My New Friend by pdocker5000

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Fiction | First Time, Humiliation, Incest, Mature, Mind Control

My New Friend




A young lad moves to the other end of the country with is family.

He meets a very shy lad of his own age at college and the two become the best of friends. His new friend then lets him in on a little secret!

Chapter 1 (READ)

First day at my new school.

New Friend and New Enemies!

James Spencer now got off the bus opposite his new college.

He just stopped and watched all the people going in and out of the college.

James was not good in crowds and he did not like change.

He had only just got used to his old college.

When his dad told him, they were moving to Cornwall.

His father worked for a large chemical company and he had just been promoted and put in charge of a large chemical plant just on the coast not far from Penzance.

James now red the name of the college out loud to himself.

“Truro & Penwith College.”

Just as he was reading the name of the College out loud. A group of girls passed him.

They heard him talking to himself and they just gave him an odd look, then they burst out laughing and just passed by him.

This did not do much for James’s already low confidence.

He finally got up enough nerve to cross the road and enter the college.

James was now roaming the corridors trying to find his classroom where he had his first lecture.

James was not too bright when it came to academic study.

However, he was very good with his hands.

So on his father’s suggestion.

He had taken a mechanic’s course and he was hoping to get an apprenticeship at one of the large car dealerships as an apprentice Mechanic.

He finally saw a sign saying motor mechanical studies classroom 7F.

And an arrow pointing down to the left.

James now went down the corridor and turned to the left.

He was now confronted by half a dozen lads and lasses all grouped around a small skinny lad wearing glasses.

He was on the floor trying to pick up his books.

But every time he picked them up a large athletic looking lad kept knocking them out of his hands and everybody was laughing at him.

James had one pet hate.

He hated bullies.

He had been bullied at primary school until he had started to train and do weights.

James now stood and watched as the lad once more tried to pick up his books.

The skinny lad now had his back to the big lad and he was now bent over once more trying to pick his books up.

The big lad now put his foot on the skinny lad’s ass and he now pushed him over.

This time the lad fell and smacked his head against the wall.

One of the girls now said okay Carl.

“You’ve had your fun now leave him alone.”

Carl just looked at the girl and said to her.

Come on Jessica it’s only a bit of fun.”

Everyone else started to laugh once more.

James could see that Carl was just about to kick him up the ass once more.

As he once again tried to get his books and glasses.

James just walked down the corridor pushed his way through them not saying a word to anyone.

He now helped the lad to stand up.

He then bent down, picked up his books and glasses, and gave them back to him.

James was now asking the skinny lad.

“If he was okay?”

He had his back to Carl and the group now.

Carl now walked up behind James and slapped him hard across the back of his head.

Carl then said to James.

“Who the fuck do you think you are spoiling my fun.

You need to learn a lesson.

I am number one around here and you’re going to learn it the hard way.”

James now put an arm around the skinny lad and started to help him down the corridor.

Carl could not believe he was being disrespected this way in front of his girlfriend and his friends.

He now bellowed at James and went for him.

James saw him coming at him.

He saw his reflection in the glass of one of the classrooms as they walked down the corridor.

James quickly span around and hit Carl full force in the face.

Knocking him down in one go.

Carl now lay on the floor motionless.

James just looked at the semi-conscious Carl and his friends.

He then said to the group.

“If anybody else touches this lad from now on they will get the same.”

He then helped the Lad down the corridor and into one of the bathrooms.

Where he helped him clean himself up.

Once the skinny lad was cleaned up he introduced himself to James his name was Michael Cartwright.

Once James had introduced himself in turn.

Michael told him.

“That he had made a very big mistake pissing Carl off.

Carl was the college bully and he had a few friends and they were very mean.

He told him to watch his back from now on.”

James just smiled at Michael and shrugged his shoulders.

James was not scared of Carl or his friends.

Infact James now decided that he was going to make Carl’s and his friend’s life a living hell.

He was going to teach him a lesson that he would never forget.

The bully was now about to become the bullied.

Michael’s warning came true on the way home.

James missed his bus so he had to walk so he took a short cut through a local park.

However, Carl and two of his friends had been following him.

As James went through some thick trees on a small path.

Carl and his friends jumped him.

James was knocked to the ground and they just rained down fists and kicks upon him and then they quickly ran off laughing.

As they went, James got himself up out of the mud.

He was hurt and he was covered in mud.

They had burst his nose and lip.

