The Rain of Pharaoh by Valerie+Noirblossom

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Fiction | Anal, Female, Group Sex, Male, Pissing, Threesome, Virginity, Water Sports


She slammed her hand on the countertop. “What do you mean, there’s no reservation? Rhianne Fitzgerald, PhD. I made the reservation a month ago.”

“Sorry miss,” said the harried clerk behind the counter. “I’ve got one room left with a king sized bed. I can give you a cot.”

It was late afternoon, and a few rays of sunlight faded to yellow through the tinted windows of the lobby.

Dr. Fitzgerald was flipping through the pages of her pocket calendar. “Here it is… Oh wait.” She turned to me sheepishly. “I made it for next week, accidentally.”

I sighed. It had been a long flight. Not the part in the air, but lines in the airport. And now a line was forming behind us as we stood with our heavy luggage in the crowded frenetic lobby of the hotel. “Welcome Archæologists — to the Dig It Conference!” read a large banner on one wall. A top corner of it had flapped over, covering part of the “W.” The air resonated with the deafening joyful noise of collaboration between long-separated colleagues.

“I’ll take the room, I guess,” said Dr. Fitzgerald, frowning. “We were supposed to have two.”

“You may as well,” said the clerk. “With the convention, every room in our little town is booked. Unless you want to pitch a tent.”

“Look, just do it,” said Dr. Fitzgerald impatiently.

“Dr. Fitzgerald!” called out a voice. I turned to see a young blonde girl with long hair flowing loose. She was thin and graceful.

“Is that,” Dr. Fitzgerald squinted. “Crissy?”

“You taught my high school history class. Remember?” said Crissy. “I’m all grown now.”

Dr. Fitzgerald laughed. “Good for you! I’m groaning under the weight of these cursed bags. We have to get settled, but I’ll come down in a bit, and we can catch up!”

“OK!” And Crissy flashed a smile at me that sent a tingle through the male members. Of course, it didn’t take much, as wiped out as I was from staying up until morning to get Dr. Fitzgerald’s presentation slides in order. As an Egyptologist, she was brilliant. With Power Point, not so much. Hardly as if being a Power Point whiz were something to be proud of. I was just the grunt labor, she was my boss.

Dr. Fitzgerald completed the transaction with the clerk, and received the two key cards, one of which she handed to me. “Room 354,” she said. “Three and six times nine. Divisible by three.” In the state I was in, merely hearing those numbers, 3, 6, 9, from her straitlaced dignified lips was enough to send another tingle.

We traipsed over to the elevators, lugging suitcases, backpacks, and computers as we clambered on. Several people joined us, getting off on the second floor. A ‘mellow’ version of Purple Haze whispered from the speakers, dubiously orchestrated with flute, guitar, harp, and a large string section. The doors opened with swish and we clambered off.

The abrupt quiet was refreshing. I followed the good doctor down the hall, across the plush leaf-themed carpet to room 354.

I could hear her gentle breathing, a little faster from the effort of carrying her suitcase and computer. She was in her late twenties or early thirties, with shoulder-length chestnut hair. With my fatigue, social filters were weak, and my eyes lingered on the fullness of her breasts as I watched her in profile, fumbling with the key. Even with the modest high-collar dress she wore. In the close quarters, I noticed that she still had freckles, and dimples even.

After a few attempts with the card in wrong directions, the door relented and allowed us entry.

“Sorry about that,” she said. “You were supposed to have another room.”

“It’s OK, boss. We’ll manage,” I said. “I need to take a nap, though. I was up all night.”

She smiled. “I know. You did a great job with those slides. I don’t know what it is about that silly software…”


“Why don’t lie down for a bit while I go socialize? I’ll be back in like a half an hour. There are a couple of people I need to talk to about logistics.”

“Sounds good,” I said, letting the backpack slip to the floor and falling flat on my face on the middle of the bed. Vaguely I overheard Dr. Fitzgerald directing the bellhop to put the cot next to the bed, then everyone left and an assertive spring mechanism slammed the door shut. Soon after, I lost consciousness.


Next I knew, there was a scratching at the door. Two women’s voices tittering. “This dang card. What are you supposed to do with it?” Dr. Fitzgerald’s alto voice.

“Like this,” a younger, soprano voice.

There was a slide and a click, and all at once I was in the company of two women. The second was the graceful thin blonde from before.

“Are you awake?” said Dr. Fitzgerald.

I thought a minute. “Now I am,” I said.

“Roy, this is Crissy. Crissy, Roy.”

Crissy bounded over to offer her hand. I offered my groggy digits in return. She was soft and warm, and I didn’t want to let it go.

“Roy, like a king!” said Crissy. “Like in a king threesome! You know, two girls and a guy!”

I blinked. “I did not know,” I said.

“Or a Pharaoh,” remarked the professor.

Crissy turned to Dr. Fitzgerald. “Does he know that you like girls?

Dr. Fitzgerald smiled nervously. “Now he does.”

“It’s OK,” I said awkwardly. “Don’t worry. I have no problem with it.”

Dr. Fitzgerald sighed with relief. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“Oh, Dr. Fitzgerald, I always wanted to do you,” said Crissy, putting one arm around Dr. Fitzgerald’s shoulder, and stroking her breasts with the other. “You were always so hot.”

Dr. Fitzgerald cleared her throat. “I see you’re all grown now.”

Crissy laughed. “I might moan,” she said. “Not groan!”

Dr. Fitzgerald separated from Crissy and turned to me. “I do apologize,” she said. “I didn’t mean let my personal life interfere. However, you should know that the restaurant closes at eight, which is in about a half an hour.”

“Got it,” I said, sliding off the bed. “I’ll leave you ladies to your business.”

Dr. Fitzgerald touched my shoulder. “We will go somewhere else. This is your room, and you’re welcome here.”


The hotel restaurant dinner was good. I didn’t know anyone really, and everyone else was absorbed in energetic chatter of which I understand maybe every third word, so I sat at a table by myself, trying to concentrate a local newspaper. But my mind kept drifting back to what might be going on back in the room.

The restaurant offered cherry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It was excellent. Cherries…


Back upstairs again, I tapped on the door of room 354, just to be sure everyone was decent. The door opened before I could slide my key in. “Come in! Are you done already?” It was Crissy. “And here we’ve been nothing but yammering away.”

I wasn’t sure whether to believe that nothing more interesting had taken place, but evidently it was the case. Both were still fully dressed. Dr. Fitzgerald was seated in a chair at the desk in front of a computer that had her presentation going on it.

“I really love what you did with her slides!” said Crissy. “I know what they’re like when she does them.”

“Hey!” protested Dr. Fitzgerald.

Crissy stood behind Dr. Fitzgerald, running her hands through the professor’s hair. “You’re still the most inspiring Egyptologist in the world. I love how you explain everything so it makes sense and I can understand it.”

“Why thank you. I spend a lot of time with dry dusty books, that’s all.”

“You just suck at Power Point,” continued Crissy.

The word “suck” made the professor flinch slightly. She flashed a worried glance at me.

Standing next to her so I could see what they were looking at, I found myself drowning in the aroma of female arousal.

Crissy smiled at me with big blue eyes, her moist lips only inches away from mine.

“Now I’m in love with both of you,” said Crissy. “Have the two of you ever had sex?”

I and Dr. Fitzgerald both cleared our throats. I let her speak. “No,” she said faintly.

Crissy smiled, still stroking Dr. Fitzgerald’s hair. “But you’ve thought about it, haven’t you?”

“Well…” continued Dr. Fitzgerald.

