Promotion 2 by Impax

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True to his mother's word, he found all three of his bags packed with his clothes and the contents of his nightstand drawer. She had even included his four pornographic magazines, located on top of his luggage. He grinned at the sight of them and put them in the trash.

He left the bags where they were and went to Becky's room and tapped on the window. She looked relieved to see him as she went over and opened it a crack, pushing a piece of paper at him.

“I can't stay here with you gone.” the note said. “Mother has forbidden me to speak to you, so I wrote this.”

Becky was getting a large dufflebag out of her closet and dragging it over to the window as he continued reading.

“I'm eighteen, and there's only two months left of high school. I can graduate even if I don't live here. I want to live with you at the movie store, and I'll play what ever games you want me to play. I just know that living with Mother isn't going to allow me to live my life, and I can't accept that. I'm looking forward to accepting you and your games into my life.”

As Becky opened her window wide, their mother immediately began knocking on the bedroom door.

“Rebecca? What are you doing, Rebecca?” she called. “Answer me this minute!” The doorknob rattled, but the chair was propped under the knob and held the door closed.

“REBECCA ANNETTE STERLING, you OPEN this door right now!” she ordered. Becky pushed her bag out the window, and Tom wrestled it through and to the ground, out of the way.

Becky was just coming through the window when the chair gave way and the door burst open. Tom whirled Becky behind him, then pulled the window closed as she picked up her bag, then he followed her around the corner while Mother shrieked at them like the harridan she was.

Miss Peabody came to her porch as Becky and Tom took their bags and began walking down the road toward the bus stop at the corner. Mother was on her porch as well, her phone in hand, and dialing.

“I'm calling the police.” she told their backs as they walked away. “You can't kidnap my daughter out of her own house.

“He's not kidnapping me, Mother; I'm running away.” Becky shouted back.

“You can't run away; you're eighteen.” sneered her mother. “You want to leave? Fine, leave, but don't expect to come back here pregnant!”

“I don't expect to come back here at all.” she retorted. “And if I do get pregnant, I feel fine knowing you'll never get to see your grand baby.”

“I won't have any grand babies.” Mother said back. “All your going to whelp is sins of the devil. Both of you.”

“Well, Mother, since that's what you did, I guess it's only inevitable that we do the same.” Tom said.

“You could have chosen differently.” Mother said plaintively. “It's not too late. Please come back, and we can forget this madness ever happened. Please come back and be my little angels again?”

Becky laughed out loud at that, and their mother began to weep. She turned her back on them and went into the house, closing the door sadly behind her.

Tom took Becky's big duffle and the largest of his own bags, letting Becky carry the two smallest bags, and they went off down the road. Just as they reached the tall stand of trees that marked the end of the property line, Miss Peabody pulled up in her car.

“I heard the whole thing.' she said, opening the trunk. “Do you kids have a place to go?”

Tom nodded. “I took the manager position at XYZ Movies today, and it comes with the apartment over the store.”

“That place?” she said disdainfully. “Well, I guess it will do for a start, but I'd begin looking for another place right away if I were you.”

“Why is that?” Becky asked.

“It has an unsavory reputation.” Tom said skeptically. 'If you believe in ghosts.”

Becky laughed. “Not me.” she laughed. 'I ain't afraid o' no ghost!”

“I am the Keymaster.” Tom laughed.

“I haven't been a Doorkeeper in about four years.” Miss Peabody said slyly, looking askance at Tom. “Who's going to peep the show through my bedroom window now?”

“Well, Miss Peabody, I guess if you want to keep giving me shows, I guess you'll have to come over to the apartment, won't you?” Tom said boldly, leering at her.

She smiled back at him, and pulled the car into the fenced in lot at the rear. “Let me help you carry the bags upstairs?” she said, getting out of the car.

Angela and Linda were gone from the shaded picnic table when they got there. In their place was a diminutive little redhead, dressed in a white mini skirt.

“Who the fuck are you two?” she demanded, putting her hands on her hips. “This is my fucking spot until dark, so clear off!”