He smiled to himself as he wiped the blood away from his mouth.

The gloves were definitely off now.

He then heard a voice behind him and he quickly span around ready to defend himself.

It was his new friend Michael.

Michael had seen Carl and his friends following James, so he had done his best to try and catch James up before they jumped him.

But he was asthmatic and he could not do a lot of physical activity without getting short of breath.

He now apologise to James for being late.

James just laughed and told him.

“It was ok, the game was now on.”

Chapter 02

James and Michael get close.

Carl and his friends get schooled!

Over the next couple of weeks Michael and James started to spend a lot of time together. They would go for a coffee or a beer after college.

But Michael never invited James to his house.

James had invited Michael to come to his house for dinner a couple of times.

But Michael always made an excuse not to come.

One day James asked Michael.

“Why he had never invited him to his house.”

Michael just smiled at James and said to him.

“That he would understand why he had not invited him. When he did invite him.”

James did not really understand this.

But he was just glad to have a friend.

James sometimes could not understand Michael.

Michael was very smart and he was studying philosophy and he wanted to be a psychiatrist. They made a good pair as James was practical and Michael was very clever.

James and Carl continued to have their little punch ups with each other over the next few weeks.

Michael and James got a good one on Carl and his friends when they came down a corridor one day.

They were both hidden on either side of the corridor in classrooms.

And as Carl and his friends pass them, they quickly came out of their classrooms and sprayed all three of them with two co2 fire extinguishers.

Michael and James, who were both wearing masks, then ran off before a teacher found them.

Laughing to each other.

It soon got around the school that Carl and his friends were now starting to come off worst. Everytime they had their little run-ins.

Now more of the kids that Carl had bullied.

Wanted to be friends with the two now college heroes.

Finally, the college head master became aware of the situation and all parties were summoned to his office one day.

He now laid down the law to them all.

He told them.

“That this had to stop.

And stop now.

If they wanted to sort out their differences like men.

He would arrange for them to visit a local boxing club.

And they could go a couple of rounds in the ring.

To see who would come off better.”

Both James and Carl readily agreed to this idea.

The headmaster then warned them both.

“That if there was any more trouble at the college, before he could arrange this.

He would expel all of them.”

He then told them all.

“To now get out of his office and he would be in touch when he had made the arrangements.

James was now getting a lot of attention at the college especially from the girls.

James was very unsure of himself around girls.

He had only protected Michael, because he did not like bullies.

Not to impress any girls.

And now he felt rather shy and scared to be perfectly honest of all the attention and all the invitations that the girls were now offering him.

Michael found this very funny that a big guy like James was scared of going on a date with one of the hot girls who kept asking him out.

One day Michael and James were both having a coffee in the college cafeteria.

It was quiet and they were both sat at a far table with nobody within earshot of them.

Michael now asked James.

“Why he was so reluctant to go on a date with any of the girls who had been asking him?”

James quickly looked around to make sure nobody was passing and that nobody could over hear them.

He then said to Michael very quietly.

“That he was still a virgin.”

Michael nearly choked on his coffee and he had to quickly put it down.

He was trying hard not to laugh.

He just looked at James and James clenched his fists and just stared at him.

Michael told him.

“To calm down.”

James now said to him.

“He should know what it’s like because, he was a virgin himself.”

Michael just smiled at James.

James now looked at Michael and said to him.

“What you’re telling me you’re not a virgin.”

Michael just smiled at James once more.

James just looked at Michael now with admiration and shock in his eyes.

He also felt embarrassed that he was a virgin while this little weed of a guy had already lost his cherry.

He couldn’t understand why this was happening to him.

Michael could see his friend’s pain in his eyes and he just told him.

“That he could help him with his little problem.”

James now quickly looked around once more.

He then moved closer to his friend.

He then whispered to him.

“How could he help him?

Did he know any?”

He then blurted out the word.


Michael just smiled at his friend and he started to write something down on a piece of paper. He then handed him the paper and told him.

“This was his address and for him to be at his house at 8pm tonight.”

Chapter 03

James now learns Michael’s secret.

And he enjoys learning it.

Michael now gets up and leaves the table as he had a lecture starting soon.

James’ just finished his coffee and looks at the piece of paper that Michael had handed him. The rest of the day James could not really concentrate at school.

He then told one of his lecturers.

“That he was not feeling very well and he went home early that afternoon.”

He was at home now and just laid on his bed.

