The Chronicles of Suga Britches by ToyaBJuicy

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So I’m in the mall, one of the biggest malls in my hometown of Richmond so far. It’s a damn shame we got more malls then places to go like nightclubs and shit. But it’s cool. I’m gonna kill some time here and maybe find a nice shirt or skirt, pick up a cheese flavored pretzel from one of my favorite food stands ran by an older Arab man, then after all is said and done, I’ll text my girls and see what’s on the agenda for tonight..

Alright, I’m all set for shopping. I got my plan and now its time to get started, I say to myself as I stand at the entrance of the main lobby. I take about ten steps when I hear “Suga, Suga Britches, is that you?” “Yes it is!” I yell without even turning around to acknowledge who it was that was calling my name...

Let me tell you a little something about “Suga Britches”. I’m 25 years old, 5’4, with some big ole round tits. Plus I’m a dark skin bad bitch, and I know it.

So after I shout my loud, smart-ass remark to this stranger callin my stage name I continue on my journey just to hear “Oh, so U just gone ignore me? Oh U that fly now?”

By now I was ready to confront this individual and show my ass in this mall. But something about that voice was so familiar; nostalgic even. I turn to see; what was in my opinion, a vision of loveliness by the name of Amore.

I haven’t seen Amore since we were young teens. She was a pretty girl that by the looks of things has grown into a beautiful woman. Amore was 25 years old also. Our birthdays were only a few months apart. She’s about 5’6, kinda small in the waist, with tits that sat up like she paid for em. Her ass is so big and round that is would have made ANY man wanna fall to his knees and thank GOD for it’s magnificent regal beauty.

We embrace each other with a “it’s good to see you” hug and start catching up on what’s been going on in our lives. We both share stories of college life and laugh at all the things we still have in common. We decide to exchange numbers when this guy walks up on us. I don’t know who he it. I was about to ask him what his problem was when Amore said “Suga, let me introduce u to my man, Gavin.”

Gavin was a tall average looking man with smooth caramel skin and a voice that sounds as if he could make a woman just melt. (Over the phone that is) I mean, don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a bad looking guy, just not the kind of guy I imagined Amore settling down with. But who am I to judge. He may be good to her and for her.

“Gavin, this is Suga” Amore continued. Gavin extended his hand to greet me an I returned the favor and follow up with a “nice to meet u Gavin”

“I’ve heard so much about you, I’m glad I can finally put a face with the name.”

I reply with an innocent smile wondering what in the hell did she tell him about me. We finally go our separate ways but not before exchanging numbers with promises of staying in touch this time.

I return home that evening checked my voicemail only to hear that Amore has already called me. Wow, she must really miss a bitch, I think to myself. But truth be told, I miss her too. Her message left instructions for me to call her as soon as I got it. So that’s what I did. She tells me how good it was to see me again. She tells me how great I looked and how she can’t wait to see me again. She was always a very sweet girl.

After about 10mins of playing catch up… again, the conversation takes a turn. She asked me questions about my love life. Whether or not I was seeing anyone, and if so whether or not it was serious. Honestly I wasn’t. I hadn’t been serious with anyone since Lamont went away. But that’s a whole nother story. I let her know that I am single and very unattached. Is she trying to set me up with somebody? She responds with “Good, then I have a proposition for you.”

At this point my mind is racing. I have no idea where she’s going with this, but I was definitely gonna stay on the phone and find out.

She continues with “Well me and my man have a very open relationship, if u know what I mean. On the car ride home, all he could manage to talk about was you.”

Now at this point, I didn’t know what to think or what to say. I was shocked at what she said and how it didn’t seem to bother her. And I was still confused on what this so called proposition would be. Do she want me to fuck her man?

Amore continued the conversation…”Like I said, we have a very open relationship and I was wondering if you would let us enjoy you; you know as a couple. I know this is probably catchin you off guard so you don’t have to answer right away.”

My mouth dropped. I didn’t know what to say. Not because I was offended or anything. As a matter of fact, the whole idea really turned me on.

“Hello, are u there?”

“Yes, I’m here,’ I reply “just a little shocked is all.”

“I’m sorry, did I offend you? Please don’t be angry with me, I just thought that…”

“Say no more.” I say, cutting her off mid sentence. “So U and your man wanna enjoy me huh?” I say in a sly voice.

“Yeah, we do. You’re all we could talk about this evening. So is that a yes?”

“Yeah…you know what…hell yeah…we can do that.”

“Are you free tonight?” says Amore. I pause for a second, give it some thought and reply “yes I am free tonight.” I give her my address and a prompt time of 9:30pm for her and her man to be here, then I hang up.

OH shit…I’m soooo excited... This shit is gonna be off the chain!! I find myself wishin I had a camera and a tripod. I race around my loft cleaning this and wiping that; picking up clothes putting them in there proper place and making my bed. I even washed the one plate and glass that was in my sink and took the trash out. Came back in for a nice steamy shower and to lay out my sexiest outfit. Just the thought of what was about to go down got me so hot. I found myself gently rubbing my pussy in the shower. Running my fingers back and forth across my clit. Damn I’m so horny!! I remind myself to save it for my couple and finish up my shower. I get dressed and take a look at the clock. It’s 9:08pm already!! My how time flies. I get even more excited. My heart begins to pound. Even my pussy’s pounding!! Down girl…. I say as I put my pussy in the palm of my hand. I’m soooo ready. I turn on some soft music in hopes that it would calm me down a little and maybe even set the mood. I take a shot of vodka and sit on the couch. My mind is racing. Unsure of what’s gonna happen, but so ready for it to get started. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! Before I know it I’m laid back on the couch with my legs spread apart and my finger circling the opening of my vagina when…..KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…


To be continued...

Rating: 39%, Read 18767 times, Posted May 26, 2009

Fantasm | Group Sex


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