“I bet he would, wouldn’t you?” she turned to me, still smiling.

“Can I speak with my lawyer?” I said.

“Hold on,” said Dr. Fitzgerald standing. “I have to take a break.” She went into the bathroom and shut the door. We could hear the sound of liquid streaming into the toilet bowl. I wondered what Dr. Fitzgerald’s genitalia looked like. Did she shave?

Crissy leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She placed her hand gently on the stiffening bulge inside my pants. “I think you need to adjust down there,” she whispered, tapping with her fingers to indicate where. “Go ahead. I don’t mind.”

In a state of shock, I slipped my hands into my pants to shift positions to relieve the discomfort. I felt a little droplet from the stimulation. “I barely know you,” I protested.

Crissy smiled, pulling me closer, so her flat chest pressed into me. “Isn’t it better like that? You get to know someone, all those tricky feelings start getting in the way.” She kissed me again. Her mouth tasted faintly of chocolate, that mingled with the scent of fresh girl sweat in my nostrils.

Dr. Fitzgerald re-emerged, freshened, drying her hands. “I see the two of you are getting to know each other. Stealing my date, are you?”

“I didn’t…” I started.

Crissy pouted. “He’s not stealing. I just wanted to try three for once,” she said. “I never have before. Come on. It will be fun.”

Dr Fitzgerald was stern.

“I know you don’t go for guys,” said Crissy. “But does it really matter? Hard in the middle, soft in the middle. It’s the same urge. The same beautiful human desire to share love with another.”


“Don’t you want to gain intimate understanding of the life experience of the Pharaohs? They had lots of wives, and you can bet they had some wild sex.”

Dr. Fitzgerald rolled her eyes. “What have I gotten myself into?” she sighed.

“Come on,” said Crissy. “For the sake of historical research. So you can speak with even greater authenticity than you already do about the social lives of ancient Egyptians. I know you want to. And he’s all ready!”

“Very unprofessional,” protested Dr. Fitzgerald, her resolve weakening. “Completely…”

Crissy leapt over and wrapped her arms around the good professor, smothering the last word with a kiss. A long, slow, sensuous kiss, with tongues. Dr. Fitzgerald was stiff at first, but gradually softened and acquiesced, holding Crissy’s head with one hand while she caressed the small of the younger girl’s back with the other.

I sat down in a chair facing them. Watching the two girls make out was like a magnet. I couldn’t look away.

“See, that wasn’t so difficult,” said Crissy, once they came up for air.

“Little devil,” said Dr. Fitzgerald.

Crissy turned to me. “You can be our Pharaoh. You could pretend she’s my mom. I bet that would turn you on.”

I let out a sound of protest. “I could never…” I said.

“It’s OK,” said Crissy. “You can imagine whatever you want. Pretend I’m your little girl, if you like. I don’t mind.”

“Look,” said Dr. Fitzgerald, “if this ever gets out… Not a word to anyone, either of you.”

“Of course not!” cooed Crissy, arms still wrapped, kissing her on the cheek.

“I won’t tell,” I said.

“You have to promise,” said Dr. Fitzgerald.

“Of course,” I replied. “Nobody will ever know.”

Dr. Fitzgerald hesitated, then broke away to fasten the latch, locking the door from the inside. “I hope I don’t regret this,” she said.

“Oh, come on,” said Crissy. “You would only regret if you pass up the wonderful opportunity to share your love with two beautiful friends. Not to mention the research value. Now don’t roll your eyes at me. You know it’s true.”

“In addition to compromising the professionalism of our relationship,” said Dr. Fitzgerald, looking at me worriedly.

Crissy continued in a soothing voice. “But married people work together all the time. Just because you have sex doesn’t mean you can’t be professional.”

“I think we’ll be OK,” I said. “Though it’s certainly not what I expected from the stodgy professor.”

Dr. Fitzgerald gave me a sudden glare, with a twinkle in her eye. “Stodgy,” she said. “We’ll see about that.” She approached me carefully, beckoning me to standing, then putting her arms around me. “You don’t have to kiss me,” she said as I held her. “Ugly old person lips.”

I laughed. “You’re not old,” I said. I felt her soft breasts pressing comfortably against my chest, as I noticed how beautifully rounded her rear end was. In contrast with the equally attractive skinny younger girl.

Crissy tapped her shoulder from behind. “The first thing we have to do,” she said, “is get you out of this ridiculous dress.”

Dr. Fitzgerald smiled, glancing behind her down Crissy’s low-cut red-and-white striped shirt. “Do you ever wear a bra?” she said.

Crissy shrugged. “Why bother?” she said. “They’re the same size they were when I was twelve.” I could see her little stiff nipples poking the fabric. “Come on. Off it goes, Dr. Fitzgerald.” She was unbuttoning the dress from behind.

“Call me Rhianne, please.” She extended her arms so the younger girl could slip the sleeves over them, one by one.

I was standing in front of Rhianne while thin Crissy pulled womanly Rhianne’s dress down over her shapely buttocks, revealing a lacy white bra, and cleavage through the lace. Rhianne’s breasts were round and full, aesthetic perfection. A small plain metal cross hung on a black cord between them.

“You have very nice mammaries,” I said impulsively.

Dr. Fitzgerald — Rhianne — smiled up at me as she stepped out of the dress. “I hope we will have good mammaries about this in the future,” she quipped.

“I think we will,” I said.

Crissy had paused in the disrobing, amused.

“Would you like to hold them?” Rhianne asked me.

Timidly I approached, gently cupping my hands around them inside the bra. She let out a trembling sigh. “Oh!” she said.

I caressed them affectionately while Crissy continued pulling the dress down over the slip. One foot at a time, Rhianne stepped out of the dress, then she looked back up at me. Her freckles were like a galaxy of stars across her face. The milky way.

I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. Her eyes widened with surprise, but she acquiesced, lips only. Then when I started to break away the famous archæologist placed her hand behind my neck and forced her tongue into my mouth, passionately. We kissed for a while. My stiffness was pressing against her now. Crissy placed the dress on a chair and came up from behind me, embracing the two of us.

“See?” she said. “I knew the two of you would get along.”

Our kiss ended, and Rhianne stared at me. “You kiss OK, for a guy,” she said. “But I’m a virgin, you know. I’ll never let one of those inside me,” She said tapping a now very sensitive bulge in my pants.

“I understand,” I said. “I respect your choice.”

“How about… he can fuck your boobs?” said Crissy. “Meanwhile, I can take care of you, down there.”

Rhianne flinched at the obscenity, but then was thoughtful. “I’ve never done this before,” she said.

Crissy laughed. “I never have either, so there!”

“I guess the cleavage would be OK,” said Rhianne.

Crissy let go of us. “Dr. Fitzgerald, face up on the bed.” She pointed. “A hard cock shoved between your bazookas while you’re having an orgasm won’t do you any harm.”

“It’s Rhianne,” said Dr. Fitzgerald, letting go of me.

Crissy laughed. “OK, Rhianne. But first…” she got behind Rhianne and undid her bra. As it fell to reveal her lovely bare breasts and nipples to me for the first time, Rhianne looked up at me with an odd expression. I reached over and gently cupped them once more. She gave a tremulous moan of pleasure. I bent over and kissed each nipple, taking them into my mouth briefly one by one.

She looked at me again as we separated, and then down at her stiffening nipples now shining with my saliva.

“Face up. On the bed,” said Crissy.

Rhianne turned and climbed onto the bed, rolling over into the center, on her back. “Now slide down, so he won’t be hitting the wall when he fucks your boobs.”

