Queen Yavara: Chapter 31 by White+Walls

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Fiction | Anal, Bi-sexual, Group Sex, Transgendered

Day Six


I felt like I was being eaten from the inside. Something had been gnawing within my nethers, and it had only gotten worse with time. As the days went, my thoughts became muddled, my vision became hazy, tinged violet at the edges. My nipples were hard and taut, aching with fullness. My belly had constant butterflies, nearly nauseating. My flesh teemed, hot to the touch, yet goosebumps came at a moment’s notice. Feminine salvia dripped from my lower mouth and wetted my thighs. It was so bad that I could smell it even with clothes on, and I noticed the way heads turned and nostrils flared when I walked by the orc males. I couldn’t go two waking hours without pouncing on Furia, and I fucked her like an animal, consuming her beautiful cock with the desperation of my vaginal starvation. I wasn’t sick, but something was happening to me.

Rose squinted at the leaf in her hand, then nodded. “It’s a girl.”

Faltia squealed in delight, and threw her arms around Alexa. The former captain had quite a few tattoos on her arms and chest, each brutal scene representing some victory she’d gained as both a ranger captain and an Alkandran watch commander. Alexa had a few tattoos marking her achievements as a lead architect; towering buildings, extravagant statues, and detailed pictures of tools. Eva had some on her back and chest, each one flowing to the next, creating the beginnings of what would become a full-body painting of a sadomasochistic orgy. Brianna’s seven tattoos each had a match on another’s body, marking friendships she’d made amongst notable citizens. Kiera had various narcotic flowers inked on her neck and forearms, and I got the feeling she put them there to tickle her old anti-establishment sentiment. Soraya was nearly as inked as Faltia, though she had ***********ure painstakingly inscribed on her flesh; I think she just enjoyed the pain of the needle. They all had taken to the tribal tradition of marking their flesh with their accolades, and it made them look striking and fierce in their beauty. In only a few weeks’ time, I imagined most of them would be inked all the way to the chin. As for Furia, she just didn’t think she deserved a tattoo, and so her flesh was still virgin. And me? I wanted one, if I was honest, but I couldn’t think of what to get.

Rose smiled at Faltia and Eva, and took the next leaf from Soraya. She tested it on her tongue, held it to the sun, then nodded. “Congratulations, Eva and Soraya, it’s a boy –or a girl, or whatever… it has a penis.”

Soraya held her loving Domina close, and Eva planted a warm kiss atop her head.

Rose took the leaf from Kiera, and I noticed in the brief exchange the way their fingers brushed. She held the leaf to the light, and beamed delightedly to Brianna and Kiera. “Triplets!” She exclaimed, “Two hermaphrodites, and one fully female.”

“Oh my god!” Brianna exclaimed, staring at her belly in disbelief, “Kiera, you fucking stud! Nice job bro!”

“You’re such a fertile bitch.” Kiera giggled affectionately, taking Brianna in her arms. Rose’s eyes flashed with jealousy before she focused them on me, and took the leaf from my hand.

“You know what this means, right?” Eva said into Soraya’s ear while Rose inspected my leaf, “Now that you’ve got my baby in the oven, your pussy is open to the public.”

“I can finally be the slut I always wanted to be.” Brianna tittered to Kiera.

“I’ve already picked out one of my men for us to share.” Faltia smiled up at Alexa.

Rose frowned at my leaf. “Adrianna, you—”

“Governess.” Arbor corrected beside her daughter, “Use her title, Rose.”

“Governess, you’re not pregnant, but you’re very, very fertile. Have you been using contraceptives?”

“We’ve been pulling out.” Furia said beside me, “What do you mean she’s very fertile?”

Rose handed her mother my leaf, and Arbor studied it, then looked at me. “You are hyper-ovulating. It appears that the hybrid menstrual cycle is extremely potent at its peak, and will only get worse for the next week or so unless you stem it with a child.”

“That would explain a lot.” I muttered. I motioned to Certiok. “Is she pregnant yet?”

Arbor took Certiok’s leaf, then immediately gave it back to her, “She is not.”

Certiok looked to me, and shrugged with a smile. “I guess we can put that theory to rest then. I’ve been with every single one of your she-males, and not one of them has managed to knock me up.”

“We tried our best.” Kiera smiled ruefully, “We’re sorry, Adrianna.”

“We’d be more than willing to give it another go.” Eva chuckled, eyeing Certiok over Soraya’s shoulder. Certiok eyed her back with an equally-lecherous smile. The she-orc princess had been in threesomes with every hybrid couple multiple times, but she’d gone back to Eva and Soraya for thirds, fourths and fifths.

“We can still get pregnant though,” Alexa said, gesturing to the other hermaphrodites and herself, “Commander, I could—”

“No.” I said firmly, “Furia already offered several times, and the answer is still the same. I made a promise, and I won’t pass it on to anyone else.” I turned back to Arbor, “How long until they’re here?”

The forest spirit tilted her head, her violet-backed green eyes becoming unfocused. “Eighteen hours. There are so many, Governess. Over two-hundred-thousand hungry mouths, thirsty throats and tired feet. They have marched at a grueling pace to flee the war, and their tempers are on a knife’s edge. Are you ready?”

“We better be.” I muttered, unfolding the letter I’d gotten that morning. It was from Yavara, and had been delivered via Zander’s ethereal owl. I was to present it to the matriarchs of the Ten to prove my authority. It stated that I, Governess Adrianna, acted in the queen’s stead, and that any move against me or my compatriots would be an act of treason. I wondered if it would matter. I had to offer my womb just to gain Certiok’s allegiance, and the matriarchs of the Ten were like queens in their own right. I folded away that letter, and pulled out Yavara’s second missive. This one required my blood to open it.

Governess Adrianna,

You might be wondering after all this time why it is you are still alive, and indeed, why you have risen so high in the ranks of your enemy. Well, now I will tell you why I chose you to be governess. The Ten are the greatest internal threat to Alkandra. With an enemy amassing at our border, it is easy to keep them all pointed in one direction, but once that enemy is gone, they will find old enemies amongst themselves, and my kingdom will collapse into civil war as it did with the first Alkandra.

This is why I appointed you. I have built my claim on promises to respect orc tradition, so I cannot break my word to those who have entrusted their power to me. But you, the hated Head-ranger of Castle Thorum, the most reviled elf in all the Great Forest, you can break those promises. They expect you to. We will never have a greater opportunity than this. Their warrior-males are all on the battlefront, and their tribespeople are in your care. Insurrection is unlikely amongst the old, young, crippled and female. By any means necessary, you must dissolve the tribes. Zander and I will ensure that the chieftains and their sons never survive the battlefield. I will leave their wives and daughters to you.

Queen Yavara Alkandi.

The letter dissolved after I’d read the last word. I looked to Certiok, who had been pointedly looking away. “I suppose you know what I just read.”


I actually laughed then. “And she says she’s not like her sister!”

Certiok just smiled. “If you love your Highland nation so much, then you will do as she commands. It is the Ten who push for invasion.”

I wiped the blood off my thumb. “I won’t kill women and children for her.”

“What are you talking about?” Furia asked. I told them what Yavara had instructed me to do.

“By whatever means necessary.” Kiera echoed, “That doesn’t mean we need to kill them.”

Eva snorted. “It sure sounds like it though.” She turned to me, “It wouldn’t be the first time we killed orc bitches and pups.”

“Is that so, Domina?” Certiok hissed with venom.

“It is.” Eva smirked back, “But I’ve grown quite fond of you beasts since I’ve gotten here, so I’d prefer not to stain my hands if I can help it.”

“I refuse to do it.” Faltia said.

“As do I.” Alexa concurred.

Kiera, Soraya and Brianna also nodded.

Furia frowned. “I will do whatever is necessary.”

“As will we.” Arbor said with solemnity. Rose nodded beside her mother. After seeing firsthand what nymphs could do with the element of surprise on their side, I didn’t doubt they could make short and quiet work of the matter.

I ran my fingers through my hair, “Yavara appointed me to be her convenient villain. If we kill the matriarchs and their daughters, that’s exactly what I’ll be. They already hate you, so what’s it matter?” I turned to Certiok, “Do you hate me?”

“Yes.” She said outright, then thought on it a second, and groaned, “No.”

“I guess I grew on you, huh?” I smirked.

“Like cancer.” She smirked back, “But Adrianna, the people who don’t know you will hate you by default. They’re supposed to; it’s what Yavara’s counting on. You’re her shit-catcher so that she can remain clean.”

I chewed on my lip. “I will not be the convenient villain.” I said, “This is my home now. Come on; we’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare for our guests.”


In three days’ time, Tim and I had redirected the moat to deposit waste into the bay instead of the river, built an aqueduct system, and connected the old imperial highway to the castle via a two-mile-long road. We’d demolished almost every hut the tribespeople had built, and now they and the Ardeni orcs slept in the castle while the work crews began laying the foundations for massive public housing units that flanked the main road. There wasn’t a lot of space between the castle and the agrarian fields, and Arbor was loath to cut down trees to make more space. Fortunately, Tim had experience building Ardeni stone towers, and so the public housing units would extend vertically for hundreds of feet, tiered back from the street so that the view of Castle Alkandra was not obstructed. It was a strange start for a city, but I imagined that over time it would sprawl out despite Arbor’s objections, and consume the forest around it until its borders relaxed into their former position from a thousand years ago.

“Alexa?” Tim’s voice boomed.


He pointed to a construction crew assembling scaffolding. “You were saying something about the décor.”

“Yes,” I nodded, “I understand the towers we’re building might seem too utilitarian, but from an engineering perspective–”

“What’s the purpose of building great works of bland rubbish?” He interrupted, “Who wants to live in a glorified stone box?”

“It sounds like you have a design suggestion.”

“Ornamentation. The castle is gothic, so the towers should be as well.” Tim waved an irreverent hand toward the wide street, “All the great cities have a theme. Ardeni is the city of gold, Terondia is the city of granite, Hektinar is the city of steel, Drastin is the city of shale, and Bentius is the city of limestone. Alkandra has great silver mines on its shores. I could form elegant spires of silver on the peaks of each structure, I could arm their tiers with silver gargoyles, I could frame their grand entrances with silver awnings!”

