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Part One

  At a young age, I was found in the woods.  I was taken in by the Innkeepers, a nice old lady named Fiona, and her husband, Thet.  They named me Brian, after they're son who died when he was a child.  They raised me until I was eight, until Fiona was struck down by a heart attack.  After that, Thet was never the same.  He still cared about me dearly however, because I was their son.  Because of his old age, he wasn't able to run the Inn alone anymore.  I helped him run it until something happened.

  One day, as I was changing the bed sheets of room three, I heard an someone yell "They're coming!".  I had no idea who this "they" were, so I ran downstairs to ask what was happening.  I saw Thet grabbing a sword from the shed, as I asked.

"It's Gillian Backwater.  He's the leader of the Black Ogres."  Thet said calmly, but there was a hint of fear in those words.

Soon we spotted a group of men in dark armor approaching.  In the front was a very tall man, about seven feet tall.  The knights of our village ran towards them in their armor, equipped with swords and arrows.  For some reason I knew they didn't stand a chance.

Everyone in the village moved close to see what would happen.  As the knights moved past us, I felt something was wrong.  I glanced at Thet before turning my head back to the oncoming battle.  The tall one in front, Thet pointed out, was Gillian.  The knights stopped running as they got within a few feet of Gillian.  It looked like the knights were trying to bargain with him, but to no avail.  When Gillian shook his head, Thet handed me the sword, and told me to be careful before he ran into the shed to grab one for himself.

The knights got into they're fighting stance, and Gillian laughed in delight.  He looked at his men, and then looked at the knights.  With a flick of his fingers, all the knights' armor either snapped off, or to the unlucky ones, melted into their chain mail armor underneath.  It must have seeped into their skin, because they gave earth-shattering screams as it happened.  Thet returned in time to watch the horror unfold.  To the knights who were lucky, they ran, or at least tried to run away.  Before they got very far, Gillian stopped them by raising his hand.  They just froze.  He stared each one, one at a time, and when he looked away from one, he disappeared.  Vanished into thin air.  He lowered his hand, and raised his head.  I felt a shiver of coldness when I realized he was looking right at me.  

He and his men slowly approached Thet and I, never looking away from me.  Thet tightened his grip on his sword noticeably when they stood directly in front of us.

"What...  What do you want f-from us? Thet stuttered.

"Lower your weapon, peasant.  They will do you no good." Gillian said, in a deep voice.

Regardless of what Gillian said, Thet kept his weapon pointed at him.  I however, put mine down.

"I have traveled many miles to see you." Gillian pointed at me.

"Why?  I don't even know you."  I asked.

"Because you are mine."  He said.

Thet and I took a step back in shock.

"What do you mean he's yours?!  My wife and I found him in the forest, and we've raised him ever since!  And that was fourteen years ago!"  Thet yelled.

"Because that was fate.  That same day he was born, but my Apprentice hated the fact that I would have a son, knowing my son would be my favorite.  He decided to try and leave the child to die, deep in the forest.  We searched, trying to find him, but we never did.  When I heard he was alive, I began my quest to find my heir."  Said Gillian.

"But...  But your evil!" Thet shouted.

"I don't classify myself to be good or evil.  I do what I want, yes, but I don't go out of my way to be evil.  I may lean more towards that side yes, but I really don't care."  Gillian said.

"I want some proof!  I don't really belive your his-"

Just then, Gillian's eyes lit a bright green, his hair turned white, and he reached out his hand.

"Raise your hand, boy." He said.  Slowly, I raised my hand, only to see a yellow glow travel from our hands until they met.  My hair turned white, and my eyes a bright green, just like his.  After this, I was able to watch one of Gillian's memories.  It was of him watching his wife hold me, in their bed.  His wife, my mother, hugged me gently.  When the memory ended, a shockwave rattled everyone except us.  Our hair and eyes went back to normal, and the yellow glow faded.

"That was the moment after you were born.  Later that day, you were taken.  I know your are my son, because you too share my ability.  We Backwaters share a gift given at the beginning of time.  Come with me, and I will teach you how to use it.  I know you've encountered it before.  Have you ever seen something happen that you knew was going to?  This power will say that way, unless you get training.  You have seen my power, now, would you like to learn how to use yours?"

