The Governess by koyaanisqatsi

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The year was 1915, and the idyllic fields of the north Cotswolds were a million miles from the raging horrors that permeated the dank trenches of the Great War on the continent.

The manor house sat high atop a rolling hill amid the lush green countryside. From the upper story of the sprawling limestone mansion, members of the Parkes family could see for miles, spotting the farms and woods that dotted the hilly rural area that their family controlled.

Adam Parkes was in his study reading when he heard the crush of gravel outside, signaling the arrival of a coach at his residence. He closed the book and stepped from the room. The doorman was already escorting the visitor into the house when Adam arrived.

“Miss Penry,” Parkes said warmly. “Welcome to Gloucestershire, and our home.”

Parkes took a moment to examine the woman. She was matronly, to say the least. Perhaps in her fifties, she was a spinster. Unattractive, though not ugly, she seemed coldly professional, but also very responsible. She stood perhaps five and half feet tall, with a flat face, cool blue eyes and slightly graying hair that trickled from her bonnet.

Parkes had hired Miss Penry because the wet nurse who had cared for the children in their infancy had left to tend to her own ailing mother in Wales. In her absence, the children – eight-year-old Archibald, 12-year-old Elizabeth and the two-year-old toddler Raymond -- were more than he could handle. His lovely wife Cornelia had died giving birth to Raymond, and Parkes was devastated. He loved his children, but had neither the skills nor the time to give them the care they needed. He was not interested in remarrying so soon after her death.

Parkes had discovered Miss Penry while visiting London on business. He was enjoying brandy and cigars with several gentlemen, and he outlined his concerns for his children’s’ upbringing. One gentleman indicated that he going to release his longtime governess now that his children had grown up. Parkes immediately arranged to hire her on the man’s recommendation, and finally two months later, Penry had concluded her affairs in London and made her way by train to the manor outside of Cheltenham.

“Mr. Parkes,” Penry said plainly, “I am pleased to be here. Thank you again for hiring me.”

“Not at all. Mr. Edgerington was most confident in his recommendation of your services. Come let me show you to your room. Then you can meet the children.”

The tall Parkes led the smaller woman though the house and up the staircase. Bill the doorman followed with luggage. The grand mansion echoed with footsteps. Parkes pointed out rooms and features for future reference; Miss Penry took it all in silently.

Her belongings stashed in her room, Penry followed Adam Parkes back down to the main hall. At the bottom of the stairs, Parkes reached for a bell that hung from the wall. He rang it in a distinct series of rings. Miss Penry heard shuffling above, and presently footsteps on the stairs. Slowly the children came into view as they reached the landing. Dressed immaculately, the toddling Raymond held hands on each side with his older siblings. The three made their way down and finally arrived in front of their father and this strange older woman.

Introductions were made, and the children stood there, polite but meek, unsure of this new caretaker. Archie and Lizzie missed their mother terribly, and even missed Sara the wet nurse who has so recently abandoned them. They longed for the stability that a new caretaker would bring, but they had secretly hoped for a fun young woman with a beautiful smile and a warm heart. Instead they found themselves looking up at a most severe-looking older woman. Her face was devoid of humor or kindness. Archie gulped audibly, and Lizzie frowned.

“Children, Miss Penry has come all the way from London to be here with us. She is an excellent governess and has been doing it for many years. I’m sure you will become very close with her over these next years. Now make sure you listen to everything she says and obey her without question. If you misbehave for her, you’d better believe I’ll hear about it. Now off you go to get cleaned up. Mrs. Boyle has lunch ready. I believe it’s stew!”

Relieved to escape the piercing gaze of their new governess, the children ran to the washroom. Their faces and hands washed, they arrived in the dining room for their first meal under the watchful eye of Miss Penry.

The first few days were awkward for the children, as they became acquainted with the imperious style of their governess. Always watchful, she ruled by intimidation. Never did she raise her voice or threaten the children with any consequences for their occasional misbehavior. But her watchful gaze was enough to terrify the children into ever-greater diligence in policing themselves. Their imaginations reeled with fantastical visions of torture they assumed Miss Penry would enact if she truly wished.

