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Fiction | Erotica, First Time, Romance, Virginity


This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, characters, persons, alive or dead, or beings of Earth or the multiverse, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, I'm psychic, in which case this a work of non-fiction. But I highly doubt that, I'm not that attuned. I mean if I was, I’d have won Powerball by now and been able to afford creative writing classes. And a proofreader.

Be forewarned, these writings, including this warning, may trigger some issue or issues that you have. Either by the language used or it’s content in general. If you are one to get bothered by every little thing, you have to make a decision now. You have two choices. One, you can decide, you can be a mature adult about things and continue. Or Two, you can't, in which case just close it now and step away from wherever the hell it is that you are reading this.


Serendipity Pass


Chapter 5: Familiar Highways


The flesh inside me slowly lost its rigid candor. It retreated towards the opening, with one long, intense, almost unbearably delicious firing of every nerve along its way. Then popped out of me with an unceremonious rush. My body rocked as the ring of muscles, it had just stretched out and fucked so well, found their original memory, grasped at the air and longed after their retreating prize. They puckered and pulsed gasping at emptiness, for the stiffness that had filled them with so much pleasure, just minutes ago. They wanted more of that feeling. And so did I.

The time passed effortlessly, amongst the subtle rustle of the trees, as we embraced the elemental bliss and regained our wills to speak.


*Yes, Little One.”

“Can I be in love with you?”

*”What do you mean? Is it, alright, for you to love me, do I give my permission, or is it possible, that you could be in love with me?”

“Is it possible?”

“Sure. I Guess. I think lots of people fall in love, in some way, with their first, If they at least liked them before. Probably more if they were really attracted to them. It’s the intensity of it, I guess, that first rush of an erotic experience shared with someone. I’m pretty sure there’s many that still do, even if they aren’t with them anymore.”

“Do you?”


“Love your first?”

*“I do, sorta, I guess. But it was quick, a one night stand. I only met her 2 hours before and she had an airplane to catch, I think of her though, from time to time and smile. I mean, If I saw her now I’d like to think I’d be happy to see her but it’s not like we’re gonna go all Auld Lang Syne. Maybe, if she were… No. Not anymore. I'm pretty sure my other first has that heart string now.”

“So I can love you?”

*“If you want. Like I said, it’s happened, and, you don’t need my permission. Do I need yours?”

“No. Not at all.”

*“Well, that’s a good thing.”

“Can I ask you something strange?”

*“Weird, is about all I've got any answers for, strange isn’t exactly in my jurisdiction. But fire away, ask anything?”

“Why do you call it sharing?”

*”What? Virginity?”

“Yeah. Everybody else says took or lost… or gave.”

*“Easy enough. My first, didn’t take anything from me and I didn’t ‘Lose” it, it wasn’t stolen or misplaced. I know, exactly, what box I put it in," I paused but she just gave me a look and a little chuckle, *" I’d rather share, than take or have taken, or let it get lost. I’m just glad I had something I could share, back, with you.” That she laughed at.

“Is that what we did tonight?”

*”It’s what I did tonight. And that’s all that matters to my accounts of my sense of self and how I want to be, morally.”

She propped herself up on one arm, shifted and placed her chin in her hand and followed the lines on my face with forethought and purpose. Then she casually uttered, just four little words, “I think I might.”

*“I know.”

She perked up and squinted at me. “You Know?”

*”I’ve known since you wrapped your arms around me and salt watered my tee shirt. I didn’t know, if it was desperation, or want, or need, or just having someone there at first, but you put love into me with that hug and, I guess, I put it back into you by letting you. But somewhere before that first kiss, I knew, I suspected. I couldn't tell if it was just a comfortable friendliness or something more but I kind of got that vibe. I did not expect this when I woke up this morning though. And I definitely, did not expect you. Serendipity you called it.”

“Mmmhmm. When shit happens…”

*”and then it pours. Ending up in the bunk of a Firefly class transport ship.”

“That’s Serenity.”

*”Isn’t that what this is, right now? Besides, it’s our ship, we can name it what we want.”

She settled her head back to my chest, one arm curled over and above my head, with her fingers to my scalp, the other across my chest, her hand palm down, under her chin. “Mmmm." Her stomach rumbled. "Are you hungry? I’m hungry.”


I rolled over on top of her. She looked up at me. Our lips met, half the distance between. A quick peck was all I let us have, before I got up and off the bed and held out my hand. She took it and held it while I escorted her to the kitchen.