Rhianne nodded and slid towards the foot of the bed a little. “Is that enough room?” said my boss, looking at me.

“Sure,” I said. I took off my coat and shirt.

Crissy had produced a bottle of lotion from somewhere, which she squirted between Rhianne’s breasts. They both laughed at the spurting glob of white gel. Crissy rubbed it around some, and looked over at me. “You’ll need to pull down your pants,” she said. “Come on. Show us what you’ve got Mr. Pharaoh!”

I undid them and slipped them off, along with my underpants. I was now fully naked, balls tight, cock rigid. Crissy was still fully clothed in her low-cut shirt and jeans, and Dr Fitzgerald was down to her frilly white panties, which now had a faint spot of liquid peeking through. The little spot was like a magnet to my penis, which now stood before me in full stiffness. But alas, forbidden.

Rhianne was mesmerized by my stiff member. Maybe she had never seen an engorged penis up close before.

I climbed onto the bed, and straddled the good professor, cock extended. She looked up at me curiously, mouth slightly open. Her freckles across her face like stars across the sky. She reached up and ran her fingertip lightly up the bottom of the shaft to the tip, where it encountered a drop. She tasted it, and raised her eyebrows. “Never tasted a guy before,” she said.

Crissy came alongside. “OK,” she said to me. “Now kind of stick it there in the middle…” I adjusted my position so I could push my hard cock between Rhianne’s full, welcoming breasts. They were a perfect size for this activity, enough cushioning to press against, but not so enormous as to be in the way.

“Now, hold them together like that, so he doesn’t slip out,” said Crissy, demonstrating by pressing Rhianne’s breasts together around my hard cock. It was liking jumping into an ocean of pure bliss.

“Yes!” I said, thrusting a little while Crissy squeezed me between Rhianne’s boobs. I felt a forbidden thrill, the excitement of two girls watching me get off. And I flashed on imagining that they were mother and daughter.

Rhianne watched my expression curiously, and slipped her own hands in alongside of Crissy’s, so now two girls were massaging my sensitive cock together.

Crissy smiled as I shoved against the professors chest, again and again. Rhianne watched curiously as my glans poked through almost to her chin, then retreated again and again. “Got it?” Crissy asked Rhianne. The latter nodded.

As I continued to fuck the renowned archæologist’s tits, Crissy slipped away behind me. Rhianne squirmed for a bit as Crissy extricated Rhianne from her panties, and then Dr. Fitzgerald’s eyes and mouth flew open wide as I heard Crissy slurping behind me. Glancing over my shoulder, I saw that Rhianne’s legs were spread wide, and Crissy’s face was plunged in the middle of the hairy beast. It looked like a finger was curled around inside to hit the G-spot as well.

“Oh, my sweet little girl!” said Rhianne. “Make mommy come like a good girl!”

I looked down at Rhianne’s face twisted with blissful passion as I continued to thrust. Her moans established a rhythm like mine, and eventually they converged, so we were both thrusting at the same time. Until after a few minutes, when Rhianne gave a big thrust and held it. “Oh Crissy! I love you!” I felt her trembling as succumbed to wave after wave.

That did it. “Oh God! Doctor Fitzgerald!” I exclaimed realizing my stodgy boss was about to watch me experience a messy sexual climax, inches from her dignified face. Somehow I lifted up, and the first drop went right into her nostrils. Her mouth flew open with surprise. Another squirt that landed right on her tongue, and another couple across the milky way of freckles.

As I settled back down gently on her chest, a drop trickled out, landing on her little silver cross, where it was fastened on a black string around her neck.

Rhianne smacked her lips. “Sample of genetic material. I kind of like the taste.”

Our eyes met. I was amazed.

Meanwhile Crissy came around and kissed Rhianne. “Now see, isn’t this romantic?” She began licking up the drops that had landed on the professor’s nose and forehead.

I unmounted and fell back on my back, exhausted. “Time for bed,” I said.

“Cot, isn’t it?” said Crissy pointing. “You’re already on the bed. Besides, we’re just getting started.”


“Oh we are, are we?” laughed my boss, as Crissy licked my sperm off of her face.

Crissy frowned. “You’re not ready to quit, are you?”

Rhianne shook her head vehemently. “I’ll probably never do this again. Better take advantage while I can!”

Crissy laughed. “That’s the spirit, though I don’t believe you.”

“What, you think I would do this again?”

Crissy just smiled. “My turn,” she said, hopping off the bed. In a blink, she was naked. Her arms and legs were skinny like toothpicks. She wasn’t emaciated, just thin. She hopped back on the bed. A sparse layer of blonde hairs adorned her pussy. The nipples of her tiny breasts were both sticking out. She straddled Rhianne’s face.

“Hold on a minute,” said Rhianne. “I have to pee.” She slid off the bed, and this time she left the door open (why not?) so we could clearly hear the stream of urine as it hit the water. I was tempted to gawk, but my position of staring up open-mouthed at the ceiling felt like about all I could accomplish.

“So,” said Crissy to me, “How was that?”

I groped for words. “Amazing,” I said.

Crissy smiled, fingering her clitoris while she waited. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I nodded.

“Why is it that so many beautiful expressions of love are forbidden? Nature is wise, but then Man and the Church have to come in and make all these laws.”

“That’s true,” I said.

“And besides, if two women loving each other is so unnatural, how come so many people feel compelled to do it?”

“Seems like a natural inclination,” I agreed.

We heard a flush and the sound of hand washing. Dr. Fitzgerald returned wiping her pussy with a towel. “I figured I’d wash down there too, in case anyone gets inspired,” she said, grinning at each of us in turn.

I blinked. I had thought that region was out of bounds for me. Maybe only for certain members. Rhianne tossed the towel aside, putting her frilly white panties back on, which seemed odd given her immediately previous statement.

Rhianne lay on her back at the foot of the bed, and slithered face up back underneath where Crissy still knelt facing the head of the bed, ready to straddle.

Rhianne reached up to gently stroke Crissy’s public hairs. “Now there is a beautiful pussy,” she said. “Have you ever seen Courbet’s painting, ‘The Origin of the World?’”

Crissy shook her head. I hadn’t heard of it either.

Rhianne clucked. “Girl, what do they teach you in school nowadays?”

Crissy laughed. “You were my teacher. You should know.”

“Origin of the world?” I mused, imagining God reaching out to Adam on the roof of the Sistine Chapel.

Rhianne sighed. “A vagina like yours is a work of art. A pure aesthetic delight. Better than Judy Chicago. Now come here with it, little girl!”

Crissy wobbled side to side as she walked into position on her knees and lowered down. “Oh God! Dr Fitzgerald!” she exclaimed as tongue met clitoris. She collapsed forward onto her elbows as she surrendered to the sensations. Her face and body flushed with excitement.

“Oh! Oh!” she kept moaning softly in her high soprano voice. Then after a while “Oh, mommy. Oh Dr. Fitzgerald! Oh! I love you so much! Oh mommy!”

Rhianne paused for a moment, glancing over at me. “Can you put on some music or something? People might hear!”

“Um, sure,” I said. While they resumed, I found the TV remote, and scanned through for a good station. I found a hard rock station that was playing Rush. “That ought to drown out anything,” I said, sliding back to parallel with Rhianne, watching her at work.

My boss was skillful and diligent, finger curled inside her partner’s vagina as the thin blond cavorting above her got wilder and wilder in her cries and passion dance.

Then the thin blonde gave a jerk, pressing her pussy into the face of the buxom woman with chestnut hair, giving a little series of gasps as the pulses washed over her.