As the weeks and months unfolded, the stern governess and the children developed a livable rhythm. Her instructions were always clear and direct. The mere thought of some imagined consequence kept the children obedient. Eventually they came to even respect Miss Penry. While stern with matters of behavior, in moments of fear, sadness or pain the children found her very caring and almost affectionate. Upon skinning his knee while playing outside, Archie expected admonition for his carelessness. Instead, Miss Penry cleaned him up, kissed his scraped knee and then kissed his forehead. He was so astonished by her change of personality he nearly forgot his pain. She gave him a warm, almost sad smile. Archie smiled back and ran off to find his brother and sister.

Lizzie awoke one morning in stark terror. She screamed aloud, and Miss Penry burst through the door seconds later.

“What is it, Miss Elizabeth? What’s the matter?” Her voice was filled with concern.

“M-m-my..I’m bleeding to death, Ma’am,” Lizzie stammered. She lowered her head in shame.

The unflappable governess instantly understood. She pulled back the bedcovers from Lizzie’s legs, and spots the crimson stain on the sheets.

“From between your legs, my dear? Is that where?”

Lizzie nodded slowly, her eyes still avoiding the governess.

“Ah. You’re not bleeding to death, Elizabeth. It’s perfectly natural. You’re becoming a woman.”

Lizzie lifted her head at this, her tear-stained cheeks coming into view.

“A woman?”

“Your mother, God rest her soul, never got a chance to explain it all to you. You see, at your age a girl becomes a woman when her body is ready to have a baby. This blood is part of that. It’s your body getting ready. The Lord makes us ready long before we need to be. You’ll have this bleeding every month for most of the rest of your life. I’m sorry you didn’t know about it before. I’d hoped your wet nurse would have explained it. Now, let’s get you cleaned up. I’ll show you how to take care of this, keep it from ruining your nice clothes.”

At that, Miss Penry peeled back the rest of the covers, and Lizzie pulled her feet from the bed. They walked hand in hand over to the washbasin. The spinster took the kettle from the stove and poured some hot water into the basin. She returned the kettle, and then filled the remainder of the basin with cold water from the pitcher. She turned to Lizzie, and lifted her nightgown from her slender frame and over her head. Lizzie instinctively covered her budding breasts with her hands. Penry gave her a soft smile and pulled down Lizzie’s bloody underwear. They slid down her spindly legs. Lizzie stepped out of them, and Miss Penry quickly pushed them into a pocket.

“Stand with your legs apart a bit, dear.”

Lizzie trembled with a mix of fear and shame, but she did as she was told, widening her stance. Miss Penry took a clean towel and dipped it in the warm water. She gently wrung out the cloth. The governess then pressed the damp cloth against Lizzie’s small, hairless crotch. Lizzie looked away. Penry gently but expertly cleaned up the thin adolescent girl’s bloodstained groin, all the while calming Lizzie with soft words and tender eyes.

Finally finished, Penry put her hand on Lizzie’s chin, bringing the girls’ eyes into contact with her own. Smiling warmly, she regained Lizzie’s confidence.

“Now, let me show you what you need to do. You’ll have lots of practice.”

The governess covered Lizzie with a robe, and then showed her the time-tested methods of dealing with menses. Her gentle instruction and calm demeanor kept the girl comfortable, and soon the two joked about the burdens of womanhood.

From that day forward, Lizzie no longer harbored any fears or suspicions of her governess. The two had shared a bonding moment, and while Lizzie continued to earn the wrath of the governess while playing too roughly with her brothers, she no longer despised or distrusted her.

One evening after Miss Penry had put the children to bed, she walked down the hall towards her room, ready to put on her own bedclothes and do some reading. She left Lizzie’s room, passed Raymond’s room and as she neared Archie’s room, she heard a sound. She pressed her ear to his door. It sounded like Archie was having a nightmare. She could hear him thrashing and groaning. She quietly opened his door and peered inside. Miss Penry almost gasped aloud.

