The Slaver Gets His Wish 14 by h8ees

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The Slaver Gets His Wish 14

It was dark when I was startled awake, and then I was hit in the face, three times, hard with something not as nice as a fist. The butt of a pistol? Maybe, but it hurt too much to let my mind wander on conjecture, and I passed out. When I woke, I couldn’t breathe. Something was stifling me, and a ball gag had been secured in my mouth. That motherfucker! Joey must have told Tory where we were, and he had sent his people; other cops, to take me. Did they have Rachel? I could only guess that the answer was yes.

It was dark, my hands were handcuffed, my legs tied together. Pissed off, with an aching head far worse than any pain I had ever endured before, I started thrashing. I soon realized that I had been put in a body bag.

“He’s awake,” I heard someone saw.

“Good, get him out of that thing;” said another. Tory?

They wore black hoods like terrorists, so I couldn’t see who was pulling me out of the bag. It didn’t much matter as they soon hooded me, and I couldn’t see anything anymore.

They undid my cuffs, and I tried to fight, but six sets of hands restrained me; and not in any way I would ever label as good. Soon, my back was against a post, and my wrists and ankles were shackled in place. Someone reached under the hood, removing the ball gag as others used some sharp tool to remove the rest of my clothing. As I was no longer wearing the pajamas that I had gone to bed in, the cold air made my balls seek refuge in my pelvis.

“Where’s Rachel?” I demanded, licking my dry lips in exasperation and outrage. I was answered with a strike across my cheek. The hood did little to keep the pain at bay. Someone kicked my balls, and had I been unchained, I would have doubled over in excruciating pain. As it was, I screamed out as another boot landed another kick between my legs. I think I passed out for a minute until I was kicked a third time, again, squarely between my legs, my testicles ruined for at least a month, if not permanently.

The hood came off. When I had gone to sleep, the last image I had seen was Rachel’s serene, ethereal face. The first thing I got to see this morning was Tory’s insane grin. I spat at it.

He cocked back a fist and broke my nose. The crack was like a gunshot, and blood splattered down my chest.

“Give me a knife,” he told someone, who quickly handed him a large bowie knife. He tested the edge with his thumb, the grin never leaving his face. With his left hand, he reached down and yanked at the head of my cock. With his right, he brandished the knife. “I’m taking this,” he announced, indicating my dick. I shut my eyes, sure that no pain could be greater than what my poor testicles were already feeling.

At that moment, gunshots rang out. My eyes flew open just in time to see Tory’s eyes roll back in his now half destroyed head, and he flopped to the ground, his knife clattering across the concrete floor. The other five men all fell as well. The smell of blood and gunpowder permeated the room.

My saviors stepped out of the shadows. “I’m sorry, J” Joey said, coming forward to release me. “We tried to get here quicker, but Lorne wouldn’t tell us where Tory took you.”

Confusion must have been apparent on my face, because Rachel rushed forward just as Joey managed to get me unshackled. “It’s okay, my love, I’m here…” Through my blurred vision I managed to ascertain the identities of the other shooters. Judy and Reese.

“Judy? Reese?” I croaked before passing out cold.

I woke in a hospital bed. The ache in my groin was there, but it wasn’t bothering me; I must have been dosed with morphine. Joey and Rachel were both there. Rachel smiled that angelic smile as my eyes fluttered open.

“You’re not in jail,” I observed.

“You have some resourceful friends;” Joey said. Rachel took my hand in hers. I must have been out for a while, I was catheterized, and the cut in Rachel’s hand was completely healed. She leaned over and kissed me.

“How’d you get your Mom and sister….?”

“I told my Mom about Dad abusing me. The ambush was her idea,” Rachel said. “Reese insisted on being a part, mostly because she didn’t want Mom to send her somewhere that Dad could maybe get at her if we failed.”

“Lorne?” I inquired.

“He wanted me,” Rachel said. “So he agreed to give you to my Dad.”

“He’s not in such a happy place right now,” Joey said. I later found out that some of my ‘friends’ had taken Lorne to a cabin in Ontario and spent the better part of a month inflicting pain on him in new and interesting ways.

When Tory had burned down my house, it hadn’t been my maid, as Joey had said earlier, who had died in the fire. It had been Loreena. She had been released from the hospital and was convalescing at my house waiting for Rachel and me to return. Poor Loreena….oh, crap, Abdul was going to want a replacement.

I had been placed in a coma for the better part of two weeks. My house insurance had gone into effect; and my house was being rebuilt. In the meantime, Judy would let me stay at her house.

The doctors said that my ‘equipment’ would eventually be perfectly serviceable, but that was at least a month away. It seemed that fate was going to continue to make me wait for Rachel’s virginity.

About three weeks later, I woke without that all too familiar ache in my groin. I had claimed the spare room in Judy’s house, and other than a chaste kiss here and there, I had not touched Rachel. It seemed too weird with her mother and sister in the same house. I was about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

I stumbled into the hallway intent on the bathroom when I heard some mewling groans coming from the master bedroom. I couldn’t contain my curiosity; I stepped towards the door and nudged it open.

Judy was prostrate on the bed, on her belly, her hands handcuffed to the headboard. Behind her was my sixteen year old slave and lover, Rachel. Rachel was nude except for a leather harness. The strap on cock that she wore had to have been at least ten inches long, and as thick as a man’s wrist. She had a riding crop in her right hand, and her left held her mother’s hair in a tight knot. She was slamming that cock into Judy’s ass over and over again. When she brought the riding crop down on her mother’s asscheek, Judy screamed.

