Jessica's Capture - Part 5 of 10 by ~~!!+KaosAngel+!!~~

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Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women

Jessica's Capture

Story: #19

Copyright ©2005

Written: January 24 2005

A story By: KaosAngel

Proofed by: Piasa_Troll

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Part 5 - Jessica's on the job

Following her down the hall, Jerry was right behind her "Go ahead she is waiting in there, I'm sure she will be surprised to see you, he he" He said placing a hand on her shoulder, "You trust me to go in and spit her alone?" Jessica asked "That's the deal and when you are done with her there are four more spits now available and waiting to be filled, think you can handle that?" Jerry said removing his hand from her shoulder.

"Sure I can do it!" Jessica replied as she turns from Jerry and enters the room alone, looking around for the mouth bitch she now knew was named Stacey. "No way bitch!" was heard from Stacey as she saw Jessica come into sight, realizing Jessica's collar and chain was gone could only mean that Jessica was here for her, she thought, She was right.

Walking over to Stacey "Guess what, I'm here to get you on that Jessica 3000 over there and spike that pretty little pussy of yours" Jessica said as she runs a finger between Stacey's leg and dips it into her pussy. Stacey starts struggling against Jessica's touch as Jessica unchains her from the wall, grabs her arm and begins pulling Stacey toward the Jessica 3000 with much resistance.

Grabbing Stacey's head Jessica slams it down hard on the chrome siding of the Jessica 3000 and then forces her to take a kneeling position and mount the Jessica 3000, unknown to Jessica, Jerry is watching and impressed by her treatment of the mouth bitch, watching as Jessica quickly straps Stacey into the machine tight and looks around for the spit that was once reserved for her own pussy.

Looking very silly Jessica reads the large red button "Auto-matic spit reload, push here" pushing the large red button the machine starts up and a long steel spit can be seen falling from its storage space high above the machine and then quickly locks behind the Jessica 3000 and its unwilling rider. While the spit is sliding up inside Stacey's pussy, Jerry walks in to the room "Woe very good, I’ve never seen any operator subdue a victim that quickly" he said as stops directly in front of Jessica who is standing next to the Jessica 3000, watching Stacey get spiked.

"By the way did we discus wages and meat option's yet?" he asked as Jessica turns toward him, "I get wages and meat?" she answered his question with another question. "Of course an apprentice operator starts at $10.00 an hour, when you are more experienced and well trained you will receive as much as $20.00 an hour, with a raise every six months, over the next three years" he replied "Also you are entitled to one fresh meat-girl or your own, every other month, to do with what ever you like" he added.

Jessica looked for a second as though she was thinking it over and then suddenly broke out into a happy dance "That’s five times better wage then my old job" she replied, Jessica kneeling in front of Stacey still riding the Jessica 3000 "I winder what it feels like to have a spit tear its way though your body?" Jessica asked with a smile as Stacey quickly spat in her face. Jessica wipes her face and slaps the bitch hard "I can’t wait to se that spit come sticking from your pretty little lips" Jessica said as she stood up.

Looking around the room at other girls having just been brought in for processing "Jessica, you may choose one for yourself" he said pointing to the girls being lead in from the van's, Jessica looks them up and down "Can I do what ever I want with the one I choose?" she asked, "Yes anything you want, she will be your personal property, you can choose a new one every two months but the last one must be slaughtered and processed before you can take another" he said as Jessica walked over to inspect the new girls.

Looking back toward Stacey, Jessica noticed the spit was half way though her "If you want you can speed up the spiting process, or slow it down to cause maximum pain to your victim" Jerry said "There will be times when you will be required to work fast, that is where the highest setting comes in 10 being the fastest, this means the spit will travel 10 inches per minute, setting 1 being the lowest, this means the spit will travel 1 inch per minute and also delivers a slight electrical charge, but only enough electricity to cause the most unbearable pain you can imagine, not enough to cook or singe the meat" he added while looking into Jessica's smiling face"

Jessica checked the setting to see Stacey was set to setting 3 meaning the spit was traveling at about 3 inches per minute, with a smile on her face Jessica hit the switch marked setting 1, Stacey began to scream from the electrical current now filling her pussy along with the sharp death spike. Satisfied that the mouthy bitch was in the most pain Jessica could give her she now returned her attention to the line of girl’s awaiting her inspection.

"Well I’ve always wanted a sex slave, would you mind if I kept that young blond there alive for a while as a sex slave?" she asked pointing to the only blond in the line "Sure you can do what ever you want with her, except setting her free!, that is the only rule, when your done with her she must be processed as meat before you can take a new meat-girl, or you can choose to keep her indefinitely for as long as you are working for us" he replied as he ordered Steve to come and take the blond who they now found out her name was Lina, out of the line of waiting girl's Lina was then chained to the wall in the "WAITING ROOM" waiting for Jessica.