Archie was standing on his bed. His slight naked body glowed yellow with the light from his bedside lamp. The young boy stood profile to Miss Penry’s unseen view. He looked down at his crotch. There, a thin erection stood straight out from his hairless body. Archie’s right hand came onto his penis, and he variously pulled, bent and squeezed it. His face contorted through expressions of confusion, pleasure and curiosity.

Miss Penry nearly burst into the room to stop the lad, but she felt compassion for what she knew was an awkward time of discovery that Archie must be going through. She checked herself, lingering just a moment longer in fascination before quietly closing the door. She smiled to herself as she withdrew to her own room, her face slightly flushed.

Several more months passed by. Several times more she found Archie at play with his penis, always while standing on his bed, and each time she declined to stop him. She found it entertaining, and she remembered her own adolescence, though it seemed like a thousand years ago. She began to remember her own desires, distant and forgotten.

On one of those “Archie” nights, as she readied herself for bed, she disrobed and looked at herself in an old mirror. Her eyes moved over her matronly form: her saggy breasts, her fatty stomach, her wide hips, and her stocky legs. She nearly wept when she recalled what she’d looked like in her youth. Slowly, the statuesque shape of a curvaceous young woman replaced the image in the mirror. Full pert breasts stood proud atop a thin waist and flat stomach. Long slender legs with graceful calves ended in shapely feet. Slowly Miss Penry moved her hands over her body. She watched her hands wrap around her young breasts in the mirror. Her hands moved down her shapely sides. She rested her hands on her rear, and it felt smooth and taut against her palms. Her hands moved around her hips, and disappeared between her legs. As her fingers passed through the rough coils of coarse hair, she felt the warmth and moisture of her most feminine place. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she slowly explored a part of her that she’s ignored and forgotten for so many years. In the diffuse glow of the bedside lamp, the aging Miss Penry tearfully plied her loins and brought herself to the first climax she’d had in thirty over years.

Late one night in mid-winter, Lizzie summoned Miss Penry to her room. The governess entered the room quickly, concerned at this unexpected call. Lizzie sat in bed, looking slightly embarrassed. Miss Penry flowed to her bedside and sat beside her young charge. She tenderly brushed Lizzie’s hair from her face.

“What is it, my dear Miss Elizabeth? Are you unwell?”

Lizzie shook her head ambiguously. Miss Penry couldn’t tell if she meant No, she wasn’t unwell, or No, she was unwell?

“Well? Out with it, dear!” Miss Penry cooed in dulcet tone. “What’s the matter that’s gotten me out of bed on a cold night?”

Lizzie chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, and then finally spoke.

“My privates are bleeding.”

Miss Penry rolled her eyes with great exaggeration.

“Miss Elizabeth, you’ve been having your monthly for quite some time now. You know what to do when it comes round each time. I showed you myself.”

“No, it’s not that, exactly. It’s not the time for it. It’s bleeding of something else.”

Miss Penry frowned with concern. “Did you injure yourself at play with the lads, fall out of a tree or something? You know, you’re getting a bit old for that now.”

“No, it wasn’t from play. At least, not with them.”

Miss Penry frowned again. “Just tell me what happened, dear?”

Lizzie chewed her lip again.

“Well, it kind of itched, so I scratched it.”

“Perhaps you’ve a bug bite…”

“Well, not an itch, exactly. More like a tickle.”

Miss Penry almost laughed out loud. She finally put together what had happened. The adolescent girl had felt the pangs of her growing sexual maturity. She remembered Archie and his countless upright contests with his erection. Her compassion once again overtook her disciplinary instincts. Miss Penry thought a moment, and then decided to make sure the girl hadn’t done any serious harm in her exploration.

“Yes, that happens from time to time. Best not to scratch at it too hard, dear.” She gave Lizzie an affectionate wink. Lizzie smiled. “But, we’d best make sure you didn’t do any real harm down there. I’ll need to take a look. Sorry, my dear.”

Lizzie froze in terror for an instant, but she reflected on her governess’s tenderness when she’d first menstruated, and her fears evaporated. Almost giddily she pulled up her nightgown and slid off her underwear.

