Never The Same by thuxatra

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Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Threesome, Voyeurism

I had put out an ad to meet up with some local guys to have a threesome. I received very few emails, but the one response was quite interesting. They offered a free place to go, and they'd buy me lunch or dinner depending on what time of day we went. Who'd pass that up? Only catch was that they weren't coming to town for two weeks and it would be a Thursday through a Monday. After a series of emails, we worked out Friday as the best night, and if it spilled into Saturday, well, that's what weekends are for!

So, two weeks later, we met up for dinner. Both guys were nice guys and the conversation went great. The guy who talked most of the time was named John. The other guy was named Mike. They told me stuff they liked and that they were very open minded. I said that I'm much the same and we were all happy. Once dinner was over, we sat at the table, and the one guy who seemed to take the lead throughout most of the conversation offered a proposition, a point of no return. My option was to leave and go on their ways, just a nice dinner, no charge to me, or I get into their car, go to their hotel room and spend the night. In addition, the moment I step foot into their car, I'm theirs. If they want to do something fun, I have to go along with it.

I let the offer float in the air for a moment. It wasn't because I wanted to, it was because I could feel the blood rushing to my cock. The man certainly saw that. I saw him glance at the bulge appearing in my pants. He had a slight smile on his lips. I was a little embarrassed, and all he said was come with us. I nodded in agreement. Until that point, when I looked to hook up with other guys, I had never thought about humiliation as something I enjoyed. I never really ventured into the kinky world, so I didn't know much of anything about it. But the embarrassment I felt was such a turn on.

The two guys I was with drove a white SUV. I got in the back seat, and John, the one who talked the most, sat in the back seat with me. Mike drove. John had me sit in the middle seat so Mike had a good view of me. John put his arm around me and gave me a short hug. He turned my face so he could look into my eyes and gave me a deep kiss. With his other hand, he grazed his hand down my shirt, to the bulge that was in my pants. With one hand around my neck, and another feeling my bulge, he kissed me a second time. It took my breath away and I knew if he was feeling the skin on my penis that I would have cum right there.

He released his kiss and sort of pushed me away from him. He just scooted me over and asked me to take off my clothes. I asked how could I walk into a hotel with no clothes on? He said that I would have something to wear when I went in. He reached over the seat and grabbed something. It was a green button down shirt. He said that I would wear it and on it for the remainder of the night. He told me I wasn't allowed to take it off. I wasn't really sure why he wanted me to, but I agreed. Why not? So I removed my clothes and he put them behind the seat. He looked at my hard penis as I put on the green shirt. He stared at me the whole rest of the ride, which lasted no more than a few minutes. I lost my erection as we arrived. John reached over and grabbed my balls. He gently rubbed them, bringing back my erection in full force. He said that he wanted me to walk into the hotel with a full erection.

As we arrived at the hotel, Mike drove the SUV around to the back of the hotel. There was an open parking spot right next to an entry. We got out of the car and I noticed it had gotten a bit chilly. We rather slowly walked into the hotel. I felt embarrassed by my public nudity. Walking inside, we went down a hallway. John took the lead, Mike behind me, very close. we continued to walk slowly. I felt a slight brush on my hair - it was Mike's hand. Him following so close, I could hear his quiet, yet heavy breathing. It was very tantalizing in that moment. I felt his hand graze down my hair and down my back. His hand reached the bare skin of my ass and I felt his warmness. I felt a little bit of precum trickle on the tip of my penis. Mike's hand continued down my ass to my asshole, grazing over that. His hand reached the bottom of my scrotum and he kept his hand there, lightly rubbing.

John said that we arrived at our room. He opened a door and we walked in. John immediately went towards the bathroom, leaving me and Mike alone. He was still rubbing my balls as he leaned into me and kissed my right ear. He very faintly whispered something. At first I didn't quite hear him, so he whispered again. He said that I was his for the night and that he was going to love what was about to happen. Then, he squeezed my scrotum and a pain shot through my belly. I lost my breath and tried to fall to the floor. But he grabbed me and kept me up. Then he walked me towards the bed and shoved me into it. I bounced off it still in pain. I felt my shirt roll up my back a bit, almost like I was presenting myself for Mike.

Just then, John came out of the bathroom, naked with a hard cock. He was holding a blindfold and some rope. He walked over to me and said that as part of the fun, I was going to be blindfolded and bound with the rope. So first, he took the blindfold and wrapped it around my head. My sight was completely lost to the darkness. Then, I felt him pull my arms around my back and tie my arms from my wrists to my elbows. Then he said that at most times during the night, I would be gagged. Whether that was with some kind of gag or a penis, I would have very little opportunity to talk or voice my pain. From that point on, I was in what I believed to be two different locations in the room. One was a standing location, the other was the bed.

