Camp out with Mike by daveboorman

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It had been a long summer with little to do. The heat was stifling and so most of the time was spent sitting inside watching movies with the AC on. Towards the end of the summer, we were getting sick of watching the same videos over and over again and so we made plans to go camping for a few days.

Suddenly we had something to do and we set about organising it quickly, the sooner we worked everything out, the sooner we could leave. We lived on the outskirts of the city and knew that we could be out into the forest within a few hours walking. I had been out on a fishing trip when I was young with my dad and a few uncles and remembered we camped in a beautiful spot by the side of a lake. After looking at maps I was pretty sure I remembered where it had been and convinced Mike that we should hike out to there and sleep out by the lake. Mike was as keen on the trip as I was, but I didn’t think he had all the same reasons for the trip that I did….

I had known Mike since we were both small, he lived a few doors down from my family. He was in the same class as me through school but was one of the youngest in our year, so was a good number of months younger than me. He was a few inches shorter than me with short dark brown hair. I would never have considered myself as gay or even bisexual, but part of me had always had something for Mike, when we were young I had just put it down to the fact he was my best friend, but as we grew older I began to notice more and more quite how cute he was. We had both been on a few dates with some of the girls in our year but neither of us were successful with the ladies by any stretch. Mike always struggled as he was quite shy and got tongue tied around the girls, even when they were throwing themselves at him.

Everything was set and we set off first thing Saturday morning. We had a long hike ahead of us to get to the lake and in some ways we couldn’t have chosen a worse day. The clear blue skies and blazing sun wasn’t the easier weather for hiking, it must have been near 40 degrees in the sun. We quickly got to the footpath at the edge of the forest and were glad of the shade, though it was still hot.

After hours of walking through the trees we reached the lake. It was as picturesque as I remembered it. Mike had not been out here before and he was in awe, the sun was starting to set over the lake.

Mike started to make lame jokes. He seemed nervous and was acting very awkwardly, which surprised me as me and Mike had camped several times before over the years.

After a hard day of walking, we were both sweaty and so I suggested that after we had lit a fire that we go wash in the lake. Part of me thought that Mike looked really hot was sweat running down his face and I had had to try really hard not to wipe it off his brow myself, I consoled myself with the thought of Mike washing in the lake to keep me going instead.

We put our bags down and stripped down to our boxers to go and wash. Mike was slightly more built than I ever remembered him being in the past, he had clearly been working out. His abs were clearly defined and with the sweat glistening in the fading light I could feel a stirring in my pants. So that he didn’t notice I quickly made my way into the water. I was worried Mike would think it a bit awkward if he noticed I was getting an erection watching him undress.

He quickly followed me into the lake, we initially starting washing ourselves but it quickly descended into us splashing about and having a water fight. I was loving this, just watching him thrashing about and splashing me. I decided to step it up and bit and started to play wrestle with him, pushing each other about and generally trying to be macho. I was trying to turn the grapples into different positions where I could feel his body against mine.

I had pushed Mike over when he decided to get his own back. He took a few steps towards me and jumped onto my back trying to push me under the water. As I struggled in the water to try and throw him off whilst not going under, I felt something rub against my back. Surely Mike wasn’t getting an erection as we fooled about? This got my mind working overdrive and I started to try to use every way I could think of to brush up against his legs and his groin. If he was getting an erection then dammit I was going to try and feel it. The possibility of this was more than I ever dreamed would have happened on the trip, the most I had expected was being able to watch him wash in the lake and maybe watch him sleep.

After a while I was pretty sure Mike had a semi and so decided to call him out on it. I started to head out of the lake and sat by the fire. Mike initially stayed in the water with his back to me, as if he still needed to wash. I called out to him and tried to encourage him to sit near the fire with me as ‘surely he was getting cold in the water’. He eventually gave in and came out of the water. I could see as he stepped out the water that he didn’t just have a semi, his cock was straining against his wet boxers. The sight of this was almost enough to make me blow my load there and then.

I patted the ground next to me and suggested he come sit round the fire with me to dry out. When he sat down, he realised I was looking at his straining cock and he suddenly looked away and seemed embarrassed. I put my hand on his shoulder and told him he shouldn’t be embarrassed, pointing out that I too was getting an erection. He looked over at my boxers and smiled, no longer feeling awkward. I moved my hand down his chest and could feel how fast his heart was beating. He was clearly as excited as me.

I ran my hand further down his chest, over his cute abs. There was no hair on his chest, just a slight happy trail visible above his boxers. I decided to bite the bullet and took my hand lower down and gently brushed his hardening cock through his boxers. He let out a quick gasp. I was concerned I had gone too far but Mike put out his hand and pressed it lightly onto my chest, feeling my heart beat. He then followed my lead and slowly traced his hand down my chest towards my boxers. My erection was now rock hard, and after many nights at home masturbating whilst thinking of Mike, couldn’t believe that he was about to touch my cock.

As our hands traced across each others stiff cocks straining against our boxers, I turned my body to be more face to face with him. I slid my hand in through the elastic of his boxers and slid them down his legs to let his cock stand free. Taking my first look at his cock, it was slightly smaller than mine, maybe five and a half inches, and cut. I could see a few drops of precum glistening on the end.

At that point he leaned in towards me and kissed me, I could feel his tongue working its way into my mouth and we kissed passionately. I was getting the impression he wanted this as much as I did. I slowly pushed him down onto his back and continued to return his kiss.

After a few minutes kissing whilst running our hands over each other’s bodies and hard cocks, I pulled away from the kiss. I kissed his neck and carried on down, flicking his nipples with my tongue. Gently kissing and licking his abs, I reached his crotch.

I kissed the end of his head and licked the precum and spread it around his head and shaft. From the soft noises he was making and the look on his face, I could tell he was enjoying it, probably as much as I was. I took his head in his mouth and then slowly worked down his shaft, until I had nearly all of his cock in my mouth.

I placed one hand on his abs and my other hand round on one of his firm buttock cheeks. I gently ran my tongue and lips up and down his erection, gently kissing and caressing it. He started to tense up and he pushed his cock up towards me. I knew he was about to cum, so I took his head in my mouth and prepared to swallow everything he offered me. As he let out a large moan, he fired load upon thick load of hot cum straight down my throat. Boy did it taste good, sweeter than I could have ever expected.

After he had nothing left to give me, I lay down next to him with my arms around him and gently kissed his forehead. We held each other as we gently fell asleep dreaming of what had occurred that evening and knowing it would be an evening we remembered for the rest of our lives.

Rating: 91%, Read 56184 times, Posted Sep 05, 2009

Fantasy | Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Gay, Teen Male, Young


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