Miss Penry leaned further onto the bed and parted the girl’s slender legs. She found herself again face to face with Elizabeth’s bald pubis, and again there were traces of blood, though this time it was barely a few drops.

“Just relax, dear. I’m just going to have a look-see. I’ll try not to hurt you.”

She heard Lizzie taking in a sharp breath as her thin, wrinkled fingers parted the girl’s labia. She immediately spotted what had to be a fingernail cut on the inner lips of Lizzie’s small vagina.

“Yes, I see it, dear. I’ll just clean it up and you’ll be all better.”

Miss Penry rose and filled the basin with hot and cold water, and took a clean towel and wetted it. She returned to the bed, lowering herself again between Lizzie’s thin thighs. She spread the labia again and dabbed the damp towel against the cut. Lizzie hissed as the sting of the cloth hit the tiny wound. Miss Penry made a gentle shushing sound to calm her.

Once the cut had been cleaned, and Lizzie’s crotch wiped dry, Miss Penry helped her put on her underpants and pull down her nightie. She kissed the girl on the forehead, turned out the lamp on the nightstand and left the room without a word.

In the hallway, Miss Penry absentmindedly rubbed her nose as she walked back to her room. She immediately smelled Lizzie’s scent on her fingers. Miss Penry closed her eyes, shocked at the response her body was having to the odor. Her loins pulsed hotly beneath her bedclothes, and her heart raced. She pressed her fingers to her nostrils and breathed deeply. Her walking pace quickened.

Finally inside her room, she closed the door solidly behind her, leaning against it as if to keep out some unseen prowler. Again she pressed her fingers to her nose and inhaled. Spotting the old mirror in the corner, Miss Penry pulled up her nightgown with her other hand, and without thinking, plunged her fingers between her legs. She aggressively worked herself toward orgasm, and as the first wave concussed through her aging frame, she thrust the fragrant fingers into her mouth. The slight taste of the girl’s vagina in her mouth caused her to whimper loudly. Miss Penry doubled over as the last waves of climax rocked her body. She stumbled to the bed and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

Within a fortnight, Lizzie called Miss Penry to her room, again late at night. The governess arrived with all haste. This time Lizzie was not so shy.

“It’s my monthly, ma’am. It’s come again.”

Miss Penry was confused “Yes, dear. Is there a problem?”

“Can you clean me up?” Lizzie queried meekly.

“But Miss Elizabeth, you’ve been doing it fine yourself for months now! Remember, I showed you how it’s done last year.”

“Yes, but you do a much better job cleaning than I can.”

“But that’s hardly—“

“Please, Miss Penry?” Lizzie interrupted. “Just this once?”

Miss Penry considered the girl a moment. She remembered that Lizzie’s mother had passed on, and the girl lacked the mother-daughter relationship that young women need so desperately. Finally she relented.

“Yes, alright, Miss. Just this once. Now off with your nightie and drawers. Quickly!”

Lizzie jumped from the bed and stripped quickly. The governess repeated her routine at the basin, and knelt at the waist of her young mistress.

Feet apart, dear,” she reminded the girl. Lizzie stepped apart, exposing her hairless crotch.

Miss Penry raised the damp cloth, and for a moment looked up at Miss Elizabeth. Her face was sweet and innocent, with large grey eyes and wavy brown hair tousled about her long thin neck. Her tiny breasts, no longer covered by shy hands, were crowned with strawberry pink nipples, which pointed harshly in the cold night air. Lizzie set her hands on her buttocks, a posture of surprising confidence for a naked adolescent.

Miss Penry finally pulled her gaze from Lizzie’s body and concentrated on the task at hand. She lowered her head and saw the crust of dried blood on Lizzie’s diminutive labia. She once again cleaned the area with maternal tenderness. She listened as Lizzie’s breathing became halted as she applied the cloth. She took her time, making sure she got all the offending stain from Lizzie’s milky skin.

As she removed the small towel from between the girl’s legs, Lizzie’s hands came off her hips and touched the freshly cleaned skin. Miss Penry averted her gaze, unsure of what was happening. She looked back to see Lizzie’s small fingers part her labia. The girl dragged a finger along the slit and then looked at it, noticing that no blood remained.