Crissy was about to keep going, when Rhianne spoke. “Why don’t you let him penetrate you?”

Crissy looked over at me. “Lose my virginity to a complete stranger?”

I was blind with lust. Desire overwhelmed reason. “I thought you said you loved both of us,” I pointed out. “Which includes me, as I recall.”

“Hah!” said Crissy.

“Besides it’s less complicated that way,” I said. “I’m a virgin too.”

Crissy laughed. “Well well. Touché! OK then, get your little prick over here so I can lick it! And don’t worry about me getting pregnant. I’ve been on the pill like forever, like some good it does.”

I climbed up to the head of the bed and knelt so that Crissy could reach me. We all adjusted, and Rhianne resumed her good work. Crissy gave another gasp, then, leaning down on one hand used the other to direct my already hardening cock between her sweet lips.

She was good. She placed her hand underneath my pelvic arch, her fingers sneaking toward my rear sphinctre. Long stands of blonde hair caressed my thighs as I felt her teeth lightly nipping, and her tongue probing for drops.

Soon my spear was fully extended again, and I was drunk on the stimulation of her mouth on my sensitive parts, as the two of us gyrated together.

“Roy!” called out Dr. Fitzgerald. “Over here!” She patted Crissy’s fanny.

I popped out from the suction of Crissy’s mouth with a slurp, and she glanced up at me grinning. “Sorry to disappoint you, but not much of a cherry left. Too many dildoes have gone that way before.” The tip of my penis glistened with her saliva.

I smiled. “It’s the thought that counts,” I said. “Are you ready?”

She nodded enthusiastically.

I walked on my knees over to straddle the professor’s breast again. “Hi boobies,” I said.

“They’re your friends,” said Dr. Fitzgerald. “They like you too.”

“Really?” I said.

She nodded. “The presence of your penis in my cleavage improved my experience of orgasm, without a doubt. I never would have believed it. Now come over here…” She plucked my glans with her thumb and forefinger, directing me underneath Crissy’s butt. Now I was spooning with Crissy. I felt the sparse blonde hairs as Rhianne guided my stiff cock towards the moist opening.

Found it. I pushed.

“Oh God,” said Crissy. “Both of you. I love you both!”

Her dripping vagina squeezed tight around me. At first, resistance. Bit by bit I worked my way inside of her, until I was submerged to the hilt.

“There it is,” she said with a lusty moan.

We commenced a slow rhythm, deep inside, then almost all the way out again. Gradually it grew a little faster, but still oozing with sensuous pleasure, and deep each time. I felt the tip of my cock touching her cervix each time I thrust way in.

“That’s amazing!” exclaimed Crissy. “Feeling his cock inside me while I’ve got your wonderful tongue on my clit! Yes, oh yes!”

Meanwhile, I felt Dr. Fitzgerald’s hand creeping around behind me. Now she had a nitrile glove on, and she was spreading lotion in my butt crack. “You need a rectal exam,” she said, thrusting her finger into my asshole.

The good doctor was full of surprises.

Her digit felt soft and squishy inside of me, very pleasant. That is, until she reached in far enough to find some kind of electric button that amplified my sexual excitement by about ten times.

“Whoa,” I exclaimed almost shouting, in spite of myself.

“Prostate,” said Rhianne. “I’ve always wanted to try massaging a guy’s prostate. I keep the gloves so if girls prefer anal stimulation I can accommodate them, but there’s nothing in there to do this with…” she thrust again as she said that, and the electricity surged throughout my body, while I thrust deep into Crissy.

“Ungh!” I replied.

“Yes!” Crissy exclaimed. “I love how he gets a little stiffer when you shove your finger in. That is so good. Much better than a dildo. Or well, maybe just different. Oh! Wow! Yes!”

My boss pushed inside me with each thrust. She knew how to hit the button right on, each time, sending sparks from the base all the way up to the tip inside Crissy, who pushed against me to make each thrust deeper. Meanwhile, I felt Rhianne’s tongue wandering onto my shaft and balls now and then.

The Rush song (not sure which one) was seemingly interminable, but it grew louder and more animated as we made love.

I immersed my face in Crissy’s long, sensuous hair, finding her earlobe and kissing it.

“Ungh!” Crissy responded. Then all at once in the deep part of the stroke she arched her back, and I felt a flood of droplets around my cock, as the walls of her vagina pulsed around me, squeezing in almost imperceptible spasms.

Rhianne shoved even harder in my butt, and somehow the arcs of electricity flew across a gap.

“I’m coming!” I said, thrusting again, as my own spasms commenced, sending droplets deep into Crissy’s center. I felt my anal sphinctre squeezing Dr. Fitzgerald’s finger inside me. Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! …followed by a series of smaller spasms, pulse, pulse… pulse.

Crissy swiveled to look back at me, grinning. She leaned forward so that my cock popped out, dropping onto Rhianne’s face. Rhianne pulled her finger out of my butt, tilting her head up to grab my cock in her mouth, licking all around the tip.

“That tastes so good!” said Rhianne. “I never knew.”

“Some more right here,” said Crissy, backing her pussy over Dr. Fitzgerald’s face again so she could lap up the mixture of pussy juice and sperm. I heard the good professor slurping eagerly, hand still clad in the blue glove off to the side.

As I dismounted to sit on the side of the bed, I glanced down at Rhianne’s crotch, and the growing little moist spot at the middle of her panties.

“I have to go pee,” I said, getting up.

“Wait a second! Me too,” said Crissy, “Once you’re ready,” she looked down at Rhianne, who gave a final slurp and swallowed with a big grin.

“Go,” said Rhianne. “I’ll wait.”


I assumed Crissy’s need was greater, so she asked me to wait. Not quite.

She took my hand as we walked into the bathroom together, leaving the door open, then she let go and climbed into the bathtub, lying on her back, legs spread wide open. “Pee on me!” she said.

“What?” I said.

“Are you guys getting kinky in there?” called Rhianne.

“Just do it!” giggled Crissy. “We’ll take a shower after.”

I shrugged. “OK,” I said, climbing into the bathtub. “Then we can swap places.”

Crissy did a little victory dance. “Oh goody!” she said. “I had a feeling you’d be into it!”

As I stood over her the arousal almost made it impossible to release, but finally a wonderful stream of yellow piss arced from my wee-wee hose, landing square in the middle of her chest. She giggled giddily all the while.

“Get my pussy!” she said quietly.

I shifted my aim, and now golden drops collected in her beautiful blonde pubic hairs, running down into the drain.

“Now…” she pointed at her face.

I redirected the stream, so it ran across her forehead into her hair, then onto her nose. She had wisely shut her mouth. I aimed at her nearly nonexistent breasts, but the flow began to ebb and the last few drops fell on her pussy again.

Overjoyed, and sopping wet, she did a little dance again, then got up. “Now you lie down,” she said.

I did, finding myself in a smelly puddle of my own making. But soon it mingled with her sweeter smelling urine as she unloaded warm fluid onto my cock, leaning forward to direct the flow higher as it trickled down my butt crack, then finally stepping over me to douse my face and hair while I closed my eyes and mouth. Laughing the whole time.

When she finished, I looked up to see Rhianne watching us from the doorway, still wearing the same lacy panties with a slightly larger moisture divot in the center. “So many new things to learn at these conferences,” she said. “About these beautiful loving relationships.”

“It’s all about the water-cooler talk,” I said. “Sports jargon. Water sports. Water cooler sports…”

Rhianne rolled her eyes and went back into the other room.

Crissy and I took a wonderfully cleansing warm shower together, each soaping the other’s back, and sharing a few kisses on the way.