“Chill out.” Tom said, holding up one hand. “I'm Tom Sterling, the new manager, and if you want to keep on here, you had best learn some manners!”

“Oh!” she said, looking a little abashed. “I thought they were trying to cut my action. Sorry.”

“Cut our action? Becky asked, naively. Tom grinned and grabbed the two heaviest bags again.

“Come on. I'll tell you upstairs.” Tom said, heading to the door to the apartment. He unlocked it, then started up.

At the top was the living room, and he was surprised to find the place already furnished. Mr. Anderson had never told him there was already furniture. He saw a shiny metal pole in the center of a raised dais, and five black leather easy chairs arranged around it A matching couch was against the far wall, and spotlights could be turned on that shined up from the floor.. A small hallway led to the master bedroom and the two small bedrooms on either side of the hall.

“Oh, this is nice!” said Miss Peabody, bringing one of the bags up. Becky was right behind her and also made cooing noises of approval. “Oddly decorated, but a nice space. So much open room!”

“It's bigger than what we had at Mom's, and that was a whole house!” she said. “This place is huge, and it's just the upstairs!”

“”Let's look at the bedrooms.” Tom suggested, putting the bags down. “We can sort out which is whose, and then start putting our stuff away.”

“Good idea.” Becky smiled. They went down the hallway together, and into the big master bedroom at the end. They were shocked at what they saw in there.

The heart shaped canopy bed was one thing. All red velvet and golden tassels; it was breathtaking. The headboard had a sliding glass box that held more sizes of dildos than the shop downstairs sold. The collection of whips above that was quite impressive as well.

What really flabbergasted them was the bondage gear lining the walls. There was even a set of stocks, complete with padded kneelers and rotating cuffs to hold the legs in place.

“Oh my God.” Miss Peabody whispered. Becky giggled.

“Language!” she whispered, then realized what she'd said and shrugged her shoulders.

“No, I think you're right, Becky.” Tom smiled. “Miss Peabody should be punished for that, don't you think, little sister?”

Becky giggled and gestured around at all the stuff. '”Well, this is certainly the place for it!”

'What do you say, Miss Peabody, do you still want to give me a show?” he smiled. The woman blushed and quickly shook her head.

“Not in here. Not with... all this.” she said shyly. “Come to my house, maybe...” she whispered a moment later.

“Right, I'm going to be the busiest person in this whole town, between running the store full time and my college classes at night.” Tom laughed. “I'm not going to have time for any shows, sorry.”

“Yes, well, good night, you two. I'm glad you're both finally away from your mother. She was stifling the both of you.” Miss Peabody went back downstairs to her car, and left.

“How about you, little sister.” Tom grinned, once they were alone. He gestured around at all the stuff, just the same as Miss Peabody had a moment before. “You want to give me a show?”

“I might, Mr. Double Agent.” she grinned. “I swear, I haven't got it.”

He grinned back, and folded his arms across his chest. “Are you going to make me search you?” he asked. “Or will you cooperate, and follow orders? I assure you, following orders will go MUCH easier.”

“I'll cooperate.” she whispered. “What do I have to do?”

“You know the routine. Get those clothes off.” Tom said, his voice brooking no argument.

She began unbuttoning her blouse, then took it off, and unhooked the side of her skirt and took it off as well. She looked at him, hesitating, and then took off her bra at his nod.

This time, there was no hiding her modesty behind her hands, and she knew it. She put her hands down at her sides, and let him look at her.

“They are perfect.” he declared. “Little sister, you are beautiful.” he said. He reached out and cupped them with both hands. They just filled his palms with their taut flesh, and her nipples hardened into pebbles at his touch.

She hissed a breath in between her teeth and smiled, that same gleam in her eye that she'd had last night. He felt himself get hard in his pants, and had to slide one hand down to his groin and adjust himself.

“I want to see it.” she whispered shyly, as his hand moved back onto her breast again. “You've gotten to see me twice now, and I'm letting you touch them, so... I want to see it.”

