New Harry Potter Adventures: Chapter 3 - Old and New Friends by lad91

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Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Extreme, Fan fiction, Hardcore, Masturbation, Spanking, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome

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Chapter 3

As the usual sound of terrified screaming filled the air around Malfoy Manor, Ron and Draco decided to lounge about on the sofa in the living room.

‘That was a great kill of yours earlier friend,’ said Draco to Ron eagerly, ‘Reducto! Then.....BOOM! That scum of a muggle was obliterated,’ Ron smirked as Draco clapped him on the back.

‘Yeah, that was one of my favourites,’ said Ron as he admired his shining silver arm. As another blood-curdling scream rang through the cold air, Ron and Draco moved closer to the roaring fire to keep warm.

‘No sign of Potter yet,’ said Draco a little despondently as he rubbed his hands together and placed them near the flickering flames.

‘No.....nothing,’ said Ron darkly, ‘The Dark Lord is not pleased, he has confided in me. He thought he would have caught him by now. I mean, it is November, he’s been missing for months.’

‘Sounds like the Dark Lord is busy asking somebody about his whereabouts now,’ sneered Draco as another high shriek echoed around the mansion. Ron laughed as he watched Draco brush his hair out of his face with his fingers. Draco was certainly looking a lot healthier and happier these last few months, Ron thought. His skin, that last year took on the unhealthy, grey tinge of a person locked away from sunlight for a long time, was now back to its usual pure pale colour. Gone were the bags under his eyes and his piercing, grey eyes were now full of sparkle and enthusiasm. His vivid blonde-white hair was no longer raggedy and was now sleek and shiny and pulled back away from his face. He had also put on a few pounds over the summer so that while slim, was now a lot stronger and fitter then before. Ron’s looks, and mental state had seemed, however to be degenerating.

Ron’s hair had grown a little longer so that it crept over his eyes and it seemed duller in colour; as if the dark thoughts that inhabited his mind had began to drain the life and vigour out of him. Dark circles clung to the bottom of his eyes of which the right eye now had the look of being constantly mildly bloodshot. His skin had also began to take on a mottle grey look as he now spent all of his time either under his hood or indoors.

‘Well whoever it is up there I wouldn’t like to be in their shoes,’ continued Draco, ‘I have seen the Dark Lord’s torture first hand, it isn’t pretty,’ finished Draco in a scared voice. Ron nodded in agreement as he looked up at Bellatrix who was sitting at the table with her arms crossed, watching them enviously.

‘And what is up with you Bellatrix?’ called Ron loudly to her from across the room.

‘You know perfectly well what is up with me,’ Bellatrix spat back at him, ‘how have you and Draco got so close to the Dark Lord’s affections whereas I, one of his longest and most loyal servants is reduced to sitting around in this house?’

‘Maybe the Dark Lord prefers fresher, younger Death Eaters to serve him, or maybe....., the Dark Lord has tired of your many failings, whereas I and Draco have served him with nothing but success so far,’ said Ron with a smile as he and Draco high fived each other. Bellatrix looked furious as she got ready to retort back when suddenly, the room’s double doors burst open.

With Nagini slithering by his side, Voldemort walked slowly into the room barefooted, with his hands and robes splattered in deep, crimson blood.

‘Yet again,’ hissed Voldemort as he glided past Bellatrix with barely an acknowledgement and went to sit on the chair next to Ron and Draco, ‘our enemies would rather protect Potter then themselves.’

‘Would they not say where Potter, or any of the Order of the Phoenix are then my Lord,’ asked Ron as he and Draco leaned in closer to Voldemort.

‘No they would not.....not even under my most intense torture...,’ said Voldemort almost disbelievingly, ‘but no matter, Potter will soon be caught........did you enjoy the last little mission I set you two?’

‘O yes my Lord,’ said Draco excitedly, ‘those muggles didn’t stand a chance. We even managed to use a few spells that you taught me and Ron yourself my Lord.’

‘Good.....good,’ said Voldemort as his lips curled into a twisted smile, ‘you will be pleased to know then that I have provided you and Ronald with a little reward.’ Draco and Ron glanced at each other with an eager smile, ‘I have left one of the prisoners for you to do what you want with, I have no further need of her,’ finished Voldemort.

‘Thank-you my Lord,’ murmured Ron and Draco together.

‘B-but my Lord!’ Bellatrix suddenly blurted out, ‘perhaps I could go and finish off the prisoner?’ Voldemort slowly turned around and looked upon Bellatrix as if he had only just noticed her.