When we got back to the bedroom, Dr. Fitzgerald was lying, face up, head propped on a pillow, eyes closed. She was entirely naked, apparently dozing, and for a minute I thought she had sprouted a long, erect purple penis.

“Oh wow,” said Crissy. “That’s awesome. Have you tried it before? Strapless, right?”

Rhianne opened one eye. “Do you see a strap?”

Crissy giggled. “Well then.” She walked over and got onto hands and knees on the bed.

“The stodgy professor has some kinky surprises,” I said.

Rhianne opened the other eye. “Don’t laugh, sailor. This could go into your butt as easily as in her cunny.”

And it was going into her cunny as she spoke. Facing the head of the bed, Crissy sank down over the artificial penetrator, and gave yet another sigh as it penetrated. “Oh, yes. Mommy. Professor.” She lay face down on top of Rhianne as they kissed and caressed.

I sat in a chair watching them and played with myself absently.

They got more and more into it, with Crissy teething on Rhianne’s nipples occasionally, and I was sure I saw the tremors of orgasm more than once. Women are so lucky, with their multiples.

After a while Crissy turned back to me. “Having fun? Care to join in?”

“Where?” I said. I’m not going in your butthole.

Crissy laughed. “Prude. Come over here and stick it in my mouth. I’ll put my finger in your butthole.” Rhianne handed her a glove, which she put on with a snap.

“Here, face the side of the bed,” I said. “It will be easier.”

“Rotate?” Crissy disconnected from the purple penis. “Doctor. Rotate.”

Rhianne complied, curiously. Now she was lying face up across the bed, head towards me, legs curving over the other side. Crissy guided the tip of the dildo once more, moaning as she settled down onto it again. “Oh yes!” she said, pelvis in motion once more.

Seeing Rhianne’s upside down face, I had to bend over and kiss her. Through my tongue, I felt more than heard the sound of pleasure she made. The taste was sweet.

Then I stood up knelt on the bed over her. My hardening penis was at the level of Crissy’s mouth, as she gyrated hips with Rhianne. Crissy winked and grabbed me. “I get an asphyxiation high, that makes for amazing orgasms. So shove it in as far as you want.” Immediately she engulfed my cock in her mouth, as long blonde hair fell once more, caressing my thigh. I felt Rhianne reach up to stroke my balls.

Then Crissy reached underneath with her blue glove-clad hand, and I felt a similar squish as before, when she now penetrated my butthole, still slippery from the previous lube. Her technique was less measured than the professors, more aggressive. But equally effective.

It was tough to believe that Crissy lacked experience sucking dicks. She knew exactly every spot to touch with her tongue, exactly the right rhythm. Soon I found myself fucking her face, shoving in deep, while her wonderful finger behind me sent more electric sparks.

She began to flush as she continued fucking Rhianne below her, and a couple of times she forced me deep into her throat with her finger behind me, and I heard her choking as she tried to breathe. I felt a moment of panic, but then her face flushed and glowed as I felt the spasms roil her body. The tremors went on as my cock blocked her air passage. Time stood still. But finally she let me go, panting. “God, that’s amazing,” she said.

I heard Rhianne moaning again below us.

“OK,” Crissy said to me. “Get back over here. I need to make you come in my mouth.”

“Need,” I said, complying, still on my knees, conscious that the professor was looking up at my pubic arch.

Soon our rhythm was going again. This time, I don’t know what she did, but the way she repeatedly ran her tongue and teeth over my tender cock sent shudders through me. Still her finger inside me pushed against the base of my cock from within. I was at her mercy, as the engorged tissue was trapped between her finger and her rough, probing tongue.

She watched me to gauge her success. When she sensed that I was close, she twisted her finger a few deep thrusts, keeping me at the front of her mouth. On the third push, the walls of Jericho caved in. I don’t know how I still had so much sperm left, but with strong spasms I felt the drops eagerly making their way, flowing one by one onto her waiting taste buds as I surrendered joyfully to the involuntary pulses of climax.

After it all subsided, she pushed me away as she shut her lips. A big glob dripped from the tip of my cock to land on Rhianne’s forehead. Rhianne laughed, brushing at it.

Spent from the climaxes, I flopped once more into the chair, facing them.

Crissy had bent over to kiss Rhianne, as they still fucked, and I could see the drops of white mucous fall slowly from one mouth into the other. Rhianne’s pelvis bucked upwards as she had an enormous, vocal orgasm.

It took a minute for her to swallow, and catch her breath. “Girl, you’ll be the death of me,” said in a luxuriantly low sensuous voice, glancing briefly up at me.

The music was still going quietly. Some nameless heavy metal band with loud fast guitar riffs.

They separated and lay side by side on the bed, holding hands. Eventually, Rhianne removed her purple penis, setting it on the side table.


I heard a faint roar from outside. It was now completely dark out. Who knows what time it was. I went to the window and opened it. It was rain starting up, gradually growing more intense. I inhaled deeply. I could barely make out anything in the pitch blackness, though as my eyes adjusted I could see a forest close by, and hills in the distance. I turned the music off so I could hear the rain more clearly as it drummed the rooftops. The falling drops hissed through the tree leaves and the wind rushed through the high branches. The smell of freshness, of life. And a hint of jasmine.

Leaving the window open, I made my way over to the cot where I collapsed into unconsciousness.

When I awoke, Crissy was asleep on the bed. Clothes were strewn across everywhere. Dr. Fitzgerald was fully dressed, drumming her fingers, staring at the computer screen. She glanced over to me.

“Oh good! You’re awake. Come help me. My presentation disappeared!”

I rubbed my eyes, slowly sitting up. I groggily hobbled over to her. Glancing out the window, I saw the forest and hills, dark green in the faint pre-dawn light. The rain had ceased, and the air was clean and new. with little drops of moisture gleaming everywhere. “Just start up Power Point and go to the recent files.”

“You do it.”

I laughed. “Don’t you think it would be good to learn how? In case there’s a presentation and I’m not around?”

“I’m an Egyptologist, not a computer scientist. I study ancient civilizations. In dusty books. I read papyrus leaves.”

“But you’re teaching all these complex stories about all the millions of deities and Pharaohs. It seems like have sufficient intelligence to use a Power Point.”

“I hate them all. Computers. Dumb-phones.” She said. “Artificial brains. They get in the way. I don’t need a machine to think for me. Besides, they’re always pointlessly rearranging stuff. I don’t have an infinite amount of time to keep up with it.”

I smiled, reaching over her shoulder to operate the touch pad. She placed her hand on my arm briefly. It was warm to the touch.

“Thank you,” she said. “I hope that wasn’t too weird, last night.”

“I think we’ll survive,” I said. “Not a word to anyone.”

She laughed. “Agreed!”

Soon Crissy stirred, and we all went together for breakfast in a room filled with light, the smell of coffee, and cheerful colors.

It was a long day. Dr. Fitzgerald conducted four different presentations to packed houses, and she had a collection of groupies, mostly young girls who were inspired by the success of the female professor.

I would hear someone ask about the improvement in the Power Point slides, and Dr. Fitzgerald would point to me. Then they would come over to give me their name and address, and chat for a bit. As the assistant, I got to make sure all of their addresses and other information made it into the database. A lot of beautiful girls. I wondered how many knew her as Rhianne.


Back in the room later, after a warm and friendly dinner sharing a table full of Dr. Fitzgerald’s admirers, I was both exhausted and full of energy. I sat at the desk while Dr. Fitzgerald reclined on the bed, completely dressed aside from her shoes which were set neatly on the floor beside the bed. She was reading a book she had just bought from a colleague.