I frowned. “That sounds like a lot of work, Tim.”

“Nothing worth doing was ever done quickly.” He scowled back, “And this street we’ve made needs a boulevard to divide it. I could line it with magnificent marble statues, and Arbor could decorate my effigies with flowering vines.”

I flipped through my pad. “We have a budget, you know.”

“I would do it freely.”

I beamed up at him. “I know you would, Tim, and you’re a true visionary, but we have time constraints. If the towers aren’t built before the first snows, people will freeze. We need your help with the boring shit.”

Despite being past the age of a hundred, and being a twenty-foot hairy behemoth, Tim managed to look like a dejected child.

I groaned. “Fine. You can make one statue. Put it…” I thumbed my chin, then smiled when my eyes fell upon the last hut remaining, “…there.”

And Tim bounded over to the hut, his skipping feet shaking the earth. He tore the roof off it, pulled a screaming Certiok Terdini out, then crushed it to dust with his foot. I chuckled to myself, and made my way to the east, where the rest of the trolls were throwing tons of stone from the quarry. Soraya was there, her bronze body bound in leather that squeezed her supple assets to the point of pain, a collar around her neck from which dangled her Domina’s leash. She was studiously counting the blocks of stone, bringing the pen to her lips, then writing the numbers on her clipboard.

“Having fun?” I asked.

“The most fun ever.” She replied dryly. The man she used to be came out quite easily when Eva wasn’t around.

I stopped beside her, and pointed the trolls out. “They’re good guys. That’s Dolly, Tiff, Tappy—”

“Brianna is in population logistics, Alexa; I’m in accounting.” Soraya sighed, “And right now, I’m to account for blocks of stone, not the sentient wrecking balls.”

“They’re more than just brutes, you know.”

“I’m sure they’re very intelligent; much like how a terrier is a particularly clever dog.”

I glared at her. “I know we never saw eye-to-eye, but there’s no reason for you to be a bitch.”

“I’m sorry, are they friends of yours? That figures.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

She gave me an innocent smile. “I didn’t mean it as an insult, but if you took it as one, then that doesn’t speak well for your true opinion of your… friends.”

“You disrespectful little—”

“You’re not my sergeant anymore; I don’t need to respect you.” She sneered, “And after the things I’ve seen you do, I don’t really think you care too much about being respected anymore.”

“You think you’re—”

“Are you leaving now, Alexa?” She smiled impatiently at me, “Because I’m very busy, and you’re quite distracting.”

“Yeah, I’m leaving,” I growled, and took her by the leash, yanking it, “and so are you!”

Soraya stumbled and fell, then went scrambling after me as I hauled her bodily from the reservoir, her legs dragging.

“I might not be your sergeant anymore,” I snarled, “but I’ll be damned if I’m going to take shit from a bitch on a leash!”

“Wait!” She screamed.

“Oh, are you going to be nice doggy now?”

“Just… hold on a second!” Soraya reached into her bag, and pulled two pieces of leather. “Kneepads,” she explained with a little smile. She strapped the kneepads, then got onto all fours, and grinned excitedly up at me, “Ok, now I’m ready.”

“Ready for what?”

She crawled over to me, sat on my feet, and gazed hopefully up at me. “Take me for a walk? Please? Woof-woof?”


“Mother has managed to accelerate the harvest to next week.” I said to Kiera, gesturing grandly to the fields we’d planted that morning, “Pumpkins and turnips there, beans and asparagus over there. We’ll rotate crops after the harvest.”

“We need feedstock. Corn and soy.”

“Orcs can be vegetarian for one winter.”

Kiera touched one of my horns, and smiled. “They might mistake you for a lamb after a few weeks of just beans and pumpkins.”

I grinned back. “Do I look good enough to eat?”

“You look delicious.” She snickered, and let go of my horn, much to my disappointment. She put her hands on her hips, and gestured to a plot that had not yet been planted. “Corn and soy over there. The tribes will be bringing livestock, and it’s not yet cool enough to store slaughtered meat.”

“I will see what Mother thinks.”

Kiera nodded. “It’s not just foodstuffs we need to be worried about now. Everyone will be so packed in that diseases will run rampant. We need a strong medicinal crop.”

“Over here.” I said, and walked her to my personal garden. “Willow trees over there,” I gestured to the saplings, “nightshade over there, poppies over there, and cocoa over there.”

“Is this a medicinal agriculture or a grow-house?” Kiera laughed.

I smiled back at her. “Narcotics have many uses besides boredom relief.” I pointed toward the marijuana plants, “These strains will ease anxiety,” I gestured to some mushrooms, “these spores will open pathways in the mind,” I gave a flourish to a blue flower, “and this will make you more potent in the bedroom.”

Kiera inspected the flowers curiously, then gave me a devious smile, and plucked several of their buds. I sat on the log, the strap of my floral top falling off my shoulder. Kiera saw it, and her eyes lingered on me, her gaze becoming unfocused with desire. Then she coughed awkwardly, stored the buds in her pack, and left without a word, her erection tenting her sundress.

I sighed. “Why, Mother?”

“You know why.” Mother said from behind, her wings enclosing around me.

“I wasn’t going to taste her manhood. She has female parts that I desire as well.”

“Ah, Rose.” Mother sighed, resting her chin atop my head, “You are a poor liar. Come, let me take you to your brothers.”

“They don’t satisfy me anymore.”

She massaged my shoulders, and whispered, “You just have to wait a little longer. You will get better, my most precious flower, I promise it.”


I’d been drilling my new recruits hard for the past three days. They were the policing force for an entire city, and they’d soon be outnumbered two-thousand to one. The stress was beginning to show. Tempers were hot, patience was low, and fists were thrown with just the slightest provocation. Orcs were strange. Their respect for me had been at its highest when their semen covered me from head to toe, but since that recruitment exercise, every attempt I made to instill myself as their leader seemed to backfire. Yes, they respected my skill with a sword, and yes, they respected my race, but all the methods of leadership I’d honed over decades of being an officer in the rangers meant nothing to them, and I could feel their respect for my command slipping the more I tried.

I disarmed Lieutenant Dom Alkandra with ease, his sword flipping behind him. All the Ardeni beats adopted the surname “Alkandra” now, since they had no tribe. I wondered if in time it would be spoken with pride, but for now, there was no doubt those named “Alkandra” would be looked down upon in orc society. A tribesman would never be so easily disarmed; Private Sedrok Terdini said as much while Dom scrambled for his weapon.

“Shut it, Private!” I snarled at the old orc.

He shrugged. “I’m just wondering why that Ardeni shit gets to give me orders. I fought in ten wars and hundreds of battles, and—”

“Didn’t I tell you shut it?!” I shot at him, “Take a fucking lap, Sedrok.”

The old warrior grumbled, took his time getting to his feet, and lumbered around the makeshift yard. Two barracks had been hastily constructed by one of Alexa’s teams, and they made up the center of the yard while log dummies and stone weights surrounded the perimeter. Sedrok slowed to a jog by one of the stones, then turned it into a leisurely stroll.

“Such disrespect.” Came Eva’s low chuckle behind me. She was wearing a dress of crisscrossing leather that purposefully showed what it was supposed to conceal.

I shot her a dirty look. “What do you want?”

Her steely eyes tracked the orc. “As Outreach Director, I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to entertain the populous.”

“I don’t have time today.”

“Not you, but I appreciate the consideration.” Eva grinned, her gaze still transfixed on the orc, “No, I was thinking you’d send your more unruly recruits to me, and they could help me… raise public morale.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “These are my men, Eva. They’re not made like you and me.”

“I’ve been refining my craft with Soraya, learning all the intricacies of punishment, finding the cues that tell me when someone is at their limit. I am very good, Captain.” Her eyes rested easily on me, “Soraya tells me it’s therapeutic. Certiok tells me I’m a maestro. If you don’t think I can show restraint, you are wrong. I’m always in control.” Her black-sheened lips quirked, “You could find out for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

“It told you, I don’t have time!” I growled, flustered more than I should’ve been.

Her hands were on my shoulders then, the black-gloved fingers kneading gently. “You’re too tense, Faltia. Your men can sense your anxiety, and it infects them. You need a release -you all do- or the stress will overtake you at the most critical time.”

I stayed rigid for a moment, desperately gripping my pride with what little willpower I had. But it was a fruitless endeavor. I could not fight what I’d become. I melted like butter into Eva’s arms before all my men, and the disbelieving expressions on their faces when they witnessed my defeat only served to arouse me more.

Eva gnawed on the point of my ear, and whispered, “Let’s show your loyal boys why they should follow you.”


“…all I’m saying is that folks are worried.” Lutok Protaki said, “The Tundra orcs always looked down on us Pine orcs, even the Terdini. Now they come here, and well, folks are wondering why things would be different is all.”

“I hear you, bro.” I said, “But you’ve got to trust the governess. Has she lead you astray this far?”

Lutok frowned, the deep lines in his tattooed green face becoming even deeper. “The governess’s personal outfit killed my son in an ambush five years ago.”

“Then your son was a fat slow fuck who presented an easy target.” I said flatly.

Lutok stared at me for a moment, then grinned a tusked grin. Speaking ill of the dead was a Protaki tradition I’d never understand. “Well, I suppose he was then.” Lutok chuckled, “But if I hear right, your entire outfit was massacred by a bunch a tree people.” He picked up a twig, and wagged it teasingly in front of my face, “Does this give you PTSD, Ranger?”

“I’m having horrific flashbacks.” I chuckled back, making a note on my clipboard, “I’ll make sure to raise your concerns at the council. Take it easy, bro.”

“Aw, are you letting me off that easy?” Lutok raised a brow, and exaggerated his man-spread.

I looked down at the thing moving beneath his loincloth, and sighed. “Sorry bro. I don’t have time.”

“You can just pet it a little.”

“Yeah, but if I jerk you off, then I’m going to have jerk off the foremen, the brick-hauler and the mortar-mixer,” I said, gesturing to the orcs within eyeshot, then proffering my clipboard, “and I’m just at the start of my quota today.”