At that, Miss Penry could no longer keep her composure. She popped up and strode for the door.

“Right then,” the governess chirped in a strained pitch. “Back to bed with you!” She slipped quickly out the door and headed for the sanctuary of her room.

As she passed Archie’s room, she noticed light from under the door. This time, Miss Penry simply knelt and peered through the keyhole. As before, Archie stood atop his bed, pulling and stretching his engorged little penis. Penry stood and hurried to her room. Closing the door behind her, the governess muttered, “What in the world is happening in this house?” Flustered, she put herself into bed and labored to find sleep.

A few weeks later, yet another late night call came from young Miss Elizabeth. Miss Penry was terrified of what it might be this time. She cherished the girl, in fact all three children, but she couldn’t determine from where Elizabeth’s particular need for attention was coming. She slipped quietly into Lizzie’s room, her heart filled with a mix of apprehension and curiosity. She sat once again on the bed and asked Lizzie what the matter was tonight.

Lizzie was chewing on her lip again. Penry trembled.

“I’m afraid I’ve cut myself again. Scratching.”

Miss Penry felt a jolt go through her loins. Her mouth suddenly felt dry.

“I see. Well, we’d better have a look.”

Lizzie removed her nightgown completely, and slid off her underpants. She lay back on the bed, her legs parted and her knees bent. The governess leaned in to examine, her breath stilted and shallow. She could barely smell Lizzie’s scent, but immediately she felt herself become wet. She saw nothing on the surface. She reached in and parted the girl’s labia. Lizzie inhaled sharply. Penry leaned in further, but she could not see any new cuts.

“I don’t see anything, I’m afraid, Miss Elizabeth.”

“Um, it’s a little further in, ma’am.”

Penry nearly groaned. She got up and grabbed the bedside lamp, bringing it near for light. She looked again and still saw nothing. Her neck was sore from leaning down so far.

“Dear, my old neck is tired. Can you put a pillow beneath to prop yourself up?”

Lizzie understood and pushed one of her many down pillows underneath her buttocks to raise her hips up.

“Thank you, dear.”

The governess resumed her search. She set the lamp on a shelf next to the bed. Its soft light bathed Lizzie’s hairless vagina in an orange glow. Penry moved her face closer, using both hands to search for the injury. The smell of Lizzie’s scent was making her hands shake.

“Mmm, it’s inside more.”

The words landed on Miss Penry like a brick. Her own crotch was soaked through as she slowly slid her right index finger into the folds of Lizzie’s labia. She felt the warm tightness envelop around her finger as she pressed further in. Lizzie moaned audibly.

Miss Penry tried to stay rational, tried to feel for this elusive cut, but she felt herself becoming overwhelmed by the sight, the sensation and the scent of her current situation.

“I—I don’t feel anything, Miss. Have I passed over it yet? Can you tell me where it hurts?”

Lizzie just moaned. Miss Penry lifted her head to look at Lizzie. The governess watched in shock as the girl’s small hands found their way to her pink nipples that stretched out from her growing bosom. She stroked them lightly, tenderly. Her eyes were closed. Her lower lip was in her teeth.

Miss Penry nearly pulled her finger out at that moment, but she felt the heat burning between her own legs. She looked at her wrinkled hand penetrating the pubescent folds of a 12-year-old girl’s vagina. She heard the heavy breathing as Lizzie enjoyed the combined touch on her nipples and genitals.

And then Miss Penry, the upright disciplinarian governess with thirty years’ experience raising the children of the British aristocracy, leaned in and pressed her lips against Lizzie’s mound. Lizzie shrieked in delight, and the governess gave in completely. She placed tender, almost maternal kisses on the smooth bare skin. Then, smelling the now-intoxicating aroma of Lizzie’s arousal, Miss Penry plunged her tongue into the warm, hairless folds. She quickly found the girl’s miniature clitoris, and stroked it with her tongue. Her finger continued to probe gently. Lizzie moaned loudly and pressed herself against her caretaker’s mouth and hands.