“What was that painting you were talking about last night?” I said, scrolling through messages on my phone.

“Painting?” She thought a minute, then laughed. “Oh. Courbet. l’Origine du Monde.”

“I always like to learn about fine art,” I said, entering it into the search bar. It came up right away.

“Oh my,” I said. “Dr. Fitzgerald, I’m afraid I find myself looking at porn while on the job.” I held up the screen to show her.

She clucked. “It’s a work of art, you ninny. Can’t you tell the difference?””

I studied it. “Not really.”

“Monsieur Courbet is attempting to point out to Philistines such as yourself that the feminine features are a wondrous and beautiful sight to behold.”

“It doesn’t really look like Crissy, though. It looks more like… You.”

Our eyes met. She flushed. “It does, at that,” she whispered. She lay on her side facing me. “Put that silly thing down and come over here for a second…”

Just as I set down the phone and stood up, there was a knock on the door.

“It’s Crissy!” came the voice from outside.

I exchanged looks with the professor. I opened the door. “Just on time,” I said.

She bounded in with her usual enthusiasm “What a wonderful day!” she exclaimed. “That was awesome and amazing and everything I was ever hoping it would be!”

“Quite the gathering, yes,” said Dr. Fitzgerald.

“In other words, you really dug it,” I said.

They both groaned. It was only the millionth time someone had made a similar remark that day.

“And now,” said Crissy “I get to be with my two favorite people again!”

“Assistant,” commanded the professor, “latch the door.”

“Yes, milady,” I replied, doing so. I then went over to sit on the bed where she still reclined on her side.

When I looked around, Crissy was completely naked. She hopped over to lie down behind Dr. Fitzgerald, spooning with her.

“Don’t mind me,” chirped Crissy. “Just go on like you were. Pretend I’m not here.” She reached around and started playing with the professor’s breasts.

“Like I was saying …” said the Professor. “Oh, that’s very nice.” She swiveled her head behind her. “You are very distracting, young lady.”

“Why thank you.”

Dr. Fitzgerald shook her head. “Like I was saying,” she continued quietly to me. “I’ve decided that I have been a virgin for long enough…” She gave me a meaningful look.

“Go on,” I said. “Something tells me I might be involved in this.”

“You may,” said Dr. Fitzgerald. Naked Crissy’s visible hand was meandering away to the Doctor’s other regions. It looked like the invisible hand might be occupied with her own pleasure. “So let me tell you what I had in mind, and you can contribute your own concepts as you wish.”

“Go on,” I said.

“I’ve had a fantasy for years of sex with two lovers. The sensation of having a dildo in my vagina, and a girl’s clitoris pressed to my lips while I experience orgasm, is already out of this world. There’s something that feels so delightfully forbidden and exotic about it. I imagine it would be thrilling to have a real cock inside of me while I coax her to her special moment on the tip of my tongue.”

“I want to fuck his butt while he’s fucking you,” said Crissy. “I think that would be so cool.”

Dr. Fitzgerald considered. “I think we could work that in. How about you?” She turned to me. “Confidential. We won’t tell anyone about your secret desires.”

I hesitated.

Dr. Fitzgerald smiled. “Whips and chains? What is it?”

“No, nothing like that,” I said. “Can I start inside of her? I can get her juice all over me and then I’ll be fucking you in her slime while she comes in your face.”

Dr. Fitzgerald squirmed with repressed delight. “Oh, I like that. You can go back and forth, and get my pussy juice inside of her, too.”

“We have to get you out of this silly dress,” said Crissy. “Come on.” She sat up.

I got up, and Dr. Fitzgerald caught my waistband, pulling me to her while Crissy undid her buttons in the back. Dr. Fitzgerald undid my pants and pulled them down along with my underpants. Cupping my balls with one hand, she took the tip between her thumb and forefinger. “I’ve always wondered what the male brain looks like,” she said examining it.

I started to laugh, but broke off when she plunged her lips around my glans. Her technique was not quite as polished as that of the younger girl, but the fact of her being the respected professor who now had my cock in her mouth was a brilliant turn-on. Her efforts were quite effective.

One by one, she let Crissy slip her arms out of the sleeves, all the while sucking and slurping away at my hardening penis.

Crissy watched curiously over her shoulder from behind, with a big grin. After a while, the professor had to take a break, and Crissy said “OK, up. Off with the dress.” She looked at me. “You too. Everything off.”

I pulled my pants the rest of the way off while Dr. Fitzgerald stood and Crissy slid her dress down. I took off my upper layers and turned around fully naked at the moment Crissy undid the last fastener on the Egyptologist’s bra, thus revealing her beautiful, round breasts.

Gently I reached out and cupped my hands around them, leaning over to kiss the professor on the forehead. When I leaned back, she reached over and grabbed my cock, pulling me over to kiss me on the mouth. Her kisses were hot and sensuous.

Meanwhile Crissy stood behind her, running her fingers up and down the professor’s body, her nipples, her belly, into her vagina. My stiff cock was pressed against her.

“Oh, Dr. Fitzgerald!” I said.

She let me go. “It’s Rhianne,” she said, with a twinkle in her eye. “Now, to the agenda. You start out inside of her. Crissy, lie down.”

Crissy hopped eagerly onto the bed, landing on her back with her legs spread so hard that she bounced up and down a couple of times, giggling.

I climbed up over her, and Rhianne lay down beside her. “Here,” said Rhianne. “Let me.” She took my cock between her thumb and forefinger, and brushed it gently on the outside of Crissy’s pussy as I knelt forward over her. Against my tip I felt the roughness of the hairs, and in the middle, a wet squishy spot.

Rhianne ran the tip of my cock up and down the slit a few times. “It’s like having an imitation dildo!”

“I think the imitation is…” I began, but Rhianne plunged my tip into the wet squishy spot. “God!” I exclaimed.

“I hadn’t realized you were so religious,” said Rhianne. “God imitating a dildo. That’s quite an image.”

I would have laughed, but I was too busy pushing myself in Crissy’s vagina. My eyes met her big beautiful blue eyes as I worked my way into her again, watching her face reflect my intense desire with her own. A feedback cycle between our faces and our crotches, my stiff wee-wee hose inside of her, triggering my moans that reached her ears. Her eyes replying with her own desire, her vagina transmitting a melody of moans that reached back to mine.

In and out, each time deeper and deeper. A steady rhythm formed, gradually getting faster.

Meanwhile, Rhianne watched curiously and fingered her pussy.

Crissy reached out her arms and drew me down to kiss her on the lips. Dr. Fitzgerald’s face was just to the right of Crissy’s, so I angled over and kissed her lips too, feeling her full round breasts with my right hand. I saw Crissy’s left hand stealing down to the professor’s pussy, with serious intent. Dr. Fitzgerald returned my kiss with passion and expertise.

“Oh, Dr. Fitzgerald! I love you so much!” I said.

She smiled. “Such a romantic. Always best to tell a girl you love her when your cock is hard in another girl’s pussy!”

I was about to reply, but she started kissing me again until she yelped gleefully in response to something Crissy did with her hand.

I kissed the professor again, then kissed Crissy, then the professor. All the while, my hands were on Rhianne’s breasts, and Crissy’s were in her crotch.

I took a moment away from kissing them to breathe, my face opposite Rhianne’s. “I love kissing you while I fuck her,” I said.

She smiled. “Me too. Amazing.”

“You know what I’d like to try?” I said.

“No. What?”