“C’mon. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I’m not a whore, Lutok.” I said sternly, “Don’t make that mistake with me again.”

His face fell in shame. “I didn’t mean nothing by it, you know. It’s just… even when I was young, I ain’t never had a woman like you before. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world every time you look at me.”

And my big slutty heart melted. I ran my hand through his braided grey hair, and raised his massive head with a light touch. “Can you carry me?”


I hitched up my skirt, showing him my bald pussy. It was already starting to blush with readiness just knowing what I was about to do. “I haven’t been fucked by an orc yet, and that’s on today’s agenda.” I smiled, “So if want to be the man to fill that position, then I need you to carry me while you’re doing it. I’m a busy girl, bro. I gotta multitask.”


There were born leaders. Adrianna was one, Faltia was one, Alexa was one, even Eva was one in her own way. Then there were born soloists, and Soraya, Brianna and Kiera were all immensely talented acting on their own. Then there was me, a fucking follower. Even after transforming into a new species, I was still the same timid woman I’d always been. I stuck to people’s hips like I was conjoined to them, and never could quite find it in me to go out my own, much less get people to follow me. Adrianna had said I was a great “support woman,” and I’d punched her in the shoulder for being patronizing.

“Ow.” She said flatly, rubbing her shoulder.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, “It’s just… everyone else is doing something, and it feels like I’m either in the way, or just being given busy work.”

Adrianna pulled up her pants, not even bothering to clean the cum I’d just deposited on her belly. “There are only so many tasks, Furia. I’m just bouncing you around, trying to see what your skill set is. Then when the right need comes, I’ll have you there to fill it. How was working with Alexa?”

“She just had me watch trolls lift blocks all day. I got them water when they needed it.”

“Ok, well what about Faltia?”

“She tried to get me to train the watchmen in archery, but orcs don’t use a bow, and I’m terrible with a crossbow. I ended up just setting up targets.”


“She got high with Rose, then they both got me high, then I barfed and passed out.” I grumbled, kicking at the dirt of the castle floor, “And Brianna told me outright that I was incompetent, so of course I stumbled into Certiok’s hut and got you roped into her weird baby scheme. Face it, Adrianna, I’m a fucking loser.”

“Hey,” she patted my back, “no one as beautiful as you, with a dick as big as yours could ever be a loser.”

I snorted. “I guess I have use as a fuck-toy then. Yay for me.”

Adrianna laughed, then paused, and considered that.

“Hold on. You’re not really going to—”

“No,” she smiled, “I was just thinking, I’ve been putting it off for obvious reasons, but maybe I should finally send you out with Eva.”


“The art, you understand, is in learning what your victim doesn’t want to desire, but does nonetheless.” I pontificated airily. I was in my office, which was for now, a dusty shack next to the castle where’d I stored my… tools. One of those tools was a cross. It was ebony wood, shaped in an ‘X’ and smoothed with wear. I didn’t know how many poor souls had been tortured on it, but I doubted any of them enjoyed it as much as poor Watch Commander Faltia. I knew when I saw the fear in her eyes as she gazed upon the instrument, that I had found her match.

“Please, Eva!” She moaned, “I can’t take it anymore!”

“But you will, Captain.” I smiled, brushing my leather-gloved hand through her leaking folds, seeing her nectar shine from the black-clad digit. Her clit was engorged, throbbing, and freshly pierced. I’d done the puncture myself, and I’d never heard in all my life such a sweet mixture of pain and ecstasy than what came from my former captain. I knew she’d like it. I saw the tattoos on her arms and chest that symbolized her commitment to the watch, but I also saw the tattoo she’d tried to keep hidden; the floral pattern that was etched onto her pussy-lips. Why had she’d gotten something of such excruciating detail in such a sensitive part? I knew the answer. I gently pulled on the chain I’d attached to her fresh piercing, and I heard her sonorous beg for relief, the overlaying lie that thinly hid her plea for me to make it worse. I did, pulling ever-so-slightly, stretching her little clit until it was grotesque and ruby, twitching on the end of my line.

“I want to hear you say it, Captain.” I whispered on her lips, brushing our noses, my eyes burning into hers. “Say it,” I whispered, “say it, say it, say it.”

Her lower lip trembled, so adorable was she when pride was on the line. But the pride she’d once felt as a high-elf was a farce now, something she wore like lingerie only to be discarded at moments just like this. “I want orc-cock in my slutty little elf pussy.” She whimpered, “I’m just… I’m just a cum-dumpster for monsters.”

I kissed her then, hard and rapacious, and I tasted in it, some fraction of the love she shared with Alexa. It was strong and vibrant, and built on years of forbidden glances and regretful silences, and it was decadent. She tasted in me, my overbearing desire for Soraya, my pet, my addiction, my… my love. But I couldn’t say it then, not then, no, no, no. I broke from the kiss with a malevolent grin, then grabbed the arms of Faltia’s cross, and wheeled her out of my office, to where her entire company waited in line, their eyes full of eagerness.


“Briana?!” Alexa exclaimed. The population logistics director had found herself a steed to ride around town—an old Protaki male whose fat organ was stretching the tiny hybrid’s pussy open. He carried her by the bottoms of her thighs, her back resting against her chest, her ass spread wide beneath her as she sat on his member. Her dress still covered her breasts and belly, and she went about conducting her work like nothing was happening, though her voice was punctuated with breath, her cheeks were flushed, and her congenial smile was gaping with pleasure, the sex threatening to overtake her mind. The idea of a woman going about her daily works while being violated aroused me, and I made a mental note to suggest it to my Domina.

Brianna waved to us when she saw us, then shook hands with the gawking orcs she was interviewing, and had her steed carry her over to us.

“Soraya, just the woman I was looking for!” Brianna said breathily.

“What for?” I asked from my canine position at Alexa’s feet.

“You’re in charge of accounting—” Brianna paused as the orc’s cock slowly slid to its base inside her, then she refocused as it slowly withdrew, slick with her secreted pleasure, “The workers… oh, fuck me Lutok… the workers I’ve talked to are wondering… right there bro, that’s it… the workers are wondering about their wages.”

Alexa piped-in, “None of my crews have raised the issue with me.”

“Well they wouldn’t, of course.” Brianna said, arching her back against Lutok, her voice coming out in an exerted growl, “The chain… oh fuck… the chain of command, you know? They don’t want to gripe to the woman they work for. That’s why they open up to me.”

Alexa frowned. “That sounds like an indictment on my leadership. They should know I have their backs.”

“Oh, they really respect you, Alexa.” Brianna assured her through a moan, “They just don’t want to force you into a position where you make a promise to them that you can’t keep, because they know you’d promise them everything they asked for.”

“You were a terrible requisitions officer.” I grinned up at her, then turned back to Brianna, “I’ll look through the books and see what I can do. Almost all the money brought into the city is from the silver trade with Ardeni, and all that money is shipped directly north to fund the war effort.”

Brianna nodded, her entire body shifting gradually to the up-and-down motion of her sex. Lutok spread her legs wide and to the sides, and her little pink pussy seized around him, the blushing folds outturning as he pulled his massive shaft out. I watched Lutok’s dangling balls move in their sack, and my mouth watered.

Alexa coughed, “Brianna? Is there anything else?”

Her eyes rolled back, and she groaned, “If you could take this data I collected and bring it to Eva, that would be great. She needs to analyze it for outreach purposesssssss.” She hissed the last word, dropped her clipboard, and succumbed completely to her lust. With a lethargic motion, she beckoned two orcs toward her, and they tenderly pulled her bodice down to take her nipples into their mouths. She ran splendid fingers through their braided hair, and gyrated against the methodical motions of the orc spearing her, looking somewhat like a queen of debauchery upon her throne of man.

“We better go before we end up joining them.” Alexa said with a tug of my leash, “Those nuts on Lutok looked absolutely delicious.”

I stopped in my tracks, digging my heels into the ground. Alexa gave me a quizzical look, and I whined like a puppy in distress, and indicated my desire with a nod toward Brianna.

“Fine then,” Alexa grumbled, taking my clipboard and Brianna’s, “but I can’t. Faltia and I promised each other our firsts would be with each other.”


I gawked at the line outside of Eva’s office. Orc after orc took their turned between Faltia’s spread legs, and she wailed like a whore the entire time, her strong arms flexing against the leather binds that held her wrists to the cross, her thick thighs quivering as damage was dealt between them. When the orc fucking her finished and pulled out, I saw the yawning, leaking ruin that had become Faltia’s pussy, and my jaw dropped. How many men had she taken already? And yet she begged for the next one, arching her back against the cross, her pierced clit pulled taut by a chain that linked to her breasts, each nipple freshly pierced, swollen and throbbing.

“Come on, Private!” She hollered to the orc positioning himself between her legs, “Show me all those squats on the yard haven’t been for nothing! One! Two! Three! F-f-four… f-f-f-five… siiiiix…” her voice slurred after the seventh repetition, and she moaned mindlessly.

“She works her troops so hard.” Eva chuckled beside us, then turned her attention toward Adrianna, “What do you need from me?”

“What’s the general vibe of the place? Are the people nervous about the arrival of the Tundra tribes?”

“I haven’t gotten Brianna’s report; she’s taking longer than usual to get it to me.” Eva said, watching the debauchery with a half-bored expression, “But from what I gathered by observation, there is a sense of tension. Most people are worried that the Tundra tribes will take over everything.”

“They should be more worried about the factions that will form once things settle. There are very old hatreds that will fester with time. That’s why I’m counting on you the most to pull things together here.”

“Why me?”

“We need a way to give these tribes a sense of unity and nationalism. War is great for that, but assuming Yavara wins her battle, the threat of annihilation will diminish. We need distractions to hold their attention while we break down the tribal divisions from within.”

“Bread and circuses?”

“Of the Alkandran sort that you seem to understand so well.” Adrianna smiled with a motion toward Faltia.

Eva reached behind her, and pulled out a sheet of paper. Adrianna looked it over, and her brows elevated. “A stadium?”

“One large enough to hold at least half the population.” Eva nodded, “Every orc tribe has a fighting pit, a rape pit, a killing pit, a torture pit, etc.; they love their pits. This will be Alkandra’s pit.”

