Vengeance 9 by the+author

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Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination, Group Sex, Romance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Torture

Ellie and I woke up at about the same time, and we simply lay there for a while, the rise and fall of our breaths pressing against each other. She slid up and kissed me, then smiled. She rolled off the couch onto the floor, pulling me with her. Her hands grabbed mine and landed above her head. There was no mistaking it; she wanted me to dominate her again. I sat on the floor up against the couch, she leaned her back into me again, her hands going back to play with my hair. I reached around and started playing with our nipples. Clearly this was one of Ellie’s favorite positions too.

“That first night…wasn’t the first time you’ve encountered bondage, was it?”

“I’d never done anything with bondage before.” I pinched, waiting for the truth.

“But I knew I was interested in it,” she admitted.

“You’ve discussed this with people.” I said matter-of-factly.

“No…ooo, ok, yes,” she said, as I released her nipples, her breasts falling, and simply cupped them. “A few girls that were on the softball team.”

“Who?” She hesitated. In second I had grabbed the still tape covered vibrator, and pressed it into her pussy before she had a chance to react.

“Sarah and Alyssa.”

“Hmm…” I considered this. Sarah was big. Not big in a bad way, just big in a big way. Big because she was so tall, six feet in fact, probably around 150 pounds, not fat, skinny in fact, but wide. She had a solid B cup breasts and long straight dark brown hair. A tan complexion and full lips showed she was of Native American descent. She was also bi. Alyssa was tall too, for a girl, she was about 5’8, also skinny. She had frizzy black hair and pale skin. Thin lips, and A-cup breasts, but toned abs, I knew having seen her jogging in a sports bra more than once. Both were decent, though probably not real close friends.

“Call them up, tell them what’s going on, see if they’ll play.” I let Ellie use the phone in the kitchen. While she did that, I cleaned up the mess we made earlier. Some twenty minutes later…

“Sarah was all for it, Alyssa wasn’t too sure. It took some convincing, but they’re both coming. Sarah is picking Lys up so it will be about twenty minutes. Ellie and I sat in the living room looking out the window into the driveway, talking and goofing around while we waited. I was in the middle of holding her arms behind her back and tickling and pinching her unmercifully when a beat up white Corsica pulled into my driveway. The two girls got out and headed towards my front door. Both girls wore black sports bras and matching Softball sweats. It was the most mismatched pair of twins I had ever seen.

I opened the door and let them in. Alyssa paused a moment when she saw that Ellie and I were naked before stepping through the door. She was obviously very nervous, she kept trying to look at me without seeming like she was looking at me. I caught her eye and smiled. She returned the gesture slightly. Sarah on the other hand seemed completely unbothered by what she saw.

I led the three of them into the family room where we introduced ourselves. Alyssa seemed to calm down as the time wore on, Sarah remained unbothered.

“You’re submissive, and you’re…you’re a mostly dominant switch, I said to Alyssa and Sarah respectively. Alyssa simply nodded. Sarah opened her mouth, stopped, smiled, then tried again.

“I am willing to be submissive, when someone “forces” me to,” Sara said with a grin. “How did you guess? I come as a domineering bitch most of the time,” she said.

“You wouldn’t have allowed yourself to be dressed like her if you were a complete Domme,” I said. She had nothing to say to that.

“Excellent,” I said standing, “you prepare Ellie, and I’ll take care of this little one,” I said gesturing to Alyssa.

I motioned for Alyssa to stand, and ordered her to put her hands on her head. She complied hesitantly, intertwining her fingers behind her frizzy black pony tail. I walked up to her and brushed a hand across her well muscled abs. Personally I liked Ellie’s trace amount of fat better, but this was nice. She gasped as I raised her sports bra to let her breasts fall out. Small and perky tits hung there with small and perky nipples. She let out a surprised ‘ooh,’ as I started teasing them. Nice. I pulled the bra over her head and off as she straightened her arms and tossed it aside.

Then I undid the drawstring of her loose sweatpants, letting them fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them as I tossed those away too. I glanced over at Sarah and Ellie. Ellie’s mouth covered an exposed nipple as Sarah moaned with satisfaction, clearly enjoying my lover’s talented mouth. I turned back to Alyssa. Black panties. I rubbed her pussy through them. Slightly wet black panties, even before I had touched her. I slid them off too and rid myself of them. They revealed a miniscule shaved pussy, lips barely more than an inch long. I pushed a finger in, Alyssa’s face was pure delight, but not surprised. She was a virgin, clearly, but she had also probably fingered or at least explored herself. I pulled a dripping finger out. Any more probably would have hurt, she was so small.

