My Cousin Ezeta by J.E.B

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Fiction | Cheating, Hardcore, Incest, Non-consensual sex

Before I confess, I want to tell you a little bit about me. I’m a student in one of the University in Kenya doing a course that I think I better keep it off to myself. My course does not take much of my time so I always stay in my hostel watching movies. At the time it happened I was 19years old, a first year student in a University. I am not much in appearance; I am average with 5 feet with a medium build body.

This story happened on Thursday at the time I was in relationship with my ex-girlfriend Nelly. That day I was in my hostel watching Game of Throne since I didn’t have any lecture when my phone rang. I was so delighted to see who was calling so I received the call.

“Are you in school today?” Ezeta asked.

“Today I have no lecture;” I told her

Ezeta was my paternal cousin. She was 5’1 tall with a wavy hair to her back, long legs that were so beautiful and if I am not mistaken she had a 38DD breasts. She really had a beautiful face that could make any man to turn around. I guess I could say I have always unknowingly loved her since I was 15 years old.

“Can you come to my place today?” She asked

“Is Dan sick?” I asked her.

“Dan is okay. Is just that I need somebody to talk to”

Dan was her 4 years old son. She had given birth to Dan when she was still married but due to her husband abuses they had divorced 3 years ago. Now she was a single mother living in the Ghetto of Nairobi and working as a secretary in one of the companies in the same ghetto.

“What is it? We can just talk through the phone ama?” I told her.

“I will pick you from the Naivas supermarket at 6.00pm,” she finally said.

I arrived to the Naivas supermarket at exactly five minutes to 6.00pm and then I decided to call her on her phone. The call didn’t go through. I figured maybe her phone was out of power so I decided to wait. At 7.00 pm I decided to try and call her again, still it was mteja! I was so tired of waiting and for that reason I decided to leave.

As I turned to leave I saw her. She looked dressed to go out and was looking all pleased. I was about to complain a little when she smiled and light came to her eyes.

“Evans!” She called out. “My apologies for not coming on time to pick you, I had an issue with my supervisor at work that’s why I had to come late.”

“I understand, I am very pleased to see you again cousin,” I told her.

She went on explaining how the supervisor from her job tried to make her work late so he may have time to be with her alone. She decided to leave the moment he started talking about having a relationship with her.

“It has been three years since you divorced your husband. It is about time you have someone who will make you happy,” I told her.

“When I am with you, I feel so happy,” she joked.

“Too bad I am your cousin,” I joked back.

At 7.20pm we arrived to her house. Walking in, I visualized the layout of her room. It was small room which was very neat with everything in place in the compact space around her double bed. The utensils were neatly arranged to one of the corners of the house. Beside the utensils there were two stoves for cooking.

“Where is Dan?” I asked her.

“Today he is going to have a night over with Emily’s children, “she said. Emily was her older sister.

We had started talking about things when we had a knock at the door. Ezeta answered it and I could hear a male voice in a conversation with her.

Ezeta came back with a bottle of wine, she was looking very attractive and the way her breast were moving on their own suggested a very light duty bra or none at all.

“What is that bottle for?” I asked.

“It is a bottle of wine. Something I love to take before I go to sleep.”

“I must admit Ezeta I don’t know what you are really going through. I guess maybe I am a bit shocked seeing you with a bottle of wine. To be honest, I didn’t know you were depressed about things to a point you have started drinking. I mean, from the day you divorced your husband, I thought of you as happy no matter what.”

“Amuge wants to take Dan away from me,” she said.

“We know that isn’t going to happen, you are his mother….”

“Amuge is his father too. Now he is so rich he can do anything,” she interrupted.

“To the matters of marriage and having child custody I am no good. Go talk to my mom, she is good at it.”

She smiled, a little sadly and said,” I don’t feel if I can bare Amuge taking Dan. I have struggle with him without his help and now he wants to take him. Sometimes I feel like a loner. I missed a couple of years of my life trying to give my child a better life and now he wants him. I wish I could go back and fix this sometimes.”