Part Two

I looked at Thet.

"Go.  You belong with him."  He said.

I turned towards Gillian.  His long, shoulder length  raven hair, pale skin, and blue eyes looked trustworthy enough.

"Okay."  I said, with a bit concern.

"Good.  We leave at once."  Gillian said as he started towards the caravan.

"Oh.  I forgot this."  He said as he tossed me a ring.  I caught it, and asked,

"What's this?"

"Your family ring.  The red in the center indicates your royalty."

"But your not the king.  Are you?"  I asked.

"Look.  When we get back, you will be treated like royalty, because I am, and so is your mother.  Being the leaders of a bandit organization has its perks."  Gillian stated.

"Well, when your a king someday, don't forget about me.  Visit sometimes."  Said Thet with a grin.

"I love you."  I said as I hugged him.

"We're leaving now.  Hurry up."  Said a bandit.

I walked to the caravan as I put the ring on my index finger.

The drive was long, with multiple attacks by random groups of bandits.  It may be confusing sometimes, but there are multiple groups of bandits.  You can always tell who's on who's side however, because the different groups have logos.  My father, Gillian's logo was a circle Isolde of a square.  Every bandit wore his group's logo, and no one dared to spit on his group's name by wearing another group's logo.

We arrived at a valley that seemed peaceful enough.  In the distance was a castle, with guards in the front.   We were let in after a quick bow by the guards.  I sat in the front with my father, with only the driver and horses in front of us.  He told me about some of the things I could do with my powers, once I completed the training.  I could influence peoples decisions, control peoples bodies (one of the hardest), levitate, speak languages I never took lessons in, and a lot more.  Once the caravan was unpacked and parked, Gillian took me through the inside gates.  Again we were bowed too, but this time, a guard yelled "The prince has returned!  Well met!"

"First you must meet your mother.  She was but a peasant before I met her, and she is purely good."  My father said.  In front of us stood two doors, that were red with gold designs flowing everywhere on it.  Gillian grabbed one of the door handles and pulled.  Inside where three thrones, the one in the middle the biggest.

"The throne on the left is yours.  The throne in the middle is mine, and the throne on the right is your mother's."  Gillian said.

"So where's mom?"  I asked.

"I...  Don't know.  She was here when I left a few months ago.  Let us check the garden.  She loves to spend time there."  He said.

We walked out of the throne room, and through some corridors.  Once outside, my father yelled,

"You!  Servant!  Where is my wife?"

"Out in the meadows, my lord."  He replied nervously.

"Good.  Return to your duty."  Gillian replied as he walked away.

It was difficult to keep up with his long strides, what with him being so tall.  I wondered if I would ever be that tall.  I'm five seven, so maybe.  When I eventually caught up with him,  I decided to ask about my powers.

"So uh...  Dad?"  I asked.

"You want to know about your powers, don't you?"  He asked.  Freaking mind reader.

"Yeah.  So when-"

"You start training in the morning.  Be prepared, long years of physical and mental training will await you."  He said.

"But don't worry, it will all pay off, once you see what you are able to do."

We exited the tall gates, as soldiers bowed.  After that, we walked along a large lake, with trees and flowers around us.  I never thought the leader of a bandit group would live in a place so...  Beautiful.  Father walked up to a tree and grabbed an apple.

"Here."  He said as he through it to me.

"It has been a while since you've eaten, and if your to unlock all your abilities, you need your nutrients."

That was the first father-like thing to say to me I have ever heard him say.

"Thanks...  Dad."  I responded.  After I called him "dad" he gave me a look, one that said "I have waited so long to hear that".  It made me think that he wasn't all evil.

Across the valley I saw a woman picking flowers.  She continued to put flower after flower into her basket until father yelled "Janet!"

The woman looked at us, and dropped her basket.  She started to run to us, but father decided to try something else.  He started to levitate, and hovered about an inch over the water.  He reached "Janet" picked her up,and held her in a loving embrace.  Again reminding me he wasn't all evil.  It was at this point I realized she must be my mother.  I ran to her, and we all hugged for sometime.  She had tears in her eyes.