Hearing Stacey scream her final scream Jessica turned to see the spit force its way out of her mouth and walked over to Stacey gave her a pat on the head "Good girl, I was right that spit looks lovely between those blood stained lips" she said with a laugh, pressing a smaller red button she could see a smaller spit that she knew was the anal bayonet shoot out of the Jessica 3000 attached to the larger spit insider her and following along it until the small sharp point of the nail bayonet was at the entrance to her anus and quickly forced it inside her, forcing Stacey to scream around the large steel invader inside her.

Releasing both of Stacey's hands Jessica tied them behind her back tightly, then releasing her ankles and tied them tightly to the spit, seeing that Stacey was now ready to roast "Call the spit crew for pickup, use the phone there dial 6500 and tell them, you have a pickup for them" he said pointing to the phone, Jessica made the call and within seconds two large men came in and picked Stacey and her spit up over their shoulders and carried her away.

As she watched the men carry Stacey away her hand had unknowingly slipped into her pussy and she began to masturbate herself, while doing this she felt the tag that had been attached to her left pussy lip, "Jerry what about this tag?" she asked drawing his attention to her meat-girl ID tag, "That stays there to always remind you that you belong to us, we can process you at any time for any reason we see fit" he replied.

"Ok finish spiting these new girls fresh from the cleaning line, then you can clock out for the day and go to your new room with Lina" he said as he sat down to watch Jessica spit the remaining girls "What new room?" Jessica asked, looking toward her "Check your cunt tag, we have assigned you an apartment type room on the other side of the compound for you to live in while your working for us, we are giving you the same room the last operator lived in, everything she owned is now yours, except her slave, of course, she was processed with the operator this morning".

Jessica continues her work forcing the next girl in line to mount the Jessica and straps her in tight, pushes the large red start button marked "Auto-matic spit reload" the machine begins to hum as the new spit falls into place behind the struggling girl who is now Jessica and Jessica 3000's new unwilling victim.

Looking toward Jessica "I do have one request for you Jessica" Jerry said while watching her work "You were so good in bed, would you be willing to join me in bed and take care of my needs from time to time?" he asked Jessica turns to Jerry "Why me, with so many girls here to take why would you ask for me?" she asked as she continued her work guiding the spit into the meat-girl's pussy and watched as it began tearing into her body. Keeping the machine set to 1 because she likes to watch the girls suffer in pain.

"Well out of all the meat-girls ive had none have been as good as you were" he replied to her question "Well I’m sure the meat-girls think, why should I make this good for him if he is just going to slaughter me" she said as the spit pushed its way out of the pretty lips of Jessica's second victim "You seem sure of that, what makes you so sure that is what they think?" Jerry asked her "Because that’s what I was thinking when you were fucking me, It was only my pure lust and love of sex that made it good for you" she replied while releasing the girls hands and ankles, tying her hands tight behind her back and her ankles tight to the spit, after the anal bayonet was forced into place, and Jessica called the pickup crew.

"I see, well this isn’t a demand, just a request, if you don’t want to I will never force you" he replied, "Well in that case, see me here now, nude, im always going to be like this, just take me when ever you want me, I don't mind" she replied while blushing a bright red. Jerry smiled and nodded his approval to her statement, as a fight broke out between two of the other three remaining meat-girls in the line waiting for a spit.

"Ohh shit, another fight!" Jerry said as he jumped to his feet and Jessica turned to look, Jessica quickly jumped in between the two fighting meat-girls and tried to pull them both to the ground to subdue them, An alarm is sounded as a group of guard run in and grabs the two fighting meat-girls and Jessica. One guard holds each of the fighters, including Jessica, "release her" Jerry says pointing to Jessica as the guard releases her "But sir, all fighters are to be slaughtered immediately, why should we let this one go?" the guard said nodding toward Jessica.

Looking at the guard "Because she isn’t a meat-girl anymore she is our new operator" Jerry replied to the guards’ question "Now get those two to the slaughter house" Jerry added. "YOU CANT SLAUGHTER ME!!" one of the meat-girls yelled "My alternative meat agency ID, says im to be spit roasted!" she added "Listen missy, we are not the alternative meat agency, we are a freelance meat agency, I make the rules here, you go to slaughter" he said looking into her hate filled eye's.

Looking toward Jessica, "Well Jessica looks like tomorrow you get your first lesson in how to slaughter an unwilling meat-girl" he said looking into her smile filled face. "To the slaughter line with those bitches" Jessica said as the guards forced the two girls to the ground attached both of there legs to leg spreaders attached to chains that lifted them upside down, high into the air, Jessica looked on a they both disappeared though a plastic curtain, to await their slaughter, the sign above the plastic curtain reads "To Slaughter House"


Rating: 81%, Read 35630 times, Posted Oct 27, 2010

Fantasm | Cannibalism, Snuff, Written by women


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