“For… fighting, raping, killing and torture?”

“Orc-kind’s favorite pastimes right behind looting, drinking and of course,” she gestured to Faltia, “just plain-old fucking.”

“This is plain?” I laughed incredulously.

Adrianna shook her head. “Public rape. Public torture. I can understand fights, gladiator matches and executions, but sadism for sport is something I can’t abide.”

“So you think death should be punishment for petty theft?” Eva asked.

“I think imprisonment would suffice.”

“That’s why you have me as your outreach director.” Eva chuckled, “Orcs don’t believe in imprisonment except for slaves, who they view as livestock that need to be penned in. An orc would rather you saw off one of his fingers for theft than put him in chains, just like a she-orc would rather be publicly ravaged for her infidelity than suffer in a cell. Pain is something they understand and love in a strange way, but misery is hell for them.”

Adrianna chewed on that thought, then looked to me. “What do you think?”

“Me?” I asked, alarmed, then quickly struggled to regain my bearing. “I think… well, there’s… perhaps you… I think that you need a magistrate to decide what is fair.” I felt my face grow hot, my throat become tight. “It’s uh… it’s what we had in the Highlands, so… you know… it might work.”

Eva stared at me, and I felt like a foolish little girl under her gaze. Then she nodded, and a smile crept across her lips. “I like it. Someone who can fairly arbitrate, but understands orc culture, and also has a flair for showmanship. Court will be theatre, and the main event will be the sentencing.”

“Sound like a job perfect for you.” Adrianna said to Eva.

Eva laughed. “For me? No. I am incapable of arbitrating fairly, Governess; I’ll just side with whoever I like better. Besides, my plate is full enough as it is.”

“Huh,” Adrianna said, “Well Eva, I have one other candidate to fill the role. She’s fair and just, but she can be furious when the time calls for it.”

“ME?!” I yelled, “Adrianna, I can’t be a judge!”

Adrianna ignored me, watching Eva while Eva studied me like a specimen.

“Too meek and too gentle.” Eva said, then cocked her head, “But… that’s just inexperience. Furia is a killer. She went after the Dark Queen herself with naught but a knife while we all cowered. And she does try oh-so-hard to do the right thing.”

Adrianna nodded. “Can you train her?”


When I walked into town, I noticed there wasn’t much activity going on. The construction sites were abandoned, the drill yard was empty, and only the female orcs seemed to be present. It didn’t take much deduction to figure out why. I took another hit of my spliff, and strolled toward the sound of debauchery.

There were two piles of bodies. Soraya was in the middle of one, her little body being sandwiched between two seven-foot Terdini orcs who fucked her ass and pussy with such ferocity I thought she might rend in two. But Soraya, being the ductile girl she was, shrieked out her ecstasy as she took their rods, so thick they were that her taint seemed nonexistent. Brianna was in the other pile, and though the sex she engaged in was exuberant, it was much less violent. She was on her knees, backing her fat ass into on orc while she enthusiastically blew another.

“What’s going on, bitch?” I asked the mother of my children.

Brianna pulled the fat orc cock out of her mouth, and moaned, “Not much, bro. What about you?”

“Just looking for the governess.”

“Last I saw, she and Furia went over to Eva’s office.”

I glanced behind her, trying to discern through the fervent mashing of parts what was going back there. “Did you pop that butt cherry without me?”

“The butt cherry is still intact.”

I nodded, “Well then… see you at dinner!”

“See you, bro!”


Furia and I watched Adrianna walk out the door. When it shut, I turned to the lovely little hermaphrodite, and grinned. “Mommy’s not here to hold your hand anymore.”

She folded herself in her arms, her modest blouse bunching around her large breasts, her fat cock coiling in her trousers. She still dressed like a ranger, though her uniform was long gone. But… I thought I saw something peculiar when her white shirt caught the sun. I reached out and grasped Furia’s blouse. She protested with a whimper, but other than that, she had no will to stop me. I unbuttoned her shirt, and revealed the depraved secret beneath.

“What is this?” I asked, hooking my finger beneath the leather strap.

“Certiok’s bra.” Furia muttered.

“Is it now?” I chuckled, “Does Adrianna like it when you wear it for her?”

“Yes.” She said quietly.

I guided her shirt from her shoulders, and gently raked my nails down her collar and breast. She murmured, but she didn’t shiver nor gasp; those would be the vulnerable expressions of someone who wanted to be put under my mercy, whether they knew it or not. Brianna hadn’t been like that, which was why I couldn’t pair with her despite the two of us being so much alike when we were high-elves. Furia wasn’t like that either, though she was different than Brianna. Brianna would be submissive if only to experience it like a flavor-of-the-month fuck, but Furia would never willingly choose submission despite her demure persona.

“When you changed into this form,” I muttered to her, guiding her arms to uncross so that her shirt could fall off her, “you grabbed Yavara’s head, and throat-fucked her until you came. I remember. None of the others did that. Even I didn’t do that.” I undid her belt, and her oversized pants dropped easily, exposing her scant loincloth. I unhooked it, and the cloth draped over her organ for a moment, before sliding off. “But then you crawled back into your shell; why?” I grasped her gently, and her brows furrowed, her massive organ twitching to life in my palm. “I know why,” I whispered, petting the underside of her cock with my fingers, feeling it beginning to engorge, “you wanted to lure Adrianna into that shell of yours. You didn’t know at the time that was what you were doing, but it was. Now Adrianna is thoroughly enamored with you, little Furia, and it’s time to come out.”

She put her hand over mine, “Eva, I won’t do this.”

“Do you think it’s infidelity?” I chuckled, “Haven’t you lain with Certiok several times?”

“Adrianna was always there with me. Besides, orcs are different.”

I grinned. “You mean they’re lesser?”

“No, I mean—”

“Shh,” I hissed, putting my gloved finger over her lush lips, “you knew exactly what you meant, Furia. We all feel that way, even if some of us won’t admit it. When we were high-elves, we had an undeserved sense of superiority, but there’s nothing really special about high-elves; they’re no different than beasts, really. Just prettier. They’re prideful, stupid, weak and jealous.”

“And we’re not?”

“No, actually, we aren’t. Have you not noticed the changes in you? Not just physical or sexual. We’re far more intelligent than we were before, our flesh heals in hours when it should take days, our emotions run evenly and are easily controlled, and our perception is keener than ever before. We are ageless, and yet we are already wise beyond our years. It is why the beasts bow to us even though we were once their enemy. They recognize our power. It’s time that you did as well.”

“I’m not going to have sex with you.”

I sneered. “We’re all going to fuck each other eventually, Furia. I don’t know why we insist on clinging so desperately to a semblance of monogamy. That part of us was raped away.” I guided her gently forward by her cock, and she stepped out of her pants, “Your heart can belong to Adrianna, but why should she possess your mind and body?” I let go of her shaft as it began to rise in an erection, “In time,” I smiled, “you may find that your heart isn’t as exclusive as you thought it was. You will love me, Furia.”


“Not now, but soon. We will all love each other, and bear each other’s children, and when our children are of age, we will love them as well. Mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers; they will taste each other where they should not.”

Furia laughed, “You’re so twisted, Eva.”

“So are you, Furia.” I grinned, and undid the lacing before my crotch. My cock, which had been strapped painfully to my belly, now wobbled out to point at Furia’s. Our tips leaked with nectar, our bronze heads pulsed, our shafts throbbed. So smooth, so veiny, so beautiful. I knew when I first sucked a cock in this body, that there were two parts of my sexuality that enjoyed it. As Furia gazed at our members, I saw the same realization slowly dawning in her blue eyes, her cute freckled portrait slackening in hunger.

“Go on,” I whispered, my voice rapt, “you can touch it.”

She chewed on her lip, then ever-so-slightly, she shifted her hips forward. Our tips touched, the little slits of each head meeting in a kiss. My heart beat slow and heavy in my chest as she shifted her hips more, and our members pressed until they rose together, sliding shaft to shaft, feeling the pulsating nature of the other, slick with precum, hot with blood, writhing against one another until they were trapped between the press of our bodies.

“I really like how you feel.” She muttered on my lips, staring up in my eyes as she slowly thrusted, rubbing our pulsing shafts together, applying enough pressure that they leaked in spurts, thick rivulets of precum running between them. I could smell the nectarous mixture even from here, and it intoxicated my mind, turning my thoughts to molasses. She moaned sensually, and brought her arms around me, and I did the same, our lips coming together, our tongues entangling just like our cocks were, feasting with torpid hedonism upon the other. She parted from my mouth, braids of spit glinting in the sunlight.

“Eva?” She whispered.


“Do you remember how it felt when the nymph boys took us?”

“No. I can’t remember how anything felt with that body.”

“Me neither. They filled me in every hole. I was a virgin, I was so scared.” She looked up at me, a mixture of uncertainty and desire, “I don’t remember what it feels like to have a cock inside me.” Her breath was shaking, “Won’t you treat me like a woman? Or maybe… maybe…”

“…like a man?” I muttered.


I grinned, took her by the hand, and guided her to the table. I propped upon it, then opened a drawer, and extracted three golden rings. I lathered each with my tongue before sliding them one at a time down Furia’s shaft. Though she was two inches longer than I, her girth was similar, so the rings were a snug, but comfortable fit. She examined herself, her tantalizing flesh bulging around each golden bind, the veins standing at attention. I procured three more, and slid them equidistantly from each other down my cock.

“Now what?” She asked, her voice edging with anticipation.

I planted a foot on the table, elevating myself so that our cocks aligned once more. “You’re not naturally submissive; you just lack the confidence. Your puppy-love for Adrianna has stunted your growth. You give in to her easily, I can tell.” I took her hands in mine, “Do you trust me?”

“Yes.” She whispered, her body teeming with readiness. I guided her to her back, then cuffed her wrists to the shackles that were bolted into the table. Her breasts bobbed in their strap with her catching breath as she stared at me, her arms stretched out, her cock pulsating against its golden binds.

