Daddy's New Fucktoy. by dontask2033

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Masturbation, Pissing, Reluctance, Spanking, Submission, Toys, Water Sports, Written by women, Young

"Oh...oh...mmm...fuck me, oh, yes!" Lily moaned, imaginging she was the pornstar in the video getting her pussy reamed by the thick cock.

The top part of a brush was held between the heels of her feet, the rounded 5 inch handle in her hairless 14 year old pussy as she bounced on it. She was naked, glistening with sweat with her head thrown back, her long blonde hair swishing from side to side.. Her pert Bcups were bouncing wildly as she fucked her hairbush like an animal. The handle was coated with her sweet pussy juice. She reached between her legs and rubbed herself for a minute, getting her hand coated in her cum before bringing her hand up to her chest and rubbing it on her small nipples and all across her face. Drool dribbled from her mouth and down onto her tits and stomach as she refused to swallow it, getting even hotter knowing she was covered in her own spit.

She felt her cunt flood with juices and she screamed out her orgasm, being loud turned her on and made her cum even harder. Her dad wasnt home, and she could be as loud as she wanted without beign caught. She kept fucking herself hard, slamming her pussy back down on the handle until she felt her orgasm subside. Breathing hard, she pulled the brush from her cunt and tossed it aside, leaning back on her elbows and turning in the direction of her full length mirror. Lily spread her legs wide and looked at her freshly masturbated pussy, smiling at the sensation and look of her cunt juice sliding down and coating her asshole.

She reached a hand down and began to spread her lips aapart and rub her cunt, cooing at her reflection, "Look at that pussy Lily, your such a dirty whore." just like she'd seen in the porno's she'd stolen from her dads room.

Thats how her frequent masturbation came about. When she was a 9 years old she'd went into her fathers room and took one of his DVD's, seeing a pretty girl on on it and thinking it was a movie. She's watched it and almost instantly her pussy had began getting wet. She followed what she'd seen the girls in the movie do. Now. 5 years later, she'd gotten into the habit of masturbating daily, sometimes even up to three times in a day. Once she'd epierenced cumming she'd gotten hooked. Every Saturday morning when her father was at work she'd sneak one of his DVD's and fuck herself sensless on her hairbrush, as she had just been doing.

Getting horny again, she stuck 2 fingers in her tight cunt and began sawing them in and out, moaning and using her other hand to pinch and tug at her pink nipples.

Lily was so caught up in fucking herself that she didnt notice the sound of the front door opening, her dad calling out that he was home. She slipped a third finger in and pumped them in and out quickly, close to orgasm again.

"Oh, yes! I'm such a whore! A filthy cunt!" she called out, as she began to get closer and closer to excstasy.

"Lily whats-" her dad said, opening the door and getting an eyeful of his lucious teenage daughter working her cunt like a pro.

His eyes instantly glazed over with lust, taking in the sight of her slender body sprawled on the floor, fingers buried in her pussy, covered in juice and her own salivia. He began to get hard, and when she looked up at him, her big brown eyes looking directly into his just as she came, his erection grew to full size, oozing precum.

Orgasmn in motion, Lily couldnt do anything but scream in bliss and shake as her father watched. She knew she should have stopped, but seeing him there, the thrill she'd gotten, had sent her over the edge. Her sweet juice gushed out around her fingers, coating her ass and the carpet. She finally came down from her high and an instant flash of panic came over her. He had seen! Oh shit!

She quickly got up and flushed when she felt her hot, gooey cum siding down her legs. She dove to get her clothes off of the floor but her dad stopped her.


"What?" she asked, looking up at him in shock.

"Dont put your clothes back on." he said lustily, his eyes glazed over as they roamed his daughters hot body.

Andy had always had a hard on for his Lily ever since she'd started budding and becoming a beautiful young women. He'd often jacked off to his porn videos, imagining the girl was her. He loved bondage and dominating, humiliating a fucktoy. Hearing his daughter call out what a dirty whore she was had been it for him. He was going to take her.

She grabbed up her clothes anyway, and began pulling her shirt over her head, 'I'm really sorry dad I didnt know you were going to be-"

His hand shot out and ripped the blouse away from her, "I said, dont put your clothes back on.' he said in a lethal voice.

"Why?" she asked, covering herself with her hands.

He smiled cruelly, 'You said your a slut, so I'm going to use you like one."

"Dad no-" Lily began to protest, but Andy quickly grabbed her and shoved her face into her mattress, so she was bent at the waist with her hands down.

She tried to struggle, but she was small and petite, whereas he was not, so he easily over powered her. He grabbed her arms and pulled them back, digging his knee into the small of her back as he leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Do as I say, or you'll be punished."