“Oh,” I moaned as Crissy twisted under me. She moaned in return. “If you can lie down up here,” I continued, patting the spot on the bed above Crissy's head, “I’d love to taste the origin of the world.”

Rhianne smiled. “I like how you think. So thoughtful of you, to want to take care of me while you’re having her. OK, let’s do it!”

While Crissy and I continued our lovemaking, Rhianne sat up and shuffled on her butt to where her glorious orifice was right above Crissy’s head, in my face. Her legs spread on either side. And nestled in the center, a work of art it truly was. At that instant, I could not imagine anything more beautiful.

Rhianne watched, eagerly smiling as I studied the curves of her labia and pubic hair, meanwhile maintaining a rhythm with the moaning Crissy, who had flipped her legs up and was holding her knees with her hands, eyes closed, my hard cock dancing inside of her, feeling her slime, her warmth.

Before I began, a dribble of liquid dripped from inside of Rhianne and landed in Crissy’s hair, given that Rhianne’s butt was pressed against the crown of Crissy’s head. I started tasting Dr. Fitzgerald's pussy lightly at first, flicking the outside with my tongue. Rhianne tensed with anticipation. Her breasts swayed gently as they hung. I started exploring deeper, tasting one vagina with my tongue and the other with my hardened shaft.

I found the professor's clitoris, meanwhile sneaking my hand up behind Crissy to insert my fingers into her vagina. She gasped, and then when I found her G-spot, she moaned. Her moan made Crissy come below me. She arched and froze for a few moments while I felt the subtle pulses. Then she kept on.

Now Rhianne started to get into the same rhythm. Head thrown back on a pillow, she was feeling her breasts and nipples with her hands.

I fucked two vaginas, one with my finger, the other with my cock. Each woman’s moans turned the other on even more as our feelings intensified, our love for each other, the mindless physical attraction of body for body, the surrender of intellect to pure desire.

With my tongue, I made love to Rhianne, feeling her climax fuel my own, and meanwhile my sexual needs were being met by her beautiful girlfriend, whose long blonde hair splayed across the sheets below my chest.

With my fingers and my tongue I drove Rhianne closer and closer to orgasm. My thrusts into Crissy were now synchronized with Rhianne’s pelvic thrusts, as my whole attention focused on the beautiful dripping pussy my face was immersed in. Each time I thrust into Crissy, it pushed her blonde head up into Rhianne’s crotch, giving me the feeling that I was fucking Rhianne by through Crissy. The top of Crissy’s head was starting to collect drops of goop from Rhianne.

Rhianne’s excitement at having my mouth on her private spot accelerated my own. Her thrill at my rough tongue caressing her delicate secrets, so close to where her dirty pee came from, her thrill became mine as well. I was getting off on Crissy while fucking Rhianne with my tongue.

“Oh my Pharaoh!” cried Rhianne. “I love it when you lick me dirty! Oh Pharaoh! Bring your humble servant to climax!”

“Doctor Fitzgerald!” I called back. I could tell that both of us were close now, so I persisted in pushing her with my tongue and finger. Caressing her. Loving her.

She threw her head back, and let out a yell. With a little gush and a series of contractions that I could feel around my fingers, her orgasm sent me over the edge too, bucking up inside of Crissy while the sweet drops flowed into her.

“Oh Rhianne!” I cried without thinking. “Oh Doctor Fitzgerald, I love you!”

Crissy cried out at the same time, and I could feel her orgasm too.

I shoved into Crissy again many times in diminishing thrusts as the climax subsided, while covering Rhianne’s pussy with light kisses.

Rhianne collapsed face up, breathing heavily, as was I.

Crissy looked up at me and smiled. The top of her head was now covered with moist slobber from Rhianne’s pussy. “I knew the two of you would get along,” she said.


“Sorry,” I apologized to Rhianne. “I didn’t mean to come inside her. I know you wanted to…”

Rhianne raised her head to laugh at me. “You imagined we were through with you?” She sat up on her elbow. “This is even better. I get to taste your sperm dripping out from inside her while you’re coming inside me. Your reproductive sputum will be inside me on both ends.”

My eyes widened. “I see. Good.”

“It’s all good,” chirped Crissy. I pulled out of her, still pretty stiff, and she got up to go to the bathroom, leaving the door open so we could hear her piss streaming into the bowl.

Rhianne slid down to where I lay on my back, nuzzling me and cuddling by my side. Crissy returned and lay on the other side, doing the same.

Crissy reached her hand down to start playing with my cock and balls, and Rhianne followed her example. I kissed one and then the other, back and forth.

Crissy got up on her elbows and bent over me to kiss Rhianne. Which put her right nipple exactly in front of my mouth. So I kissed it. She gave a little squeal, muffled by having her mouth covered with the professor’s.

The two girls separated lips and Crissy smiled at Rhianne. “I love you,” she said. “You’re the best.”

Rhianne looked back at her with deep longing. “Oh, Crissy,” she said. “If you only knew how much I thought of you back then…”

Crissy smiled. “I think he’s ready for you now.” She got up. “Here. I’ll lie on top of you, so he can go back and forth between our pussies.”

Rhianne complied by lying back with her legs slightly spread. Crissy lay face up on top of Rhianne as promised. Crissy guided my cock once more into her own pussy. Again it was inside its now familiar abode, now flooded with come and juices.

After a few strokes, Crissy said “Good. You’ve got my stuff all over you.” She pushed me away with her hand. She called back. “Hey teach. You ready to pop that cherry?”

Rhianne laughed. “You do know how to set the mood, don’t you? Yes, please. Go ahead!”

My cock was glistening with slime from inside of Crissy as she guided me downwards to the Origin of the World.

Contact. Rhianne grunted. I shoved myself into the hairy folds. Rhianne gave a long “Aaaaaah!”

Slowly I drew out and then thrusted fully back in. Which elicited another moan. I took a leisurely pace, leaving space to feel every little sensation as my joyous sex met gloriously with hers. I wanted to linger, to explore every millimeter of her.

I felt the fluids mingle as her vagina gripped me. The three of us, mixing together our filthy bodily secretions. There were no secrets now. We had each shared the dirtiest most hidden parts of each other’s bodies with our eyes, our fingers, our sex.

As our rhythm established, I gazed into Crissy’s eyes. She had a big smile, enjoying my pleasure as I fucked the woman she lay on top of. She reached her mouth up and I leaned down to kiss her while my cock explored the professor's interior. “Oh,” she said. And we kissed while I fucked.

After a while I pulled out of Rhianne and shoved my hard cock inside of Crissy again. Different flavors of vagina, like vanilla and chocolate. Blonde and chestnut. The light vanilla flavor was tight and responsive. Chocolate was more intense, secret darkness filled with scarlet passion.

“I love you both so much!” I said, pulling out of Crissy again and back into Rhianne, still kissing Crissy, her lips and her nipples.

I went back and forth a few more times, giving each a healthy number of strokes. The moans alternated between coming from the upper and the lower body according to the position of my penis. Sweat and aromatic slime were everywhere. The smell of the women drove something in me absolutely nuts. Like catnip. Pussynip.

Then once when I was inside of Rhianne, Crissy gave a sly look and sat up, walking on her knees to where her pussy was over Rhianne’s lips. “You ready? asked Crissy.”

Rhianne’s eyes were glazed over from the pleasure of fucking me, but she nodded. The silver cross around her neck was off to one side at an angle. A drop of liquid fell from Crissy’s pussy onto Rhianne’s cheek.

I marveled at the amount of bare skin now so close to me. Soft, sensitive skin. Crissy’s was a flushed white, but Rhianne’s was a shade darker. I caressed both of them lightly.