"I missed you so much!  There was a point where I thought I'd never see you again, but it looks like your father made sure that wouldn't happen!"  She cried.  I finally felt whole.  I knew who my actual parents where now.  I finally knew who I was.  Whether I turned out good, or evil, I'd always have my family in my life.

Part Three

Father, mother and I got home safely.  It was already late afternoon when we got home, and I had been away from my village for about a week.  At home, mother started making supper.  Even though the castle has a cook, mom insists on making the food.  I'm actually glad, knowing the food I'm eating is cooked by someone I know.  Dad has a lot of enemies.

Mother made potatoes, some kind of meat slab (I really don't know what is is.  In my old village, Thet and I ate stew most of the time), and a cabbage soup.  She made sure I had all my vegetables, and I'm guessing she did that because she never got to when I was little.  The food was good, and we had milk to drink.  When we were finished, we walked to the gardens, gathered some wood, and made a campfire.  Everyone was asleep by this time, excluding us.

Father and mother explained the search to find me.  It was a bigger deal than I had imagined.  Everyone in the village was looking for me, perhaps to gain some prestige from the king.  Not to mention the other bandit leaders where trying to find me, to hold me for ransom.  Something told me if my father found out I was captive in an enimies base, then the people in that base wouldn't be around for very long.  No king knew about this, for we lived very far from any of the kingdoms.

Eventually, when my parents became desperate, they put up a 10,000 gold coin reward, but to no avail.  The search continued for about half a year, until there were no more leads.  The only thing my parents had to remember me by, was a shred of my shirt, found inside the Yorcome Woods. Even my father was powerless to find me.

I could only imagine what my mother and father must have been thinking.

Father and only his most trusted bandits made the quest with him, in his best caravan, to find me.  His apprentice, of course, went with him, and my father later found out was ruining all the trails.  Gillian returned home, with nothing to show for his effort.  He had been gone nearly a year, and when he stepped through the gates, he was nearly on the verge of collapsing.  He was brought in for food poisoning, and as my father later found out, his apprentice was behind it.

About three years after my disappearance, my father's apprentice became greedy with power.  His powers never even scaled up with my family's, and I think he knew that.  The only reason my father bothered to train his was because he was afraid of not having an heir, someone to pass down the family power to, and someone to take over after he was gone.  Gillian saw a spark of power in this young man (his apprentice), and he decided to try and train him.  He never showed anything more than a spark.

My father's apprentice was constantly eager to learn the darkest of powers, and never tried to learn anything he felt "wouldn't make him stronger".  If he felt it wouldn't benefit him, he would skip it.  There was no doubt that father's apprentice was treading on the dark path.  Of course, father didn't mind, but others did.Just when father started to become fed up with his power-hungry apprentice, my mother gave birth to me.  It was that same day the young man of whom father was training took me.

He hid me in his room, and cast an evil spell that would transport the best of souls, to the places they were least likely to survive.  If he had paid attention, he would know that the spell wasn't a hundred percent certain to work, and it didn't.  In fact, it just teleported me inside of the wagon of Fiona and Thet Hollender, and they would raise me for fourteen years.

Father found out about his apprentice's treachery when he was trying to teach him of the memory skill, like the one he had used on me.  When doing this, father found the memory of him abducting me, and he became enraged.  Father blew the top off the ceiling, and it shattered into smithereens.  His hair lit black, his eyes red, and a dark aura surrounded him.  His apprentice tried to run, but only got to the door.  Father bursted through the wall, and grabbed his apprentice by the throat.  He sent a mental message to everyone in the castle to grab their weapons, and to meet him in the courtyard.  He flew out of the building, witch wasn't a big deal, considering there was no roof, and slammed the young man into the side of a building.  He then threw him down towards the ground, and surrounded his apprentice in a purple force field.  His people around him, Gillian told everyone that his so called "apprentice" was a traitor, and that he was responsible for my disappearance.  Somehow the young man found the power to teleport away, but knowing his power, father knew he couldn't be far.  Everyone in the castle searched and searched, but the ex apprentice was never found.  He was presumed dead by the injuries that father gave him, and was never seen again.

