My rape fantasy_(0) by Naughty_Slave89

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We had talked about this night for boyfriend and I were acting out each other's fantasies and now his was coming to life.....I didn't want to admit it but the thought of his fantasy was actually turning me own...

He ordered me to wear an a typical outfit that I would wear on a night out clubbing with the girls and tonight I put in extra special effort to please him; I opted for a short black dress (which barely covered my ass) and accentuated my well endowed 36D chest. My dark brown hair was teased into loose curls that curtained my heaving breasts, as as requested - no panties!

We had arranged to meet in a park about 20minutes from my house; the air was cool and crisp which made my nipples stiffen like bullets under my dress and a cool tingle building between my legs which only caused me to be more aroused. I looked at my watch and huffed - he was thirty minutes late! Deciding that he was not going to show up I decided to make my way home feeling a little disappointed and, to be frank, a little bit scared. The park appeared empty with only the sound of my heels as the only sound I could hear.

As I walked I could hear footsteps behind me, at this point i was getting a little bit frightened and I began to run, but as I ran - so did the person behind me... I ran behind some trees hoping they would someone hide me from the unknown stranger that was behind me. I stood for a few minutes catching my breath and realized I could no longer hear the person following me. Taking a deep sigh of relieve I turned my back and rested against a large oak tree. Out of nowhere a pair of hands gripped me and pushed me hard against the tree and pinned my hands at either side of me. "Did you really think you would escape me?" the stranger said with a twisted grin on his face. "Stupid bitch" He breathed as he realized one of my wrists and reached for something in his pocket. I seen this as an opportunity to escape so I slapped him hard across the face and tried to run, forgetting his still had a firm grip on my other wrist. This act only made him even more aggressive as he slapped my hard against the face and pushed me to face the huge oak tree, the rough bark scratching at my soft and subtle breasts. "Wrong move bitch! Now you're really gonna get hurt!" He sneered as he found a piece of rope from his pocked and tied my hands behind my back.

"Please.....please don't hurt me" I whimpered, begging him not to hurt me. "Shut the fuck up bitch, you brought this on yourself! Look at you, dressed like a total slut! You were dying for someone to come along and rape you weren't you! Standing out here in a secluded park all alone dressed like a slut - didn't you!" He growled as he viciously gripped my hair and pulled on it. He reached down between my legs and roughly slipped a finger inside my tight, wet pussy, it hurt but in such a good way. "Look at you slut, you're dripping! You were dying to be fucked tonight weren't you?!" When I didn't answer him he gripped my hair again and pulled it with amazing force "Didn't you?!"

"Yes!" I screamed, but not loud enough to create a disturbance. "Yes what, slut?" he growled and he sunk his teeth into my neck. "Yes I did want to be fucked tonight!" I whimpered with a tear sliding down my face.

"Good slut and you're going to get what you just deserve! now get on your knees!" He ordered and he pulled on my hair roughly again. Obediently I turned towards him and got down on my knees. I gasped as he released his thick, hard member from his jeans.... he was huge! If i wasn't so aroused and wet I would probably have been scared... "Suck my cock now slut!" he ordered and he grabbed a fist full of my hair and forced me closer to his cock. Taking his cock into my mouth I almost gagged as he completely filled me right to the back of my throat. I couldn't take any more but the stranger wasn't having any of it. "Take all of it slut! I wanna feel the back of your throat, you little bitch!" He forced his cock further down my throat and I tried my best to accommodate his huge member violating my throat. I was rewarded with a deep growl of pleasure from my unknown assailant.

"Get up slut it's time for your punishment! You shouldn't have tried to run away" he hissed, forcing me back onto my feet and pushing me roughly against the oak tree again. He pulled the dress up so my bare ass was free for all to see (assuming anyone could see). Nothing could prepare me for his next move and I screamed as he forced his large throbbing cock inside my pussy. He pounded into me like there was no tomorrow; the tears streamed down my face as he violated me again and again, taking the time to slap my ass hard with each thrust. I dunno what came over me but all of a sudden I began to enjoy it, I couldn't control myself and a moan of desire escaped my lips. "Wow you really are enjoying this huh slut?!" he demanded and he roughly pinched my nipples. "yes master..." I groaned, it felt so good when he pinched my nipples.

He continued to pound into me, reaching down between my legs and roughly rubbing my clit with two fingers. I groaned louder which he seemed to enjoy. He slipped his cock out of me and I was a little disappointed. He noticed my disapproval and replied "Don't worry slut, I am not through with you yet!"

He slipped two of his fingers inside my pussy, covering them with my own juices and forced them roughly into my ass, lubricating it to accommodate his monster cock. I've done anal a couple of times with my boyfriend but it does still hurt on occassion. "No please" Not my ass, it hurts!" I begged him, but this only made his angry. "Listen slut! i'll do whatever the fuck I want to do! and I want to fuck your ass!" He hissed as he smacked down hard on my ass. Without warning he forced his huge member into my tight ass, causing me to scream out loud. He covered my mouth with his hand to muffle my screams "Shut up slut! No-one can hear you!" He continued his assault on my ass, using his free hand to roughly pinch my nipples before reaching down between my legs to rub at my clit again. The mixture of pain from him fucking my ass and the pleasure from his rubbing my clit was a deliciously painful experience. I couldn't believe it but I was actually beginning the enjoy this; the sensation that was building up inside me was rising higher and higher throughout my body

"Awww fuck slut your ass is so tight i'm gonna cum! Tell me to cum in your ass!" he growled at me as he continued to violate my practically-virgin ass. I was too overwhelmed by the impending orgasm that was building up inside me that I had forgotten to answer him. He gripped my hair and pulled on it roughly. "say it slut!"

"Cum in my ass, oh please cum in my ass" was all I could manage to say before the orgasm completley enveloped my body, my body quivered and shook as the orgasm reached its peak. My contracting ass must have been enough to send him over the edge because in one rough thrust and a guttural groan and I felt his spurt his load into my ass.

Both exhausted and satisfied we lay down on the grass; he wrapped his arms around me and covered me with his trench coat. "I love you baby" I whispered, snuggling into his chest. "I love you too....thank you for tonight - it was wonderful"

Rating: 83%, Read 19728 times, Posted Jan 30, 2012

Fantasm |


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