No Mercy for Doris by Keith53

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True Story | Asian, Female, Group Sex, Male, Reluctance, Wife

Every so often my neighbour Jack asks a special friend to call round. This is a retired stage magician and hypnotist called Joe, and the reason Jack calls him is for Joe to practice his skills on Jack's lovely young wife, Doris, who is a very pretty girl, very small and slim, and very sexy. She is half oriental, not obviously so, but enough for it to show in a very sexy way. Normally she is quite shy and quiet, but she loves nice clothes and always looks very attractive. Her slim figure suits short skirts and high heels, and she almost always wears stockings and suspenders, which Jack loves. He keeps her well supplied with whatever she wants.

But there is a payback. Doris is completely unaware of what Joe is doing, and remembers nothing of anything that takes place while she is under his influence. And Jack really enjoys taking advantage of this, by allowing his circle of friends of both sexes to use his naive and innocent young wife without her remembering anything afterwards. My happy task is to tag along, observe, and write down an account of whatever takes place.

And so, I received a call one afternoon from Jack. He and Joe had something planned for that evening and he asked me if I could make it by 7. Naturally I agreed, and I was knocking on their door at 7 prompt.

Jack led me into their lounge. Doris was sitting upright on the couch, with Joe beside her. She was staring straight ahead as if in a trance, her mouth slightly open and her pretty face blank. Her gleaming black hair cascaded past her shoulders. She was wearing a pale yellow crop top and matching yellow skirt, with dark stockings and high heels. The top was so short it left a lot of bare skin down to her waist, and it was loose fitting, held away from her slim body by her pert little high set tits. It would be so easy to reach under it for those lovely little tits! Her nipples were only just making an impression on the material, but enough to make me sure she was not wearing a bra. Her skirt, as ever, was short. She was sitting primly with her knees together and the skirt modestly stretched across her thighs a few inches above the knee, with a little spread out on either side. Every inch of her petite five foot figure was absolutely stunning. She looked delicious and so innocent sitting there, completely unaware of what was being planned for her.

I learned that a couple of his friends, Gary and Paul, would arrive shortly. Jack told me that thanks to Joe, tonight Doris would be a very reluctant little girl, and would not welcome advances. Gary and Paul had been told to wait for his signal, then they could do anything they wanted, no holds barred. Tonight, for some reason, Jack wanted to see Doris getting some really wild treatment, really rough, her slender little body was to be taken and used without mercy. There was a gleam in his eyes when he added, "I hope she tries to resist them. I want her fucked real hard."

When the doorbell rang, Joe brought Doris out of her trance. Jack fetched in Gary and Paul and seeing Doris had an instant effect on them. They couldn't take their eyes off her, sitting there all demure and proper, not knowing that she would soon be getting fucked by these two big lads. Whenever they got the go-ahead from Jack, it was obvious that Doris would have no chance.

They sat beside her, one on each side, her tiny figure dwarfed by them. Gary put his hand on her knee and Doris pushed it away, looking slightly surprised that he should do such a thing. "Please don't do that," she said. Gary smiled and put his hand back on her knee. As Doris turned towards him, telling him to stop, Paul put his hand on her shoulder. "That's a nice little top," he said with a grin. "You wearing a bra under it?"

With a trace of anger in her voice, and rather sharply, Doris said, "Don't touch me. Leave me alone." Paul's hand slid down her arm and onto her bare tummy. "You're just a little tease, Doris, aren't you. A top like that and no bra! Fancy a bit of fondling, do you?"

Doris frowned and shook her head. "No," she said. "I don't know you. Now leave me alone." She tried to push his hand away, and Paul took hold of her wrist, pushed her arm behind her, and moved so close that her arm was trapped. Gary took the hint and did the same with her other arm. Doris was suddenly unable to move, trapped in the middle between the two much bigger men, with her hands caught behind her back.

Her face showed her dismay. She tried to free herself but it was useless. Paul slid his hand straight up under the little top, and immediately found bare tits. Doris gasped hopelessly as he pulled the top up to her neck. "Look at these little beauties!" he laughed. He began to lick one of her nipples and it started to stiffen. He put his arm across Doris's neck and pushed her against the back of the couch, not letting her move as his free hand found her other breast. The shock of having one nipple sucked and licked and the other rolled between Paul's fingers made Doris squirm and shake her head. "Stop it!" she cried out. "Let me go!"

Her legs were all she could move, and they flapped around as she tried to struggle. The skirt went with them, riding up to reveal her stocking tops. Doris hastily crossed her legs and once again whined, "Let me go, please let me go."