It was 6PM and he was getting very nervous.

He should really get ready, if he was going to Michael’s house as Michael lived at the other end of the town and he would take him a good 40 minutes to walk there.

Finally, James made himself get a shower and get dressed.

He set off just after 7:15pm to walk to Michael’s house.

James was now finally stood outside of Michael’s house.

Michael lived in a detached house right at the bottom of a very long street.

James now knocked on the front door.

After a few seconds, the door was opened by a woman in her mid-forties.

James figured this must be Michael’s mother.

She wore glasses and had her hair up in a bun.

There was nothing un-usual about her.

She was just an average looking woman.

However, James did notice.

That she had rather large Breasts, but her dress didn’t show anything.

James suddenly realized that she reminded him of a librarian.

Especially with the strict down the nose look.

That she was now giving him.

James now smiled at the woman.

Her expression never changed.

She then said to him in a rather stern voice.

“May I help you young man?”

James now told her.

“That he had been invited by Michael.

And was he at the right house.”

The woman looked at him for a second or two then she asked him.

“To come in.”

She now closed and locked the door behind him.

James’ wondered why she had locked the door.

However, he followed her into the living room where James’ found Michael sat on the sofa reading a book.

There were two other women in the living room as well.

James now noticed that one of the women who was sat on the sofa at the far end to Michael.

Now picked up a remote control and froze whatever they were watching on the large flat-screen TV.

The woman who had shown James into the house now said to Michael.

“You didn’t tell me you had invited a guest over?”

Michael put his book down and just smiled at her.

He then said to her.

“That he had forgotten and he now apologised to her.”

Michael now introduced everyone to James.

James was in-fact right the woman who had shown him into the living room was Michael’s Mother Lucy.

Also in the room were Michael’s Grandmother and his Aunt.

It was his Grandmother who had frozen the TV.

Mary who was Michael’s Grandmother now moved up closer to her grandson and patted the seat next to her and she now invited James to sit down.

This was now the only available seat.

Because his mother had now sat down in the other empty chair.

James now reluctantly sat down next to Mary.

Mary now picked up the TV remote and she was just about to push play on the remote control.

When she looked at her grandson and asked him.

“Was it okay to continue watching her programs?”

Michael smiled at his grandmother.

He then looked at his mother and asked her.

“Was the front door locked?”

His mother smiled at him and told him.

“That the door was locked and the chain was on.”

James just sat looking at everybody and his friend getting very confused.

Michael just smiled at his friend and told his grandmother to push play.

James’s face was now glued to the large TV screen.

In a close up shot there was a woman’s pussy going up and down on a big cock.

The woman’s pussy had grey hairs on it and she must have been an older woman James now thought to himself.

Just then, the cock must have cum as the pussy now lifted up off the cock.

The cock now slipped out of the pussy.

The TV screen now just showed this mature pussy with cum now leaking out of it.

James was just about to ask what was going on and what were they watching.

When Lucy said to Mary.

“You certainly took a full load of Michaels cum into your pussy mother.”

Mary turned to look at her daughter and she also smiled lovingly at her Grandson.

She then laughed and said back to her daughter.

“I know and you are getting a lot better with the camera sweetheart.”

Carol Michael’s Aunt now added.

“That she was still rather annoyed. That they had not waited for her to arrive before they started having their little sex-party.”

Michael smiled and apologised to his Aunt.

He then said to her.

“That she was going to be rewarded with one of her favourite positions.”

Carol now smiled and looked from Michael to James and just grinned.

She then said.

“Oh Goody, Goody. I’m going to get two at once.”

The other women just laughed aloud now.

James just looked at Michael and then said to him.

“What the fuck is going on in this fucking house.”

Everyone now looked at him and they all burst out laughing now.

James was still looking around everyone with total confusion on his innocent looking face.

Michael now said to his Mother and Aunt.

“Why don’t you both show him?

What I have taught you both.

It might get him in the proper mood.

Michael’s mother and Aunt now grinned at Michael.

They both now got up and stood directly in front of James.

Both of them were now giving him really big saucy looking smiles.

Lucy now took off her glasses and let her hair down.

She then started to undo the buttons of her rather dull dress.

Carrol went behind her and she now helped her remove the dress.

James was now sweating and getting very excited and also very nervous as he now looked upon Michael’s mother.

Lucy was wearing a sexy black Basque with red ribbons lacing up the front of it.