“Fix what?” I asked her.

“Marrying Amuge,” she said.

She looked at me and I gave her a half a smile.” I am a woman trying to do what is good for me and my child. After the divorce I wanted to change the name of my child from Kwena to…” She trailed off. “Listen Evans, I didn’t mean to tell you this but you are the only person who makes me feel alive again.”

“I am sorry,” she said reaching over to her handkerchief. I reached and hold her hand to mine. She stilled and I stared to her eyes. Her eyes were sparkling with tears, I could see a sad look in those beautiful eyes and I wanted to do something. I did something I never thought of doing, I put my arms around her and pull her closer. She was hurt inside and doing that it felt like was the only way to cease her pain. We sat there quietly for a moment holding hands with my arm around her.

It was 8.00 pm when I told her I had to go. “Don’t leave me alone Evans, spent the night here with me please,” she pleaded.

The idea of spending the night with her it wasn’t good with me. By doing so we were likely to sleep on the same bed and that was the worst idea ever!

“We both have a lot of memories that pains a lot. The best way for me to dissolve them is by eating not drinking,” I joked. She laughed as her face lit up with surprise.

Upon finishing our meals, she was a little tipsy from the bottle of wine consumed when we were eating. I handed her my plate and she took it gladly placing to the corner where the other utensils are kept.

“It was truly wonderful to dine with you,” she said taking my hand. “I wish to have a guy like you Evans.”

“There are a lot of guys, even better than me. What you have to do is to let them in your in life.”

“I don’t think if I am able to let them!”

“Try to let them and Thank you for the wonderful meal Ezeta,” I said.

Ezeta started moving towards the door to close it. “There is a lot of insecurity in this place. Anything can happen when your door is not closed and you are welcomed love,” she said.

I frowned a little, it was obvious to her I have just caught up with the word ‘love’. I felt again her hand in mine as she turned away from the door as if there was something she wanted from me.” I am going to sleep,” she said.

“I will sleep later I have a movie in my laptop that I want to finish its final episode first before I come to sleep” I told her.

“Where am I going to sleep?”

“We are going to sleep together in my bed. It is big enough for two people,” she said.

I didn’t want to argue with her so I accepted. In my mind I knew it was the worst idea she had come with. What about if something happens accidentally? Maybe I was just being paranoid, I thought. I dismissed the idea of accidents and continued watching the movie.

Before she went to sleep, she walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the forehead to say goodnight. The moment she gave me a kiss, my bulge was almost visible. I was certain she hadn’t noticed it.

At 10.00pm I was still watching when I decided to peep where Ezeta was sleeping. She looked absolutely stunning, lying on her back on the bed. Even curved by the bed sheet the tempting form of her curve were evident. One leg uncovered and her breast rose and felt with her breath. The sheet only hardly enclosed them though and each breath seemed to threaten to pull the white sheet away from her round mounds.

Through huge effort I managed to avoid looking beneath the sheet and instead I continued with the movie.

I tried very hard not to think any sex thoughts, but for some reason I couldn’t. My bulge was now visible and was making hard for me to concentrate with my movie.

At 10.50pm I peeked again at Ezeta and what I saw made me hornier. I saw her brown arms in a sleeveless night gown. Her gown was really short, and when I looked her legs were now spread a part. I looked to her bed and I only saw one sheet and I immediately knew what it meant, we were to share a sheet.

Through that idea of sharing a sheet, my heart raced and I knew Ezeta wouldn’t be able to see my lusty open eyes as I looked upon her Aphroditic body. Still the idea I was going to share a bed and a sheet with her invitingly body made me realized I was really a pervert. According to our traditions, it was so wrong to think the way I was thinking about Ezeta. But my heart couldn’t stop pounding; it was pounding at a brisk space as I lusted for her.