‘No...I don’t think so,’ laughed Voldemort mockingly, ‘this is a job only Ronald and Draco are worthy of, and besides, I think it’s best for you to just sit there where you cannot do any more damage.’ Draco and Ron laughed at each other silently behind Voldemort’s back as Bellatrix hunched over on her chair with tears glistening in her eyes.

‘Now, I must depart’ said Voldemort as he turned back to Ron and Draco, ‘I have a long journey to Bulgaria to complete before the end of the night......farewell my most faithful servants,’ said Voldemort fondly as he tapped the top of the head of Ron and Draco with a cold, blooded hand, ‘I’m sure you will enjoy my little present,’ and with that Voldemort stood up and swiftly departed the room. After a few moments, with a smug final grin at Bellatrix, Ron and Draco got up and hurriedly left the room.

With a push of the heavy wooden door, Ron and Draco entered into the roomy dungeon. Though usually cold and dark, the room felt pleasantly warm to the boys as numerous torches that hung in brackets helped to heat up, as well as illuminate the room. Small pools of blood lay dotted around the stone floor, which was dominated by five, smooth stone tables. On the centre table lay a body clothed in ragged robes, which seemed to be quivering, as if panting heavily.

‘C-Cho?’ stammered Draco in disbelief. The person raised their head slightly at the call of the name. The sound of chinking metal that tied the captive’s hands and feet to the table broke the silence.

‘D-D-Draco?’ stammered Cho, her voice betraying her fear and distress, ‘Ron?’ she said confusedly, ‘but your dead?’ Ron grinned at Draco as he shut the heavy door behind them.

‘That’s what they tell me but da-daaa,’ said Ron as he waved his hands like a magician, ‘here I am.....Crucio!’ Ron cried as he and Draco approached Cho. Cho’s mid-riff shot excruciatingly into the air as indescribable pain swept through her body. Ron lifted the curse off her once Draco and Ron had reached her side.

‘Please...,’ Cho wept, ‘He has already given me so much pain, I just want to go home!’ Draco looked down upon Cho, whose features had sharpened into focus now they were closer. The last time Draco had seen Cho was when he had fucked in the toilets at Hogwart’s and back then she was stunning. Now, her long, dark hair stood on end and old make-up ran running along her face from her tears. A few fresh gashes covered her face and her robes were singed and worn.

‘O but you can go home,’ said Ron in a much kinder voice as Draco looked up mildly bemused at him, ‘that’s why we’re here, to save you from the Dark Lord.’ A grin flooded Cho’s face at this news, making her appear much prettier once more despite her state.

‘O thank-you!.....thank-you.......thank-you......thank-you,’ she repeated in relief, ‘you brave, beautiful boys.’

‘Yes, but first, you have to do what we say,’ said Ron, as Draco’s earlier bemusement turned into a wicked grin.

‘Anything....anything!’ cried Cho in delight. Suddenly, Ron removed his robes then underwear, so that he stood naked before Cho and Draco. Even though he was straight, Draco couldn’t help but look in awe at Ron’s naked form. He had been working out over the summer in an almost military fashion, as if urged on by the desire to be the one to capture his old friends and bring them to his Master. His body was now stronger than ever, with larger pecs and a well defined six pack. His new silver arm and silver streaks on his chest only helped to highlight his strength and made him appear battle-hardened and strong. His fat, six inch cock stood erect as he began to massage it slowly with his right hand. Taking Ron’s lead, Draco too began to quickly disrobe so that he also now stood naked. Draco’s body was wirier then Ron’s and his abs, though visible were less defined. His bum however, was curvier and much peachier then Ron’s as Draco quickly took his cock in hand and began to shake and pull it in an effort to make it hard. Cho’s eyes flitted quickly between each boy as she swallowed dryly in apprehension.

‘I am free aren’t I?’ she asked desperately, ‘this is all part of the escape plan of course isn’t it?’

‘Yeah....of course,’ said Ron eagerly. As soon as Cho gave a slight nod, both boys moved in closer to her head, cocks in hand. Ron shoved his hard cock straight into Cho’s open willing mouth while Draco began to slap his hardening cock on Cho’s forehead and cheeks. Cho reached out a hand and began to stroke Draco’s beautiful, slim shaft as she sucked ravenously on Ron’s cock.

‘Mmm yeah,’ groaned Ron, ‘Potter always said she was a good cock-sucker,’ said Ron to Draco with a smirk as he felt Cho’s roaming tongue lubricate his bulbous head. Cho’s warm, delicate hand had managed to make Draco’s cock rock hard as she peeled his foreskin back to reveal his light pink head. Draco moved closer in as Ron sloppily removed his own cock so Cho could begin to suck on Draco’s. Draco bent his knees slightly so Cho could force as much of Draco’s long cock into her mouth as possible.

