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Helping my Niece work on her home.

Please note: I am not an English major , I write because I enjoy doing ti. If your not happy with my writings, DON"T READ THEM!!!!!

My niece and her husband had just separated. He been doing a major remodeling job on the house, and left her with a total mess. She called me to ask if I can come help her. As I was a journeyman carpenter for 30 years. I told her yeah I'd be happy to come. She was my wife's favorite niece , my wife and her sister never got along. My niece Ang and my wife got along great.

It's about a two and a half-hour drive to her place. I showed up shortly after noon. She met me in the drive wearing a yellow sundress. She's about 5 foot 7 , shoulder length blonde hair. A little heavy but not bad I'd say about 140 pounds and C cup breasts . Very easy on the eyes and nearly always a pleasant disposition. Not that she couldn't be a bitch if she wanted to be though.

She came up to me smiling thanking me for coming; she gave me a hug and squeeze. Lo and behold I can tell she had no bra on. Her firm breasts and nipples pressing into my chest. My cock begins to get hard pressing against my jeans and her belly. I felt a twinge of shame and lust of the same time. I can feel my face getting red but she just looks up at me and smiles.


“I'm sorry I had to call you but I didn't know who else to call. Asshole Dave left me with this mess. I can't afford a carpenter, barely can afford the materials to finish.” All the time never letting go of me. “I'll understand if you don't want to do it, there's so much to do and there's no way I can pay you.” I pry her off of me then tell her to take me inside we'll see what we have.

As we're walking towards a house to my surprise. Ang's daughter Jenna comes from around the side of the garage. “Great uncle Dick I'm so happy to see you.” Jenna is 18. Built like her mother only bigger tits. Apparently she been around the back of the house sunbathing. Because she was wearing a red bikini. She trotted over to me. Her huge tits bouncing barely staying in the bikini.

She comes over and squeezes me so tight I can barely breathe. Smashing her huge boobs against my chest giving me a big kiss on my cheek. My cock damn near rips through my underwear and jeans. She almost knocked us both over I can feel my cock rubbing on her leg. Jenna laughs reaches down and squeezes my dick. Smiles and says are “You are happy to see me or is that a banbana in your pocket.”

I'm speechless Ang laughed and says, “I think he's happy to see us both.” I managed to get out “If your aunt was alive she'd kill us.” “I know that, you've always been mom and my favorite uncle. I know moms had a thing for you for a long time. Now I feel why.”

“Aunt May has been gone over 3 years. I know you've never had a girlfriend either.” I looked at the two of them and say. “Ang if your mother, Jenna's grandmother heard you and see what your doing she kill me.” Not exactly true.” says Ang “That's why mom and Aunt May never got along. Aunt May always got the best of everything mom said. Including your huge dick.” “Mom said once she'd rape you in a minute if given a chance.”

I'm totally in shock. I Can't believe what I'm hearing. Ang say's “Maybe we better go inside get you something to drink and let you settle down.” I follow the two of them into the house my eyes fixed on Jennas ass.

As I enter the kitchen its a shambles of partly done work. I gain my senses and say, “My this is a mess.” “This is not all that needs done. Follow me.” Ang says, I follow her into the dining room and it's worse than the kitchen. Floor is torn up and there's no drywall. All I can say is “Man this is gonna take time.” Ang Says “I can help but I don't know what to do.” Jenna chimes in saying, “I can help too.”

“This is going to take 3 or 4 months having to drive back and forth everyday.” Ang tells me I can stay here, as it’s a 3 bedroom house. Reluctantly I agree, “Let's see, I'm going to have to go home and get clothes. From the looks of things I'm going to need a lot of tools also.”

Ang Hugs me kisses me on the cheek, Says “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you Uncle Dick.” Once again my face turned red. “'I’ll be back tomorrow with my tools and some clothes.” Both girls kiss me and tell me they'll be ready to go to work tomorrow.

Reluctantly I leave. All I can think of is those two young bodys. I had to jerk off 3 times before I could even think of sleeping. Of course I dreamt of having sex with them both. Woke up like a teenager, I had actually cum in my sleep. Rising I showered got dressed. Pack enough clothes and meds for a couple weeks. I don't know if it was intentional ( I also took my Cialis) then proceeded to load the tools in my truck.

The drive to her place seemed like it took forever. Upon arrival I backed up to the garage door. Unloaded all of my tools. Kind of wondering where the girls were. I grab my suitcase and knocked on the door.

After a couple of minutes the door opens. There stands Jenna in her t shirt and underwear. Rubbing her eyes saying she and mom were up late. Trying to get ready for today. Her huge tits and nipples pressing against the thin material. She gives me a hug says “Come in and have a seat. I'll get dressed and get mom up.” As she walks away I get a glimpse of her ass and her light blue panties. I began to get hard.

Few minutes later Ang comes into the front room. I stand up she comes over hugs and kisses me. I can tell she just has a tee shirt and some loose shorts on.

“Will this be ok to work in?” She asked. “Yeah that would be fine.” Just then Jenna comes into the room. T shirt and blue jeans.