Slowly, tenderly, the two women rocked in a sensual motion. Penry stimulated young Lizzie with completely tenderness, making sure never to push too hard or too deep, never to lick too insistently. Lizzie became noisier, and fearing that she’d wake the other children, Miss Penry reached up and put her left index finger into Lizzie’s mouth. Lizzie immediately sucked the proffered finger in, gently tugging at it as if nursing.

Finally, Lizzie’s little body trembled noticeably. Even with a finger in her mouth, the vocal strains of Lizzie’s first climax could be heard. The thought of driving this girl to orgasm only made Miss Penry all the lustier, and she pressed a hand against her own sex, feeling the damp spot even through her nightgown. As Lizzie’s orgasm worked its way through her body, Miss Penry was treated to a stream of juices into her mouth. She swallowed them hungrily.

Finally Lizzie’s climax passed, and her lithe frame settled back down on to the bed. In fact, she fell asleep almost instantly. Miss Penry removed her wrinkled digit from the girl’s slit and sat up. Lizzie’s eyes were half closed, and a smile hung on her face. She looked completely satisfied. Miss Penry was quite surprised at Lizzie’s quick slumber. On the other hand, it made the moment much less awkward.

She blew out the lamp and retreated from the room. She looked back and saw Miss Elizabeth’s naked body glistening in the moonlight. She put her right index finger into her mouth, tasting the girl one more time. She closed the door and rested against the doorframe. Her mind was swimming with thoughts and fears. Would the girl tell? Would she get fired? What had she done?

She went back to her room, stripped nude and got into bed. She immediately began stimulating herself. Her thin fingers worked quickly and effectively, and within minutes she felt the now-familiar twinge that indicated the approach of orgasm. She stroked even faster, and the warm bath of climax washed over her. She tasted her own juices and enjoyed the surge of energy her efforts had brought her. She felt so young in that moment, like a young woman with a first love. Her loins throbbed, and she couldn’t remember having ever been this wet before.

She rolled over to go to sleep, but it wouldn’t come. She still ached, ached for more. She thought of going back to Lizzie’s room. But the girl had effectively initiated the act before. If she returned, she would be initiating it. She didn’t want to victimize the girl. But she needed more. She needed to be touched by someone.

She put on her robe over her naked body and left her room. She walked quickly to Lizzie’s door. She put her hand on the doorknob. Then she heard the peacefully shoring of the exhausted girl on the other side of the door. She took her hand from the knob, resigning herself to a sleepless night alone. She shuffled back toward her room. As she passed Archie’s room, she spotted the light under the door. Had he heard them? Was he sitting in fear of molestation, having heard his sister’s muted cries?

She peeked through the keyhole. Not surprisingly, little Archie was standing on his bed, playing with his penis. Miss Penry breathed out so loudly that Archie actually turned and looked at the door. Figuring she’d been found out, Miss Penry opened the door and slipped into Archie’s room. After closing the door, Miss Penry turned and looked at the boy. Strangely, he remained upright, his small erection still pointing straight out. He didn’t seem the least bit ashamed of his nudity or the state of his genitals. Miss Penry approached the bed slowly. Archie looked at her indifferently, then looked back down at his penis.

“It keeps doing this, ma’am. Usually at nighttime.” He toyed with it some more, and it sprung back as he prodded it.

Miss Penry sat on the edge of the bed in front of Archie. She licked her lips nervously. She felt as if she was watching someone else play her part and she had no control.

“Well, Archie, that happens to young boys like you. It’s nothing to worry about.”

“It feels tingly when I touch it. Is that bad?”

“Oh, no,” she sighed as she sat mesmerized by Archie’s erection. “No, dear, that’s not bad. Not bad at all.”

Without thinking, Miss Penry reached up and caressed Archie’s penis. The boy was unfazed by her touch.

“Do you want me to make it better, Archie?”

“Um, I guess so, yeah.”