‘Ahhh fuck!’ Draco moaned out loud as around five inches of his dick plunged easily into Cho’s fiery mouth. Ron smiled at his friend’s pleasure as he moved in closer to Cho’s mouth once more and began to tap his cock expectantly on her cheek. Cho eyed him hesitantly as she continued to suck and slurp all over Draco’s cock until finally, she opened her mouth a fraction wider. Without a second thought, Ron guided his cock with difficulty into Cho, so that both boys’ cocks resided in her warm mouth.

‘Ahhhh...’ sighed Draco once more as the twin feeling of Cho’s small, wet mouth and Ron’s hard, warm member pressed against his own made him shudder with pleasure. Soon, Cho began to gargle and splutter with the effort of keeping both boys cocks in her mouth, which only lead them to force their cocks even further into Cho’s saliva ridden mouth. Draco began to continually push his head against the inside of Cho’s soft cheek as he watched her cheek bulge outwards each time he pushed. Suddenly, Ron reached down and pinched Cho’s nostril’s together so that she couldn’t breathe. Both boys began to laugh as Cho’s hands began to fight against the chains and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Her eyes began to bulge out and her face turned a dangerous shade of blue. Just as it seemed Cho could take no more, Ron released her nose and both he and Draco pulled their cocks out with a pop. Cho’s head rose as she took in a rasping breathe; saliva pouring out of her mouth onto the expecting cocks of Draco and Ron.

‘Yeahh, that’s nice,’ moaned Ron as Cho’s hot saliva pooled all over his cock.

‘O ha-ha, nice joke guys,’ gasped Cho naively. Ron smiled wickedly at Draco as he took a hold of Cho’s mangy robes in his silver arm and wrenched them away like they were as flimsy as paper. Ron’s eyes widened in wonder, as he looked down at her now naked body. Thankfully, Voldemort had not harmed her body which was perfectly toned and a light brown colour. Her pert, C sized tits wobbled slightly as Ron went and stood by the foot of the stone table. He grabbed Cho by her ankles and dragged her along the table so that her legs over-hung the table and her pussy lay inches from Ron’s hips. Ron quickly wrapped her long, athletic legs around his waist as he placed his moist, fat cock by her pussy entrance. As he felt Cho’s cold feet rest on his tight bum, with a few final rubs of Cho’s pink pussy lips with his cock, he thrust his cock deep into Cho’s pussy.

‘Ahh, I can see why Potter liked to fuck you so much!’ panted Ron as he felt Cho’s moist, pussy walls clamp tightly around his dick. Draco meanwhile remained stood by Cho’s face facing Ron. In one quick motion, he swung his leg round the other side of the table so that he straddled Cho’s face.

‘Open your fucking mouth,’ demanded Draco, as Cho obliged cautiously. Draco bent his knees as he lowered his sizeable ball sack into Cho’s small mouth. Cho’s vision became blocked as Draco’s smooth, curvy bum covered her eyes as she felt Draco’s balls settle into her mouth.

‘Mmm yeah that feels good,’ moaned Draco as he felt the nice, tickling sensation of Cho’s tongue around his young ball-sack. Draco, now feeling in total control of Cho began to greedily grab large handfuls of Cho’s tits. Draco loved feeling Cho’s reaction to his aggressive play with her breasts on his ball-sack as each time he gave Cho’s nipples as extra hard tweak, Cho’s teeth would lightly press into his balls, making him moan even more in delight. Soon enough, Cho’s nipples were fully erect to at least an inch long and red finger-marks covered her soft mounds from where Draco had rubbed and squeezed them. Saliva from Draco’s cock began to slowly drip down onto Cho’s neck as Draco halted his breast fondling to observe Ron. Draco watched in awe as Ron, with both hands placed around Cho’s toned middle pounded Cho’s pussy hard. Draco smiled at a red-faced Ron and felt himself grow even hornier as he watched Cho’s flesh ripple each time Ron’s powerful, youthful body thrusted into her.

Slowly, Draco raised his warm, sodden ball-sack out of Cho’s mouth as he heard her take in a lungful of air.

‘Lick my ass bitch,’ said Draco suddenly as he placed both his hands on his cheeks and spread them wide. Tentatively, Cho poked out her tongue and began to lick around Draco’s hairless ass-hole.