Gary put his hand on her thigh and grinned at her. This time, with her hands pinned behind her back, there was nothing Doris could do about it. She stared back at him with frightened eyes. "You're a slut," Gary remarked almost casually. "You need it bad." He moved his hand higher, his finger tips on bare thigh flesh. "Nice legs... nice body... and I bet your cunt is nice and tight too."

Doris's eyes went wide. "I'm not," she gasped. "I'm not like that. Don't talk to me like that! Leave me alone!" Strangely, both men let go of her. Doris pulled her skirt down and her top fell back into place. She was trembling, frightened, not sure what was going to happen next. She looked from Gary to Paul and back again. "Go away," she croaked in a whisper. She was trembling so much the top was shaking, held out by her tits. And her nipples were obviously erect, trying to poke through the thin material.

The two men stood up and began to strip. Although she was now free, Doris seemed frozen. She just sat and watched them, her mouth open, her eyes popping, seemingly amazed that this could be happening right in front of her. Within moments, both men were ready, naked, with two big, thick, stiff cocks for Doris to look at. Their target was terrified and in shock, fully clothed, but everything was so accessible. The men knew everything she was wearing, how easy it was to get at her pert little tits, how easy it would be for them to get her knickers off and spread her legs, and get at her tight little cunt.

Paul moved in on her first. Grabbing and turning her shoulders he pushing her down along the length of the couch, then quickly flipped her face down. Doris was taken totally by surprise, and uttered a little cry as she was manhandled. Gary pulled her ankles together and put his knee across them to keep them from moving. He ran his hands quite slowly up the entire length of her legs, up her thighs, past her stocking tops, pulling the skirt with them to uncover creamy bare thigh flesh. Panting with excitement, he pushed the skirt up above her waist, to reveal a tiny thong and taut suspender straps framing a nicely curved little bottom.

Ignoring the despairing squeals coming from Doris, he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her knickers. He pulled them down slowly, savouring the sight of her completely bare arse, her buttocks clenched as she kept on making futile attempts to struggle against the two men.

Once she had lost her knickers, Doris was defenceless. With Paul holding her down, Gary wrenched her legs apart and in a moment Doris had one foot on the floor and the other hanging on the back of the couch, with Gary kneeling between them and with both holes exposed. Gary eased himself into a position where his stiff cock was almost touching her unprotected pussy. He edged forward slowly, enjoying the feel of tight pussy lips round his cock.

Everyone clustered round eagerly to watch him penetrating Doris's cunt. He lunged forward and Doris let out a cry like a wail. Despite her tightness, he managed to drive his cock in deep, and then began thrusting in and out. Every thrust brought a series of high pitched gasps from Doris. Gary pulled her up by her hips onto her knees, a better position for him to ram the whole length of his cock into her cunt. He fucked her hard and fast, not caring how viciously he ripped into her, jerking her tiny body to and fro, slamming the whole shaft deep into her cunt on every brutal stroke. It was amazing to see the big man crouched over the helpless little girl, pounding his cock into her cunt from behind, making her cry out with every fierce thrust.

Gary was so excited at having this gorgeous tiny oriental girl at his mercy that he lasted barely a minute. Groaning and grunting, he gasped out "This cunt is so tight! What a fucking great ride! Oh yes!" He followed it with a series of shouts of "Yes!" each shout accompanied by ramming his cock back into her cunt as hard as he could, and making it obvious he was cumming off inside her.

Panting hard and repeating, "What a great fucking ride she is!" he pulled out with cum still dripping from his cock. Doris had no respite. Paul dragged her onto the floor and ripped off her top, screaming at her, "Get on your fucking hands and knees, bitch!" Still terrified and panting from being so brutally raped by Gary, Doris struggled to her knees and then slumped forward on her hands. Gary grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up. His voice was a croak. "You fucking little whore," he said. "Open your fucking mouth and suck my cock!" He slapped his half hard cock against her face and then gripped her chin. "Open!" he shouted. Looking very distressed, Doris opened her mouth and the cock was very quickly pushed between her lips. "Suck it!" he repeated. "Get it hard again!" He pulled her head forward until the whole cock was inside her mouth. "Use your fucking tongue!" he ordered, jamming her face against his body.

Behind her, Paul threw her skirt along her back to expose her bare arse again. Bent over on hands and knees, the suspender straps were drawn tightly over her buttocks and down her shapely thighs to the stocking tops. The dark stockings reached only to mid thigh, leaving a long expanse of bare skin round the curves of her arse cheeks to her waist. Once again both her holes were exposed and vulnerable. Paul dipped his finger into her cunt and worked it round and round for a few moments, then pressed it into the little puckered arse hole. Doris was gagging on the cock in her mouth, making incoherent sounds as Paul fingered her arse, first one finger, then another, forcing both into the tight little hole.