I walked around behind her, and pulled her arms down off her head behind her back. With a short length of rope, I tied them together. I tested her to see if she was flexible enough for an elbow cinch. Not quite, I frowned. Oh well.

I turned my attention to Sarah and Ellie, Sarah had removed her sweatpants and was wearing an impossibly tight black thong. She was standing behind Ellie, working on a sloppy elbow cinch, enjoying her breasts and kissing her neck. Not bi by any means, the attention was still arousing her. Back to Alyssa, whom I noticed was eyeing my, by now hard 6’’ cock. I pushed her to her knees. She moved towards my cock, but I held her back by her hair.

“You want to suck me?” I asked. She looked up at me and nodded. “Too bad you don’t have that privilege.” I said rubbing my dick on the cheeks of her sullen and disappointed face. “You my lick my balls though,” I decided, guiding her head down. She had a small mouth, probably not big enough to take both of them at once, so she alternated kissing and sucking each at a time. She wasn’t very good at it, probably hadn’t had very much practice, but she was eager.

I turned Alyssa around so I could watch Ellie and Sarah work. Sarah had finally removed the sports bra to reveal her curvaceous breasts. One hand held Ellie’s head to her chest, as she licked her nipples, Sarah must really like that, and the other rubbed Ellie’s clit. I pulled away from Alyssa and simply stood there and watch. Sarah’s head started to roll back, Ellie was really doing a number on her. I didn’t blame Sarah, I knew how good that mouth felt.

Sarah started to moan as Ellie licked harder and faster. Her one hand fell from Ellie’s clit to her side. I saw the other growing weaker, it no longer held Ellie down, simply rested in her hair. Slowly Sarah let that one drift down to her side as well letting Ellie take over. She continued to nibble and lick at Sarah while I grabbed some stuff from the pack. Silently I moved up behind Sarah and before she knew what was happening, cuffed her hands behind her back.

Sarah whirled to face he, a look of surprise on her face. I knocked her to her knees. She was bigger than me, she lifted more for softball so probably stronger, but that advantage was gone now. She looked more than slightly irritated that I had pulled her away from Ellie’s mouth. I smiled at her and attached nipple clamps. Her face contorted with pain.

“They come off when I get you tied up,” I promised. I grabbed some rope and moved around back. Her elbows could be cinched, that would make things infinitely easier. Quickly I tightly bound them together and removed the cuffs. Her forearms moved swiftly with newfound freedom, but because of the cinch could do nothing. She held still as I bound her wrists together. True to my word, I then walked around and removed the clamps. I helped her to her feet and slipped off her panties. She pushed her legs together, but she could not stop me. Her pussy was completely shaved except for a small triangle of short hair just above the top of her slit. It was notably larger than her friends. I looked up at her and noticed the angry expression was now replaced by a different one and her tan complexion now held a tinge of red.

“What’s the matter?” I asked forming guesses in my mind. She opened her mouth to talk, then fell silent again. She tried again, failed. I smiled, “this was unexplored territory until today. When you heard Ellie on the phone, it took you twenty minutes because of this,” I said running my fingers over her freshly shaved skin. She turned redder and nodded. “Never played with yourself, never been fingered?” She shook her head. “Interesting,” I said with a smile. “Very interesting.”

I brought her over and put her on her knees next to Alyssa. They looked at each other, Alyssa’s face a little surprised, the corners of Sarah’s mouth etched up in a barely noticeable grin. Friends indeed.

I paused, looking for the right way to phrase things, “typically the Sub pleasures the Domme and not the other way around,” I finally said standing in front of them. Ellie was behind me on the couch. They looked at me, surprised at how quickly I arrived at the answer. People often underestimate just how well I can read them, just how attentive I am to the small details.

“You’re not bi,” I said to Sarah, “and neither are you. Lesbians on an athletic team is unacceptable to the straight population. Bisexuality is not uncommon, and tolerable. You two are partners, but you can’t let anyone get suspicious, so you pretend to barely know each other at school. Very smart, very well executed I might add.” I turned to Sarah. You’re too insecure with yourself, so you’ve only let Lys here pay around with your top, while you’ve done all the licking on the bottom. She’s seeing your whole body for the first time, and I think she likes it.” They looked at each other, Alyssa smiled and studied her lover, Sarah turned redder.