I was finally on her bed. My heart could not stop beating as a beautiful smell engulfs my nose growing my feelings for her to high heights. I was lying very close to her, however, there sheet was between me and Ezeta’s body being nervous of waking her. However she didn’t wake up finally we were on the same bed under the same sheet covering our bodies in absolute privacy. The situation made me feel my huge cock would cum at any time.

As I regained my conscious, I found this, beautiful aphroditic Ezeta was deep in sleep very close to me facing upward. I moved very closer to her under the blanket till my body touched her’s. Ezeta’s scent intoxicated my mind as I drew very closer to her and that made me forget for a little while that she was my cousin.

I slowly moved my head in a sleepy manner and buried my nose and lips to her armpits. I felt her body jerking a bit as my nose touched her sensitive armpits but Ezeta still kept sleeping.

As I lay there with my nose buried under her armpits, I was so overwhelmed with the intoxicating and exciting smell coming from her body and I felt a need to lick the soft brown of Ezeta’s armpits. My lips felt unending need to suck her tender armpits. I sucked it and I felt an extraordinary intoxicating taste.

As I was sucking her armpits I felt a shove of electricity moving in my body and I trembled. Even her body shivered and the hand which I was sucking trembled every time with a touch of my lips but she still appeared to be a sleep.

When I felt her trembled, I started to ask myself if she was really a sleep or just pretending. Even if she was just pretending, there was no way I was going to stop. I was already too deep into it to stop, so I continued with my lustful acts.

I wanted more and I wanted to see her outstanding heavy breast. I slowly raised the sheet and uncovered Ezeta’s body, I laid the sheet on her belly and gazed the view of her long beautiful legs and heavy breast in her cleavage.

Ezeta’s breast heaved up and down with her rhythmic breathing. I felt guilty and the same time excited to see the view of her breast as my breathing reached its boiling point. I gently moved my palm over her gown keeping close look at her face for any sign of movement. My hand felt a new feeling as her breast seemed to be loose as I could feel her fatty nipple clearly.

I got it. Ezeta was not wearing a bra underneath her gown. I discarded the idea she would calculatedly not wear bra because there is no way she would want to have sex with me. However, I felt as if being in heaven as my heart raced with excited as I knew my destination is close so I continued working hard.

I pressed my hand on her breast covered with a gown to see if there was a movement from her. I really wanted to do things, nasty things to her. I was really scared from the thought I may wake her up and be displeased with my acts. And this would be an end to our close relationship but I decided to take the risk.

I pressed my hands on her breast more and more but she didn’t oppose as her breathing became a bit heavy. Though still scared, I decided to discard my fear and do all sort of things to her. I wanted her and I was going to take her. And if I wasn’t going to get her then I was going to force it.

I moved my hand to her cleavage and massaged her breasts moving my hand in a circular manner with an assumption there will be no resistance from her. Actually there was no resistance, so I continued with my lustful act.

I tugged my finger to her gown straps over her shoulder and pulled aside to free and loose it grip over her chest. It came out very easily and tenderly pulling it down over Ezeta’s soft hands. I moved it down until her elbow lost its grip entirely over her right breast. The gown covered it very loosely.

Suddenly Ezeta turned facing me, moving to me even more; as she did her right shoulder was on her upper side and left beneath her. Whhhaaaaaat! Maybe Ezeta could be corresponding to me, I thought. Due to her new position I could easily remove her gown straps as I had a great access to her strap.

Now I just had to make my final blow. I pulled her gown over her breast to set those breasts in front of my face. As I made a final pull, her beautiful breasts were uncovered in front of my lustful eyes. It was the most beautiful view I have ever seen not even from girls I had been with. To my surprise she didn’t oppose it at all to her cousin’s sinful acts as she was still a sleep.

As I jerked and pressed her right breast nipple, her nipples were fatter and longer and her breathing became very heavy with my mouth over her left breast. Sucking her nipples my tongue circled around her nipples and again she didn’t oppose what I was doing. With all the movements I have done to her, I believed she was awake but she wasn’t ready to open her eyes and show that she wanted to have me also.

