Oh gawd, I loved titty man! I pulled his head closer and ran me fingers through his hair.

He continued kissing, and sucking as my nipple making it harden in his mouth. He scissors the other one between his fingers, and I moan softly.

I stopped him briefly, and pulled his head up to my hungry lips. I placed my mouth on his and our tongues do the dance of lovers.

I could feel his desire as he kissed me deeply, while his hands pushed my jeans down over my hips. I wiggled, and helped remove them. With trembling fingers I unzipped his, and slid his jeans down, eagerly awaiting the prize within.

Stepping out of my panties, I watched him ogle me, and blushed with desire.

His shorts were tight; his cock was hard for me already. I reached down, and attempted to remove them.

Toeing his boots off, he slipped out of his jeans and shorts. We found ourselves totally naked as the train rumbled on.

I moved into his body, as our passion erupted like steam between us.

He gently lay me on one of the bunks, as his lips go back to my wanting breast for more attention.

I purred in ecstasy, “Oooooooooh.”

His hand moved between my soft white thighs, and cupped my wanting pussy.

I quivered in anticipation when he gently slipped his finger slowing into my wetness, softly stroking as it moved up over my hot clit.

I spread my legs wider moving my hips into his hand, while reaching for his cock, wanting to feel it in my hand.

He slipped his index finger deep inside me, and started finger-fucking me fast. I grasped his cock firmly, and slowly started stroking it. His lips on my nipple, was adding to the response from his hand.

“Ooooh I love that! Keep it up baby, make me cum!”

He removed his finger, brought it to his lips, and tasted my sweetness. Following that, they went down over my tummy leaving a wet trail with his tongue. His mouth finds its prize, and he started softly licking the folds of my pussy.

A gasp escaped my lips. “Eat me baby."

My fingers moved down, and separated the lips of my wanting flower. As my sweet pink clit showed he covered it with his mouth and suck gently.

I raised my hips to meet his eager mouth, as my juices flowed down the crack of my ass.

His finger stroked my swollen g-spit, as he sucked it harder and harder, wanting every sweet drop of my sweet nectar.

I ran my fingers through his hair, pulling him closer too me, and gasped. “Ohhh fuck, sweety, your going to make me cum!"

His tongue danced against my clit, and I flooded his face with more of my juices.

Pure ecstasy overtook my body, I closed my eyes, as I felt my climax building.

His tongue was fucking me now like a wild man on a mission, wanting every sweet drop of my juices in his mouth.

I began to shake as the climax surged through me like a freight train out of control, flooding his face, and whiskers.

He continued lapping up every drop from me while rubbing my g-spot harder, wanting me to totally loose control, and squirt all over him. I quivered, and he sucked even harder, even though I tried to push him away.

I wanted him with every fiber of my being, needing to feel his hard cock deep inside me. I reached down pulling at his shoulders, urging him to rise up, and fuck me.

I showed him I couldn’t take any more and brought my knees together. So he rolled me over on my tummy, and I got up on my knees.

Before he could say or do anything, I looked him straight in the eyes, and confessed, “I want to suck your cock first!”

He moved around, placed his cock against my lips, and smeared then with his pre-cum.

With one hand I rolled his balls, engulfed his member, as I began sucking it, and tickling it with my tongue.

He grabbed my head, and rammed his cock into my sweet mouth fucking it long hard thrusts.

“Oh please stop, I don’t want to cum in your mouth sugar! I want my dick deep inside your cunt, so I can fill every crevice with cum!”

He kissed me passionately. Moving behind me, took his hard cock, with its hot purple head covered with pre-cum, and rubbed it on my ass. Then he placed it against my cunt, rubbing, and teasing it with just the head.

My body trembled, as I pushed my ass into his cock. Moaning as my muscles gripped his shaft like a vice, and began milking it hard.

He fucked me with slow, long strokes, in and out of my wet pussy, each one felt to the very depths of my soul.

We moved in rhythm like a well oiled machine, picking up speed, faster and faster, as he fucked me. Fucking like wild animals with so much passion and desire.

I feel it burning clear to the center of my womanhood as our body’s rock with the motion of the train.

Ramming my hips into his, I shrieked, "Fill me with cum darlin!"

With a great lunging pushed his whole body shaking hard, and exploded inside me.

That triggered another climax in me, and I squealed, “Ooooh god yes,” cuming so hard we nearly lost our balance.

We stayed like that locked in each other, not wanting the passionate moment to end.

He rolled over onto the bed next to me, and pulled me close.

I fell into his arms. “I could kiss you endlessly, and snuggle for hours.

Cowboy kissed my lips and uttered, “Mmmmmm I like that idea baby!”

Rating: 94%, Read 48549 times, Posted Jul 25, 2011

True Story |


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