I pulled out her chair, she tilted, then flowed over the seat as I slid it under her. I grabbed the food and some wine and sat myself behind her. She scooted up, from between my legs and angled herself onto my lap. We fed each other not saying a word.

After a glass of wine and some assorted fruits and cheeses, we got up and showered, quietly and quick. There was a pace, to the routine, that had an undertone of anxiousness, without losing the core of it’s sensuality. It was hurried yet smooth.

We dried each other off then waddled our way slowly back to her bedroom. In a very odd, slightly awkward, ballet. She had her feet on mine, with her back to my chest, and her arms stretched around the back of my head, her hands locked together. Leaving my hands to roam anywhere they pleased. We got to the doorway and she turned around, our cocks wrestled together and slowly ground into each others muscles and flesh. My hand found her pussy wet and her cock swollen as we closed in on her mattress with an uncoordinated stride. She bit firmly into the side of my shoulder blade and fell, inelegantly, into the mess of scattered sheets, pulling me down and on top of her, as her arms and legs enveloped me in their warmth.

I kissed my way around the curve of her neck, pausing at her breasts to nibble and tease. Her hands asked me lower. I took hold of her shaft and angled it up and gave it some gentler strokes. I put my lips to it and swiped my tongue over the ridge, then opened my mouth and slid her inside. She was rising to meet me, wriggling slowly into my throat. Her headiness tasted on my tongue, once more. I felt her fondle at my hair, asking me up and off, then she steered and persuaded me a little further down. I could smell that, fucking smell.

That I’m awake now, thank you, fucking smell.

The one that gets into your blood and grabs a hold of your shoulder blades, and ooomf, your whole body tenses with life, fucking smell.

I breathed her in and found the desire to taste her, right there, on the tip of my tongue. I flicked it down and got lost. My fingers played tenderly in her folds. She opened herself around them and pulled them in. My teeth found her thigh and bit on the tendon just inside. She pulled me up and tasted herself off my face, wrapped her fingers around my stiffness, overseeing me to exactly where she wanted me to be.

I felt her hands grab my ass and pull. I held her back, staying just close enough to feel the moist warmth and slick flesh taunt on the edge of my skin. I teased my way in and out. Over and over. Tediously, holding back the desire to plunge.

She just looked up at me. Locked into a gaze. Her eyes would widen and her back would arch if all she felt was pleasure. Her teeth would grind if I pushed a bit too hard. And still, she just stared up to me, unchanging in her decision and commitment.

*”Almost at the point of no return you know.”

“I’m already there.”


She didn't ponder, "Yes," she just smiled.

I gave her my mouth and pushed through her threshold, driving steady into that barrier of skin, that separated the unknown from the biblical known. It tore with a gasp, a dig of nails, a tensing and a whimper. I sunk deeper and pushed to the hilt with one slow, steady drive. She went stone and stalwart and bit my lip, breaking the skin. Her fingernails dug hard into my back, the expanse of her eyes moistened. And still, she just stared into me.

Her smile returned, bigger, brighter.

She kissed me with tears glistening. They were soft kisses, with outstretched fingers. I reached down and stroked her face with mine and slowly slid out and steadily went back in. The strokes were long and full, ardent and tempered. Tenderly I formed a rhythm, slow in tempo with long notes, building to a crescendo that loomed rather quickly. Her eyes went big and her breathing went faster.




*“I know Little One, Me too.”

Our lips met and I could swear we both stopped breathing for ourselves. I felt a warm slickness spread up my abdomen and trickle down my stomach, spreading in between us. Her back was tight and high off the bed. Ripples flowed down her torso and trembled through my body. There was no voice, just gasps. Her neck arched back and her fingers gripped my back in uncontrolled tenses. It was too much. I came inside her hard and long, driving her through as far as I could fight. When she reached her limit she kissed me hard and grabbed my ass, pulling me inside her. Forcing me still and rooting me there. I had nothing left to argue.

Once she caught her wind, she chuckled, and we both burst out laughing.

”You know, I thought that was gonna hurt like hell.”


“It did. But it also, didn’t suck.”

*“No, it certainly did not, not in the least, for me, anyway.”

“Sorry bought your lip.”

*“It’s all good," I licked at the iron taste, that was gonna be tender for a while, "blood for blood, you more than made up for it. Sorry bought the whole hymen breaking thing, that looked a lot worse than I wanted it to be.”

“Hah, do you do that on purpose or is it a reflex born of practice.”