The Basque was only just holding her large breasts inside of it.

She was also wearing a small pair of black silk panties and attached to the Basque were black fishnet stockings.

James also noticed that she was wearing 6-inch high heel shoes as well.

She looked extremely hot in her sexy lingerie.

Lucy now helped Carol remove her blouse and skirt.

Now James nearly came in his pants.

Carol was wearing a cup-less bra that exposed her big areolas and large nipples.

She was also wearing crutch-less panties which showed off her perfectly shaven pussy.

James could see her large outer pussy lips very clearly.

She was also wearing black hold-up stockings.

She too had on high heels.

But hers were not as high as her sisters were.

Before James could say anything, they both took one of his hands and pulled him up onto his feet.

Lucy now dropped to her knees directly in front of him.

Lucy now started to undo his belt and his jeans.

Soon she had his jeans and boxes down around his ankles.

Carol was behind him now and she was now lifting his top off over his head.

Carol now tossed his top onto the floor.

She now cupped her medium sized breasts and started to run them up and down his back. James couldn’t help moaning out a little bit as she pressed her body closer to his.

James now nervously glanced back at his friend.

Michael had his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face now.

His grandmother was on her knees on the floor in front of him.

And her head was now bobbing up and down as she started to suck off her own grandson. Carol also turned to look at her mother and nephew.

She then whispered into James’s ear.

“Mom loves sucking Michaels cock, she says his cum tastes wonderful.

I have a feeling that you’re cum is also going to be truly heavenly.”

James now shivered a little bit with apprehension and excitement.

Lucy now had her ruby red lips only an inch or so from his now fully hard cock which was now stood to attention.

She looked up at the frightened boy and smiled to herself.

She knew that this must be his first time.

This really pleased her.

She now softly blue on his cock-head.

This was too much for James and he exploded covering her face in his cum.

She just looked up at him incomplete shock.

Her face was covered with his cum.

James was just about to apologise to her.

When she just smiled up at him.

Her tongue now darted out of her mouth and she started to lick up his cum that was now falling from her nose and into her mouth.

Lucy now with her face and hair still covered in spunk.

Now took James’s cock-head into her mouth.

Lucy now gently started to lick and kiss it.

She sucked and kissed all around his cock-head.

She now teased him by pushing her tongue into his piss-hole.

James thought he was going to die from pleasure the sensation running through his body was unbelievable.

Now it was carols turn to get in on the act.

She also got down on her knees.

But she was directly behind him.

James felt a sharp pain in his ass-cheeks as Carol dug her long red nails into his bare flesh causing him to blead from where her nails cut his skin.

James’s mind was now in overload from all the new sensations that were now flooding through it.

Lucy was now sucking on his cock and fondling his big balls.

Carol had now pulled his ass-cheeks apart and her tongue was now licking up and down his ass-crack.

She was also pushing her tongue into his ass-hole.

James was confused by her actions.

He was also confused that she was giving him pleasure by pushing her tongue into his ass-hole.

Lucy’s and carols combined sucking and licking soon had him shooting off once more.

This time Lucy took all his cum right down her throat.

And she swallowed every last drop of his cum.

Carol then went to her sister and both girls still on their knees wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other passionately.

Lucy could taste James’s shit on her sister’s tongue.

And Carol could taste James’s sweet cum on Lucy’s red lips.

They continued to kiss for several minutes while James got his breath back.

When James turned to look at his friend.

He and his grandmother were gone.

Both girls laughed and told him.

“That they were in his room fucking madly.

Michael had a thing for his grandmother’s sweet pussy and they would be fucking each other for hours now.”

Carrol and Lucy now led James to their room that they shared together.

And they taught him everything he needed to know.

They taught him how to lick and suck pussy.

And he could bring them off to orgasm every time now.

They also showed him how to be a considerate lover and how to fuck a woman properly. They even taught him how to give the best anal sex.

It was several hours later when a very tired but happy James left his friend’s house.

And in all that time.

Michael never once emerged from his room.

James could hear them fucking like rabbits from inside.

But they never once showed themselves.

Over the next few days and weeks James’s confidence grew and grew and he found that he was the one who started to chat up the girls.

Not the other way around.

Michael also told him.

“That he could pop to his house anytime he wanted.

But he could not fuck his grandmother.

He could do his mother and aunt.

But only he could do his grandmother.

James was more than happy with this arrangement.

Chapter 04

The big Fight.

