the start of our holiday gets kinky by biguy181

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We headed off interstate on a caravanning holiday, the first main stop over was going to be at a nudist club we like, we were lucky and got there when it was quite and set up well away from the main area, we didn’t want our noisy sex plays to be heard by other.

There was only one older couple and a single guy there, Chris he was some 20 years younger than us, so around 7 pm we left them to cook some food, that’s what we told them, but quickly got our douche out and cleaned up ready for some anal fun.

Soon I was eating Sue out, her pussy now ready to be fucked, as my cock went straight in and got her orgasm going, it didn’t take long before she was on her knees and telling me to fuck her ass, my cock slide in easy and I build up speed, all too soon my balls exploded deep inside her ass and filled her bowels with sperm, I collapsed on her back, resting.

Sue then told me to kneel, and grabbed our strap on and 10 inch vibe, it too found my ass ready and went right in with a bit of lube. Soon I took was groaning as my orgasm began to flow, then Sue shoved a second vibe in, sending me into a wild orgasm, so no wonder, neither of us heard Chris the young guy as he stood behind Sue saying how kinky we looked.

Sue turned the toys hanging from the strap on, Chris said sorry, the curtains were open some, and I saw what you too were doing, and it looked so kinky, "can I watch".

Without hesitation, Sue dropped down sucking his cock right into her mouth, as she did, I slipped my cock in her pussy and fucked her again, Chris, stood with a silly grin on his face, as Sue worked his manhood, then she turned again, her mouth on my cock, and her ass in front of Chris, he looked at me, I quietly said "give the lady what she wants".

With that Chris slowly eased his cock towards her pussy, inch by inch it went in, soon he had a huge smile and was fucking her hard. I knew by the look on his face; he was enjoying her pussy, so I eased my finger in her ass, then told him to try it, my cum was still dribbling slowly out of her ass, as he looked a bit puzzled, Sue then grabbed her ass cheeks open, I told him to fuck her ass.

Chris pushed his cock in, my cum lubed his entry, then as he hit bottom, his face lit up and he fucked harder, Sue returned to sucking my cock, as we rocked her between us both.

I then told Sue to lay over me, and slide my cock in her ass from below, Chris looked upset that I had taken his hole from him, but when I said push your back in with mine, his face changed, again Sue told him to fuck her ass, I felt him begin to push in, his cock rubbing against mine, then of course I realised he probably had never done a 3some let alone a dp before.

His nerves must have been at breaking point as he began to fuck her, my cock rubbing tightly with his, as we both gave Sue some great anal orgasm, this seemed to relax him more, his cock now pounding harder than before, he was close to coming.

He grabbed her hips; I felt his cock jerk then the warmth of his cum inside her ass, his face contorted as he worked every single drop of cum from his balls into her butt.

Slumping on her back, Chris let out a soft moan of pleasure, his balls empty and his cock going soft, Sue moved, he pulled back, our cocks slipped out, and Sue sat over my face, her ass towards Chris, his cum now running out filling my mouth, my tongue going in to find every drop, you could hear a pin drop as Chris stood wide eyed.

When Sue moved off, I eased my fist into her ass, his cum helping it slide in, again Chris gasped as we played, but now all my fist and a few inches of arm had gone up her ass, white cum oozing out around my arm, more orgasm rocked Sue as I played inside her body.

When she had enough, she eased up, my arm covered in our cum, Sue swung around licking it clean, as my cock went back up her ass, causing another orgasm. then Sue told me to resume my position, so I was on my knees waiting for her to fuck me once more.

Chris stood by my side as Sue fucked me again with our 10 inch vibe, his cock stirring with the sight before him, then after a good few orgasms Sue returned the second vibe to my ass, and more orgasms quickly followed, I found my poppers and took a good sniff, Sue knew what to do, and her fist replaced the two vibes in my ass, again Chris gasped as her arm went right in, my orgasm raced though me sending me into a constant shiver.