Lily screamed fom the pain he was causing her, he let her arms go and repositioned them so they were straight out over her hand, palms pressed against the bed. He smacked her ass hard and told her not to scream.

Her ass burned and she let out a small cry, so he smacked her hard enough to leave a handprint and warned her again. She bit her lip hard and whimpered as she nodded, tears streaming down her face and wetting her comforter.

He smiled, "Good, slut."

He was so excited with his new toy that he didnt know what to do first, then his eye strayed over to the floor where her discarded hairbrush lay, glistening with her juices. Andy crouched down to grab it, and decided quickly where he wanted it go go. He placed the tip of the handle at her pert little asshole. She began to protest, but he shoved it in as far as it could go.

The handle wasnt at all thick, and she was well lubed due to her pervious cumming, so it wouldnt hurt her too bad. She whimpered and bit her lip to stifle to cry.

'Like that, whore?" Andy said as he dropped her pants and pulled her hips up, positioning the head of his cock at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy.

"Dad!" she yelled, "No! Please! This isnt ri-"

He rammed half of his thick cock into her to silence her. She began thrashing around, the sensatiions of both her pussy and her ass filled too much for her. Tears were flooding from her eyes now, ashamed and disgusted that she was actually enjoying it.

Andy grabbed a fistful of her hair and grunted when he felt her tight cunt clamp down on his dick, "You like it, dont you Lily? You really are a whore. You like your daddy violating your dirty holes?" He said teasingly as he shoved his cock in to the hilt, not suprised that she didnt have a hymen, "Say it. Tell me how much you love it.'

"I l-l-love you using my-"

"Louder." he commanded, slapping her ass hard as he built up a frantic rhythem, pulling out almost all the way and then slamming back into her.

'I love you using my dirty cunt daddy! It feels so good!" Lily screamed as she bagan pushing her ass back against him, getting even more turned on when she heard the sound of his balls slapping against her ass as he spanked her over and over, leaving her ass red and burning. Her pussy was dripping wet, coating Daddy's balls and cock in her juice.

He smiled and kept slapping her ass, loving how her pussy squeezed him whenever he landed a hard slap. He was reaming her fuck hole as hard as he could, using one hand to shove the hairbrush in and out of her ass and his other to spank her.

"Oh, Daddy yes!" Lily screamed, close to orgasmning, "Use me like a dirty whore! I'm a slut! I'm your fucktoy, cum in me Daddy please! Fill up your baby girls pussy with your hot cum!"

She lifted herself up on one elbow and began pinching her nipples, still forcing her pussy back on Daddy's cock in her frenzy to cum. It felt so good. The handle was being shoved in ehr ass over and over, her Daddy's hot cock was fucking her pussy, going in deep and pulling out quickly just to slam back in. Her ass stung but she loved how it felt.

Andy reached forward and grabbed one of her nipples, pulling it hard and twisting it cruelly as he came deep inside her, filling up her cunt with his seed.

Lily's cunt clenched and she was just about to cum, but he pulled out of her pussy and removed the handle from her ass. Lily whimpered and wiggled her ass, "Daddy! Please let me cum, I'm so hot for you. Make your baby girl cum Daddy!" she begged

He smiled, "You dont deserve to cum tonight cunt." he shoved the handle into her freshly fucked pussy to hold his cum in her, "Stay there."

He left the room and quickly came back with rope from the garage. He positioned Lily on her bed and tied her wrists and ankles to the bed, spread eagled, "Just to make sure you dont touch yourself." he said, smiling.

He removed the handle and took a small egg from his pocket and shoved it deep in her pussy making sure it wouldnt come out.

"Whats-" Lily began, but he picked up her dirty, girl cum soaked underwear and shoved it in her mouth.

He picked up a small remote off of the bed and set the egg to vibrate on its highest setting so it rattled around deep inside his little cumbucket.

Lily writhed, her cheeks flushed, moaning around the gag. When she was just about to cum again Andy lowered the setting so she could just barely feel it inside of her, but with her hypersensitised state he knew she would feel it well and that it would keep her at the edge of orgasm without letting her over.

"There we go." he said, then he pulled out of cock and bathed her body and hot cunt in his piss.

She was wriithing and trying to thrash around in an attempt to cum, he knew she was being driven crazy. It was only 6 in the afternoon, but he intended to leave Lily there until the next morning.

"See you in the morning fuckmeat." He said cheerily before walking over to her TV and putting one of his porno's on replay. He shut off the light and closed the door, heading off to his room. He was already cooking up ideas to use on his baby slut.

Rating: 87%, Read 124581 times, Posted Nov 01, 2011

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Incest, Masturbation, Pissing, Reluctance, Spanking, Submission, Toys, Water Sports, Written by women, Young


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