Daddy and Son by Flossie

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Fantasy | BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Submission

I thought to myself oh good he's still sleeping, so I can just sneak out of bed this morning.....That means I won't have to give him his morning blowjob... Maybe this Saturday won't be as bad as most of them have become.......I'll sit here in the window of our house and just watch the world wake up......This is earlier than I usually get up, but it will give me some time to prepare for the usual Saturday from Hell........

I couldn't help think of the man I loved before I married William. I was going to fix him and get married. I sure fixed him I married into Holy Hell. I wonder where he is and if he ever thinks of me? Probably not, but that's life. Right now, it's Saturday and I have to deal with this man I married. How could I ever marry someone in June when I had just met him in February? It was wonderful at first, but it always is. I had no intention of marrying him. I'd laugh when he'd say, "I'm going to marry her and turn her into a Georgia peach." The last laugh is on me and I feel more like a pit than a peach..

"Good Morning, sweetheart." the words startled me as William came into the kitchen...."Good Morning, William, did you sleep well," was my answer....

Sweetheart, yeah sure, I thought to myself. I won't feel like a sweetheart when he has me tied to the bed forcing himself on me......The day will start good-it always does. I'll tip-toe around him all day, but eventually he'll find something wrong that I said and that'll be his reason for the hell to start.

"William, would you like some breakfast?"

"No, I don't think so, I'm going to cut the grass and I think I'll have a beer, it's so hot out." was his reply.......All I could think was Oh no!!!! No breakfast and starting to drink all ready, man was I in for it today.........The horror of the whole thing was that I had no where to go. I had a little housework to do and I thought I might as well wake up Dean to help. He was fourteen and needed to learn some responsibilities. Dean was William's son and he sure was turning into a handsome young man.....There were times when I couldn't help but stare at him, especially when he came out of the shower.....Dean would just have a little towel wrapped around him and his young, beautiful body would be glistening. I couldn't believe how attracted I was to him and his gorgeous young body. I always hoped that his towel would fall off so I could check out his package. No such luck..

William would come in once in a while to get a beer, and Dean and I went out and worked in the garden.

"Wow!!" was all I could think when he took off his shirt so he would get a tan. I was only thirty and looked pretty good myself. I was a blonde haired, blue eyed, Italian. I was hot-tempered and loved the same way. I couldn't stop looking at my step-son even though I knew how wrong it was. He was well-devoloped for a fourteen year old kid. I could feel my pussy starting to get hot and wet. All I could think of was how I wanted to take my step-son right there in the garden and suck on his dick....."Oh my, I want you, Dean!"

About that time William came around the corner of the house-leave it to him to ruin my fantasy.

"Honey, should we ride into town and visit Mother?" he asked. I loved his mother, but hey, I got sick of going there every Saturday. I would like to make some friends-people to do things with.

"Sure, I'll go," I replied-like I really had a choice. If I said no the hell would just start earlier. Every Saturday we would ride into town and visit with Granny and Bill's sister Franny. They were good people, but every Saturday we went in and talked about the same things. Life was getting a little boring. I wanted a job, but he didn't want that. He wanted to own me body and soul.. He might have my body but Bill would never get my soul. Than on the way to the house we'd stop and visit his other sister, Norma and her husband, Billy. Now, I liked Billy when he was home. He was a good old boy, loved to tell stories, and I could tell he really liked me. I kept thinking someday, Baby, I'm gonna have you. That's another story.

"God, Flossie, you don't drive a car you aim it," he muttered in a half-drunken stupor. All I could think was, oh no, here we go. Hopefully, Dean would still be home when we got there, but as I came up the long driveway I could see that the dirt bike was gone and so was he. Damn!!!!

"Look at this mess," he screamed as he opened the patio doors and entered the house. All I could think of was why didn't we have some neighbors, perhaps, than things wouldn't get so bad. When I first moved out here I loved the house, the beautiful pond in the front and the peace and solitude. Now it is my prison and my husband is my warden. I started to pick up the dishes from the table that Dean had left while we were gone and suddenly I felt Bill grab my hair and force me to the ground.

"Flossie, you're nothing but a filthy fucking whore and I'm going to have to beat you because you left this mess. You know better than this. You're not good enough to kiss my feet."

"Please, Bill, I'm sorry let me clean it up. Please, I promise it won't happen again!!" I always tried begging even though I knew it wasn't going to work. I watched him as he took off his belt and put it around my neck...My body was shaking with fear and loathing for him as he forced me to crawl into the bedroom with his belt around my neck.. If he didn't like the way I crawled he'd give it a tug and I could feel my air being cut off. Oh, god, I prayed please save me from this monster. All of a sudden, he started kicking me and kicking me in anger. I pulled my body into the fetal position trying to protect myself from his boots.