Miss Penry licked her lips again as she ran her wrinkly hand over the small phallus. It twitched under her touch, and the boy’s small chest grew and shrank with each breath. She placed it between her thumb and index finger, and slowly began to stroke it. The child was circumcised, and the reddish tip was no bigger than her fingertip. Still, the feel of a warm penis in her hand made Miss Penry ravenous. She leaned in and slipped the erect member into her mouth. Archie gasped. He looked down and saw his little hard-on disappear into his governess’s wrinkled lips. She massaged it with her tongue. The entire thing fit easily into her mouth.

Though the boy was not even capable of ejaculation, she sucked on him as if she was trying to please a dear lover. Archie, who was still not the least be self-conscious about all this, gently touched her face. His tiny hands on her flushed cheeks spurred her on, and she redoubled her efforts to please her little man.

Almost imperceptibly, Archie began to rock his hips back and forth. Miss Penry had closed her eyes, obsessed with stimulating the organ in her mouth. She opened them and noticed that Archie had effectively begun to hump her mouth. She felt her vagina flood with renewed wetness.

As the boy pumped himself into her mouth, she pulled the robe from her shoulders, exposing her withered, saggy breasts. Archie’s interest was immediately peaked. He pulled himself from her warm mouth, and dropped to his knees. He stared in fascination at her large, rubbery nipples, which sat low on her pendulous breasts.

“What are those, Miss Penry?”

“Did you like what I did for you, Archie?”

“Oh, yes, ma’am. It felt wonderful.”

“If you put your mouth on those, I’ll feel the way you felt.”

“Okay,” the boy responded matter-of-factly. He leaned in and began to suckle her left nipple.

Miss Penry cooed and leaned back against the footboard, her arms wrapped around Archie, pulling him with her.

As if they were sweets, he hungrily suckled each nipple, alternating at will. Miss Penry was aflush, her crotch so wet she could smell it. She felt the boy’s warm, smooth flesh against her. It was some twisted combination of sexual and maternal affection, but she was unwilling to think of that now.

She rocked gently as the lad suckled her dark, almost purple nipples. She released Archie and brought her hands to her breasts. She lifted her saggy breasts, noticing Archie’s saliva glistening on her rubbery teats. She momentarily reflected on her childlessness. She had dedicated her life to the care of children, but never had any of her own. And here she found herself crossing the line between motherly care and sexual desire with a boy who’d just turned nine a few weeks before. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she considered what she was doing.

Archie remained oblivious to the governess’s emotional distress. He didn’t feel victimized. Rather he was fascinated with the woman’s body. He continued to touch, lick, play with and even nibble on Miss Penry’s breasts. Finally she stopped him.

“Archie, darling, would you like to lay down on me? You can rest your head on me and keep suckling, if you like.”

Miss Penry slid down on the bed, bringing little Archie with. His stiff little member pressed against her bulbous belly, and his small head rested peacefully on her bosom. She felt his leg leaning against her coarse pubic hair, and the sexual desire began to return. She squeezed her thighs around his leg, pushing it closer to her sex. She felt that her loins were on fire.

She was right on the cusp of asking little Archie to penetrate her when the door squeaked open. Miss Penry nearly screamed in terror. She turned and saw Lizzie enter the room, still nude. Without a sound Lizzie walked to the bed. She caressed Archie’s back, and then the girl leaned over and kissed Miss Penry tenderly on the lips. She stood up straight again. Lizzie ran her hands over Archie’s naked back. She caressed his soft, small buttocks. She leaned over and kissed his bum.

Lizzie sat on the bed at Miss Penry’s feet. She caressed the governess’s legs, drawing closer and closer to the woman’s exposed crotch. She could see the thick nest of hair between the woman’s legs. Lizzie boldly parted the governess’s legs and pushed her face into Penry’s hairy crotch.

Miss Penry almost screamed at finding Lizzie’s face between her legs. The young girl had no real idea what she was doing, but Lizzie was insistent on pleasing her governess. She pressed into her with tongue, lips and fingers. Penry was ecstatic. Archie continued to suckle Penry’s breasts.

The sensation of two small, innocent bodies against her timeworn skin sent the governess into a spiral of alternating joy and sadness. A dozen times she opened her mouth to stop them, her tears of regret stinging her eyes. And each time, the insistent tenderness of the children at her breasts and genitals sent surges of joy through her frame.

