the perverted brother part 2 by islammher

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Female, Incest, Reluctance, Slavery, Teen Male

The perverted Brother part 2

As she slowly took off her bra i groaned a little in seeing them. At age 21 they were not sagging or unfirm but quite the opposite of that perky with small nipples that were hard from the cold.

"Do you like them Chris"? Anne asked

"They are the picture of perfection in any man's mind i am sure" I replied slowly.

Not wanting to seem to distracted i dealt again with a crap hand a of 7 and an Ace i was already naked so with nothing too lose my cock took control and made me go on to see what would happen. As lady luck declares i saw two sevens show up and an Ace. A full house i was so happy i almost gave it away. I thought that if i gloated i would be a winner.

"Hey Chris?"


"wanna spice it up?"

"sure why not"

"loser is the other's slave for a week no questions asked."

'Sounds good flip dem cars"

Guess lady luck shit on me cause she had a pair of aces a full house better than mine


"hahaha sucks for you boy"

Ok so who didn't see that one coming how about this kid. Having a job helped me have spare money all the time so i figured hell she just wants my money. WRONG.

"So i thin k my first order a massage for this stressed out body"

"Fine"i said trying to hide the glee in my voice at getting to touch her body.

So i started on one of my famous massages known back home on her back. She seemed to relax and fall asleep so being a responsible brother i finished the massage on her back and slowly moved down. My mind being gone replaced with sexual energy started massaging her firm ass hoping that she wouldn't wake up. She started to stir 5 minutes later while i was still on her ass and i quickly moved to the legs hoping i was quick enough.

"That's good your done for now."

'Thanks i was geting tired."

"next order make me some food good food."

I have always enjoyed cooking especially asian food so i prepared some dumplings with noodles for her which after three years of making i had perfected.

"MMMMMMMMM delicious what do you use?"

"i will never tell you"

"Well a lsave who doesn't listen maybe a beating will help you understand"

"No that is cruel"

"too bad you agreed to be my slave for two weeks.:

so she got out a whip that had a couple of ends to it i thought i had seen this before in a porn video. it turns out i did so she whipped me a couple of times on the ass when she had me assue the position. she then decided it was timefor business.

"Get undressed"


"you heard me do it now"


"I will whip you except much harder this time"

"Fine" Being reluctant i slowly stripped down but i had stalled to long and she sped it up accientaly brushing her hand over my exposed dick. it jumped to attention as though it thought it was gonna get some relief but none came and it wilted down again.

"now get down on your hands and knees and carry me to the bedroom"

not wanting to get whipped i did so fast as i could

"good now undress me and and draw a warm bath"

The warm bath could wait as i undressed my sister with clumsy fingers

First her shoes moving up and saving the best area for last i took her shirt then shorts off and getting another hard-on i slowly peeled off the magical bra that held her boob and smelling her sweet smelling skin moved down and pulled off that revealing thong i had thought about for so long now.

"Stop go and draw the bath now"

wanting to hurry and peel off her panties i quickly drew out a bath for her that was hot and looked so nice to bathe in.

"Good now come back in here and finish undressing me and hurry up its cold out here"

"Yes master" i replied not able to contain the excitment and lust in my voice as i went in and slowly took down those panties seeing her clean shaven pussy and ass that i had seen only once before hand.

When i had pulled them down she had me carry her to the bathroom and put her in the tu. Doing so gladly i wondered what else could happen.

"Now wash my back with the lufa and be gentle about it or else"

"Yes Master' I dutifully replied and washed her and when she was done i dried her of every inch taking time on her boobs and ass.

"Now put me in the bed"

"Yes master"

Easing her into the bed she looked content

"Now get in here and please me your tounge and do a good job or i will whip you until you bleed"

only eating a girl out once before this was making me doubt i could do a good job but not wanting to bleed i did my best and slowly licked her up and down her lit while she moaned ever so l continued while pushing my fingers into her and hitting an obstruction.

Apparently she was still a virgin and that made me feel better about my confidence resumed a slow but steady pace sometimes going in with my tounge others attacking her protruding clit that i had found she loved it when i slowly and gently nibbled at it. Ten minutes later she had had four orgasms and had fallen asleep while i continued never being told to stop so on her fith one she woke up and yelled


"Me being amused by this said slave go to sleep ill talk to you in the morning and you better be up to it or else punishments are going to be good for me bad for you"


"Go to sleep or i won't"

she finally calmed dwn and crashed from all the orgasms and i contemplated what to do in the morning with my slave sister.

Part three will be up soon i hope you like this series

Rating: 80%, Read 19508 times, Posted Jul 24, 2010

Fiction | Authoritarian, Female, Incest, Reluctance, Slavery, Teen Male


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