My Lactating Aunt Pt. 3 "Mom's Help" by Eastwest15

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Diary | Incest

As my mother walked towards Aunt Lisa and I, to say I was embarrassed would be an understatement. I was completely confused and felt the color drain from my face. The steamy hot bathroom went cold with shame.

Aunt Lisa must have sensed my extreme discomfort and said softly, “Bryan just relax, I invited her.”

I hadn’t even realized I had slid down into the Jacuzzi, still clutching a fluffy towel I had frantically pulled over my cock. “You invited her Auntie? What’s going on? I stammered.

Aunt Lisa stepped out of the bath and left me alone in the hot water. She walked completely nude and dripping wet towards my mother. She giggled and gave her a quick peck on the lips. My mother smiled and starred at me with the most intense gaze.

She looked directly into my eyes and said, “Yes Bryan, once Lisa let me in on your little secret when she called this morning, I just had to see that big cock of yours in action!”

My head was spinning and I asked stunned, “What? Auntie you told her about last night?”

Auntie stood next to my mother; still dripping water, she smiled saying, “Bryan…your mother and I have been fooling around since the summer I turned eighteen. We got drunk and one thing led to another...over the years once and a while when we are both horny we fool around. When I called your mom this morning, I let it slip out what a great cock you have!”

I was still spinning and asked, “Does dad know you two fool around?”

My mom burst into laughter and still starring at me said, “No silly. He hasn’t fucked me in years and never questions me about spending time with Auntie. If it weren’t for Auntie keeping me satisfied all these years, I probably would have left him long ago. ”

I asked, “Does Uncle Scott know?”

Auntie replied smiling, “Bryan, no one knows except you.”

My head was spinning even more as I tried to process what I had just heard. As I starred blankly back at my mom, she turned towards Aunt Lisa and looked down at the rest of my cum running down her breasts asking, “Did you fuck him yet Lisa?”

Auntie Lisa looked towards me and answered, “Not yet, but I’m dying to feel that tree trunk of a cock inside me! He just gave my tits a good fucking though.”

My mother looked intently at Auntie’s tits and said, “Well, I certainly see that he is quite the big cummer!”

Mom lowered her head towards Auntie’s tits and licked my cum from her massive chest. Auntie giggled and Mom licked her lips saying, “Oh Lisa, you’re right. He does taste delicious! I haven’t tasted a man’s cum in ages.”

Aunt Lisa smirked and said, “Wait until you try it right from the tap.”

Mom and Auntie both burst out laughing and looked back towards me. I felt my cock growing. I was completely dazed, but very intrigued. I had fooled around with Auntie a little, but now hearing that my mom and her have been secret lovers for years was insane. Not to mention, I just watched my mom taste my cum off of her sisters tits.

“Easy Dawn, I don’t want to shock poor Bryan anymore,” whispered Aunt Lisa to my mother.

With that, Aunt Lisa stepped back into the tub and cuddled up besides me. She slowly massaged my thighs under the water. She looked up into my confused eyes and offered some comfort saying, “Bryan, your mother and I have always fooled around together. We both enjoy being with each other, but truth be told; I need to feel a man once and a while and after seeing your beautiful cock, I was hoping you would be that man.”

I felt my cock growing despite my confusion. Auntie’s hands on my thighs were like magic. I was getting lost in her eyes when suddenly Mom cleared her throat saying with a grin, “Hey love birds, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I could use a hard fuck too.”

Auntie giggled saying to her sister, “Just wait your turn.”

I was stunned. My mom wants to fuck me? I was beyond aroused by her blunt proposal. I have always found my mother to be attractive. She was 48, but between the gym and regular yoga classes her body was pretty tight. She had large breasts, nothing like Aunt Lisa’s massive tits, but a solid c or small d cup. She had a toned stomach and a remarkable ass. I was reminded about her ass by my friends awkward stares every time they saw her in her yoga attire.

Unlike Auntie’s chubby build, Mom stood a little taller than Auntie at 5’4” and was thin. I had a thing for woman on the thick side, but something’s about Mom’s jet black hair and tanned skin always interested me. I knew mom tanned a lot, but seeing her beside Auntie’s fair skin made her look much darker. Aside from similar facial features no one would suspect they were sisters.

Mom was wearing black yoga pants and a tight pink sweatshirt that made her breasts looks quite perky for her age. I suddenly wondered what her tits looked like naked and I felt my cock stir. Aunt Lisa stopped massaging my thighs and with a look of joy on her face proclaimed, “I have the greatest idea. Since this is the first time I have been able to make noise in the house in months, let’s all take a shower together!”

Wasting no time and not allowing anyone answer, Aunt Lisa turned off the Jacuzzi jets and let the bath begin to drain. She sprang to her feet and climbed out of the tub and walked towards the humongous shower stall.