“Okay.” Tom smiled. “Get down on your knees, and get it out, then.” he told her. She gaped at him.

“What?” he said. “You want to see it; that's what you have to do.”

“Okay.' she whispered, her eyes wide open. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she knelt down and pulled his jeans down after opening the button and zipper. She could see how hard he was in his boxers, then she looked up at his face.

“I can't believe this is happening.” she whispered numbly. Her fingers hooked into the elastic waistband. “I can't believe I'm really going to do this.”

She drew his boxers down and freed his fully hard seven inches. It flopped out and nearly hit her in the face. Only her quick reflexes saved her from getting slapped on the forehead by it, and she giggled, looking up at him, startled.

“Do you remember Lisa Stanley?” he asked her quietly. Becky looked away from his cock, where she had been studying it intently, thinking about his question. She still had yet to touch it with her hand, but she had had her face so close he could feel her breath.

“She got kicked out of school last year.” he prompted. “Now do you remember?”

Becky eyes widened as it came to her, and she looked up at her brother in shock. 'You mean the girl who... With Mr. Bromley?”

“That's right.” Tom said, smiling down at her. “What do you think?”

“I... I couldn't!” she exclaimed, then looked at his big hard cock just inches away. “You really want me to...”

“Not only do I want you to; I'm telling you to.” he smiled down at her. He put one hand on the top of her head and pushed his hips forward a little.

She looked very scared as it neared her mouth, and closed her eyes as it brushed her lips. A slight moan escaped as he pushed it more firmly against her closed lips.

“Becky? What's the matter?” he asked, taking his cock away. “I'm sorry; you don't have to if you don't want to. I thought it would be a fun game, but since you don't want it...”

She looked at him, a little tear glistening at the corner of her eye. “I'm sorry, Tom, I'm just scared, that's all.” she whispered. “What if I like doing it? Are you going to think bad things about me? Are you going to stop loving me if it turns out that I'm a... a slut?”

He smiled reassuringly down at her. '”That's Mother you hear.” he said softly. “I could never stop loving you, Rebecca, especially not for being a slut, because you're not a slut, I promise. You're a good girl, honest.”

“You like being naughty; I can see that, if that's what has you worried. Hell, I like being naughty, too.” he told her. “I don't think men can be sluts, well, maybe they can, but it doesn't have the same negative connotations for men as it does for women. I just don't think anyone should be judged by different yardsticks, do you? If I got a reputation for having every girl in school who would spread her legs for me, I would be one of the most popular guys in my class.”

“But if a girl spreads her legs for every guy who looks at her, she is shamed and practically run out of town. To the other side of town, anyway. What's different about a man who is promiscuous than a girl?”

“Women cab get pregnant and not know who the father is.” Becky pointed out. “A man knows that if his woman is faithful, it's his baby. That's why she has to stay faithful and he doesn't.”

She was still kneeling in front of him, and his cock was still less than a foot away, but it seemed far less threatening now. She could even look at it without blushing and giggling.

“But this.” she gestured at him. “This isn't even for procreation, so it's 100% sinful, and that's what makes the woman who does it a slut. It's an act that is purely for pleasure.”

“According to Mother's point of view.” he countered. “One of the biggest things I want to do with my life is break free of all the bullshit she filled our heads with. Don't you?”

“Well, yeah.” Becky agreed, but her face twisted a little again, as she thought about doing it. “But... Tom, promise you won't hate me for this? Because I know before I even start that I'm going to like doing it.”

“Becky, I want you to do it.” he said. “I love you. I'm going to love you even more after, I promise.” He stroked her hair with his hand again, gently urging her face forward again.

This time, she didn't close her eyes when it brushed her lips. This time, she opened her mouth and took him inside. She closed her lips around the head of it and gave a gentle suck.

He inhaled a deep breath of air and arched his back, stiffening as he stood tall.

“Oh, Becky, yes, just like that!” he moaned, letting her hear the love coming through the pleasure in his voice. She took encouragement for it and allowed some more of him in her mouth, about half his length.

