Artificial Affection Ch3 by OliverPride

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Science-Fiction | Incest, Interracial, Latina, Pregnant, Threesome

Artificial Affection Chapter Three


The moonlight reflected off Victoria’s swollen, pregnant belly. Her eyes were closed but she was still awake. My hand gently caressed the bottom of her tummy. She had just confessed a lot of crazy things. Vic had took the rest of the “love potion” cologne and spread it throughout the campus. She also announced she was pregnant with triplets. It made sense, her belly was far larger than any other pregnant girl at our school. Vic used to have tight, muscular abs yet they were no match for a triplet pregnancy. She was growing steadily along just like the other 50 pregnant students at our university. After what she did today that number was sure to rise. That’s how I ended up spending the night with her. The cologne was designed to make women insatiably horny toward me. If I went in public with that cologne spread everywhere I’d be swarmed. The infected woman will only target me if I was nearby, if not they’d probably do just about anyone. The worst part was that feeling wouldn’t go away unless they got pregnant. If they didn’t, their bodies waste away to nothing. Several girls were hospitalized already. I anonymously proposed a cure online, using the exact type and concentration of pregnancy hormones, though there has been no word of one in the making. Vic’s insane reasoning was to make things worse to force more focus on our university’s crisis, hoping to spark a rush for a cure.

I slowly stroked Victoria’s baby bump. She had such soft, tan, Latina skin. I was so mad at her earlier that it was strange to think I’d ended up hooking up with her that same night. We hadn’t had sex since I knocked her up. She was infected, she wanted me to do it to save her life. Unlike Monet, and Avery, Victoria’s pregnancy was completely intentional. We just didn’t expect triplets. I mean, how rare is that? At about thirteen weeks along, one less than most, Vic still looked incredible. Maybe it was her good looks, my increasing adoration of round bellies, or her enormous boobs, but somehow she turned me from furious to horny. It was an emotional night. We cuddled naked as we waited for one thirty in the morning. That was our plan. I’d stay with Victoria until an odd hour of the night then sneak back to my apartment. This would be done to avoid coming across any infected girls during the day. I’d probably have to stay in my apartment for a while until the newly infected girls were all impregnated or, unfortunately, hospitalized.

That’s what sucked the most. The innocent woman in the hospital because of our stupidity. I couldn’t visit them or do anything to give away my involvement or knowledge of what was going on. So we just waited and hoped for the best.

~Chapter 3: Going Viral

My hand slowly found its way from Victoria’s pregnant belly to her massive tits. I cupped one breast in my hand. A small smile crept onto Vic’s face. She was always proud of her impressive bust, now that she was pregnant it had only gotten more impressive. All her curves were growing alongside her expanding belly. Despite finally having a bit of an ass and some thighs now, nothing was growing quite like her tummy and her tits. I was positive that by the end of her pregnancy, when her tits start filling up with milk, she will have the biggest bust out of anyone I’d ever seen. It was selfish, but I was excited for that day. My cock began to rise at the thought. Vic must have felt it press against her round butt because she stirred in bed.

“You have to go,” Vic whispered. She didn’t open her eyes. I glanced at the digital alarm clock at her bedside. She was right, it was one thirty in the morning.

I began to roll out of bed when a slender hand grabbed my arm. I turned to see Victoria facing me, her boobs squished as she laid on her side. “Wait,” she pleaded. Her eyes beckoned me toward her. She pulled me in and kissed me deeply, her tongue circling mine. I could feel her erect nipples poking at my bare chest. I was tempted to stay but I knew now would be the best time to go home without running into any women in public. Vic’s lips left mine as she stared up at me with glimmering puppy dog eyes. “There, you can go now,” Vic claimed as she appeared to drift off to sleep.