I felt various levels of pain, but what was more was my level of fear. I was pulled out from the bed, and my arms awkwardly held behind me. The rope was hooked by something which kept me standing upright without them holding me. The longer I was in that position, the more I wanted to be back in the bed, the more I wanted them to both be fucking me. After what felt like hours, I was unhooked and thrown back into the bed. The gag was taken off my mouth and I took a very deep breath. I had no more than a minute lying in the bed, before I felt one of their cock's slide into my ass. And the other's cock filled my mouth quickly after that. They kept switching back and forth. I don't know how many times they came, but I figure each came four or five times.

The last time they came, they untied my arms, which by this point had grown extremely uncomfortable. I outstretched my arms for the first time in hours. John said that he was keeping the blindfold on me and that's how I would sleep. Shortly thereafter, John and Mike climbed into bed with me. I was lying in the middle of the bed. I had John facing away from me, to my back and Mike to my front. I knew this because Mike whispered into my ear that he really enjoyed me and he was extremely satisfied. He claimed this was a rare occurrence. Then he inched closer to me in bed, pulling me away from John. John didn't seem to mind as he said good night.

Mike started kissing me on my lips. He was kissing with a strong passion. I became completely engrossed in it and I grew an erection very quickly. Mike ran his hand on my chest and around my back under my shirt. He ran his hand down my side, reaching all the way to my penis. He grabbed it and started pumping it. He jerked me off, and just as I was about to cum, he stopped and waited a moment. Then he started again. Each time, I got just a little bit closer to cumming, but he would stop. I'm not sure how long it went on for, but each time I got closer, the deeper the near orgasm felt. On the last time he finally let me cum, he pointed my penis on me and I came allover myself. The wave of that orgasm was one I never thought I would ever feel. Within moments, I fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. Just before I did, Mike, with his finger, picked up a little bit of my cum and tasted it. He whispered how good I tasted. And then I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up after John and Mike. I wasn't sure if it was morning or not when I did. I felt a hand rubbing along my side, but I still had my blindfold on. I assumed it was Mike but I wasn't sure. The feeling stopped and a moment later John told me that I should get up. So, I did as he requested. He came over to me and removed my blindfold. I found out that it was only 11am. John said that I was allowed to shower since we were going to part ways at this point. I asked him that since we were going to be going our separate ways if it would be okay if I could wear pants to go back to my car. John said that was fine, but I had to wear the same green shirt I had been wearing all night long.

I walked into the bathroom and I saw myself for the first time. I was covered in cum. I could see the dry cum covering my ass, around my mouth and on my face. I took off my green button down shirt and looked at it. That too was covered in cum. There was an area of dry cum on my stomach and chest and I figured that was from me. I turned on the shower, and as I did, the door opened. Mike came in, naked, with an erection. He sat down on the toiled as I started to shower and clean myself up. I left the shower curtain open. He started masturbating as he watched me shower. My penis was very tired, but it still got an erection from watching Mike. It wasn't enough to make it stand up, but enough to engorge it a bit. I watched his eyes as he was masturbating. It was a very intense look. I could tell he was coming closer to orgasm. He stood up and walked over to the shower. I reached out and started masturbating him. Quickly, he started to cum, some of it landing on my lower legs, the rest into the bottom of the shower. Mike went and sat down on the toiled.

With my slight erection, I started masturbating myself. Eventually I got hard and I kept rubbing myself. I came in the shower, covering the floor. The flowing water washed it away. I looked at Mike as I came. I stepped out of the shower after I turned off the water, and I walked over to him, kissing him. I whispered in his ear, that was for you, and I walked out.

I put on the green button down shirt and a pair of pants that John had for me. The three of us then left the hotel and took me back to where my car was. John told me he needed the pants back, so I had to put my clothes on. But John said that I had to continue wearing the green shirt. I switched the pants, and kept the shirt. We arrived at my car, and the three of us got out. John said that it was his pleasure for the night and he hoped I had fun. I nodded that I did. He got back into the SUV. Mike, on the other hand, stayed with me being mostly silent. But he walked over to me and gave me a hug. He didn't kiss me, which I kind of hoped he would have. Then he whispered into my ear that the green shirt I was wearing was actually his, and he wanted me to keep it.

At that point, he went back into the SUV and they drove off. I got in my car and I went back to my house. From that point on, I was never the same.

Rating: 80%, Read 15566 times, Posted Feb 27, 2011

Fantasm | BDSM, Domination, Exhibitionism, Gay, Hardcore, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Sado-Masochism, Submission, Threesome, Voyeurism


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