“I am a sadist,” I said, reaching into the drawer, “I desire to see you humiliated and it pain.” I pulled out the bottle, and Furia’s eyes widened. I gave her a soothing stroke along her belly as I upturned the bottle, and dripped the nectarous lubricant on my cock. “We can only grow through pain, Furia, and you’ve been avoiding it.” My eyes flashed to hers, and I grinned, “Mommy’s not here to save you. I’m going to fuck your tight virgin shithole until you cum all over your face.”

And before her shocked eyes, I pressed my tip to her pink aperture, and pushed. She squealed, her head digging into the wood, her neck striating, her back arching. Her rim dilated and twitched, indenting more and more until the resistance finally broke, and I surged into her. Her tight heat constricted around me, the smooth texture of her anal sheath wrapping my throbbing flesh, her wanting shithole sucking me deeper, past the first ring, the second, the third! She was screaming now, her arms flexing in their binds, her feet kicking. Her ass pillowed against my crotch, and I moaned in satisfaction.

“God, you’re so fucking tight!” I gasped, “Tighter than Soraya. But of course, I fist-fuck Soraya’s asshole gaping every night, so that shouldn’t be a surprise!” And I pulled out, watching the way her pelvic floor stretched from her body to birth each of my exiting rings, each one popping out, her rim so tight that it immediately clamped back down on my girth. I drove in again, hard enough that her entire body lurched, and her scream was shrill and rich, her cock becoming so rigid that it waggled from her crotch without touching her belly.

“You keep screaming, but I can see that you love this,” I growled, grabbing her cock, squeezing with all my might, “What would Mommy think to see her precious Furia bawling like a faggot with my cock in her ass?!” I laughed cruelly when she shrieked, “But you don’t need Mommy anymore, Furia, you’ve got me. I’ll add a second pet to my kennels, and treat you like the bitch you are!”

And I drove into her again, and again, grunting every time I was buried to the hilt within her, her channel squeezing me tighter with every drive, shitting my cock out only to suck it back in. Her little cunt was glistening with arousal, the petals flushing, the slit opening to reveal her pristine renewed virginity. But I would not take that, for it was her masculine side I wanted to punish, and it was her masculine side that screamed so beautifully. I lubed my hand with the secretion of her womanhood, and stroked her cock to the fervent cadence with which I fucked her, rolling my palm possessively up and down its length, marveling at its power and size.

“Oh god!” She screamed, her eyes filmed with tears.

“Do you like it, you little faggot?!”

“Yes!” She bawled, her face breaking into a euphoric smile, her head thrashing from side to side like she couldn’t comprehend the pleasure I was forcing into her filthy little fuckhole.

“Then take it!” I snarled, and delivered blow after blow with my hips, her bronze ass rippling, her white hair flailing, and her arms straining against the binds, the chain that held them groaning. Soraya had been a scribe, and after being turned into a woman, she had very little strength in her muscles. But Furia was a warrior, and I knew that chain wouldn’t hold her for long. I’d been counting on it. What she did once she got free was anyone’s guess, but I was betting that I’d be walking with a limp the next morning. Adrianna owed me after this one.


“I’m your little faggot-whore! I’m your little faggot-whore!” I confessed over and over as Eva did her damage inside me, stretching me open, ruining me mind, body and soul. Oh, why had I not explored this side of myself? Why had I been Adrianna’s demure grade-school crush this whole time?! I was fucking dark-elf! I was a whore, a faggot, a degenerate piece of filth who wallowed in the most heinous of desires. I should’ve joined everyone the other day in the recruitment circle. I should’ve opened my cheeks to the first orc I fancied, and let him pick his hole!

I squirmed in delight, my breasts jiggling, my hips gyrating, my flesh rippling as I was penetrated over and over, the rings on her cock grinding into my tender anal flesh, turning my sheath into a convulsing ruin with spasms shooting into my bowels. She hit my prostate mercilessly, pounding against it until each pump of her hips sent a shot precum out of my throbbing tip to join the puddle that had formed on my belly.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed, unbridled and joyous, reveling in this debauched delight, wallowing in my captivity. I could feel the chain holding my arms giving way, but I didn’t yank. Not yet. Not until I had enjoyed this lust to the fullest. I arched my back against the table, sounding out cry after cry, feeling my pussy pulse from the wrong side as her studded cock rubbed its back wall.

She released my cock and grabbed my ass, squeezing the fat until it hurt, pushing forward until my hips were off the table, my legs splayed above me, and she was jackhammering into my shithole from above, pounding, pounding, pounding into me until I was sputtering incoherent nonsense in my lustful delirium. Her grunts became exerted, her bronze flesh began to glisten beneath her leather-bound body, her white hair hung in tangles before her snarling visage. Spit leaked from her clenched teeth as her eyes bulged, and her exerted exclamations became cries. I could feel her accelerating heartrate through the thin skin of her cock as it rubbed my sheath raw, the rings grinding against my pulsating prostate, the feeling building past the point of no return!

“AH!” I screamed as an explosion of my ejaculate splattered my belly and neck.

“OH GOD!” I screamed again, the second eruption dousing me, hitting my chin, my nose, my mouth.

“OH, FUCK!” I screamed with the final eruption that blasted out of me, tangling in my hair, pooling near my eyes.

Eva panted above me, then pulled out with a ferocious tug. My sucking sheath clung to her cock like a condom, then bunched at my exit in a pink coil when her head popped free. I screamed with the violent contraction of pleasure that lanced through me, and Eva took the opportunity to sit on my breast and shove her stinking cock into my mouth. I imagined that a normal girl would’ve gagged to taste such a concoction, but in all my life, I swore there was never anything as delicious as her meat plunging down my throat, the sheen of my ass still fresh on it. The disgusting tang inundated my palate, and though I hadn’t sucked cock since the nymph males had done their work, I took her seven inches of manhood without strain, and she orgasmed down my gullet. I swallowed continuously, humming and rotating my lips, slurping with gluttony upon the organ that had given me such terrible pleasure. She slowly pulled it out, sneering down at me as my lips stretched to keep her in, then she slid her cock beneath my bra strap, and fucked my tits as the last milliliters of her orgasm oozed from her tip.

When Eva was done coming, she smiled warmly at me. “I’m surprised you let me do that to you.”

I giggled. “Why would I stop you?”

She pulled her cock out from between my breasts, and sat on them instead, her tip tickling my cum-dripping chin. “Perhaps I’m not as good at reading people as I thought.”

I grinned, and tore the cuffs loose with a jerk. “Oh, I think you’re just fine at it.”


Faltia was lying in a pile of orcs outside of Eva’s office. Her wrists and ankles were rubbed raw, her body was glazed with cum, and she looked like she’d just given birth from both holes. They were yawning and ruby, the entrances swollen, the space between them so small it almost wasn’t there. She snuggled splendidly into the arms of her first lieutenant, and sighed with the utmost contentment. When my shadow cast over her face, she peaked open one eye, and gave me a guilty smile.

“Sorry, Sergeant,” she yawned, “I guess I couldn’t wait for you.”

“Anal too?” I bemoaned, “You were saving that for me!”

“One of my men shot lower than he aimed; I blame Furia for setting up such terrible targets yesterday.” Faltia chuckled, “I was angry, but my mood changed after about three thrusts.”

I ran a hand through her sticky hair, and sighed. “No more firsts without me, OK? I want to experience all the new things with you.”

“I promise.” She smiled tiredly.

I stood up, and narrowed my eyes at Eva’s office door. I didn’t have to do much guesswork to figure out who was responsible for this.


One breath, then another. I tried to ease my nerves, but it was a fruitless endeavor. Truth be told, that two-breath system I’d taught my soldiers to calm themselves had been bullshit. I made it up. My old commander once told me that the best officers are the ones who could effectively lie to their soldiers during times of great terror. Putting on a façade of a control in the mania of battle gave the semblance that the hell they were going through was manageable, and that if they just did as they were told, they would make it out just fine. When they saw their brethren fall, they could ease themselves with the idea that the poor bastard just hadn’t followed his orders right.

One breath, then another. It was what I’d told an archer who was shaking so badly that he couldn’t nock. I wasn’t even trying to calm his nerves; I was trying to explain that he should shoot between breaths, but I was so fucking terrified of the charging orcs that I’d completely fucked up the sentence. Nevertheless, it worked. One breath, then another, and he was calm. Just focusing on the one thing he could control in that moment made all the difference. I’d won that impossible battle, and that victory got me noticed. I rode the wave of that notoriety all the way to the top. One breath, then another. Maybe the magic was in the bullshit. Maybe we needed to lie to ourselves to get control. But there was no amount of lying that could save me from the gnawing in my loins.

“It is rather amusing to watch this.” Certiok tittered.

I had hidden myself in the darkest corner of the castle, which happened to be the unfinished royal bedroom, and I was fist-fucking my cunt like I was trying punch into my guts. My hand was slick with my ceaseless secretion, which ran down my trembling thighs and dripped into a pool below my squatting ass. Each thrust shot a breath from my gaping mouth, and I’d put a hand over it to try to keep quiet, but I hadn’t been quiet enough.

“Enjoy the show.” I said through gritted teeth.

“I could help you, you know.”

“You don’t have what I need.”

“Why don’t you just go out and get it then?” Certiok asked, peering out the window of the castle tower. From the vantage point, I could see Brianna and Soraya getting what they needed in the streets, and Faltia finishing off in front of the shed that had become Eva’s office. I’d been watching them, wishing they were me, pretending my fist was a stinking fat orc cock fucking me into the cervix.

“I can’t!” I panted, my breaths accelerating, “If I fuck someone, I won’t be able to stop myself from begging them to come inside me! I’ll wrap my legs around them and force the issue if they try to pull out!” I was moaning now, the squelching sound of my fist accompanying it, my knuckles digging deliciously into the hungry flesh, each blow sending bouts of pleasure that weakened me from the inside, tearing down my very structure until I collapsed against the wall and whined like whore, begging myself to fuck me!

Certiok was against me then, her breasts pillowing my back, her fingers reaching into my shirt, pinching my swollen nipples, rolling them, oh god! “Trenok,” she whispered soothingly into my ear, “think of Trenok when you come. He’s going to fuck you tomorrow, Adrianna. He’s going to put a baby in your slutty little pussy, and this will all be over.”

“Yes!” I whimpered.

