What a vacation by mintpussy

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Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Incest

"Damnit Clinton this time you've went overboard" Kynslie yelled at her older brother.

"Awww is little Kynslie mad.... well boo-hoo" teased Clinton from the doorway.

"Why were you in my room you self-centered jerk ?" Kynslie asked.

"Taking what's mine" her annoying brother taunted, holding up her laptop.

"What are you stupid? Clearly that's my laptop, now give it back" replied Kynslie.

"No not until you give me the money back you borrowed two weeks ago" Clinton stateted.

"Okay, I'm going to pay you back tomarrow, so give it back please" Kynslie pleaded.

"No" said Clinton.And I am sure Justin is going to puke at the fact that you like him.

You wouldn't. Not only will I tell him, but I will show all of my friends and some of yours, he added.

Okay fine I will give you the money.

Nope forget the money I want a blowjob Clinton said.

All Kynslie could do was stand there froze , but had to do it she needed that laptop.

With a slight resistance she got down on her knees infront off her brother slowly unbuttoning his belt and pulling down the zipper. Frozen, wishing this wasnt really circumstances for getting back he laptop she pulled down his briefs and denim jeans altogether. Clinton was so excited he nearly came before she even touched him. Grabbing his cock and taking it into her mouth, she started to move her head and hands together. It wasnt long before he started to groan at the feeling of his sister mouth surely all to soon it was gone when he had reached his climax.

After the blowjob she was stuck with the clean up but when she was finish she reached for the laptop and was stopped by a hand. Well thank you sis for the job well done but this is mine he said taking the computer.

GIVE ME THE LAPTOP Clinton; she screamed at the top of her lungs.

When their mother heard the yelling from upstairs she wanted to go hide, why now when I am tying to work.

You're not getting this back.

"We'll see about that" she said storming out her room towards the stairs. "Because, I'm telling mom.

"Mom tell Clinton to give my laptop" Kynslie asked.

Mom just looked furious and said "Clinton you know I have to work and you still intend on messing with your sister. You both are teenagers so grow the hell up. I'm tired of listening to this bickering all day when I come home, it's summer break....you know what maybe we need to take a vaction from each other just to clear our heads, so where do you two want to go on vacation?"

"Hold on did you just say you two as in Clinton and I go on a vacation together. The thought made her gag. Yes is there a problem. Mom you know--

Know what her mom cut off you're not old enough to go alone so yall have no choice but to go together.

" I think we should go to Los Cabos in Mexico" Clinton suggested. I've always wanted to go there.

"Well then I'm going to California" mom stated.

"Alright go online to get flight tickets two for Mexico and one for California....also pack enough for a month."

A month are you serious. Mom you are going to miss my seventeenthh birthday.

Yes I am. And both of you will be getting visa cards with two thousand dollars on it, to do whatever you please. Kynslie I added a little something extra because I did know we were not going to be together on your birthday.

Also the only time I want to hear calls from you is when you get to the hotel, one of you are hurt, or you need more money.


Early in the morning on the way to the airport everyone was happy except for Kynslie she didnt have time to masturbate. Well maybe when we get on the plane I can finger myself she thought...I dont know we'll have to see.

As they walked to get on the plane she felt her pussy juice dripping. The faster she walked the more it came running down and she knew she needed to relive herself soon. Gosh I wish these people would the hell up which she said thinking out loud. Somebody's in a bad mood her brother said from behind her, feeling the warmth of his breath on her neck, she nearly started moaning at the sensationn.

Clinton now is not the time, I'm very aggrevated and you are making it worse so please leave me alone with a forced calm tone. Sounds to me some one didn't have time to masturbate. Kynslie face turned deep red. Was it something I did to make him realize she thought. Wow I wasn't expecting that answer , I was just throwing the rod out and you just hooked yourself but thanks for the information anyway.

Boarding the plane she thought abouthow she was going to last nin straight hours ith her brother and it wasnt something she fancied. Hey Clint when we get on the plane can I have the end seat because I am afrid of heights. With a long thoght process he agreed only, if she would play a game with him when they got to their hotel. Although she didn't know what the game was she didnt want to look down either.

To her surprise it was easy to talk to Clinton. Because both of them was lonely so the conversation lasted for about two hours. It could have gone longer but waking up so early was starting to take a toll on her. She laid her head down on her brother shoulder and dozed off to sleep.

When she woke they where in Mexico. They got off the airplane, gathered the bags, called for a taxi and headed to the nearest hotel.

Rating: 59%, Read 29062 times, Posted Apr 22, 2011

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Incest


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