“The puns.”

I thought back at what I had just said. *“Oh. No, I don’t do them on purpose. But, sadly, I do see them coming. I just let em the hell out there anyway, and try to ignore em, and hope people just miss em.”

“I like puns, especially really bad ones.”

*”Well that’s one of my best so far. So you can see were that’s going. But I am sorry for the pain. If there was anything I co…”

“Stop, no sorries, remember. Besides, the pain was replaced quickly. Something, came over me, and swept it away."

I gave her a grin and a chuckle, *"And you say I'm bad with puns?"

"I couldn't let that one go. It was right there."

"How's it feeling, down there now?"

"It burns a little. More than my ass. But I’ll live. Although, I might not be able to walk to the lecture tonight.”

*“Nah, you’ll be walking and I’ll be walking. Maybe not straight for a couple of days, but we’ll be walking."

"I don't know if I can walk straight now."

*"You might need to carry me to pee, my legs are rubber right now."

"Think we should crawl? Might be safer."

*”Maybe we should drag the mattress into the hall, get closer.”

“Oh shit.”


“The heartbeats. Oh fuck.”

I watched her twitch, and settle, and arc, and roll. She stared at me with wide, shocked but happy eyes. Every now and then her knee would twitch or her arm would shake.

She breathed in hard, exhaled, then stilled and dreamily smiled, “hmmmmmmmmm.”

*”You good?”

“Mmmh hmm. That was a lot more intense than when you were in my butt. Different too. I like it.”

She pulled me to her slowly and nestled me into her cheek. We laid there for a little while just, well just doing nothing but relaxing. I was released from her pussy with a wide eyed gasp and a grip on my arm. She stirred a little, with a bounce and a wiggle.

The quiet soon gave rise to thought.

“So Joe. Why do you like science fiction?”

*”Because it’s weird. Why do you? How did you get started on the road to cosplay pieces creator?”

“I… hmm, because, well it started with Star Wars, I guess, because my dad and mom loved it, I just…, I mean, even though some people say it’s made for boys, I always felt like I could have been a Jedi, and not because I had a penis, that didn’t matter. The story was like a fairy tale in space, only the Princess could also kick butt, and she more than made up for any lack of female Jedi.”

*”Yeah Leah was a bad ass, she didn’t need any protecting and lord help whoever threatened anyone who she felt protective over. My favorite scene is when she has enough and grabs Luke’s blaster, shoots the grate, then stands up, nonchalantly shoots a couple troopers, tells them to get into the chute and, jumps.”

“’Into the garbage chute, Flyboy.’ Great scene. Hold on, did you say science fiction was weird?”

*”It is. I mean, Okay, there’s these ideas in physics about multi-verses and infinite space and the concept that anything is possible, with the right clicks of the code. So the possibility that scifi, what I read or I see on the screen, is just someone tapping an actual occurrence and writing it down, like they're just reporting news from… well, a galaxy far far, or thousands of years, or two million multi verses, away, or all three at once, is plausible. If that’s not weird I don’t know what is… And I do love me some weird.”

“Is that why you like me, because you like weird stuff?”



*”Hey,” I hushed, lifting up to look at her face, brushing the hair from her eyes, “that’s not a bad thing, at all.”

“Isn’t it though?”

*”No. There’s weird out there, and strange, mostly it's strange that's bad, yeah. But you are far from that. You are weird, you, are, a freak of nature, but that only makes you, unique, a pegasus, a unicorn. A being worthy of mythological tomes. You are wonderfully weird. Interesting. Delightful. Warm. Sensual. Smart. And there’s nothing wrong with any of those attributes by themselves. In you, they are alluring, provocative. And anybody that can’t see that, well that’s their loss, cause, I’m not the brightest bulb in the lamp and even I saw that. After knowing you for maybe fifteen minutes. Even if we didn't have this, I'd still wanna know you in my life.”

I was met, once again with blushed cheeks and a brisk assault of lips on mine. Eventually she stretched and yawned, and I did too. So we cuddled and talked some more, about this and that. Her, with her back to my chest, me, with my arms around, over and under her. I knew my bad arm was going to kill me before long, but I truly didn’t care.

The words came quieter and farther apart.

I heard her breathing change it’s inflection. For a short time I listened.

Then, I guess I drifted off myself.

Rating: 78%, Read 8079 times, Posted Jul 31, 2020

Fiction | Erotica, First Time, Romance, Virginity


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