It was a couple of days to the big fight that everybody at college was now talking about.

The headmaster had persuaded the local boxing club-owner.

To let them use his ring.

The boxing club was situated just next to the college.

James and Michael were now laid on Michaels’s mother’s king-size bed.

Both were naked and both were covered in sweat.

Both of them had huge grins on their faces as Carol was sucking off James and Lucy was sucking off her own son.

Then they would swap around.

Each continued to trade partners until all four were completely satisfied and truly exhausted.

James really loved fucking Michael’s mother Lucy.

He loved fucking her doggy style.

He loved holding her huge boobs as he slammed into her from the rear.

After Michael and James had finished with the girls for the night.

They decided to go for a beer, as it was still not that late.

Over a pint or two.

James asked his friend.

“How he had first started to do his Aunt, mother and of course his hot grandmother?”

Michael just grinned at his friend and told him.

“It was all down to psychiatry and a little hypnosis.”

James just looked at his friend not really understanding him.”

Michael now explained that the house that they live in now.

Belongs to his Grandmother.

His aunt Carol had never been married.

She was rather strait laced and really never dated very often.

His grandmother on the other hand was in her younger days a bit of a girl.

He then explained that when his father died suddenly they found the house they lived in was mortgaged up to the hilt.

So they moved in with his grandmother and his Aunt.

His Aunt got his mother a job at the library where she worked.

James had guessed right when he first met Lucy.

He thought she looked like a librarian.

And he found it hard to believe that her and Carol were strait laced and never dated.

They were two of the hottest women he had ever met.

James then said to Michael.

“But that still doesn’t explain how you got to fuck them.”

Michael looked at his friend a little annoyed.

He then said to James.

“If you go and get two more beers.

I will tell you how it all started.”

A few minutes later James returned with two more beers.

Michael now continued with his story.

He told James a little embarrassed.

“That he was in his room one afternoon thinking everybody was out.

His mother and aunt were at work and his grandmother was supposed to be visiting a friend.”

Michael stopped to take a couple of drinks from his beer.

He was getting a little embarrassed about telling the rest of the story.

But he could see James was getting excited and a little impatient to hear the rest of the tale.

Michael then said to James.

“Well I was in my room I had forgotten to lock the door and I was jacking off to a hardcore porn magazine.

Which I had bought from a sex-shop on the way home.

I didn’t have a DVD player in my room.

So I had a large collection of magazines.

Well I must have been making a lot of noise remember I thought the house was empty. Suddenly my door opened and my grandmother came into my room.

She came right over to me and sat on my bed.

I quickly tried to hide my cock with the magazine.

This just made her smile at me.

Me and my grandmother had always had a close relationship ever since I was a baby.

You see I am her only grandson.

She doesn’t have any other grandchildren.

So I got all of her attention especially when my grandfather died.

He was 10 years older than her when he died.”

Michael could see that James was about to interrupt him once more so he continued with his story.

“Well my grandmother picked up the magazine and started to flick through it.

I covered myself with my hands.

She slapped my hands away and told me.

“There was nothing to be embarrassed about especially having a cock the size of mine.”

She then took it in her hands and started to play with it.

She slowly started to jack me off.

I couldn’t help it and I started to moan as she jacked me off.

I knew this was wrong but her hand felt too good.

She then took me into her mouth and she sucked me off until I exploded in her mouth.

She then stripped of all her clothes and we fucked until my mother and aunt came home from work.

My grandmother then confessed that she had gone to see her lover.

But he was not in the mood for sex.

So she had returned home.

She was very frustrated with him.

She then told me.

“That if I was agreeable, she would stop seeing him.

And she would slip into my room every-night when my mother and aunt who shared a bedroom together were asleep.”

I was more than happy with this arrangement.

James now said to him.

“I can see that’s how you and your grandmother started.

But how did you get your mother and aunt involved.

That must have been extremely hard to accomplish.”

Michael smiled to himself as he remembered how he did it.

He now told James.”

“That with his grandmother’s help they planned it together.

She was all in favour for having a happy family.

As it was getting extremely hard sneaking around.

So they both decided to involve everyone.

They would drug their cocoa every-night.

And when they went to sleep.

Michael would play a specially made audio cassette that told erotic tales of incest and encourage women to be more sexual active in their lives.

They continued to do this every-night for about two weeks.”

Michael now finished his beer.

James asked him.

“If he wanted another one.”

Michael just shook his head then he continued on with his story.