The desperate muffled cries from Doris seemed to make the men more excited. Gary had hold of her hair and looked like he was riding her face. Somehow her skirt had disappeared and she was naked. Paul was now pressing his cock against her arse, trying to squeeze it into her. Little by little, Doris was taking the cock up her arse. Her eyes were almost popping out of her head and she was almost choking on Gary's cock fucking her throat. Her slender little body looked absurdly tiny beside the two men, her little rounded arse so small as Paul forced his cock in. He began to fuck her, and Gary pulled his cock from her mouth. It was now fully erect and rigid and glistening with cum and cunt juice and saliva. Doris hung her head, coughing and spluttering and gasping for breath, then seemed to realise she had a cock up her arse and cried out and tried to get up. Paul quickly grabbed her arms and pulled her upright, his cock still buried in her arse.

"You want her cunt again, pal," he said, laughing. He let himself fall back, pulling Doris with him until she was on top of him, her legs spread out on either side. With Paul twisting her arms behind her back, she was completely overpowered and totally helpless. With a wicked grin, Gary lowered himself between her legs. Doris stared at him in horror. She knew what was intended. She had sucked Gary's cock to make him hard again, and now he was going to use it. "You can't!" she gasped out. "Please! No! Please don't!"

"Shut up, bitch," Paul snarled. "Go on, Gary, fuck the little whore. She's a slut, she wants it, she's horny as hell. Look at those tits, look at the nipples. She's loving this! The little cunt can't get enough cock. See if she can take both of us! See how tight her little asian cunt is now! Fuck the bitch!"

Gary leaned forward and clamped his hands round Doris's tits. Her nipples were rock hard as he twisted them between his fingers. Doris screamed. Gary let go of them and lined his cock up between Doris's outstretched legs. It slid between her pussy lips and Gary paused, working the knob into her cunt. "Fuck me," he grunted. "It's still tight. Never had a cunt as tight as this. Oh yes! Oh yes!" His cock was forcing its way in. Doris screamed again and again, her pretty oriental face contorted with pain and fear. Both cocks were managing to penetrate her, deeper and deeper, forcing her to take the whole length of both of them. For a brief few moments her small slender body was sandwiched between the two much bigger men as her holes took the final inches of each cock. And then both men started to fuck her.

Doris screamed and wailed and twisted her body helplessly as both cocks slammed into her holes. The two men raped Doris without mercy. Her tiny body was thrown about by the brutal fucking of both her holes. The friction from one cock raping her might not have brought Doris off, but getting screwed by two of them at the same time in her cunt and arse was too much for her. She started to cum, helplessly, hopelessly, her hips jerking of their own accord, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth hanging open, crying out continuously as she orgasmed.

The sight and sound of Doris cumming off as she was being raped brought the men to their climax, and with much shouting and grunting they both spunked into her and over her. When they were finally finished with her, she was tossed aside like a doll and left sprawled naked on the floor, with cum oozing from her holes.

The two guests departed, and Jack and Joe helped her to her feet. She was naked, but amazingly, still wearing her heels. Jack's hands were all over her, gently fondling her tits and dipping between her legs. Joe was wearing a big grin as they half carried and half dragged her towards the bedroom.

Jack looked over towards me. "The night is still young," he smiled. "Doris won't know how many times she's been fucked. You know what she's like, you've watched her often enough."

They were supporting Doris with her arms round their shoulders, and they all turned to face me. I could see Doris was still in an aroused state, her nipples were still erect, standing out like thimbles. She had a slightly excited look on her face, no doubt helped by the fact that Joe's fingers were moving between her legs. The old man had his cock out, standing erect, and it was obvious that Doris was going to get more fucking before the night was out.

"Come on," Jack said. "My sexy little wife is hot and horny for cock now. Let's see how many more times we can make her cum. Just like I told the lads, no holds barred, anything goes."

Doris was in no state to argue. Her eyes were glazed. She had been turned on enough to have an orgasm when she was being raped, and now she was reacting to Joe's fingering by moving her hips slightly to and fro. She was moaning softly as the men led her into the bedroom. I followed them in, not taking my eyes away from her beautiful slender stocking clad legs and that beautiful pert little bottom. Doris was naked and horny, helpless and available. How could I refuse?

Rating: 83%, Read 10160 times, Posted Feb 19, 2019

True Story | Asian, Female, Group Sex, Male, Reluctance, Wife


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