Crissy lowered herself down, and her mouth flew open as her clitoris made contact with the professor’s lips, beginning a gyration of her own hips.

Our eyes-wide gazes locked as we both enjoyed Rhianne. After a few moments Crissy fell forward onto me, supporting herself from my shoulders with her hands, and we started kissing, delicately, tenderly, lovingly. As she fucked Rhianne’ face while I fucked her down below.

Then Crissy fell back again, closing her eyes to experience the fullness of sensations as she delicately rode Dr. Fitzgerald’s lips and tongue like a cowgirl, expression lost in rapture and bliss. As Dr. Fitzgerald tasted my sperm mixed Crissy’s natural perfumed lubricant that oozed from Crissy’s labia.

I closed my eyes too, and listening to Crissy’s moans, I imagined hearing some of those girls I had met earlier that day instead of her. A parade of young ladies sitting on the professor’s face each in turn while I fucked her. There was one pale waifish girl, with wavy auburn hair, so dark against her pale skin, ever so skinny. She was wearing seductive black eyeliner and a dark green velvet dress with matching nail polish, and lingered ever so sweetly talking to me.

Eyes closed, a few more flashed through my mind. The tall big-boned Swedish girl. My mind’s eye could see her facing me now. After a while there was the short one with olive skin, bronze hair and enormous boobs. She was flirting with me too earlier that day. Oh, how I could enjoy such boobs! Then the dark-skinned one with long curly hair flowing down her back…

I felt lips on mine, and there was Crissy again, kissing me.

With our mouths locked, I felt her moans each time Rhianne did something particular. I imagined the talented tongue in her pussy, lapping out my cum as I prepared to inject more into her dripping orifice. The same tongue that had spoken so articulately to all those young girls admiring her, now was seeking drops of mine inside another girl’s vagina.

The three of us moaned together, but while Crissy and I were more in a delicate phase, Rhianne was reaching a hightened level of excitement, becoming more and more agitated and impatient in her gestures, smothered by both of us as her moans rose in pitch and frequency with her level of sexual stimulation.

Until finally she had a series of intense orgasms. She would arch her back and freeze, pushing into me as hard as she could while I felt the little pinches from inside her, and then she would go at it again.

I’m pretty sure her orgasms made Crissy come a few times as well.

Her wild unbridled peaks went on for a while like that, gradually tapering off. When it seemed like they were over, Crissy climbed off and reached into her purse to pull out a strap-on dildo. She looked at me. “Assholes are tight, so I want a strap for extra control.” She winked.

I gazed down at a luxuriating, blissed-out Rhianne. My eyes lit on the freckles that were scattered across her face like stars. “Did we fulfill your fantasy?” I said.

She nodded. “You did very well. That was excellent.”

“I’m glad,” I said. “I hope it satisfied your craving.”

“Oh, it did,” replied Rhianne.

“Hey, we’re not done yet,” said Crissy. She turned to me “Here, come out of there for a minute. It will be easier to get it inside of you if you get on your hands and knees.”

So I pulled out of Rhianne, who watched curiously while I obeyed Crissy, and she started spreading lube in my butt crack.

Crissy looked at Rhianne and smiled. “I want to feel him come inside of you,” she said. “Your first time. It’s something special that I feel honored to share.”

“You do know how to celebrate these special occasions, don’t you?” said Rhianne.

Crissy had strapped one end in to her vagina, and was now working the other end into my anus. It took a while. “Yes,” she replied to Rhianne, “It’s sort of my specialty. Parties, threesomes. Well, only this one so far but, you know.”

The fake dick took a while to push in, so I bent over and tasted the mixture in Rhianne’s pussy again. It was our own special blend, the three of us. The elixir of our love.

Meanwhile, Crissy kept at it, adding more lube periodically as she nudged it gradually deeper and deeper, then after a certain point the resistance gave way and she shoved in to where it touched my magic spot again. Prostate. That sensation of yearning deep inside. It made my cock spring up even stiffer. Knowing that my butthole was connected with Crissy’s beautiful blonde vagina.

“Whoa!” I said.

“Now go back inside of her,” ordered Crissy, leaning forward to whisper in my ear. Long blonde hair caressed my back and shoulders. “I want to feel you give it to her.”

With Crissy now attached behind me, movement had to be executed more cooperatively. I looked down at Dr. Fitzgerald, and she up at me. There was a sadness and longing in her eyes, mixed with elation. She looked down at my relentlessly stiff cock. “Come on in, water’s fine!” she said, spreading her legs.

Since I was supporting both mine and Crissy’s weight, my hands were occupied with support, so Crissy reached around and directed my cock into Rhianne’s pussy once more.

The professor watched with anticipation, and when I made contact, she trembled, sighing. I pushed. She moaned.

And as I backed out, Crissy moaned. I pictured the end of the double dildo inside of Crissy’s vagina, swimming around with all three of our mingled juices.

I pushed: Rhianne moaned in front of me. Pulled: Crissy behind me. Rhianne in front, Crissy behind, Rhianne, Crissy, Rhianne, Crissy… The arousal of each was driving the arousal of the other, and of mine in between them as I fucked two girls at once. My perception went back and forth. For a while, I felt Crissy fucking me, and I was loving Crissy. Then I felt myself fucking Rhianne, and loving Rhianne.

I kissed Rhianne, whose eyes were closed taking in the sensation of my rigid spear inside of her. She kept them shut while I licked her mouth, pretending her lips were Crissy’s labia. I tasted the sweet filthy mixture of saliva, sweat, spunk, and pussy juice.

Then I inserted my tongue, and her eyes opened. Her eyebrows arched with loving affection as she passionately returned my kisses. “Oh Roy!” she cooed. “My sweet lover. Come to me.”

Meanwhile Crissy moaned as she shoved me inside of Rhianne, fucking her through me. I felt a surge of love for Crissy.

For a moment I flashed on the day I first met Dr. Fitzgerald, how prim and proper she was in her conservative dress. And now here she was, raw, vulnerable, and bare. She was at my mercy, and I at hers.

When I lifted up Crissy’s nipples pressed against my back, tiny and hard. She gave a little noise in response, and started rubbing her nipples against my back. Her pause in rhythm betrayed an orgasm. It coincided with her shoving me deeper into Rhianne, and I felt the professor the professor turn rigid as her fluids began to flow around me. The pulses of her vagina squeezing my cock had a different morse code than Crissy’s. Fuller, more deliberate.

With an orgasm in front and one in back, the dam burst. Big, plump, hot juicy drops of smooth sweetness made their way down my cock and into Rhianne’s vagina.

“Dr Fitzgerald!” I said. “I love your brilliant mind!”

“Oh Roy!” she called back. “My very own sweetness!”

My stiff cock had delivered its sweet message, but Rhianne wasn’t finished, and it felt painfully good to thrust deep inside her. She proceeded to have two more orgasms in rapid succession, gasping at each one.

“Oh Crissy! Oh Rhianne!” I called out, feeling a deep universal connection with both of them that transcended time and space. A profound taste of the infinite, before me, behind me, and through me.

Again and again our thrusts met sweetly, solidly, passionately, as now slowing down as we did too.

Tension and desire flowed in waves, gradually diminishing as the ocean tides retreated and the burning sun of pricking desire settled peacefully into a sea of contentment and relaxed satisfaction.

The glow of tender affection and love radiated from our three bodies, all covered with aromatic sweat and slime. A scene of fulfillment and joy.

“That was amazing!” whispered Crissy into my ear.

To that, I can add nothing!

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