She really enjoyed the feel of his firm flesh in her mouth. She enjoyed sucking it in as she let it slide over her tongue. She especially enjoyed the soft sounds of pleasure her brother was making involuntarily as her mouth worked over his most sensitive organ. She even enjoyed the feel of his hand in her hair as he guided the movements of her head.

“Oh God, I love you.” he gasped. “I love you so much, Rebecca! I'm... I'm... oh God, get ready!” he warned her, but she had no idea what she was supposed to get ready FOR.

He grabbed her head in both hands and gripped it tightly, not letting her take her mouth off him. “Oh, oh God, Rebecca, I can't- I can't- UNNGH!” he grunted, and spurted his sister's mouth full of hot, sticky come.

There was far more than a mouthful, and it spurted out the corners of her mouth and dribbled down her chin; her pretty breasts getting covered with drips. He let go of her head and she sat back, spitting the mess out onto the floor.

“What was that?” she gasped. “And you grabbed my head and held me so I couldn't get away!” she protested. “Gah, I'm never going to get that taste out of my mouth now!”

“That was the best thing I ever felt in my life, Becky.” he told her. She wiped her face clean with the heel of her hand and looked up at him.

“I can't believe you did that!” she said reproachfully. “Don't you have any respect for me at all?”

“Becky, guys are supposed to do it in the girl's mouth.” he told her. “Not only that, but the girls are supposed to swallow it, too.” She looked up at him, suspiciously, but he nodded at her that he was being honest. “Girls who do it, really like doing it, too.” he said.

“Really?” she sniffled. “I liked doing it okay, except for that last part.” She hung her head and looked at the floor, ashamed of herself. “Does that make me bad?” she asked. Girls who like doing it are bad girls, Mother says.”

“No, it doesn't, Rebecca.” he said firmly. “I don't care what Mother says anymore.” He took her arms and lifted her back to her feet, then kissed her on the mouth, softly. “I love you more than ever. I honestly do. You're my good girl.”

She hugged him and lay her head on his shoulder, starting to cry with happiness a little. “I love you too.” she sobbed into his chest. “Oh, Tom, if you ever want me to do that again, I will.” she promised, looking into his eyes. “Just give me some warning next time, okay? And no grabbing my head.”

He kissed her lips again. “You got it, little sister.” he said. “I'm glad you liked it. I really liked it as well.”

She looked at him slyly. “Remember the shows I used to give you while you were looking through my window?” she asked coyly. “Well, I'm about to give you another show, and this time, there's no window between us.”

She went over to the bed, then lay down on it, on her side, facing him. She raised one knee up, then slid both hands into her panties. He could see her rubbing herself, then went over and sat on the bed beside her.

She gasped when he put his hand on her raised up knee, and her eyes grew wide as he slid that hand down, inside her thigh. As it moved onto the outside of her panties, she took her hands away.

She moaned and turned over onto her back, letting her legs open wide for his hand, as he caressed her groin through the thinnest of cotton material.

He had never done this before, but he had watched her do it to herself enough times that he knew what to do. She closed her legs and lifted her butt as he tugged at the waistband of her panties.

When they were off, he put his hands on her knees, but she resisted letting him part them.

“Tom, please?” she whispered. “Just let me do it?”

“I want to do it for you.” he said. They were laying face to face and looking deep into each other's eyes. “Please? You did it for me with your mouth. Let me do this for you?”

She nodded, biting her lip. “Okay.” she agreed softly. 'I want to share this with you. I love you so much!” She kissed his lips again and let him open her thighs.

He rolled on top of her, then slid up to a sitting position, looking down at her with her legs draped over his thighs. Her breasts pointed straight up, and her nipples were flushed a strawberry red that matched her cheeks.

Her wispy blonde pubic hair was a nearly invisible stripe over her mons, and as he watched, her labia flowered open in her excitement. Several small dots of moisture beaded the hairs on her vulva.

“I can smell you.” he whispered, smiling into her eyes. “You smell so good, I want a taste of you.”

“NO!” she whispered, scandalized. “You can't possibly want that!”