“Say his name.” She beckoned softly, rolling my nipples, the tingling felicity growing in my breasts.

“Trenok.” I breathed, “Oh, Trenok, fuck me! Come inside me!”

“You’re his breeding bitch.”

“I’m his breeding bitch!”

“You’ll let him do whatever he wants to you.”

“Whatever he wants!”

“You’ll get on your knees, and worship his cock.”

“I’ll worship his cock!”

“You’ll beg for it.”

“Oh, I’ll beg for it! I’m your breeding bitch, Trenok! Please fuck me!”

Certiok took full advantage of my vulnerable state, guiding me to the floor, straddling over my face, pulling her thong to the side, and sitting. I could do nothing but eat her, my tongue lathering her petals, sliding into her slit, tasting the salt of her nethers with a writhing motion as my lips sucked sensually upon her soft puffy folds, my nose upending the bottom of her clit. She gyrated atop me, her muscular green belly shadowing with contours, her tattooed flesh become slick, her black eyes staring with covetousness upon me, in awe of what my tongue was doing. Even as she humiliated me, I could feel the way she moved with gentleness, not daring to overstep herself, only acting upon my desires. And I desired in that moment to be desecrated. I’d never felt like such a whore before. She slid her body up my face, her cheeks enveloping my muzzle so that my tongue could find her tight aperture. I circled her spokes, dipping my wet tip into each little crease until her filthy button was twitching and winking open, and then I dived into her. Her rectum was smooth and soft, the delicate flesh fluttering with sensation, the tart flavor of her filthy channel saturating my palate until my mouth was filled with its deliciousness. Her fingers gripped my head, pulling the hair, and she undulated atop me, grinding on my face, her voice high and rich as I screamed muffled ecstasy into her disgusting, decadent depths.

As I came, I pushed her off me, and screamed, “Piss on me!” And she did, marking me like the bitch I was, washing away my whorish sin with the hot rank shower of her loins. She came as she did it, her legs trembling in their squat, and I was writhing beneath her, my back arching as I delivered the last few thrusts of my fist. When the final drops fell from her pink slit, she shakenly dismounted me, then collapsed in a heap.

“Good god, Adrianna, your tongue!” She gasped, “I haven’t been eaten like that since Queen Yavara herself!”

For a moment, I was blissfully reprieved of the gnawing in my loins. Only for a moment. Then it came back, the aching emptiness, the flood of desire between my legs. Every second made it worse until I was face-down with my ass in the air, my fingers running through my abused petals to enter me once more, scratching that itch that only made it worse. I couldn’t take another ten minutes of it, much less a whole night! I was going to crawl on my hands and knees out of the castle, and pounce on the nearest thing with a cock I could find.

“Goddamn it!” I screamed into the stone floor, weeping with need.

“Adrianna?!” Certiok said, alarm in her voice.

“Chain me up!” I bellowed, “Shackles… in the dungeon! Chain me to the alcove, and get Furia!”


I had marched into the office expecting to give Eva a piece of my mind. I found Furia was already there giving Eva a piece of her… never mind. Furia had Eva in her lap, gently holding a chain that wrapped around Eva’s throat, her thrice-ringed cock slowly penetrating Eva’s anus. I stared slack-jawed as I watched Furia’s awesome member bury itself into Eva’s pink hole, the golden rings popping inside with a sudden release of tension in Eva’s surrounding anal skin. Eva’s ringed cock was left unattended, though it leaked bubbling precum every time her spread cheeks met Furia’s crotch. When that happened, her whole body stiffened in a pleasure I could only imagine. I had jealously thought that Eva was the alpha she proclaimed to be, but it was obvious now. Furia was the best of us.

“She’s stopped struggling.” Furia whispered to me over Eva’s shoulder, “She fought me until I penetrated her, then she became very docile.”

“We’re not supposed to fuck each other.” I said.

“Who made that rule?” Eva giggled. Her dominant persona was gone from her body, but her eyes didn’t bare any submissiveness when they looked upon me.

“She’s training me. Adrianna thinks I need to be more assertive.” Furia groaned as Eva rose, her rim clinging to Furia’s shaft, her legs quivering with the pleasure.

“She’s learned so much!” Eva cried out, squatting to take Furia’s cock once more, impaling herself, her modest breasts rippling, her fat ass jiggling.

Furia stroked her victim’s face lovingly. “I’m not like her. I don’t want to hurt people; I just want them to know who’s in charge.”

“You’re in charge, baby!” Eva whined, “Now please let me come! I’ll be good, I swear!”

“What the hell is going on here?” Kiera exclaimed as she entered the office, “Faltia looks like she tried to fit her whole company up her... oh.”

“Watch her.” Furia moaned, planting her heel onto the table and delivering long, methodical thrusts into Eva, “Watch this whore come.”

Eva’s entire body twisted and writhed in her leather-strap dress, her cock waggled as she dropped and rose in contest with Furia, their impacts seeming to send a jolt through her, each one more powerful. Her eyes rolled back, her mouth hung agape, and the infamous dominatrix of Alkandra sobbed like a little girl as she pumped ropes of cum all over herself.

I was hard. I was so fucking hard that my dress was pulled from the front of my body. I turned toward Kiera, and she was already taking off her clothes, her own member standing rigid, her thighs wet with what was leaking from her slit. We both knew we couldn’t stop ourselves. There was no use in trying. There had been glances, and errant looks, and awkward eye contact between me and the other hermaphrodites, all of us wondering, but none of us broaching the topic outright. Now our musings were put to rest. We were straight women, gay women, straight men and gay men; our sexuality only dependent on who we were with.

Kiera and I came together, our kiss sloppy and lecherous, our eyes open to gauge the other. Who would I be for her? Then our eyes drew to the side, where Eva and Furia watched us. There was no doubt then, that seeing Furia and Eva tickled the homosexual man within me. No matter how much I feared their sizes, nor how much I personally disliked Eva, I could not help it! I would spread my cheeks for them, and beg them to fuck my ass. I moaned into Kiera’s mouth, bending and undulating with sensual desperation, displaying my ass to them, pleading in all but words. Kiera was doing the same, but still, her cock sought the space between my legs. I would be her woman. I learned in that moment, that I was the beta of this pack. And for whatever reason, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

They moved on me at once. Eva took her spot behind me, and Furia took her spot behind Kiera. I felt Kiera’s lips trembling with anticipation, and I knew mine were as well. Furia would be firm with Kiera, but Eva would be cruel to me. I hoped she would be.

“Take a deep breath, Sergeant.” She hissed in my ear, her cock running through my crack, “You might feel a little prick.”

Her tip centered on my aperture, and with the full force of her thrust, she drove into me. My breath caught. Before I could even utter a scream, Furia plunged into Kiera’s ass, and compelled Kiera’s hips forward, driving her cock deep within me, rubbing against the tortuous organ that was already there. I found my voice just as Kiera did, and we screamed in harmony, joyous and anguished, loving and hating what was being done to us. Furia and Eva drove as one, pounding into out shitholes, compelling our bodies to press, our breasts squishing wetly together, her rod piercing my renewed virginity, breaking my hymen! I’m sorry, Faltia! I thought through a mind of transient ecstasy, But it’s too good! It’s too fucking good!

They fucked us into tandem until our legs turned to jelly, and we moved to our knees. I wrapped my legs around Kiera’s hips and hooked my hands on her shoulders as she knelt before me, her undulations deep and exaggerated to accommodate the woman sodomizing her. In my helpless embrace, I was left open for Eva to do her work, and she did. The rings around her cock dully scored my virgin sheath, rubbing against my prostate, turning my nethers into a churning coil of pleasure that should never be felt. So good, so wrong! She raked her nails viciously along my spine, and I cried out for her stop, but the tenor of my voice betrayed my true desires, and she only did worse! She slapped my ass with every forceful drive, vulgarly kneading the fat each time, whispering in my ear of what Faltia would think if she knew what an unfaithful slut I was. But I didn’t have to imagine it. Faltia was in the doorway, watching me succumb, seeing how weak I was compared to the others. She was touching herself, rubbing her freshly-pierced clit with a fervency, turned on by my humiliation almost as much as I was. And there was Certiok beside her, her black eyes wide with wonder, staring at the display like we were angels, or devils.

“You’re just a slut who never had a chance.” Eva whispered in my ear.

“Yes… Domina.” I whispered back. Somewhere after that, I lost my mind. I was in fugue state of sex, shifting my weight forward and back, alternating the ruination of my holes. Then it came, a wave that crested within me, but it would not break! It surged and surged, and the feeling lanced through my loins, out of the tip of my pathetic cock, and burst against Kiera’s belly. Kiera and Eva exploded into me, and my starving nethers soaked every drop, sating a hunger I hadn’t known was in me. Eva gripped my ass and ripped out so that I prolapsed, and I screamed just like she wanted me to, sobbing against Kiera’s breast. And being the cruel mistress she was, Eva beckoned to Faltia, and my beloved, the man I’d longed for all my life, the woman I loved with painful devotion, she came to me, knelt behind me, and sucked Eva’s cum right from my rosebud. Eva stroked Faltia’s back like she was a prize bitch, and Kiera withdrew from me to exchange tongues with Furia, Furia’s milky nectar leaking from between Kiera’s squatting cheeks. Then there were two more shadows in the threshold, and Brianna and Soraya were there, obviously annoyed that they’d missed the show, but it was apparent by their state that they’d been busy with a performance of their own. Soraya paired with Eva, and Brianna found Kiera, and Certiok took Furia by the hand, and whispered something in her ear. The two left in a hurry, but I paid them no mind.

“Lick it up.” Eva growled in my ear, and forced my face into the milky puddle Kiera had expunged from her anus. As Faltia tenderly cleaned my outturned rectum, I dipped my head down, and like a kitten with warm cream, I lapped up Furia’s delicious seed.


“…it must be the succubus in her,” Certiok was saying, “this is like what happens to them when they go without food for a long time.”

Adrianna was naked, bent over and chained to the alcove, moaning and groaning to the torture of desire that raged between her grinding thighs. Her eyes had changed. What had been blue was now tinged slightly violet, the true color of a succubus’s irises.