Ang says “Are you hungry I'll fix something for breakfast.” “Lunch you mean it's almost noon.” I say. Laughing she says “Brunch.” “Close enough for me.”

After we eat, I ask, “Where would you like to start.” “I have the material for the dining room in the garage.” She says. “Okay let's start there.”

After a couple of hours of work. We have one wall drywalled. “Break time." Ang says.”Something cold to drink tea, pop.”

“Beer!” Pipes up Jenna. Ang “Beer?” “Well maybe one.” So we all sat down and drink a beer.

I'm no drinker so one beer gave me a pretty good buzz. The girls finish theirs and ask if I want another. “No I think I'm good.” “Well I'm not.” says Jenna, Ang says ‘I think I'll drink one more too.” While the girls are drinking their second one.

I start measuring for the next wall. I can tell the girls are getting a buzz. They're whispering to each other and giggling. “Enough tom foolery, back to work.” “Slave driver.” giggles Jenna. After a few minutes I don't know if its a beer or just the heat.

I'm getting overheated, "I need to get out of these long pants." “Your suitcases are in the bedroom on the right at the end of the hall.” I trade my jeans and underwear In for a pair of loose fitting cargo shorts.

When I returned to the dining room. Both of the girls are in bikini tops and Jenna has changed to cut off sweatpants. “Ok, back to work.” The girls are holding a piece of drywall in place as I screw it down. As I am standing near the top of the ladder Jenna says “I’ll hold the ladder.” Then I realize where she's standing she can see up the leg of my shorts.

My cock is dangling almost out of the leg. “No wonder aunt May loved you so much that's quite a sausage you got there.” I nearly fall off the ladder. The both of them nearly fall over laughing. Jenna says ‘I'm sorry but I've never seen one that big and I've seen my fair share.” Again these girls have embarrass the shit out of me. Making it nearly impossible for me to concentrate.

We finally finish that wall. “Break time.” says Jenna. Then disappears into the kitchen. She comes back with three more beers. “I don't know. If I drink another one I don't know if I will get anything done.” Ang Says “For day one and six hours. We've really got a lot done.”

Finishing our beer Ang says. “I'm ready to call it a day.” “Me too.” says Jenna. “Especially as picky as you are about your work.” “Like anything I do I put my all into it.” I say.

“I'd like for you to put that sausage and your all into me." Jenna says. With kind of an evil laugh afterwards. “But I'll bet you couldn't handle me.” She says. Ang looks at Jenna and says “Not before I get my hands on it.” “We'll see about that.” “Hold on a minute I have something to say about this don't I.

First of all I don't screw my nieces. Then tell me you're kidding of course. To tease and have a joke is one thing for real is another. Besides Ang if your mother knew what you were saying she would kill me and you. You know how much she hated your Aunt May.”

“Like I told you. She didn't hate her uncle, she is just very jealous of her. At some time she seen what you have. She's always wanted to try for herself. But she knows you hate her.” “I don't hate her. I always wondered why there was a problem between them. May would never tell me. Heck I have to admit I've had a fantasy or two about her. But as long as your aunt Mae was alive. That could never happen. I had no idea she had any interest in me. But that's beside the point. I don't have sex with my nieces. End of subject.”

After that we quietly ate dinner. Then we started watching TV. After a little bit Jenna spouts “I wanna drink, anybody else up for margaritas?” “I'll have one.” says Ang, “I suppose all have one too.” Jenna goes into the study where the bar is. Proceeds to make a pitcher of margaritas.

She comes back and pours one for each of us. Man are they strong. I end up drinking two and pretty soon I’m pretty well hammered. The girls were drinking two to my one. Couple hours later I'm ready to pass out.

I announce “I'm going to get ready for bed.” “Light weight.” Says Jenna. “Yep.” I say. “I've had enough.” Then stumble my way to the bedroom. I managed to strip down and realize I don't have any pajamas. I also realize I need water to take my medication. Without looking I just take one of each to the bathroom. I sneak across the hall in my boxers to bathroom. I take all my meds all and manage to get back to the bedroom.

I pass out and wake up early. I've got a hard on from hell. Thinking I just have to pee to get rid of it . I make my way across the hall to the bathroom in my boxers. But I have one hell of a time going pee. I take a quick shower thinking that might help, NOT. So like a teenager I jerk off in the shower.

Thinking of my two nieces it doesn't take me long to explode. But it doesn't help, I’m still hard as hell. I get out of the shower towel off and I still have this 9-inch flagpole. To my alarm there's a knock on the door. “Uncle Dick are you in there?” I can tell its Ang." I really need to go pee." "Okay I'll be done in a minute".

To my horror I have gotten my boxers soaked. So I wrap a towel around me, but it doesn't come near to hiding my hard on. I reluctantly open the door Ang is doing the pee pee dance. She sees my pole sticking out and says "Ooh my!" Then she rushes into the bathroom.

I hurried to my bedroom. When I get there I check my medications. I realize I had taken the Cialis too. I lay down and try to sleep hoping it will go away.