“I told you not the scream, Mother. My slaves don’t scream unless told to do so,” Rachel said forcibly.

“Yes, Mistress,” Judy hissed through clenched teeth.

“And who told you that you could train?” I announced, stepping into the room. I hadn’t seen them from the doorway, but there in the corner was Joey and Reese. Twelve year old Reese had her Uncle’s cock in her mouth, and when she saw me, she stopped bobbing her head and let his member fall from her mouth with a plop. “Reese! Joey….what the hell!” I cried out in astonishment. Reese was as shapely as her sister, her breasts only slightly smaller. Her vagina was just barely covered by a little bit of down, and I could see pussy juices running down the inside of her thigh.

“J.” Rachel greeted me, not bothering to stop ass fucking her Mom. The master bedroom had its own bathroom, and another person came out from there. Also completely nude. It was sprite.

“Master J,” she greeted me before kneeling beside Reese to help her suck on Joey’s cock. Floored by the scene of debauchery before me, I slumped into an empty chair. Rachel pulled the cock out of her Mother’s ass and moved around to put it in Judy’s mouth.

“Suck it, Mom.” Judy dutifully took the dildo in her mouth. Rachel slammed it down her throat, making her gag. “Are you healed up enough to fuck my Mom’s ass, J?” Rachel asked.

I freed my hard cock from my pajamas and walked up behind Judy. Her asshole was thoroughly gaped from her daughter reaming her. I put my cock against her hole, and shoved it in. Having been without a good fucking for more than a month, it felt incredible. Rachel smiled and kissed me deeply as I began violating Judy’s well used ass. Judy just kept suckling at the dildo while I filled her rectum with my cock. “I bet you have quite the load built up,” Rachel whispered in my ear. “When you get ready to come, let me have it in my mouth. I want to share it with my Mom and Sister.”

I felt something press on my asshole. Sprite was behind me, licking my ass. I almost blew it when I felt that. “On your knees, banshee,” I ordered, managing to keep the cum inside my balls for a few more seconds.

From the chair, I heard Joey groan and Reese whimper. He had just given her a mouthful. She didn’t swallow, but came over near Rachel to wait for my load.

Rachel pulled the fake cock out of her Mom’s mouth and fell to her knees next to her mom’s red ass. I pulled out and put the head of my cock on the edge of Rachel’s luscious lips. Her eyes sparkled with intensity as I filled her mouth with what must have been four or five ounces of sperm. As I finished, she turned towards Reese and they shared a deep kiss, mixing my load with Joey’s. As they swapped the cum back and forth, I took this opportunity to put my softening cock back in Judy’s ass. I still needed to pee.

Rachel and Reese crawled onto the bed, and as I released a torrent of piss into Judy, they let the cum dribble out of their mouth’s onto their Mother’s face. Judy was moaning in heat. Rachel licked her Mother’s face, and Reese followed suit, spreading the sperm across her face until it was covered almost entirely.

“I’ve never had someone piss in me,” Judy said through sticky lips. “It feels incredible!” I finished unloading in her and carefully pulled out.

Rachel was fondling Reese’s breasts and they kissed like nymphs, little pecks followed by deep and lusty French kisses. Judy’s ass began leaking my piss, but Joey was quick to fill the spot, and he put his reinvigorated cock into the hole I had just vacated.

“Are you going to pee in me, too, little brother?” Judy asked.

“Yes I am, big sis,” Joey said, straining to give her more of a urine enema.

“I’m sooo fulllll!!!!” Judy moaned as Joey finished and pulled out. She clenched her sphincter closed to keep in the piss.

“How long should we leave her?” Rachel inquired.

“Oh, pleaassse don’t,” Judy whimpered. Mischieviously, sprite crawled up behind Judy and began licking her pussy, from her engorged clit to her clenched asshole.

“Oh, no, no, no” Judy protested as sprite started to finger her. Soon, sprite had her entire fist in Judy’s pussy, moving it in and out. “Nooo, I’m going to cummm,” Judy whined. Joey and I laughed, knowing full well that when she came, the piss was going to come squirting out like a fountain at Las Vegas.

Judy bucked once, twice, and sure enough, as she screamed in orgasm, the piss shot out of her ass into the air. sprite opened her mouth and caught some of the urine as she slammed her fist into Judy’s pussy over and over again. As Judy screamed, Rachel took the dildo off of the harness, and shoved it in her Mother’s mouth, making her gag again. This made Reese giggle like mad.

The rest of us cleaned up as we left Judy laying in filth on the bed, the dildo in her mouth, her hands cuffed to the headboard.

“Now, Rachel, when did this start?” I asked her as we soaped each other in the shower.

“Mom kept asking me what you had taught me. Then she wanted me to show her. Finally, about a week ago, she walked in my room naked, the handcuffs on her wrists, the key in her mouth.” Rachel said, cleaning my cock with her delicate hands.

“Reese is too young, Rachel,” I said.

“Dad started using Reese right after I left,” Rachel lamented. “I figured, at this point, why draw the line because of her age? Besides, she’s really good at licking pussy.”

“Well, now, we have quite the little family gathering, then,” I observed.

“Joey wants to train Reese. Will you help him do it the right way?” Rachel asked.

“Sure, why not,” I told her.

To be continued

Rating: 87%, Read 18342 times, Posted Apr 12, 2010

Fiction | Incest, Pissing, Water Sports


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