“Oh, but I do.” he smiled sexily at her, then slid down a little and took a nipple in his lips.

She inhaled a gasp and arched her back, pressing her breast into his mouth.

Ohh.” she moaned, and then his kisses were trailing down her belly, and her thighs were resting on his shoulders.

She shrieked out loud as his mouth found her and began licking. He knew all about her clit from having watched her play with it for the finish night after night, so he did the same build up on the outside of her pussy with his tongue that she used with her fingers.

First, he spent a lot of time licking one side, then the other, then right up the middle. Then he went down one side, up the middle again, down the other side, then a few circles over her clit, back up the middle a few times, then start over on the sides again, a little faster this time through.

She couldn't believe the sensations her body was experiencing. Her brother's mouth was doing everything her fingers had done, but with the touch of liquid syrup that just MELTED her inside.

The pleasure built up into one massive peak as wave after wave crashed through her. She screamed out her passion in decibels loud enough to wake the neighborhood, had the area any other residents.

This was a quasi-industrial neighborhood, however, and the only citizens about at this hour were cruising in their cars with the windows up and the heater on. Not to mention the stereo cranked to eleven and the engine screaming through the tachometer. Hard to hear the cries of passion in the middle of the night when you're driving around with your foot in the carburetor, and even if she HAD been heard, what of it? Another slut getting fucked, happens all the time.

When Becky finally settled down, Tom was still between her thighs, sitting up and watching her recover from the most powerful orgasm of her life. She looked up at him with love in her eyes.

“I found it.” he smiled down at her.

“You found what?” she asked, breathlessly. “Oh, the spy game? You found it? Where is it?”

“Right her.” he said, then took his cock in hand and pressed himself inside her. He took her with one thrust, getting about three fourths of his cock into her with the first push.

She felt a twinge as he parted her virginal membrane, but it quickly passed, and two more thrusts back and forth had him seated fully inside her.

“Oh, Tom.” she said, turning her head to the side. “Oh, no. Oh no. Tom, no, we can't, I CAN'T, Tom, please, you have to undo this!” She started to cry. “Oh, there's no going back now. I'm a slut for the rest of my life. I can never get married now.”

“Yes you can.” Tom said, puzzled. He was still fully inside her, but he hadn't started fucking her yet. He was holding himself up and looking down at her. “I'm going to pick him out for you.”

“What?” she breathed. She could feel him inside her, and it didn't hurt anymore. It sort of felt... good, and she could feel his heartbeat. She bit her lip a little and rocked her hips slightly, as an experiment.

“You're going to pick my husband out for me?” she gasped, rocking her hips a little more. “Don't I get a say in the matter?”

“You get veto power.” he said, then began moving his cock inside her. “And if you choose someone I don't like, I get veto power, too.”

“Oh.” she said, bucking her hips up to meet his thrusts, which were coming at an ever increasing rate. “What if I get pregnant?”

“Then your husband, if he's not the father, is going to have to be able to raise someone else's kid.” Tom grinned. He stroked in and out a few more times, then pulled out and scooted up on her belly.

“What- what are you doing?” she gasped, seeing him try to squeeze her small breasts together around his cock. She barely filled out a small b cup, however, so he contented himself with stroking his cock in his fist.

She watched, fascinated as the head of his cock grew an angry red, then began spewing out gobs and gobs of creamy whiteness, hot and sticky, and sprayed it all over her breasts.

“Ohh, that's so cool!” she breathed. She bent her head forward and caught the last spurt right in her mouth, sucking on the head of his cock all by herself. She savored it for a moment, then swallowed the gooey mouthful.

“I love you.” he smiled down at her. She looked back up at him shyly, and slowly returned it. “You're so beautiful like this.” he said. “I don't hate you for being a slut; I love you for it!”

Her smile as she looked up at him grew more confident, and he rolled to the side to let her get up.

“Beautiful or not, I still want to go wash this goop off me.” she laughed.