‘Ahhhhhh,’ groaned Draco loudly as he felt his knees buckle in pleasure. He had never experienced a feeling like it as he felt Cho’s wet tongue rim around his hole. Draco’s body was soon tingling in delight as Cho began lapping all around his hole and crack. Draco’s eyes closed slowly in ecstasy as he felt the tip of Cho’s tongue poke into his hole. An electric feeling flowed through Draco’s body which made him feel as though he was orgasming without cumming. Draco gripped onto Ron’s forearms for support as he rested his head on his shoulders. Cho’s chained hands just extended long enough for her to place them on Draco’s bum. Though she didn’t totally enjoy rimming his hole, she did enjoy squeezing and slapping Draco’s curvy bum as she dug her fingers into his sweet, pale flesh. Cho’s kisses and licks had now moved onto Draco’s cheeks, which she began to sloppily kiss and bite lightly.

‘Mmmmmm,’ Cho suddenly groaned out loud as the mixture of pleasuring herself with Draco’s peachy bum and Ron’s relentless pounding made her orgasm. Ron by now was panting wildly as he looked down at his cock beating into Cho’s pussy at a fast rate. Cho’s pussy lips by now were an angry red colour as Ron felt a gushing of warm liquid envelop his dick.

‘Ahhhh haha,’ laughed Ron in bliss as he felt Cho’s pussy tighten even more around his cock. Not wanting to cum so soon, Ron reluctantly pulled out of Cho’s pussy.

‘Your turn to fuck this bitch Draco,’ said Ron as he gave Cho’s pussy a final tap with his cock and went over to the other stone table to get his wand.

‘Hang on,’ he said to Draco who had eagerly made his way over to Cho’s sopping wet pussy. With a flick of his wand, Cho’s legs flew over her head so that her knees landed either side of her face; as if she was stuck trying to do a backwards roly-poly. Her face was angled slightly downwards and her pussy high in the air as Draco smiled in delight at Ron.

‘Nice-one,’ commented Draco as he climbed up, stood on the stone table and placed his feet either side of Cho’s raised ass. Draco bent his knees and placed his right hand on top of his dick at the base and pressed it downwards so that it was at the perfect angle to penetrate Cho. Ron watched on in admiration as Draco’s dick approached Cho’s pussy, like a rocket-ship coming into land. Draco’s long, slender, pale body glistened beautifully in the light in comparison to Cho’s crumpled tanned body as Ron watched Draco’s dick disappear into Cho’s warm pussy. Ron smiled as he went over to Cho’s head and placed his cock into her mouth once more.

‘O God!’ cried Draco in delight as he felt Cho’s pussy willingly take in his cock. Inch after inch of his cock entered into Cho’s pussy, meeting no resistance, until finally Draco felt his balls hit her ass. Draco rested there for a while, his hands resting on his squatted knees as he let Cho’s juices soak around his own cock. Finally, Draco began to bounce up and down, his cock sliding in and out of Cho’s pussy with ease. Draco looked down to see his cock covered in flecks of clear and white liquid as the feeling of Cho’s tight pussy walls wrapped around his cock made him pant in delight. Draco by now was in a deep squat position, as he started to rotate and grind his hips in a circle, which caused Cho’s round ass to also rotate. Draco gave her tanned, perky ass numerous hard slaps as he alternated between a slow, grinding rhythm and a faster, more direct one.

Meanwhile, Ron had grabbed a hold of Cho’s cheeks and had begun thrusting in and out of Cho’s mouth at rapid speed. Ron, between thrusts could hear here gargle and splutter but he did not care, as the urge from his cock to go on had overpowered him. Ron could feel heat emanating from Cho’s face as her cheeks went a bright red through the strain that Ron’s fat dick was causing her. Ron could feel her tongue almost trying to push out his cock, but this only caused her to lubricate his dick even more in her warm juices. After a few more minutes of his deep-throating, Ron finally removed his soaking wet cock from Cho’s mouth. Ron looked up at Draco, who by now was red-faced and sweaty from the exertions of his fucking.

‘Back off her Draco, it’s about time we gave this girl a real fucking,’ Ron said as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Draco, slowly removed his shaft from Cho’s pussy, like a sword coming out of a sheath as he jumped down from the table.

‘Wingardium Leviosa,’ muttered Ron, as he pointed his wand at Cho. She rose a few feet into the air, allowing Ron to lie underneath her on the table. Ron lifted the spell so that Cho landed on top of him with a soft thud.

‘Fuck her pussy Draco,’ said Ron with a grin. Draco smiled back as he stood at the foot of the table and rubbed his cock a few times. With a little spread of her legs, Draco plunged his cock straight into Cho’s pussy as he continued with his fucking of her.