I was still holding the towel over my swollen cock and afraid to move. I could feel the water draining quickly and knew I would soon be fully exposed to my mother. Mom was still looking at me with a smile on her face. She suddenly spouted, “Lisa that’s a fantastic idea. You’re both already wet and I want to play.”

I saw Auntie step behind the frosted glass doors of the shower stall. I heard the water start. Mom looked at me with a smile and put her hand out for me to take. I paused for a moment and slowly stood. The towel fell from my lap and my cock was fully erect and pointed towards my mother.

I heard my mother gasp slightly as she looked down at my cock with a glowing smile saying, “God Bryan…if I knew you had a cock like that, I would have been all over you a long time ago. It’s so thick.”

I smiled and without a word extended my hand to meet hers. I stepped out of the tub and onto the tile floor. My mom was fully dressed, but hugged my dripping naked body. My cock was pressed against the crotch of her yoga pants and I felt another wave of lust overcome me. Mom looked up at me a grinned saying, “Now get that cute ass of yours in the shower and I’ll be right behind you.”

Following my mother’s instructions, I stepped into the shower to find Aunt Lisa who was already lathering her body. The shower was at least eight feet by eight feet and had shower heads adorning the walls and ceiling. A large tile bench was built into the back wall. Auntie stood under one shower head off to the side.

“Come over here and I’ll wash your back.” Auntie pleaded.

I walked towards her and under the spray of the hot water and Auntie rubbed my back. For being as nervous as I was, her gentle touch seemed to make me relax almost instantly. After a minute passed, I felt rush of cool air as my mother stepped into the shower stall.

Seeing Mom naked for the first time, my eyes gazed over her body. There was not a single tan line to be found. and Her tits sagged only slightly and she had large areolas with perfect bite sized pink nipples. Her pussy was bald and looked freshly shaved. As she turned to close the shower door I caught a glimpse of her ass. Her ass was toned and flawless. I knew she worked hard to keep herself in shape and it showed. She had a wonderful hour glass figure that would be the envy of women half her age.

Mom walked towards us and into the spray and said with a smirk, “Well Bryan, what do you think of my birthday suit?”

I smiled back and confidently said, “Mom, you look beautiful.”

I watched her eyes light up saying, “Aren’t you a little charmer!”

Auntie was behind me soaping my back now and laughed saying, “There’s nothing little about him.”

Mom was directly in front of me now and giggled saying, “It will go quicker with four hands.”

Mom began soaping my chest and stomach. Mom rubbed my pecs and said, “Baby, all that time in the gym has been paying off. You feel like a piece of granite.”

I was so hard. I had never been pampered like that. My cock bounced in the air begging to be touched, but neither my Aunt of Mom touched it. I think they liked teasing me. Auntie’s hands slid towards my ass and I felt her finger swirl around my asshole causing me to shudder.

Mom saw my cock jump and said “Hey Sis, easy back there…we don’t want him to cum just yet.”

Mom leaned towards me and kissed me passionately. Her kiss took my breath away. She grabbed my hands and guided them towards her tits.

“I know they aren’t as big as Auntie’s, but I love having them played with…it always gets me off!” Mom said excitedly.

I lovingly massaged her tits for a while and Mom shivered when my fingers gently pinched her nipples. I leaned towards her chest and sucked her left nipple into my mouth causing her to shake. I felt as if I was dreaming.

Auntie Lisa looked on with approval and said, “Watch this Bryan.”

She reached for a shower wand on the wall and put the nozzle on pulse. She expertly guided the head towards Mom’s smooth pussy. I kept sucking Mom’s tit and sensing what Auntie was up to, Mom widened her stance.

As Auntie let the pulsing spray hit Mom’s swollen clit, I sucked her nipple deeply into my mouth; I watched Auntie lean down and suck Mom’s other nipple while looking at me. Mom had one hand around my neck and the other around Auntie's for support.

Immediately, Mom bucked her hips violently and yelled, “I’m fucking cumming!”

She bucked again and Auntie let the sprayer fall and I watched Auntie place her hand on Mom’s clit and rub vigorously. “I’m gonna cum again,” Mom yelled.

Mom’s first orgasm never let up before being sent into a stronger second orgasm. She leaned forward against me for support and Auntie grabbed my hand and guided it towards my Mom’s slit.

I could feel Mom’s cum flood my hand. I couldn’t believe I just rubbed my Mom’s pussy. I felt my cock jump and precum flow from my shaft.

After a minute or so, Mom’s orgasms subsided and her legs regained their strength. She stood up straight and kissed me deeply. She whispered into my ear, “Thanks Baby, I needed that!”

Auntie went to the wall and turned on different shower heads around the perimeter of the stall, leaving the center free from any direct spray . Auntie sat down on the wet tile floor and laid back and spread her legs.