She disappeared into the bathroom for fifteen minutes, and Tom spent the time investigating the gear arranged around the room. There was an odd table/ chair combo with lots of buckles and straps, and it looked like you could loosen and move the pipes that made it up into almost any combination of positions, even inverted.

The stocks were what really interested him, though. There were three holes in the wooden board, for the neck and hands, and pads for the knees as the person was held bent at the waist. He was still looking at it when she rejoined him, looking much refreshed, but still as naked as he.

“The double agent could make good use of that.” Becky murmured.

Tom grinned at her. Leered is more like it. She shivered, then licked her lips nervously

“Tom, what if the double agent had a female partner?” she asked. “They could capture one of the enemy spies and torture her for information. Couldn't they?”

“I like the way you think, little sister.” Tom smiled. 'Did you have a particular prisoner in mind?”

“Sort of.' she said, even more hesitantly. 'It's not someone who would want to play, but I think after we were done, she would be okay with it. If we weren't too rough with her.”

“Who is it?” he asked, grinning. “Do I know her?”

“Just one of my friends from school.” Becky said airily. “You may have met her before, but maybe not. Either way, I don't think she would like it if I told you her name. So I won't, okay?”

“I don't think you should tell anyone at school about ANY of this.” he told her firmly. “In fact, as far as anyone at school is concerned, you're still living at Mom's house, got it?”

“I know.” she said. “Of course I can't tell anyone. But if I was to bring someone over, without telling her anything... would that be okay?”

“You really want a girl prisoner?” he asked. “What would you do to her?”

“I wouldn't do anything.' Becky said. “I would be telling YOU what to do to her.”

“Oho.” he chortled. 'Methinks me sister be a dirty little girl.” He winked at her and leered. “What sort of things would ye be havin' me to to this here lass?”

He was talking like a pirate, and she laughed. “Just the things I know she wants done, but doesn't have to the courage to do.” she told him. “She even told me that it's you she wants to be doing it with.”

“Did she now.” he mused, smiling. “Well, then, bring her over. This could be fun.”

“I'll need an excuse to get her over here.” Becky continued. “Can I tell her there's a job opening behind the main counter?”

“Sure, because there actually IS an opening behind the main counter, but I was hoping it would be you taking the job.” he said. “Someone has to cover my shift, now that I'm the Manager.” he explained.

“You want me to work here?” she gaped. “Mother would NEVER allow that!”

“Mother doesn't have a say in it anymore, does she?” Tom asked. “We live here now, and you can work where-ever you like.”

Her face lit up in a smile as she realized it was true. She was finally free, and her heart leapt for joy in her chest.

“Tomorrow is Friday.” he said. “You have to get up and go to school, and I have to work downstairs.” he said. “We should get some sleep.”

“Sure, boss.” she smiled, and stretched out on the big bed. “I'm going to sleep right here. We can get other girl's to fill the two extra bedrooms, okay?”

“You already have this all figured out, don't you?” he asked, laying himself down behind her. He cuddled up to her back, and she pulled his arm about her protectively. He pulled the covers over them, and immediately they began to share the warmth of each other.

“Mmm, most of it.” she smiled sleepily. “G'nite.”

* *

He couldn't sleep, his mind racing with possibilities, so he went downstairs and stepped outside for some fresh air. All he had put on was his boxers, but it was so late in the morning, the sun was almost up.

He looked around the area under the canopy, and was astonished to see Angela sleeping with one thin blanket under the picnic table.

She was awake and watching him, and when she saw that he had definitely seen her, she spoke.

“Don't call the cops; I'll just go.” she said. “Sorry, I just didn't have any other place.”

“Angela? he asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I was trying to sleep.” she said. “It's about the only place in town I can go without getting raped every night.”

“Do you want to come inside?” he asked. “Come on, I'll get you something hot.”

She looked at him and sudden tears sprang to her eyes. “I can't, Tom. I'm not the girl who turned you down for the Spring dance anymore.” she said, starting to cry. “I'm not like that anymore. I'm dirty now.”

“Why?” he asked, bluntly. “Because you have sex with men? Because you have sex for money?” He looked at her and smiled gently. “That doesn't make you bad in my book.” he told her.