“Me and my grandmother knew what time they would be home from work.

So we planned it that they would find me in the living room fucking my grandmother which they did.

To my amazement they were both to shocked to say anything and they both just sat on the sofa and watched as we fucked in various different positions.

Then I walked up to my mother cum dripping from my cock and I rub my cock all over her cheeks.

I then started to rub my cock-head over her lips until she opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside of it.

I believe that was the first time she had ever had a cock in her mouth.

My grandmother pulled my aunt down onto the floor.

She then sat on her own daughter’s face, until she started to lick her and Michaels cum out of her wet cunt.

I had also played some audio tapes on lesbian sex as well as incest to them when they were asleep.

So that's how it all started.

And that was just over three months ago."

James and Michael now got into a routine.

James would stop off on his way home from college every night and he would fuck both Michael’s mother and aunt.

While Michael did is grandmother.

It was now the day of the big fight.

It was scheduled for 7pm after college had finished that day.

Michael’s grandmother, mother and aunt where very eager to attend.

Nearly all the kids from the college now filled the seats in the small hall.

James and Michael were in one of the small dressing rooms.

Michael was going to act as James’s corner man and second.

Carl had his two friends acting the same for him.

The headmaster was acting as referee with the owner of the boxing school looking on.

He would be the timekeeper.

The fight was scheduled for three rounds each of three minutes.

And the owner of the boxing club would decide who won each round.

Just in case there was not an overall winner.

The owner of the club would decide who the winner was.

Carl now sat on his stool in his dressing room.

He was already his friends had now put on his gloves and were now lacing them up.

One of them now handed him two pills, which he swallowed.

He then drank the water while his friend held the glass.

His friend had given him two speed tablets.

Carl was hoping that this would make his reactions faster.

The headmaster now announced both lads and they came out of their dressing rooms.

Each dressing room was at a different end of the hall.

They were both followed by their seconds.

Carl raised his arms in triumph and expected the crowd to cheer for him.

He was quite annoyed when not even his girlfriend cheered him on.

This made him more determined to really hurt James in the ring.

Carl was now in the ring and he was now warming up by throwing some practice punches. James and Michael now got into the ring.

The crowd now cheered them.

Even Jessica Carl’s girlfriend now cheered James and she blue Michael a little kiss.

She had a soft spot for Michael.

The referee now told them the rules and they touched gloves.

The referee moved out of the way and the fight was now on.

Carl now took James completely by surprise.

He came at him like a madman throwing punches after punches.

James found it was all he could do to defend himself.

Carl quickly scored a direct hit and James went down the fight had only been on 25 seconds. The crowd was deathly quiet but a few people did cheer Carl on mainly some of the older lads who had decided it would be best to cheer on the winner and by the way he had just performed.

It looked like Carl was back on top.

The referee quickly checked James out and he now asked him.

“If he was OK to continue.”

James just nodded his head and went back into the fight.

Carl kept attacking James for all that round.

When the bell went and James went to his corner he had a deep cut above his left eye and his ribs were badly bruised.

The second round was the same story as the first round.

James was on the ropes for all that round and Carl never seemed to tire.

Michael started to smell a rat.

There was something wrong.

There was no way that Carl could put all this energy into the fight without having taken something.

He now started to talk to the timekeeper.

The timekeeper was also wondering how come this young man had so much energy. But it was poor James who was taking the beating of his life.

When the bell went for the end of the second round.

The timekeeper told him.

“That he had lost both rounds and only a knock out would win it for him.

But he was determined that Carl would pee into a bottle and he would send it off for a drugs test. Because he believed he may have taken something."

This really made James angry and he was determined to do better in the last round.

Carl now started to show-off he believed he had won the fight and he was now determined to humiliate James.

James was in a bad way but he knew he had at least 1 minute of fight left inside of him.

James knew he only needed Carl to give him one opportunity.

It was about 1 minute into the last round when Carl let his guard down.

He was waving at the crowd and showing off to some of his friends.

When he turned back to face James.

James let him have everything he had left inside of him.

James throws Punch after punch after punch.

Carl was literally knocked, from one end of the ring to the other.

Carl was now on the ropes and James was still pounding into him.

The referee now pulled James away from Carl.

Nevertheless, James went back and he started to hit Carl some more.

The referee finally pushed James away from him.

Carl was now very punch drunk.

He came staggering into the centre of the ring.