Biting her nipples, I felt Ezeta’s body shivering more with joy and pleasure. She seemed to like it very much. I kissed and licked her skin in her deep valley between her huge breasts with my face buried into it and still there was no resistance from her thus I continued.

I started to pull her gown lower and lower until the view of her naval made me want to see more. To give a bit description, there was a deep naval in between her belly. According to my eyes it looked like I had reached to the most sacred place of all places. I brought my hand near it and I tried to push my middle figure in her naval as my other figures massaging the other sides of her part.

Ezeta seemed to like what I was doing. Her body quivered when I brought my lips to her sacred place of all places. I removed my figure and I popped in my tongue, her breathing became very heavy as she started letting out heavy sighs but still she didn’t react to my sinful acts.

I tried to remove her gown totally. When I saw no resistance from her, I got encouraged and pulled it down. Her gown came down easily from her thigh as it was below her waistline. I removed it and threw beside the bed without any guilt whatsoever.

I was at an unstoppable point. I didn’t care she was older than me by 4years, I didn’t care she was my cousin and it was much tabooed according to our community. I didn’t care! The body has already won against the spirits. All I wanted is really do her.

Ezeta laid there alone with just her pinky panty and with no resistance from her, I became more courageous. I absorbed her strong scent as I pulled her towards me. I moved my body up and down and my chest brushed over her breasts giving me a shiver of a lifetime.

I moved my hand over her back, her back felt smooth as I griped her flesh. As my hand moved over her my finger clasped under her pink panty and I started to pull it down. Again I was surprised that Ezeta didn’t woke up, just sleeping letting me do those sinful acts to her.

“Maybe she is deep sleeper,” I hummed to myself.

As I moved my hand over her but cheeks, wetness increased and I could see her breathing reaching at the peak. I become hornier than ever as I removed her pink panty down, down and down.

Finally I removed her panty with a final strong push and then used my feet to remove it completely from her naked body. Now her ass was uncovered completely. That sight of nakedness made me want to cum to my pants immediately so I decided to remove my pants. I was now completely naked on the bed beside Ezeta’s aphroditic body and my cock became even demanding as ever.

I raised myself to sit near her pussy. It was right there where I had seen some minutes ago. I kissed her and licked her pussy but still she didn’t wake up.

I licked for about five minutes and as was licking her pussy she sighed with pleasure when my tongue found the right spot. After I had licked it I decided to insert my finger to her sweet pussy. I rolled my fingers in her pussy’s crack. Ezeta’s body shivered and quivered as my hungry fingers touched her clit.

I continued to stroke finger her while rubbing her clit with my thumb and still she didn’t wake up. As I did it she moved a little but showed no sign of waking up therefore I decided to finger her and as kept rubbing as her pussy. The more I rubbed the more her pussy kept swallowing my finger. Atlas! It was whole inside her and she let out a moan with excitement in her tone.

I moved my finger in and out of Ezeta’s pussy and licked it as well. I loved it and I knew my sleeping beautiful cousin liked the act as she shivered more than ever as she sighed out pleasuring moans repeatedly.

The strong scent was now coming from her pussy and I knew and I she was highly aroused and needed my care. The shaved lips of her pussy were swollen and had become red with the blood gushing from them due to excitement.

My huge cock was now bulged as I brought my drenched hand near my nose and smelt Ezeta’s strong scent that showed she was ready to be fucked. I needed to ejaculate so I wanted to enter her before anything happens like her waking up.

The thought of her waking her made me sick to my stomach and if she did what will I do? I asked myself. So I decided to be more cautious with my lustful steps.

I lay behind her and tried to pull and tried to pull her to turn around and face me to fucker her as we face each other side by side. If I am not wrong, I think she quickly communicated to my wish of facing me in a sleepy way. She turned herself around without any resistance or waking up letting her massive breast to be in front of me as her breath became heavier and heavier.