"It's getting late.  Should we head back now?"  Mother asked.

"Yes.  You will have a hard day of training tomorrow, and you need your sleep."  Father said as he looked at me.

"Oh my!  I can't wait for you to see your bedroom!  I have kept it clean myself all these years, into the hopes you'd find your way home one day!"  Mother said as she gave me a hug.  We walked back to the castle, and walked past the throne room.  Father led us past a few corridors, and walked up to a fireplace.  He recited a few words that I couldn't understand, and then the fireplace lifted up about a foot.  We crawled under, and it opened up to a vast room, with a two rooms, a room filled to the brim with leather bound books, a kitchen, and a bathing room.

"This is where we sleep.  And also, you will begin your training by studying with those books."  Father said as he pointed to the room with the books.

"We cannot risk anyone getting their hands on the books, or us, so you must never tell anyone where we sleep.  Do you understand?"  Father asked.

"Yes."  I said.  I was still overcome with all the books.  Back with Fiona and Thet, the only book we had was the Bible.

"Your room is just like the thrones."  Mother stated.

"So, it's the one on the left?"  I asked.

"Good, you remembered."  Said Gillian.

"If you get hungry, there's a kitchen over here."  Said mom, pointing to the side of the room.

"We only have water, bread, and maybe some fruits and vegetables however, because anything else would spoil to fast."  Said father.

"Well, you get some sleep, and we will see you at dawn."  Said mother.

They walked into the second room on the right, and I walked into the first room on the left.  Immediately I was filled with awe.  Their was a red velvet rug on the floor, the bed was white silk, the dresser was oak...  I have never seen a room so elegant.  Their was a mirror on the wall, and a chest near the foot on the bed filled with clothing.  Their was red and blue robes, white fancy looking clothes for important occasions, regular clothing but with my father's symbol on the right shoulder side, and a purple tunic.  Was really caught my attention was a green tunic with gold and silver patterns everywhere on it.  There was also my fathers symbology on the right shoulder side, but it also covered the entire back of it.  I knew I had found my favorite clothes.

I felt sweaty.  I hadn't showered since the morning Gillian had came to get me.  Looking in the mirror, my jet black hair was rough, my chest felt grimy, and my shoes where filled with rocks.  There was dirt on my hands, and on my face.

Remembering the bathing room, I exited my room and walked across the room to it.  I opened the door and stepped in.  It was dark, but I found a match and lit one of the many candles.  Making an estimate, I'd say it was about eight-thirty.  I took off my clothing, neatly folded it, and stepped inside the large wooden bath.  I rubbed myself with soap, and poured bucket after bucket of water on my skin until the soap was gone.  I stepped out, shivered, and blew out the candle.  I threw away the match, and I watched the water drain through the hole in the tub.  I walked outside the bathing room and quickly ran into my room.  I stepped into a pair of underwear, and grabbed the blue robe.

I pulled myself into the white silk covers, and put out the lamp.  I wonder what my training will be like in the morning...

I then fell into one of the deepest sleeps I had ever had.

Part Four

Brian's Power, Chapter Four

Hey!  Welcome to Part Four of my Brian's Power stories! In this Chapter, Brian starts his training!  Smaller chapter, sorry.


"Hey there Mister, time to get up."  Said a feminine voice.

I adjusted my eyes to the dim lighting, and realized it was my mother, Janet.

"Got it.  I'll get dressed."  I said as I tried to clear the blur from my eyes.  I walked to the chest at the foot of the bed, and grabbed the green tunic with the gold designs.  I took of the  blue robe, and neatly folded it.  I put it back inside the chest and put on the tunic.  Figuring the training would be intense, I grabbed a pair of white, baggy, pantaloons.

I looked a myself in the mirror.  I looked fairly good, and royal.  Remembering my family ring, I grabbed it of the dresser.  I walked out of my room into the kitchen outside.  Father was sitting at the table, and mother was setting things on the table.  I took a seat near Gillian.

