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My dear 69studyhard-ers, i promised i would tell you how the Pride party finished and how i ended up being fucked by the french man i met.

After the drama with twink-Thomas and meeting little-Diego, i went to a Pride party with my friend Javier, Sarah and other friends. We were pretty wasted and spend the night having so much fun, laughing and dancing like no tomorrow. Javier and me are very outgoing, so we chat with many random guys. And of course, slutty Sebas was tasting the tongues of many of them, i French kissed a lot of guys that night and they all tasted awesome. But i did not stick to any of them, partying with my friends was way more fun than spending the night with a stranger.

But closing time was coming and Sebas ass was getting hungry, so when Javier told me the place was about to close, the little brain inside my cock woke up and turned on my someone-to-fuck radar.

I spotted two guys who looked in the chase for ass and i approached them. One was tall, skinny, black curly hair and black eyes. He was very handsome on the face but his wrists were so thin and he seemed to have a very skinny body. The other one, on the contrary, was stouter, not fat but stronger body, he seemed very hairy and was not that handsome, he was wearing glassess and a collar shirt. He looked like if he came from work at his white collar office. Also he looked older than the first, later he told me he was 35. Both were hot but i had to decide, so i chose to hit on the second one. For doing that, i initially paid attention on the skinny guys, so the other would grow interest on me and then jump to the one i wanted. It worked surprisingly easily and i was soon chatting with the guy who was going to fuck me that night. Everyone was horny, so the skinny friend started making out with some other guy soon and we were alone. The hairy guy did not want to kiss me in public, so i started to think if i should go and find myself another cock.. i mean man. He went to talk with his skinny friend, and when he came back he told me "he is going to that boy's place, so we can go to our hotel room if you like". They were sharing a hotel room in the center, apparently. I said yes, sent a message to my friends and headed to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel he grabbed me and give me a first intense French kiss, grabbed my ass and in the elevator of his hotel we were already all over each other. We stopped in a the corridor of the floor where his room was and made out for a long time. I palpated the sides of his pants to see if his cock reached that far and surprisingly it did. I could feel the tip of his cock in the pocket of his jeans and it looked thick as fuck.

He opened the room of the hotel and as soon as he closed it behind us, before he even switched on the lights, i was unzipping his pants and taking that huge cock out. Went to my knees and sucked it for a long time while he was standing. He finally pulled my head off his cock, grabbed my ass and said, "let's do it better in the bed, slut". I definitely liked that guy!

I was drunk and i just remember pieces of the sex session. I remember his body was indeed very hairy, he was complete top, with a huge cock: thick and long. He laid me on bed, ignored my cock and lift my legs up, spread my ass and went straight for my hole. I remember being so horny his tongue went straight inside. "So good ass" he said in his poor English and put 2 fingers inside in a sudden. Horny and drunk made my ass open as hell, so he didnt have much resistance to finger me really hard, what turned him on. Out of the sudden he says "my entire hand is inside" and only at that time i noticed he was fisting me. I had not been fisted for a long time, but it felt like if i was doing it every day. Finally he put his gum on and fucked me with his big cock. He fucked aggressively, he moaned like a wild animal. I remember he changing positions, turning me around. I remember doggy style, he on the top. I remember standing up. The fucking lasted really long, i guess because of the alcohol, and i was anything but tight. Finally we managed to cum. We were both exhausted and fell asleep immediately, we did not even clean all the cum from our chests.

In the morning, but what felt like few hours later, i work up with a noise. The skinny guy just entered the room. As fucked as i had been, i was still horny and thought it would be nice to try the skinny boy. So i got up from bed, naked as i was, and walked to the bathroom pretending i did not know he was there. I showed off my naked front to him who was not shy to look. I went into the bathroom (i needed water) and, suddenly, i see my lover coming in. "Put some clothes on, my friend is here". At that moment i realized i would not get the threesome price. At least he stayed with me in the bathroom and fucked me again in the shower. This time i felt the effects of last night: my ass was burning! the morning sex was so painful, but he still managed to fist me and then fuck me.

When we finished sex and shower, i was feeling honestly in pain, my insides were all messed up and i just wanted to go home and relax. I declined his breakfast in the hotel invitation and went home just to notice my hole was red and still literally open from all the sex. I decided my chaturbate viewers should check that out. One of them decided to go on private mode with me and could masturbate while i showed off the effects of last night's brutal fuck.

The guy was French, so he left the day after. I didnt have a chance to say goodbye, but i still now (two days later) feel my hole burning and soar. I hope i see him again. From the bottom of my bottom-ness i do!

Rating: 70%, Read 7566 times, Posted Aug 22, 2018

Diary | Anal, Ass to mouth, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Boy, Exhibitionism, Fisting, Gay, Masturbation, Young


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