James throws a final right hook, which connected with Carl’s jaw sending him to the canvas.

The referee now started the count.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 you’re out. He was out.

James had managed to win.

However it was a costly win because James was in a lot of pain and his ribs were really hurting him now.

In addition, one of his eyes was now swollen shut.

When Carl hit the canvas, the crowd apart from his few friends started to cheer madly. Michael now rushed into the ring and lifted James’s arms up in triumph.

James was so tired that he could barely stand.

Michael now helped James back to his dressing room.

Michael removed his gloves and was starting to attend to his injuries when there was a knock on the door.

Michael opened the door and his grandmother, mother and aunt came in.

Michael closed the door behind him.

The women now started to make a big fuss of James.

They stripped him off and then helped him to get dressed.

Just then, there was another knock on the door.

Michael opened the door and Jessica Carl’s ex-girlfriend was now stood outside with a big smile on her face.

Michael went outside to talk to her closing the door behind him.

So she wouldn’t see what was happening inside the room.

Jessica started by asking.

“How James was?”

Michael told her.

“That he was pretty badly beaten up, but he should recover.”

Michael now asked her.

“How Carl was?”

Jessica just looked at him and said.

“She didn’t really care how Carl was.

However, his friends were taking him to the hospital for a check-up.”

Michael wasn’t worried about Carl going to hospital for a check-up.

Both lads had signed a release form before the owner of the boxing club would let them fight. The fight was 100 percent legal.

Jessica now asked.

“If she could say hello to James.”

Michael told her.

“That James really wasn’t in any state to talk to anybody at the moment. But he would pass on her kind regards and if she left her mobile number.

He would pass it on to him.”

Jessica smiled once more at Michael.

She now said to him.

“That’s ok; however, you can have my number if you want it.”

She then kissed him on his cheek and as she was walking away after she had slipped a piece of paper with her number on it into his pocket.

She turned and said to him.

“Why don’t you call me really soon. We can go for a coffee or something.”

She then blew him a kiss and disappeared down the hall.

Michael just watched her go completely stund.

He always thought she fancied James not him.

When he went back into the room and told James and the girls what had happened.

They all just grinned at him and James then said to Michael.

“Well that makes our revenge complete.

I have beaten him in the ring and you can take his girl off him.

That will finished him in this town.”

They all now went back to Michael’s house where James was put to bed in Lucy and Carol’s room. Where they were more than happy to take care of him.

Mary called his father and told him exactly what had happened.

His father completely flipped out and told her that he was just about sick and tired of James’s actions.

Mary then told him that James was a good boy and if that was the way he wanted it James was more than welcome to stay with them.

When Mary told James about his father’s reaction.

James was not surprised.

His father and mother were fighting nearly all the time when he got home.

He had listened ones and found out that the main reason they moved away was because his mother was having an affair with a younger man who she worked with.

She finally told her husband she wanted a divorce and she was moving back home to be with her lover.

He told her she could go to hell and he was applying for a job with his company. It was a job that would see him re-locate to America.

She told him to go and take James with him.

However his father didn’t want to take the boy and his mother did not want him to go back with her.

That was the reason they were still together.

Michael’s mother, aunt, and especially his grandmother who was a nurse before she retired. Now took great care of James.

He slept with both Lucy and Carol every night.

Michael had now started to date Jessica.

His grandmother was not at all jealous.

And they would share his room every-night and he would tell his grandmother ever-thing that he and Jessica had got up to why he pounded away in her pussy.

A few days later Lucy and Carol both took James home so he could collect his clothes and any personal belongings he wanted.

The house was empty when they arrived.

James filled two big holdalls with his clothes and personal belongings.

He left a note for both his mother and father saying he didn’t want to see them again.

He then locked the door and posted his key through the letterbox.

That was the last time he ever had contact with his parents.

His father never had time for him apart from when he was trying to encourage him to do something with his life.

And his mother never ever showed him any affection whatsoever.

That was probably why James had taken to Lucy and Carol so much.

He needed a mother figure in his life and the two women were more than happy to show him what love really was.

Michael and Jessica were now going steady.

But Michael didn’t tell Jessica about his little arrangement he had at home.

Carl stopped coming to college and eventually he moved away and went to a college at the other end of the county.

Where apparently he was one of the best-behaved students.

Everything in Michael’s house was now perfect.

Michael was happy with his family and his new girlfriend.

James was happy with his new two mothers and his new grandmother.


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