“Arbor said it’s our menstrual cycle.” I said to Certiok, “Our succubus genes must be most expressed when we’re ovulating.”

“Do you still go through the cycle?”

“The incubus in me must counteract it.”

Certiok licked one of her tusks thoughtfully. “That must be why Yavara never gets this bad. She has the incubus in her.”

“Or she’s already pregnant.” I muttered, and left Certiok to stew on that as I made my way to Adrianna.

“Hey, babe.” I whispered, stoking her back. Her spine bowed under my touch, her ass lifting, a purr sounding from her lips.

“Babe?” She whispered hoarsely, “Since when did you call me, ‘Babe?’”

“I’m testing out girlfriend names. Babe just came to mind.” I ran a hand through her hair. It was wet and smelled strongly of soap.

“I had to clean her.” Certiok said, “We got a little… messy.”

My thumb ran over the extended point of her elf ear, and she tilted her head into the touch, groaning with need, her body swimming with hormones, his flesh alight with sensation. I could play her like a harp. With just a flick of the wrist and a flourish of my fingers, I could make beautiful music from the tortured sexual beast that had become Adrianna.

“Furious Furia,” She moaned, “it would be a good name, but it’s too obvious. Maybe just ‘Furious.’”

“Why did you choose the name, ‘Adrianna’ when ‘Thomas’ was your first name?”

“Yavara picked it for me. I think she wanted to strip my surname from me just to rape away that much more of my identity. Now I’m Adrianna Alkandra, and I very-much live up to the name.” She stretched languorously, her fat bronze cheeks separating to reveal heaven between them. Her pussy lips were strung together with liquid webs that stretched and snapped with her parting cheeks. Her petals were swollen and red, nearly throbbing with sensation. Her anus was coiled tight into a pink aperture, the rim around it hollowing with flexion. The smell that came from her filled my nostrils and saturated my mind. Oh, it was rich and nectarous, strengthened by the heat radiating from her. She looked back at me with her violet-tinged eyes.

“Help me, Furia.” She whispered, “I have to meet with the matriarchs of the Ten before I can take Trenok to my bed, and if I’m like this, everything will go wrong.”

“Every time we fuck, it just gets worse for you. You need the seed, but I can’t give it to you. What can I do?”

“I don’t know. I’m at the end of my rope, and I need you to save me right now. Furia, please.”

She shook her hips before me, presenting the slit I loved so much, the scent, the heat, the flavor of it almost on my tongue, her arousal was so great. My eyes drew to her anus, so tight, virgin and pink.

“Adrianna,” I said, stroking her back once more, gently preparing her for what was to come, “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Do it!” She whined, “Just fuck me, I don’t care how!”

I turned to Certiok. “Go get Eva, Kiera and Alexa.” Then I turned back to Adrianna, “We’ll give you all that you need, all night long.”

“Give it to me!” She hissed, “Oh god, give it to me now!”

I opened her tight hole with my thumbs, and she shivered from head to toe. I couldn’t just take her like that. There was only one chance for a first time. It would torture her, yes, but it would also pleasure her beyond comprehension. I lowered my face to her depths, rested my parted lips around her rim. She hissed, her pelvic floor popping, her ass opening and closing violently. My tongue slithered out, and gently rounded her taut pink rim, slowly and sensually, lovingly tasting her filthiest place, but oh, it was clean. Her moan almost sounded mournful, and with each pass of my tongue, her anal muscles relaxed, soothed by the tender repetition. When her aperture had uncoiled fully, I dipped my tongue into the relaxed center, and pushed inside.

“Oh god!” She cried, and backed her ass into my face, swallowing my head near to the ears. I pet her pussy as I swirled her smooth innards, tasting the decadence of her sinful channel, relishing every fluttering contraction that accompanied her gasps and whimpers. I rotated my sucking lips about her rim, drawing the tender flesh to a swollen ring filled with sensation, then my mouth left her with a pop, and I rose to a kneeling position behind her.

“Give it to me!” She demanded.

“No.” I giggled, “I’m sorry, Adrianna, but you wanted Eva to train me. Well, I know what I want now. I’m not going to be your sweet little fuck-toy anymore.”

She looked back at me then, and for a moment, her lecherous demeanor broke to display a broad smile. “I’m glad.” She said, then her smile faded into a gaping oval, and her eyes drooped into whorish desperation, and she mewled for me. I slid my thrice-bejeweled cock between her cheeks, the rings brushing through her folds, running along her puckered anus. The sounds that came from her were nearly the pleas of a tortured prisoner, but I gave her no pain, only a ratcheting ecstasy that left her holes winking to taste me. I repeated this over and over, holding her hips steadily, letting her gyrate gently in contest with my teasing caresses, her supple cheeks enveloping me, her juices lathering me. When I thought she might go insane, I withdrew, my cock sheened with her nectar, and I pressed the tip to her little pink button.

“It’s going to feel a little weird at first.” I said, “Kind of like you’re pooping in reverse. You just need to relax, and I’ll make it feel like heaven.” I pulled her hair to the side, and whispered into the shell of her ear, “They say size doesn’t matter. Maybe that’s true with a pussy, but back here, it means everything. You’re going to feel this.”

And I pushed in. First the tip, and she whimpered. Then the first ring, and she gasped. Then I slid inside, her rim sucking on my shaft until it met the second ring, and she sobbed. I pushed passed that, watching her anal cuff suck around the second ring then hungrily devour my shaft all the way to the third. She was sputtering now, her back arching with such concavity that I thought her spine might snap. My tip broke new ground inside her, parting her tender resistance, her sphincters pulsing around me, squeezing me, milking me. I passed the third ring, and her shithole swallowed me to the base.

“Fuck!” We both screamed in unison. I’d already come five times that day, but I could feel my loins boiling with new seed, the tension in my taint growing as my prostate kicked in.

“Fuck me!” Adrianna demanded, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh please god, fuck me!”

I gave her what she wanted, hard and fast, no gentleness, no sensuality, just brutal thrusts, ripping out of her and plunging back in, and she came in twenty seconds. Her orgasm was so violent that my cock was trapped halfway in her, unable to pull out. She would only let me go deeper. So I drove in, gripped her hair, wrenched her head back, and stared into those beautiful eyes as she mouthed her soundless release, her thighs dripping, the puddle beneath her growing. When the feeling passed, I ripped out again, each ring notching her rim, the gradient of sensation turning it into a pulsing mouth that consumed me with endless voracity. I slapped her fat ass with my other hand, my palm stinging with the blows, but I didn’t do it to hurt her. The stings lanced into her desecrated nethers and sung in harmony with the brutal drives I dealt, one after the other, our impacts causing her body to lurch. She stared back at me the whole time, her face a portrait of the things I was doing to her, her eyes wide, her mouth gaping, drool cornering her quivering lips.

“I love you.” I said then. I didn’t know why I said it, I didn’t know what compelled me in that moment. Maybe it was because I’d always been the vulnerable one, and now it was her. Maybe I just wasn’t terrified of myself anymore.

“I love you too.” She whispered hoarsely, her voice ravaged with ecstasy, anguish and yes, love! I kissed her like that, her head tilted back to receive, my cock plunging into her rectum as our tongue danced joyously in our mouths. My drives became deliberate and violent, each sudden impact causing her to scream, but still, we kissed. We kissed as I pressed myself fully into her, and she grinded her ass around me, the pillowing warmth of her cheeks enveloping my crotch, her vile insides squeezing me until I couldn’t hold back. I exploded into her bowels, and she wilted with relief, succumbing to an orgasm that turned her body to jelly, and I had to hold her upright as I emptied my loins.

For a moment, the only things that could be heard were our breaths on each other’s lips, and the only things that could be seen were the blue oceans of each other’s eyes. Then there were the sounds of footsteps, and the door burst open. Certiok hadn’t just brought the other hermaphrodites, but all the hybrids. I thrusted one last time into Adrianna, and deposited the last of my seed deep.

“Is it better?” I asked her.

“A little.” She said, “But I’m going to need a lot more.” She grinned sheepishly, “Could you unshackle my wrists? I don’t really like to be restrained.”

“If you don’t want them, then I’ll just…” Soraya quickly unshackled Adrianna, then shackled her own wrists, “…take those off your hands.”

“What are you even doing here?” I asked.

“We’re having an anal party!” Faltia giggled, positioning herself in a bent-over state besides Soraya.

“First timers at the front of the line!” Brianna laughed, bending over on Faltia’s other side, “Ooo, I’m so nervous! Captain, hold my hand, bro!”

“I’ll just…” Certiok grunted, wiggling herself between Soraya and Faltia, “…fit right in here, if you don’t mind.”

“The line starts here.” Kiera said, upending a bottle of lubricant to spill into the crack of the quivering Brianna. She lovingly pet the anus she was about to wreck, and Brianna’s quivers ceased, her eyes closing in anticipation, a smile creasing her lips.

“And ends here.” Eva said, giving Adrianna a firm slap on the ass, “I’m sorry, ladies, but the governess will be receiving all donations tonight.”

Alexa took her place behind Faltia, and Eva, the cruel woman that she was, neglected Soraya in favor of Certiok. I held Adrianna gently by the throat, and smiled into her upturned face. “You up for round two?”

“And three, and four, and five.”

“You pig.”


It took me a lot longer to finish the second time, which gave Kiera and Brianna ample time to enjoy their first anal coupling. When I was finished, I decided to be a trend setter, and instead of rotating back to Brianna, and moved in front of Adrianna. I knew that with the hormones practically bleeding into her eyeballs that she would have no apprehension, and I was right. Besides, I knew from firsthand experience that in that state of mind, the more depraved, the more delicious. She took me to the base, and I marveled once more at her oral skill as every inch of me disappeared into her loving throat. She stared up at me with eyes full of adoration, and she slurped upon my cock with a generosity that almost made me come a third time.