"Janet, would you please prepare three vials of Stamina Elixirs?"  Said father.

"Certainly.  If you train Brian here as hard as you trained your old apprentice, he'll need it."  Said mother with a smile.

I knew I probably shouldn't be, but I was actually really exited about the training.  For breakfast we had apples and the leftover meat slabs from yesterday.

"After breakfast, your training begins.  We start the day in the throne room."  Gillian said.

"Okay."  I responded.

After we finished breakfast, father muttered the same words I couldn't understand, and the same hole appeared.  We crawled through it, walked through the corridors, and arrived at the throne room.  We each took our individual seats in the thrones.  Me in the left, father in the middle, and mother in the right.  A man walked up to father.

"Ah!  I see your son has returned!  Shall I sound the horn, and have the prince meet the castle?"  The man asked.

"Yes."  Father replied, obviously in deep thought.

A large crowd gathered inside the large throne room.  Father, mother, and I stood in the middle of the room, and I shook hands with everyone.  The castle was quite nice, with old men, regular men, women, children, teenagers, guards, archers, warriors, and the rest of the military.  I had waken up at about six in the morning, and by the time I was done meeting everyone,  it was about ten in the morning.  After that, everyone bowed, or kneeled, and yelled,

"Hail the prince!"

Mother went to tend the garden, and father and I walked to the castle well, inside the meadow.  We each drank from the bucket, and then the training began.

"I am going to demonstrate the first power you will learn.  Said father.

He jumped into the air, lifted his arms, and just, stayed there.  He was levitating in the air.

"Now you try!"  He shouted down.

I jumped into the air, and...

fell back down.

"Try again!"  He shouted.

I raised myself off my knees, and tried again.  I jumped a bit higher, and for a second, it felt like I stopped in mid air.

Kind of a slap in the face to fall back down again.

Father dropped back down and landed on his right foot.  He walked back over to me, and helped me up.

"You need to calm yourself.  Think of birds, heights, anything to do with the air."  Said father.

I dusted my pants off, and calmed myself.

"Good.  Now jump, and raise your arms."  Said Gillian.

I closed my eyes, jumped, and I didn't feel myself fall.

"Good!"  Yelled Gillian.

Wait...  I opened my eyes, and father looked like an ant.

I was flying!  Well, not flying, but levitating!  I can't believe it!

"Raise your arms!"  Yelled Gillian.

I did, and I stayed perfectly still.

"Now try and move!"  He yelled.

I moved my head, my arms, and my feet.

"Now try and leap in mid air!"  Yelled father.

I did, and I flew through the air.

"Now come back down!"  He yelled.

"How?"  I mumbled, but right after that, I plummeted back down.  I landed on the grass, but I was at least thirty feet in the air, so it hurt.  Father ran up to me.

"You okay?"  He asked with concern.

"Yeah."  I said as I got up.

"You did good.  Not many people can master levitation and flying so fast before."  He said as we sat on the grass.

I kept trying to catch my breath as we rested for about a half hour.

"What do you say we work on one of your battling abilities now?"  He asked.

"Yeah!"  I said as I sprung up.

"Punch me as hard as you can."  Said father.

"Umm...  Sorry dad, I don't think I can do that."  I said

"Just do it."  He said.

I reached back, and my fist shot through the air.  Just as it was about to hit dad, he disappeared, and reappeared on the side of my fist, grabbing my wrist.

"Nice power, but that's not going to cut it."  He said as he flung me by my arm, face first into the dirt.

"Ow!"  I yelled.  "What'd you do THAT for?!"

"A real opponent doesn't got easy."  He replied.

We sparred for about an hour, using our fists.

"Now I think it's time for Class Placement."  Said Gillian.

"What's that?  Like school?"  I asked.

"You'll see."  Said father.

"I am going to teleport us to a special mountain.  Say near me at all times."  Said father.

"Okay."  I responded.

He grabbed my shoulder, and his normally blue eyes turned yellow.  We appeared on a mountain with a pink sky.  The grass was a bright red, and the trees' leaves were blue.

This is one f***ed up mountain.


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