Ellie tossed a tangled clump of rope off to the side, walked to my side and wrapped her arms around my waste. Sarah and Alyssa looked shocked. I just smiled. “Sloppy rope work won’t do much against my baby,” I kissed her, then we turned to face each other and started making out while the other two girls watched. Finally we pulled away.

“Which do you want, my dear?”

Ellie walked up to the girls, and started tracing Sarah’s lips. “This one has the experience, but I think she needs practice,” she said walking over to Alyssa. We brought the girls on their knees over in front of the couch. Ellie and I sat down next to each other and started kissing. With opposite hands, we guided our toys down.

Sarah took my head tentatively in her mouth, while Alyssa eagerly went to work on Ellie’s clit. What she lacked in skill, she made up in eagerness, and Ellie soon started to moan between kisses. Sarah on the other hand was terrible, she couldn’t go very much farther than my head, her tongue seemed to miss all the right spots, and though she wasn’t unwilling, she wasn’t enjoying herself either. I pushed her away and let her sit there watching her partner.

Alyssa went crazy on Ellie, an ecstatic short grunt followed every lick, every kiss, she wasn’t slowing down. Ellie started to moan and get wetter, which only made Alyssa speed up. Alyssa’s go for broke, A-for-effort style brought Ellie up quick. I reached under Lys’s head and started fingering Ellie. Her moans instantly picked up and I could tell she was close. Soon she let out a shallow yell, and I felt her walls tighten around my pussy.

“Unh, unh, unh…” she grunted with each small orgasm as Alyssa continues to devour her pussy. Finally she reached down and lifted the girls head. I let Ellie just sit there for a few minutes, eyes shut, sighing, enjoying the moment and calming down. Then I moved her hand to my cock. Ellie shifted to her knees in front of me while Sarah moved over to kiss and lick Ellie’s taste off of Alyssa.

Ellie stroked me a few times before letting her hands fall and burying my dick in her mouth. She stayed down for several minutes, licking the sensitive spot at the bottom of my shaft. I ran my hands through the hair, groaning as she continued to pleasure me. After ten minutes she started to slowly come back up while pulling back wither her head and inhaling. The feeling was phenomenal, unbelievable… By the time she was halfway up, my dick was hardening, the harbinger of a powerful orgasm. When she got to my head I was about to shoot. Suddenly she wrapped her thumb and middle finger tightly around the base of my cock and balls, blocking the flow of cum. She started to move rapidly up and down over my head, her tongue lashing over the sensitive spot that ran just below it to my tip.

“Ahhhhhhh,” I started to scream with pleasure until finally she released her grip and I began to shoot stream after stream into her mouth. She left her mouth over my tip and stroked me, milking my cum into her mouth. Finally, when she was satisfied, she swallowed and went all the way down once more, coming back up slowly, squeezing out every last drop.

Alyssa and Sarah continued to handlessly make out behind Ellie. When we were done, I stood up and approached the two girls. I pulled them apart and laid Sarah onto her back, her bound arms forcing her upper body to angle off to one side. Then I attached the spreader bar to her ankles and adjusted it until it held her wide. I stood Alyssa up and laid her on top of her partner. They started making out again while I put another spreader bar on Lys. I turned to Ellie, she held up her nemesis, the large vibrator. I nodded and smiled. I taped it to the extendable shaft that screwed into the center of Sarah’s spreader bar, and positioned the head of the vib between the two girls pussies. Finally I looped two belts together and tightened them around the girls waists, trapping the vibrator in between them and preventing them from pulling off of it. They continued to make out, not noticing the torture Ellie and I prepared. Grinning devilishly, Ellie flicked it to high.

The effect was instantaneous. Both girls stopped making out. Both girls moved their heads to the side, cheek to cheek. Alyssa, somewhat used to the feeling, only breathed heavily. Sarah started screaming. Liz and I made out on the couch while the girls enjoyed several minutes of torturous pleasure.

Soon Alyssa’s ragged breathing turned to deep moans as she got more and more turned on. When she finally orgasmed for the first time, Sarah let loose a nice string of profanities as the vibrator hammered away. When both girls started crying, Ellie and I decided they’d had enough, turned off the vib and got it out of the way. We removed the spreader bars and untied the girls allowing them to lay next to each other panting and recovering. Finally Sarah rolled over to kiss Alyssa while Ellie and I continued our session on the couch. By eight o’ clock the two girls had thanked us, dressed and left, leaving just the two of us holding each other on the couch.

Rating: 80%, Read 25681 times, Posted Dec 08, 2005

Fiction | BDSM, Bi-sexual, Domination, Group Sex, Romance, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Torture


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