An odd sensation surged within me. What was happening? I knew what it was. I was catching feelings for her. It didn’t make sense, especially after all she had done. How could I like someone like that? She harassed me all the time. I hooked up with Avery everyday and never felt like this. Hell, this all started because I had feelings for Monet. The cologne was invented for her, she was pregnant with my baby, we hooked up regularly, shouldn’t I feel this way toward her? I pushed the feeling down. I was overreacting. It had been a long time since I’d last had sex with Victoria, I was just excited. It was her huge tits, that’s it, what guy wouldn’t feel a little infatuated after playing with boobs like those. I told myself lots of things to calm me down, yet deep inside I knew it wouldn’t be the end of it.

Luckily, all thoughts of Victoria instantly vanished upon entering my apartment. Unfortunately, I was greeted by something much worse. On my couch sat Avery, my cousin who just so happened to be pregnant with my baby, and next to her a complete stranger. This stranger was a girl who looked to be around our age. She had flawless white skin, whiter than me and Avery as our Italian genes contributed a little olive color. Unlike all the other girls in my life right now, this girl was blonde. Her hair was kept in a ponytail though it still looked quite long. My cock stood at attention. It was worth mentioning that both Avery and this girl were wearing nothing but their underwear. Avery’s hair looked a little messy and the band keeping the girl’s hair in a ponytail appeared loose, almost coming undone. I had obviously walked in on something.

“What?” I started but my brain stopped working. Avery piped up before I could think of anything.

“Hey, this is Kayla,” Avery greeted. She gestured to the almost naked girl sitting with her on the couch. Her tone was giddy. She was casual as ever. This, Kayla girl on the other hand looked pretty embarrassed.

“Hello, so you’re Joey?” Kayla asked. Her face was beat red. This was not good. I went home at such a random time to avoid contact with woman and now Avery was here doing God knows what with Kayla. I didn’t reply but peered down at the two of them. Kayla wasn’t pregnant. If she didn’t leave soon there was a good chance I’d end up impregnating yet another sexy woman. Wait, I called her sexy, shit I had to control myself.

Kayla was wearing a lacy black bra that appeared to be supporting C cup titties. Her bra was matched by a thin black thong that left little to the imagination. She was a little plump which only made her sexier. I’m sure most would call her thicc, but to me plump, chubby, and thicc were all the same. She had nice thick thighs, a round bubble butt and a soft, pudgy midsection. She had a MILF body. Her feminine curves only emphasized her fertility. Of course her tits were nowhere as big as Victoria’s or her ass as huge as Monet’s though all her features were fuller than Avery’s. That’s unless you took Avery’s pregnant belly into account, then yeah Avery had the bigger tummy; though before she got pregnant, Avery’s midriff was not as round as Kayla’s. Her hands and face were thin and sharp, narrow as if to compliment her perfectly curvy body.

“Joey?” Avery asked. She could tell I was in distress. This was not a good situation. I turned to Avery. She was wearing a deep blue bra one size too small for her growing pregnancy boobs and a pair of barely visible panties of the same color. Kayla’s legs rested on top of Avery’s. It looked like they were just kissing. Kayla put a hand on Avery’s pregnant belly and rubbed it in small circles.

“So you’re the baby daddy, huh?” Kayla questioned. I was still at a loss for words. The blush disappeared from Kayla’s face. She was no longer embarrassed. “I could see why,” Kayla continued after I gave no response. Avery giggled. I noticed both of their nipples were erect, piercing against the fabric of their bras.

“She should leave, now,” I choked out. My command was so shaky it lost all meaning.

“What? No! I didn’t think you’d be back but now that you’re here, things are getting interesting!” Avery smirked. She rubbed her left breast beneath her bra. When her hand came out from under her bra the soft flesh of her bust bounced.

“Avery, what is going on?” I asked, my voice more firm than before.

“Haven’t you ever wondered why I got kicked out of my sorority? How I ended up living with you?” Avery teased.

“Yes, but you’d never tell me.”