The look of gratitude in her eyes was all the thanks he needed as he helped her up and brought her upstairs, blanket and all.

She blinked in astonishment at the furnishings in the living room. It was a private mini club, complete with stripper pole and a small bar!

“Holy shit!” she gaped, looking around in astonishment. He could see the wheels spinning in her head. “Tom, we could make a SHIT load of money with this!”

“How?” he asked, a little thickly. Angela smiled and pushed him into one of the leather easy chairs.

“You sit there, and imagine you paid ten thousand dollars for that seat.” she said, then hopped up onto the stage and took her blanket off seductively.

“Ohh!” he exclaimed, his eyes widening suddenly as he got it. The wheels in his brain started turning, and he made a mental note to ask Becky to find out how many of her graduating classmates were not going to go to college. He thought of all the rich kids he was going to college with, and the empty seats next to him.

He didn't know if it was okay to expand the business like that, but he wanted to show initiative, and if he could increase the take, the mob's 20% would just be that much bigger.

He didn't think they would have a problem with making more money. He just didn't want them to think they could take 25%.

“On second thought,” he mused silently, watching Andrea taking off her clothes. “I'm not bringing much to this party except Mr. Anderson's word that I'm trustworthy. They are providing all the muscle that keeps this place steady, so they sort of deserve 25%.”

Andrea was a terrible dancer. She finished stripping and came back down off the platform and took a seat beside him, a little out of breath.

“I hope you can fuck better than you can dance.” he grinned over at her. “That was simply awful. Even Simon would agree.”

“I know.” she admitted. “Actually, fucking is about the only thing I'm really good at.” She laughed a little. “So, now you know why I turned you down for the Spring dance.” she told him. “Want to fuck instead?”

“Do you swallow?” he asked, smiling sheepishly. She smiled and nodded, then got onto her knees and crawled over to his chair.

“I'd rather suck than fuck.” she told him truthfully. “Although, I have to admit, after sucking the first five or so, I get so horny I just have to fuck one. Or two, or three.” she grinned.

“Hey, would you do me a favor and tell my sister this when she gets up? She feels really guilty about doing it, and I don't think she needs to.” Tom asked.

“She doesn't need to tell me.” Becky said, from behind him. “I've been out here the whole time.” She came forward and Tom saw that she was still totally naked, but not ashamed of it now. She had an easy smile on her face as she came over and sat in the chair that Angela had been in.

“I decided that I'm going to like living here.” she said. “I decided... to Hell with Mother and her denial of reality. I like the way I feel, and I want to feel all of it. God made me this way, with all these feelings inside me, and denying happiness is the REAL sin.”

“I agree.” Tom smiled. “I'm glad you think so, too. We can have a LOAD of fun with this. AND make a ton of money to boot!”

He looked at the two girls sitting with him. “Do you two know who the Antonettis are?”

They both nodded. “Everyone knows who THEY are.” Becky said. “Even Mother does. She warned me about Anthony Antonetti when she found out he was in my class.”

“Well, they get 20% of this right off the top.” Tom told them. “I want to expand the business, but I'm going to need their permission, and their help. That means they're going to want a bigger cut, and I'm going to give it to them.” he said.

“I'll come work for you, Tom.” Andrea said instantly. “I know a couple other girls who will, too, even WITH the Antonettis along.”

“Yes, well.” Tom smiled. “First things first. I have to meet with the Antonettis and get this whole thing set up before I start handing out jobs.”

He looked at his sister. “You go to school, and think about who might want to come work for me. Just stick to the girls over eighteen, please. No need to get minors involved. Besides, I think we're going to have plenty of applicants anyway, because I intend to recruit at the college this week, too.”

“Well, I know of a couple already!” Becky grinned. “Oh man, this is going to be the best summer EVER!”

“”It can be for more than the summer.” Tom said. “Becky, this is the rest of our lives! You're going to be free of high school in a couple of months, and we're already free of Mother! Just try and stop us, world!”

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