I saw Chris wanking his cock, as Sue pulled him behind me, I'm sure he had never tried bi sex, but with Sue holding his cock, and my ass now in front of him he had no option; Sue pulled her fist out and shoved his cock into my ass, Chris just stood there, not sure what to do, then Sue said "Fuck him" as his cock began to move slowly inside me.

With Sue coxing him Chris began to fuck me harder, my orgasm gripped his cock hard, then Chris seemed to speed up some, his cock now fucking me with more vigour, my orgasm quickened, each one gripping his cock, Chris was now fucking me hard and gripping me by the hips, he didn't need any coxing now, as his cock began to jerk inside me and spew hot cum deep inside my ass, a new bi stud was born, as he slumped on my back, gasping for air.

When Chris pulled out, I sat over Sue's face, and emptied his cum into her mouth, then quickly swung around Sue lifted her head, and dropped his cum into my mouth as we kissed. then I moved over and sucked Chris soft cock, licking him clean, his cock stirred once more, as Sue joined in, licking and sucking him hard once more.

One thing we love about younger guys is they recover very quickly when horny, and Chris sure was horny now, as he face fucked me, then Sue, once fully hard I said right now you can fuck us both, using all our holes, one after the other, I lay face down, and then Sue lay on top of me, our holes together we told him to fuck any one he wanted but swap back and forth too, he got the idea, as my ass felt his cock enter, I was happy he chooses me, it showed he was now into bi sex, then after awhile he fucked Sue’s ass or pussy, before moving back to fuck me again, we let him fuck us both like this for awhile, then changed around.

We told Chris to lie down, then Sue and I pulled his arms up, and each sat on one of his fists, both taking it in the ass, the look on his face was priceless, but he had nowhere to go or move and then slowly I felt him begin to finger my insides and make me orgasm, Sue also started to orgasm as he got more into fisting us both.

After a good turn riding his fist, we let him up, his cock was ready for more fun, this time I got him to lay down and fuck Sues ass, then shoved my cock in with him, now he didn't care, as we both gave her a good hard fucking, Chris now slamming up into her ass hard, then I slowed things down and said my turn for a dp.

Chris once more looked puzzled, I got him to lay down, then lay on my back on top of him, and Sue began to fuck my ass with the 10 inch vibe again, the vibrations of course going though Chris cock, he really got going hard, pushing up into me as far as he could, I knew he wouldn't be able to hold off to much longer, then with one good long thrust into me, his cock shot all his cum and more deep inside my ass.

Sue pulled the vibe out when he stopped, and went down licking his cock and my ass eating the cum oozing from us both, Chris nearly cum again as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, sucking the last of his cum from his balls.

By now he was just about spent, but I wanted more, so Sue once more fucked and fisted my ass, at one time, she fisted me then shoved the 10 inch vibe in as well, causing me to orgasm wildly, then handing Chris the other vibe, told him to shove it in hard, as she was busy holding the other one.

Chris put the vibe to my ass, and gently pushed, I told him push hard, once past the lips it will go in, Sue was off to one side, as Chris leant against the vibe, his body weight firmly behind him, I took a huge sniff of the poppers, waiting, then with some pain, the tip started in, it was so tight, Sue's eyes winched under the pressure on her arm, I told Chris to push harder, he did, and in it went, my ass now fucked by two 10 inch vibes and Sue's fist, that was it, my orgasm caused me to scream out, but not in pain.

With so much pressure it was hard for them to move the toys much, Sue fisted me by moving her fingers around, then after another huge orgasm I asked them to pull one of the vibes out and fuck me some more, after more orgasms I just had to rest.

That was it, we were all worn out, as we talked, and Chris said he had never though of doing any of the things we did tonight, but was glad he had come down to ask us if we wanted to have lunch with him tomorrow in town, we both said yes please, as long as we can play again too, a huge smile and a very definite yes, from Chris told us tomorrow could be more fun.

Rating: 75%, Read 24773 times, Posted Jun 21, 2015

Diary | Anal, Ass to pussy, Bestiality, Bi-sexual, Cum Swallowing, Fisting


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