She looked up at Mom saying, “I need his fat cock in me right now.”

Mom looked at me and grinned, “Well, you heard the lady!”

As I started to kneel, Mom stopped me for moment saying, “With a bat like that between your legs you may need a little extra lube.”

No sooner had she said that than she bent over and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I couldn’t believe my Mom was giving me a blowjob. I fought the urge to just explode in her mouth. I think Mom sensed my struggle not to cum and let my cock fall free from her lips.

I knelt down between Auntie’s legs and she spread them even further apart. I was very nervous. I had a few blowjobs and hand jobs before, but the one time I tried to fuck my ex girlfriend, it was a disaster. I wore a condom that was to small for my cock and after I was barely inside of her she said it hurt and wouldn’t let me continue. Now I was praying I wouldn’t cum to soon.

I awkwardly took my swollen cock and aimed the head towards Auntie’s pussy. Mom coached me on from the side and it helped build my confidence. I slowly eased the head inside of Auntie’s hairy pussy.

“You are so fucking thick Bryan, you’re going to split me in two,” Auntie cried.

I watched the agony on her face slowly begin to change to ecstasy as I slipped deeper inside of her pussy. After a minute, I was buried fully inside of her with all 7.5 inches. Auntie was shaking, but kept her legs spread. I began to pump in and out slowly.

Auntie was groaning loudly and my huge balls slapped against her ass. My hands were out at Auntie’s sides and I started thrusting into her with deep strokes. Auntie wiggled her body beneath me and she played with her tits. She had a look of both pain and pleasure on her face.

Aunt Lisa pushed her tits up for me and yelled, “Baby, drink my milk while you fuck me with that fat cock.”

I leaned forward and sucked her nipple into my mouth, but struggled to get any milk because I was thrusting so hard. I jumped slightly when I felt my mother’s hand gently fondle my balls from behind as I pumped into her sister. “That’s it Bryan, fuck her good,” Mom said coaching me along.

Mom was beside me with her hand around my back and between my legs squeezing my sensitive balls. I was in a state of bliss. With her other hand, Mom held Auntie’s ankle apart to aid my access. Feeling Aunt Lisa’s pussy grip my cock was incredible. Mom released my balls from her grip and rubbed my muscular ass cheeks as I fucked Auntie even harder.

Within seconds of my new pace, Auntie groaned loudly saying, “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop!”

I was fighting the urge to explode, but wanted to feel Auntie cum on my cock. I thrust as hard as I could and buried my cock into Auntie’s fuzzy pussy. At the same time I sucked her nipple as hard as I could.

The familiar rush of milk filled my mouth as Auntie cried out, “Agghh…I’m fucking cumming Bryan!”

I felt Auntie shake and shudder under my body. Her pussy clamped down on my shaft and seemed to almost lock me in place. I kept sucking milk from her swollen breast. A rush of Auntie’s cum flooded over my cock and I completely lost all control.

Without warning, my cock began sparying into Aunt Lisa's pussy. I released Auntie’s huge tit from my mouth my arms gave out and I laid across her body. I felt pulse after pulse of cum fire deep inside Auntie.

Auntie yelled, “That’s it Bryan! Fill your pussy with cum!”

Mom reached under me and firmly squeezed my balls as if she was coaxing every drop from inside me.

Mom released Auntie’s ankle and her legs squeezed me tightly. I felt Auntie’s pussy loosen it’s grip on my cock. I was breathing heavy and Auntie giggled saying, “Bryan, you are fucking amazing!”

Mom released my balls and rubbed my back saying, “Baby, that was so hot! I have never seen Auntie cum like that. I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

I slowly pulled my cock from inside of Auntie’s slit.

Mom laughed and looked at Auntie saying, “Jesus Sis, he’s still rock hard.”

Auntie sat up smiling and looked at me kneeling over her saying, “God Dawn, he is really something.”

I was feeling a mix of emotions. I was very proud of making Aunt Lisa cum so hard and felt as if I had truly become a man. I was still very intimidated by my mom’s and aunt’s sexual expertise. I knew I wanted more and thinking about fucking Mom had my cock still completely hard.

Mom sat down next to Auntie and bent over her body and licked slowly along her pussy. Auntie shivered and grabbed Mom’s head. I couldn’t believe I was watching her lick my cum from Aunt Lisa's quivering pussy.

My cock was coated in a mixture of mine and Auntie’s cum. Mom looked up and me from Auntie’s pussy and smiled. She scooted over a little and ran her tongue along my stiff cock.

She lightly slurped and smacked her lips loudly saying, “There’s so much cum I don’t know where to start!”

Auntie laughed loudly saying, “I think you two should spend the night.”

Rating: 93%, Read 42183 times, Posted Nov 26, 2020

Diary | Incest


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