Lizzie was becoming proficient. She remembered some of what Miss Penry had done to her but hours before, and she grew in confidence as she labored to pleasure her new lover.

For his part, Archie had become bored with the rubbery teats. He sat up and watched Lizzie for a short while. Worried that he would become uncomfortable with the situation, the governess caressed his back and shoulders with her wrinkled hand. He looked at her, her eyes filled with adoration. She smiled, relieved that this absurd act had not damaged the boy emotionally.

With no inhibition, Archie popped up into a standing position. He stood with his feet astride Miss Penry’s face. He lowered himself into a squat. Miss Penry found Archie’s hairless penis and scrotum on her lips. She smiled at this ingenuity, and opened her mouth to accept them. The short, thin erection and empty sac slid effortlessly into her mouth. She suckled them gently, making a swallowing motion that made Archie laugh quietly. His position over her meant that they were in constant eye contact. She could tell what effect she was having on him instantly.

Miss Penry caressed Archie’s back, legs and buttocks as he sat on her face. She slid her thumb up through the crack of his bum, over his arsehole. He giggled. Miss Penry released his penis from her mouth and slid his weight forward. She quickly found his hole, and she tickled it with the tip of her tongue. He squirmed and giggled, and she could see him play with this little penis while she toyed with his clean crevice.

Finally Lizzie’s efforts bore fruit. Miss Penry stuffed little Archie’s erection back into her mouth and sucked hard as Lizzie brought the aging governess to climax. Miss Penry pressed Lizzie’s small head against her hairy crotch as she grunted her way through orgasm. Archie enjoyed the governess’ joie de vivre and started to hump her mouth again.

As the woman’s climax passed, Lizzie instinctively withdrew from between Miss Penry’s legs. About the same time, Archie became tired of his awkward posture, and stood up. Reluctantly, Miss Penry released her strong oral grip on his genitals. He sat down beside her, absentmindedly stroking her nipples with his small fingers. Lizzie, who had also sat up, rested her feet squarely on Miss Penry’s crotch as if to offer protection or warmth.

The three sat in quiet satisfaction. Miss Penry was filled with a toxic mix of guilt and delight. She desperately wanted to keep the secret and continue such acts in the future. She also understood that these acts were unnatural, wrong before God and harmful to the proper development of upright children. Finally she spoke.

“Children, what we did was very wrong. I am very sorry to have done it. It felt wonderful, and I appreciate your desire to please me. But we can never do this again. And do not start doing this with each other. This is for married men and women to do with each other. Let us not ever speak of this again. I love you both so much, and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

The children, clearly disappointed that their new game had already been outlawed, nodded mutely.

“If your father or the other servants find out, I will be sent away. You mustn’t tell anyone. No on must know. Do you understand?”

The children nodded again. Miss Penry rose and found her discarded robe. She covered herself and headed for the door.

“Miss Elizabeth, get back to your room and put your clothes back on,” Miss Penry added before leaving the room. She didn’t look back at the children before closing the door.

The governess slept poorly, if at all. Her mind burned with guilt and regret, while her body burned with desire and vigor.

The next day, the children acted as normally as ever. There was not a hint of regret, distrust or anger at the previous night’s events. After a few shared looks, Lizzie, Archie and Miss Penry were as they had always been, and no one was the wiser.

The day passed without incident, and Miss Penry finally breathed a sigh of relief at the day’s end, sure that normality would be restored in the household. This flare-up of sexuality had been quenched, and life would continue as before.

Miss Penry slept much better, though her dreams were still emotionally complex and centered on sexual activity. Pulling herself from an intoxicatingly erotic dream, Miss Penry awoke and breathed in the cool night air. She opened her eyes. In the pale blue of the moonlight, she saw the pale naked flesh of Lizzie and Archie standing beside her bed.

Her heart filled with panic. She had only begun to mouth her protest when Lizzie leaned in and put her mouth over hers, her small tongue stretching over the governess’ teeth and lips. She felt Archie’s small hands on her mound, and the electric charge surged through her body once more.

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