The romance of the blowjob was immediately corrupted once Eva positioned herself behind Adrianna. “You know, Commander,” Eva grinned evilly, stroking her three-ringed cock, “even before I had this thing, I wanted to fuck you in the ass.” And she plunged both her thumbs deep, pried open my beloved’s tender rim, and drove her meaty cock all the way to the hilt. Adrianna’s eyes rolled back, she screamed a gagged note, and she sucked me with vulgar gluttony, spit running down her chin, smearing around her lips, her mouth sounding a relentless, “glug, glug, glug…” Eva procured a riding crop from her bag of goodies, and positioned herself to such a way that she was mounted atop Adrianna like a horse before she began viciously smacking the plush domes she was riding. I almost told her to stop, but Adrianna grabbed me firmly by the ass and held me against her, rotating her muzzle wetly around my base. How many sides of this woman would I have left unexplored if Eva hadn’t helped me get out of my shell? It was in that moment, seeing Adrianna display such beautiful masochism, that I realized Eva had been right about us. There would be no monogamy. After Adrianna had tasted each woman’s brand of love and lust, there was no way she would keep herself chained to just me. It would be selfish to assume she would. Those words I’d said to her, “I love you,” she would say them to each hybrid here. And so would I.

I pulled out of Adrianna’s mouth, and she sang out her pain and pleasure, her breath punctuated by the snap of the riding crop, leaving raised red marks on her shining, jiggling globes. I moved to Soraya, and marveled at the submissive nature of her blowjob, the way she beckoned me to grab her by the hair and rail down her throat. She gagged and sputtered, purposefully closing her gullet so that I could break through their wet fleshy coils. Then I moved to Certiok, who consumed me with the relish of a beast, her tusks grazing my underside, her black eyes wild as Alexa fucked her ass. Faltia surprised me by sticking three of her fingers deep into my pussy, then brining me to her. She grinned at my shocked expression, then slowly and sensually took me down her throat, guiding me from the inside to thrust. She tilted her head and dramatically ran her hand down her neck, displaying the bulge of my cock like a trophy. Brianna was playful and spunky, and she insisted on licking me from base to tip, then swirling the head for long enough that it was spongy and tender. She made me force the issue, but it wasn’t for masochistic delight like Soraya, but because she thought it was funny to get me flustered. I made her pay for it, and she took her punishment in stride, grinning with quirked lips around the meat being shoved down her gullet.

By the time I rounded the bend and got to Brianna’s ass, my loins were fully restocked, and my dispenser was over-sensitized.

“Go easy on me, bro!” Brianna giggled over her shoulder.

I didn’t, and she didn’t want me to. We shared a mutual grin as I plowed into her, her rim clinging to my third ring for all it was worth, tenting her anus from her pelvic floor. Her smile didn’t fade when she came, but widened and gaped, and she sang out with a trembling voice, and squirted for the second time. Faltia had already been through the ringer earlier that day, so I slid into her with ease, and she backed into me, rubbing her tattooed pussy as it dripped into the puddle forming between her knees. Certiok didn’t wait for me to thrust, but backed her ass right into me, her dark rim winking as it consumed me like an anal mouth. She fucked like she sucked, and I gave her the animalistic plowing she wanted. Her braids were flailing, and her large shoulders were pinched back when she came, and she roared to the ceiling like a lioness. Soraya’s poor asshole was gaping by the time I got to it, the bright pink flesh contrasting the bronze of her globes. “Please!” She whimpered, “Have mercy!” But of course, she wanted the opposite. I was violent with her, tearing at her hair, beating on her ass, choking her until her face was purple and tears filmed her bulging eyes. I could tell I didn’t satisfy her masochism like her Domina did, but my length broke new ground inside her, and those untouched nerves alighted on her face.

By the time I got back to Adrianna, I was already almost spent. I pushed into her used anus, collapsed on her back, and came with a groan. She came with me, the sound whistling from her clenched teeth, her body tensing all around. Before my cock even had a chance to recover, she rolled those lewd muscles, and milked me back to life. I planted a kiss on her lips, wiped the sweat from my brow, and got back to the front of the line.


I was mindless. Life was a fever dream, the drone of desire in my head, my heart beating in my ears, my vision veiled violet. I was a demon, a beast of instinct reveling in its purest form, living only in the flashes of the moment. I was sucking Faltia’s jiggling breast, hearing her sweet moans, “Commander, Commander, Commander…” as Alexa gipped my asscheeks and fucked the hole between them, her cock gliding easily with the cum that already filled me. Faltia was in Eva’s lap, her legs spread wide, her thighs quivering to the fervent pumping being dealt to her anus. Eva was cruel with her while I was gentle. I pet her leaking pussy as I nursed from her, soothing her punishment as Eva wrenched her head back and made her spine arch. In her state of back-breaking paralysis, I licked Faltia from nipple to collar, then up her neck, then to her chin. I found her lips, and I kissed her hard and passionately, our tongues locked in combat as our mouths devoured. My eyes drifted to their corners, and I saw Furia watching me.

She had Kiera in her lap, and was gently but firmly guiding her by the hips to penetrate herself. Kiera’s cock stood rigid, each downward squat causing precum to drip from its head and run in delicious streams down her curved-back shaft, and into her open pussy. Such a sweet captivity she was in, trapped within the arms of the woman I loved, forced to impale own anus over and over on Furia’s brutal organ until her head fell back on Furia’s shoulder, and her lips opened submissively. Furia took Kiera tenderly by the chin, and with her brand of sensual dominance, she kissed her. Our eyes stayed locked for a moment longer, watching the other, becoming more aroused to see the other share her lust with someone else like us. Then our eyes closed, no longer paying the other any mind, but succumbing fully to our partners. We loved each other, yes, but our love was not meant for just one. That piece of our old selves had held on the longest, but in that moment, it died, and my mind became numb once more.

“Fuck my little fucking slutty asshole!” I sobbed onto the floor, Eva doing damage to me, stirring two of her fingers around her cock as she impaled me. Oh, she was cruel! So beautifully cruel!

“Eat it, you whore!” She snarled. I stared at Soraya’s prolapsed anus, the ruby rose glistening before my face. She kept her hold pried open with three digits of each hand that clung shakenly to her stretched rim.

“Do what she says!” Soraya pleaded with me, “I can’t hold it much longer!”

Her body was covered in welts and scratches, her eyes were puffy, black eyeliner running down her cheek. This was when she was most beautiful, when she was in her natural state of debased pain, begging for the most heinous pleasures.

“I said, eat it!” Eva snarled, and forced my face down. My nose entered Soraya’s slit, any my lips wrapped around her bud, sucking sensually, drawing upon her flavor as my tongue traversed the delicate petals, tasting the vile concoction. She came right there, howling and sputtering, her nectar wetting my nose and mouth, but I just kept sucking her anal flower, humming my moan of lecherous delight, looking up at her from hungry eyes.

Kiera had me pressed against the wall, her breasts pillowing into my back, her crotch molded to my ass, her motions smooth and languorous, our bodies heaving together. She sensually penetrated my anus, her cock sliding easily with the cum that already slickened my channel, stirring me, stretching me so tenderly. I kissed her over my shoulder, and she held my chin to receive it. Then Brianna was between my legs, her tongue traversing my taint and ending at my entrance. Kiera took me by the thighs and lifted my off the ground, then shakenly seated herself with me atop. I splayed my thighs wide and grinned down at the playful face of Brianna, her lips wrapping my clit, her eyes twinkling like it was all a joke. Then those eyes widened suddenly when Furia came up behind her, and buried herself to the hilt. Brianna locked her arms around my legs to keep from being jerked up my body, and with her tongue entering my slit, she let Furia fuck my pussy with the force of her thrusts. I grasped Brianna’s blonde mane with white-knuckled intensity, gyrating atop Kiera’s cock, my anus still elastic enough to hold all the semen that had been deposited inside. But the night was young.

I was gaping and ruined, my asshole unable to close, but it was swollen with abuse and more sensitive than ever! Alexa and Furia were taking turns in my ass, trying to see whose cock would make me come first. Furia was much bigger than Alexa, and she could stretch me wide and deep, but the curvature of Alexa’s shaft allowed her to rub against a secret spot within me, and the contrast between the two was driving me insane. I screamed against the floor, clawing at the stone, my body wracked with pleasure I could not contain.

“Lick it up!” Eva snarled in my ear. Certiok was getting fucked in the ass before me, bent over so that I could see her joining with Kiera. Her pussy was drooling thick braids of feminine honey onto the floor, and Eva couldn’t stand to see me waste such a meal. I did as she beckoned, lapping the nectarous filth from the floor, then licking my way to its source. I enjoyed Certiok’s unique flavor for a while, then turned my head up, and lathered Kiera’s shaft as it entered and exited the orc’s tight rim.

I was kissing Brianna, enjoying the playful motions of her tongue as I bestrode her lap, our clits rubbing until the tingles were quakes, and we weren’t giggling, but crying out into each other’s mouths. Alexa was in my ass, and Eva was in hers. We broke the kiss to exchange tongues with the partners over each other’s shoulders, then when the orgasm had subsided, we giggled like schoolgirls, and kissed each other once more.

The orgy was winding down. Our libido was limitless, but our bodies were not. Alexa fucked me gently, and I kissed her with equal gentleness. She lay atop me, her weight a comfort of soft flesh and heat, and she beckoned me to tilt my pelvis up so that she could make sweet love to my anus. It was ruined, unable to close on its own, and yet, she stretched it still, her curved cock rubbing that spot with expert repetition. We moaned together, every motion gradual and graceful, our hands in each other’s hair, our mouths rotating about the axis of our lust.

Eva had lost the will to hurt me, and instead put me in a nelson hold and made me watch what she was doing to me. Her cock penetrated me with a squelching sound, I was so full of cum. She was slow, but not gentle. She made feel every tortuous inch of her, and when she kissed me over my shoulder, it was domineering and aggressive, her teeth biting, her tongue subduing me. My back arched, my breasts jiggled forth, and I came with an urgent muffled scream, a fountain shooting from my pussy to wet Certiok’s face.

I was lying atop Soraya. Everyone else had fallen asleep but her, Furia and I. I twisted Soraya’s swollen nipples like she wanted me to, and kissed her like she was a whore. She gave me everything in that kiss, and squirmed beneath me, the double-ended toy piercing us both, Furia taking her turn in each of our anuses. We all came together, our voices too hoarse to make sound. My ass was filled in a final time, and we collapsed, the world dimming to blackness.

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