‘Now,’ whispered Ron into Cho’s ear, ‘let’s see what your ass feels like on my cock.’ Cho could do nothing but nod as she felt Ron’s hand go to his cock and feel his head near her ass-hole. Draco slowed his thrusting down slightly to let Ron get his cock into Cho’s ass. After a few moments, Ron’s heavily lubricated cock finally managed to break into Cho’s tight ass a few inches.

‘Ahhhhh,’ Ron and Cho moaned together as due to Draco’s faster pounding, Ron’s cock slipped further in a few inches. Both he and Draco now had their hands placed around Cho’s hips as all three of the teenagers began to moan and pant loudly. Cho’s ass was the tightest Ron had ever felt and he was sure that even after a few minutes of thrusting, it was no looser. Ron let his hands travel up Cho’s body so that they lay on her tits. He began to knead and tweak at her nipples as he began to thrust slow and deep into her tight ass. Suddenly, Ron’s body began to shake with pleasure and his thrusting began to become wilder and untimed.

‘Fuck!’ groaned out loud Ron as he shot his hips upwards into Cho, ‘Ahhhh......ahhhh.....ahhhhh.’ Ron’s cock went into spasm as his cock spurted out wave after wave of cum into Cho’s ass. A large moan escaped Cho’s lips as well as she felt a sticky wetness fill up inside her ass. Finally, Ron’s animalistic moaning and thrusting slowly stopped as he lifted Cho slightly off him so he could stand again.

‘Fuck that was good,’ said Ron through heavy breathing as he went to stand nearer Draco, ‘come on Draco, harder....harder!’ said Ron as he gave Draco a few playful spanks on his fleshy bum. Urged on by Ron, Draco’s thrusting went wild as his cock moved in and out of Cho like a blur. Draco began to slap and squeeze at Cho’s jiggling tits as soon enough he too felt an unstoppable orgasm approach. Draco’s body began to rock about in a frenzied motion as his head shot back to the ceiling and he stood on his toes.

‘Ahhhh fuck!......ahhh God......mmmmm,’ cried out Draco, as he shot off five, thick loads of his youthful cum into Cho. Draco’s body then dramatically fell onto Cho’s; causing her to exhale sharply as his hips involuntarily began to twitch, so that the last few drops of his cum trickled out into her pussy.

‘Nice-one Draco,’ said Ron loudly as he patted Draco on his sweaty, pale back. Draco slowly lifted himself off Cho and hastily removed his cock from her pussy. A dribble of white liquid began to leak out of Cho’s pussy and began to pool onto the stone table as Ron and Draco went to stand by Cho’s face.

‘Clean us whore,’ commanded Ron as Cho began to lick and suck the mingling of juices that lingered on the boy’s cocks. With her eyes on theirs, she gargled then swallowed in one the collection of Ron’s, Draco’s and her own juices. Finally, once they were both clean and their cocks had returned to their usual soft state, they both found their clothes that were scattered around the room and re-dressed in silence.

‘So,’ said Cho in naive hope once they had finally re-dressed, ‘are we leaving? Can I go home now?’

‘Yeah you can go home now,’ said Ron darkly, ‘AVADA KEDAVRA!’ With a blinding green flash and a rush of howling wind, Cho fell back on to the stone table dead; the shadow of her last hopeful thought of freedom still etched on her face. Draco couldn’t help but look on in shock as he stared into Cho’s empty, brown eyes

‘Come on, let’s go, someone else can dispose of her,’ said Ron coldly to Draco as he pocketed his wand. With a final look back at Cho’s once beautiful body, with juices still oozing out of her pussy and ass, the two boys left the room.


‘Thanks Kreacher, that tea was lovely,’ said Harry to the house-elf as he got ready to depart.

‘It was my pleasure young master,’ replied Kreacher, who had Regulus’s old locket hung around his neck.

‘Come on Hermione!’ Harry called up the stairs as he fastened up his travelling cloak. A sound of quick pattering upstairs, followed by the sound of creaking stairs announced Hermione’s arrival.

‘You sure of the plan Harry?’ asked Hermione anxiously.

‘Break into the Ministry, steal the locket, escape again unseen and then destroy it...simple,’ said Harry with a grin.

‘You always make it seem so simple Harry,’ said Hermione as she returned his grin.

‘Well let’s hope it is as simple as it sounds......ready Hermione? Ok, let’s go!’ said Harry determinedly as he and Hermione left the house and with a faint pop, disappeared into thin air.

Rating: 79%, Read 55924 times, Posted Aug 27, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Extreme, Fan fiction, Hardcore, Masturbation, Spanking, Submission, Teen Female, Teen Male, Threesome


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