Feeling her breath over my face, I jolted and sucked her tits again until I was satisfied. I moved closer to her as we faced each other and dried to bring my cock to her pussy. I tried to move back and forth but what my dick was able to do was only to taste the lips of her pussy as she lay beside me.

I tried again to put my cock in her sweet part but I couldn’t and when I tried to move in her slit laying beside her it was more difficult but manageable. Unexpectedly, Ezeta turned in her always sleepy manner and her back faced me. I was surprised for a moment-just for a moment and thought to myself maybe she doesn’t want this and she is truly a sleep and she doesn’t know I am doing this to her.

I was so deep in thoughts as I knew what I was doing was wrong and very tabooed but unexpected happened. Ezeta pushed her ass toward to my dick and I got the notion as my huge cock got engulf between her drenched thighs just beneath her wet pussy. It made sense as it was easy to be inside her.

At that moment I knew she wanted it and the idea of her sleeping was no more in my mind. “But why does she continue closing her eyes and pretend to be a sleep?” I asked myself. I discard that thought and I continue with my mission.

I pushed my lower body with a great force and my hard rock dick easily moved halfway Ezeta’s sacred place of all places. She wheezed and sighs as my huge cock moved a half way in. My body trembled with joy and exhilaration as I get engulf in her a wet pussy of aphroditic Ezeta. I felt I was in Aphrodite herself.

I laid there pausing for some seconds as my dick enjoyed this wonderful environment. Surprise to another surprise, Ezeta started to move her ass premeditatedly still in her sleepy mode back in and forth. It was like she was fucking me. Wave of pleasure started to move from my cock to other part of my body as my member massaged by her rhythmical movements.

As I regained my senses from the pleasure, I started moving back and forth to her movements. With each movement my dick went deeper and deeper burying itself to a new found home. Both of us moaned with each forward push. It went deeper until my huge unmeasured member finally got buried and disappeared to her wet caressing pussy.

The aroma released from her pussy filled the room making me to pump into her harder and harder into her. Ezeta moaned louder and gasped a lot of air as I continue to pump my dick deeper and deeper into her pussy. My cock touched the deeper sacred of her pussy making her moving very difficult as a virginal wall started too contracted. Due to the contraction of her virginal wall, I knew she is near to her climax.

As I pumped into her harder, her wall contracted more than before as it seemed the pleasure were moving to her entire body making her to tremble and shake harder.

“Aaaahhhhhhhh……….” She moaned loudly and moved her hand over my butt cheeks. I raised my pace as my entire body flew my love making organ as a result of strong love making between Ezeta and me.

Soon we were gasping together as a wave of powerful pleasure of orgasm flew from our organs as we simultaneously had a powerful mutual orgasm. Ezeta’s juice streamed out with a strong force around my dick buried deep into her as we all sighed out together.

After stooping I laid there with my cock in the same position with my dick still inside her as our pleasure reduced after a powerful orgasm. Soft massage at my dick was stupendous warm as her wet virginal wall sucked and milked my cock giving me a pleasure as a last droop of my seed filled her cunt.

I backed my dick out of Ezeta’s pussy and laid facing her upwards with my organs spread on her double bed. I was tired from what we have done. No! What I have done to her or whatever it was. I looked at her beautiful body and a face and I started thinking how I have made love to her few moments ago

As I was there thinking, she turned and face me and looked into my eyes. Now she wasn’t a sleep and kept staring into my eyes. Did I felt guilty when she stared at me, no? Maybe a little but I knew she wanted it because she didn’t stop me so I stared at her to.

“Evans umenifanyia nini hii?” She asked. I was so confused because if I translate the words in English it means ‘Evans, what have you done to me?’ At that moment I knew I had some explaining to do.

I will love to write part 2 of the story so I will highly appreciate your comments.

God be with you all

Rating: 88%, Read 21950 times, Posted Oct 23, 2017

Fiction | Cheating, Hardcore, Incest, Non-consensual sex


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