I must have fallen asleep. Because I did not hear a knock or the door open. I must have been dreaming that I was still jerking off in the shower. For I felt hands on my cock, but it felt great. Enjoying the sensation for it seem to be a long time.

Then a new sensation hit me. Tongue circling the head of my cock then lips engulfing it. My god it had been years since I had felt that. Then I realize this is no dream.

I open my eyes to find Ang leaning over the edge of my bed sucking my cock. I'm struck with several emotions ( Horror seeing it's my niece. Amazement she had half of it in her mouth. Total lust from the sensations .) I wanted to tell her to stop ,but I was speechless. The site of this beautiful young woman sucking my cock left me unable to speak. I groan with pleasure.

She opens her eyes and sees me looking at her. Her eyes get huge and starts to pull it out. “Noooo.” I manage to get out. She mumbles “Fuck Yes!” Then starts to suck with more passion. I suppose to get more comfortable or a better angle. She climbs onto the bed turning her ass toward me.

I can’t help my self. I reach out and run my hand over her beautiful ass cheeks. Then slide my hand between her legs. She moves to widen her legs to let me have access to her. I slide my fingers across her pussy lips and touch her clit. She shivers and moans. I start rubbing her clit, she sucks harder on my cock. Then I slip a finger into her slippery wet hole. Begin to finger fuck her.

She pushes back driving my finger deeper. Then I put in two fingers and use my thumb to rub her clit. I pull them out and lick her sweet juices from my fingers. God she tastes wonderful. That did it I grabbed her ass and tell her to come here. She responds putting her leg over my head and pushes her cunt into my face. To my surprise she has a clean shaven pussy. I begin to kiss and lick all around her pussy. Then run my tongue over her clit.

She goes crazy and I feel my cock hit the back of her throat as she tries to swallow the whole thing.

I work on her cunt with my mouth and manage to get my fingers into her pussy too. I work juices from her cunt to her anus, rubbing fluid on it and circling it making her shiver.

Then I slide a finger in, “Oh!” she mumbles and clinches down on my finger tight. I keep sucking her pussy and clit. In a minute she relaxes, I push and slide my finger in deeper. This time she pushes back, my finger goes in all the way.

I start to feel my balls clinch I’m getting ready to cum. I want my first load to be in that wonderful pussy of hers though. “Stop!’ I mange to get out. She stops and slides my cock out off her mouth. “Why?” “Because I want my first load to be in your love hole.”

“Turn around and come here” She does. Then she is sitting on my shaft and rubbing her vagina on it. “I’m ready for some meat.” She says raising up, reaching down and grabs my cock. Takes it and lines it up to her cunt. As the tip touches her opening I push up hard.

“OH!” she says, then pushes down. My cock slides about half way in. She wiggling her ass it feels so great. Her warm slippery hole gripping my shaft. Man she is tight! She leans forward and I grab and suck on her nipples. “Muummm that feels great.” “I’ll tell you what feels great, that’s your cunt on my cock.” “Oh yea that’s the best!” she says.

I want control, so I pull her to me and roll over at the same time. My cock never moves in her. Now I am on top. Our faces inch apart, she raises her head and kisses me hard. I respond by shoving my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues mingle, I pull mine back her follows. She then has her tongue in my mouth, I suck hard on it. She shoves it as far as she can into my mouth. Almost touching my tonsils.

God she has a long tongue. But it feels great. SHe pulls back, looks at me says, “Fuck me hard.” I raise up and begin to work my cock in and out of that tight love tunnel. Each stroke I get a little deeper. Then I feel me hitting bottom. “Ugh!” she grunts. Each time I hit bottom she grunts. Then she grabs my ass cheeks and digs her fingernails in and raises up hard to try to get more in. I stop because I’m afraid I’ll hurt her.

She looks up at me “Why did you stop?” “I don’t want to hurt you. I tore your Aunt May uterus one time it took an operation to repair her. I don’t want to hurt you that way. Let me do the work.” “OK.” She says kind of disappointed. I begin to work in and out.

She is really enjoying it. After a few minutes her pussy starts to squeeze my shaft. I can tell she ready to cum. I pickup the pace and she lets out a loud groan. “Fuck I’m cumming” I work faster wanting to cum the same time.

I feel my balls tingle and then she clamps down almost so tight I can’t move my cock in her. That pushes me over the edge, I shoot my load in her hard. I push deep bottoming out and finish buried deep in her cunt.

Then I think OH shit! I don’t want to get her pregnant. I look at her and say “I hope you on the pill.” “No” She says, “I’m fixed. Why you afraid to get me knocked up?” “It crossed my mind, after I had cum.” She laughs “That would be really fucked up huh.” “I would say so.”

“You better get back to your room before Jenna catches us together.” “Why? I’m going to tell her I got the first load from you.” “What!” “Hell yes I’m going to rub it in all day.”

She grabs her top and underwear and head for the door. “You’ll just have to figure out how to deal with her. She will be so jealous.” Then goes out the door leaving me freaked out and speech less.

Part two to come soon.

Rating: 93%, Read 63795 times, Posted Jun 18, 2014

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