"William, please stop, please, please," I begged and cried...However, nothing would stop him now...At that time I just wished I could die. At least, it would get me out of this matrimonial hell. My body was starting to ache from the kicking when he pulled me up by my hair and pushed me unto the bed.....All I could think of was how sick I was beginning to feel..

"Take off those fucking clothes and do it right now, bitch." I didn't dare argue so I undressed as fast as I could. Of course, it wasn't fast enough for him, so he just finished ripping them off of me...Now, the fun was going to start........Fun for him, sheer torture for me.

"Don't look at me and lean over the bed, NOW!!" he screamed. Not wanting to make things any worse I did what he said.....However, apparently it wasn't fast enough for the monster and he took his belt and started HITTING MY ASS over and over. My god, the pain was becoming unbearable.. I was BEGGING him to stop........

"Please, please, please stop hitting me, PLEASE!!!!!!!!" I PLEADED but to no avail....All of a sudden he stopped hitting me with his belt and mounted me and shoved his COCK into my ASS..

My god, the pain was so bad it felt like someone was pulling my asshole inside out......He just shoved it in and started fucking my ass riding it as hard as he could........Oh, god, the pain was awful, but in a sick way I could feel my pussy starting to get wet......I could hear myself starting to scream, "Ride me baby, Ride me!!!!!!!" "Make me CUM!!"

"You fucking whore-only a whore would enjoy being fucked in her ass," he screamed as he rolled me over on the bed. Making me lay spread eagle he tied my hands and legs to the bed. Again he mounted me and shoved his cock into my pussy and started fucking me....he was biting my nipples on my tits and I was begging him to stop........I could hear it in my mind but I was to afraid to scream it out.....He reached up and slapped me as hard as he could across my face.

"Now you fucking whore I'm going to stick my cock down your throat and choke you with it.

William, the torturer, moved up the bed by my head and shoved his cock down my throat-I was gagging and starting to choke when he pulled my hair and screamed, "Suck it you BITCH, now!!!!!!!"

Slowly I started sucking his throbbing cock and I knew that he wanted to cum in my mouth...I could taste the pre-cum starting to drip out of his cock and I knew it wouldn't be long before this Saturday's torture would be done.........I could feel his body starting to jerk as he shot his load into my mouth...."Swallow it you bitch, or I'll kill you!" I could taste the hot, bitter cum as it went into my mouth and slid down my throat....My god, it was disgusting-something that I used to love doing he had turned it into a nightmare......Thank god it was over and he left the room leaving me tied to the bed sobbing....

I didn't know how long I had layed there tied to the bed-I was sleeping off and on...Apparently, Bill had fallen asleep, thank goodness.........I must have been starting to fall asleep when I felt something sucking on my pussy.......Little soft moans were starting to come from my mouth....OHHHHHHH, MMMMMMM, MMMMMMM my god that feels wonderful.....Awgh!!!!!! I opened my eyes to see who was giving me such pleasure darting their tongue over my clit and making it hard, I could feel what felt like a finger entering my ass........Oh my god, I need to cum........My body is shuttering and I'm screaming, "PLEASE, PLEASE, don't stop."

"Don't worry mommy I wont stop, I'm going to make you cum and cum."

I looked down and there was Dean sucking on me and feeling my tits-my nipples were so hard-this was something I had just dreamed about...........He leaned over me and lowered his cock into my mouth while he darted his tongue in and out of my pussy.........I started to suck his balls taking each one into my mouth and than started sucking on his beautiful, young, rock hard cock.....Our bodies and mouths were working together like the insides of a clock.....Working to perfection and I knew I was starting to cum......I was screaming as he sucked my cum into his mouth and licked my pussy clean....Than his young, beautiful body began to tremble and than he started to cum, I thought he would never stop........Sweet tasting young cum........OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Cum for me Baby, please, give me all you've got....Cum for mommy!!!!!!!!!!! When we were both spent he came and layed beside me and sucked on my nipples like a tiny baby.......

"I love you Mommy!!!!!!!!" came out as we started to fall asleep........I didn't care if William woke up, but I knew he was out for the night.........First a nightmare and than a dream-what a night.......

Rating: 70%, Read 65978 times, Posted Jul 08, 2005

Fantasy | BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Cruelty, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Submission


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