“This is how,” Avery proclaimed as she took off her bra and practically dove onto Kayla. They made out, hungrily like they were both filled with so much sexual frustration that they were gonna explode. Avery’s pregnant belly pressed into Kayla’s soft stomach as she forced her onto her back. Her bare tits mashed against Kayla’s restrained ones. The wet sucking sound of making out filled the room. Avery rubbed Kayla’s plump thighs and squeezed her ass while they kissed. Kayla’s hands roamed across Avery’s back and sides. It was at least a full minute before either of them came up for air.

“You got kicked out for kissing?” I asked.

Avery gave me a stern look. She could tell I was confused, yet expected me to understand. “No, not for kissing, for being gay,” she clarified. My expression didn’t change. “I’m bisexual,” Avery added.

“Oh, I, um, I never knew that. How does that get you kicked out of a sorority?”

Avery sighed. “They don’t let gay girls join sororities. I mean, I don’t know about all sororities but at least the one I was in sure didn’t. You really thought Greek life was progressive?”

“I thought most were,” I blushed.

“Not here,” Avery continued. “They saw me on a date with a girl and well, it didn’t go well.”

“I’m sorry Avery, I had no idea.”

“It’s ok, life is pretty sweet now,” she winked. Kayla was rubbing Avery’s belly and tits the whole time we were speaking. It was obvious she had been infected. Her nipples were like needles they were so erect. It was not going to be easy getting her to leave.

“I bet it is,” Kayla piped up. “You live with this hot baby daddy and you’re literally glowing!”

“Awe, thanks! So are you and you’re not even pregnant,” Avery complimented.

I groaned. “I’ll leave you two alone,” I stated plainly.

“What’s wrong you don’t like sexy sorority girls?” Avery beamed.

“Kayla was in a sorority too?”

“Was? I still am. They never caught me,” Kayla corrected.

“I’m going to bed.” It was clear I wasn’t going to be able to kick her out. Least I could do was avoid her.

A warm hand grabbed my arm. I was yanked onto the couch before I could turn around. The two girls pinned me down. Their soft sexy bodies were getting harder and harder to resist. I began to sit up but Avery sat on my lap. They were both giggling and giddy as if they were drunk.

“Kayla, check this out,” Avery announced. She grabbed my hands and forced them on her pregnant belly. There was way too much stimulus, Kayla, Avery, her ass on my lap, my fingers feeling up her tummy. I was beyond turned on. “He loves the preggo belly!” she exclaimed.

Kayla was in hysterics. “Oh my God! Look how hard he is, he totally does! I admit it is pretty kinky. I can’t keep my hands off of it either,” Kayla confessed.

“It’s not just preggo bellies, it’s all tummies,” Avery explained. Kayla made a pouting face. “I’m not joking, it’s his thing, try it!” Avery commanded as she hopped off of me and pushed Kayla on my lap. Kayla was thicker and the difference was felt immediately. There was a lot more padding in her ass and thighs. My cock was delighted to have her on top of me.

“Come on, don’t be shy,” Avery cooed. She pulled my hands up and around to caress Kayla’s pudgy little midsection. It was hot. Her skin was so soft and jiggly. My cock grew stiffer. My hands were almost moving on their own, exploring all the soft, round curves in front of them. Slowly, they snaked their way up to a rough patch of fabric, Kayla’s bra. I slid my hands underneath her bra, feeling the weight of each tit in my hands.

“Hey, that’s not my stomach,” Kayla laughed. She started grinding on my lap.

Avery unhooked Kayla’s bra. “Yeah but who could resist your big ol’ titties?” Avery giggled.

“He’s definitely doing a good job working on them,” Kayla moaned. I felt her nipples harden to my touch. Her thick ass ground harder into my crotch. When glancing down, I noticed her fingers were subconsciously searching for the waistband of my pants. “I can see how this happened,” Kayla smiled as she reached out to stroke Avery’s belly. “You’re so hot, I’d put a baby in you if I could. And he’s so hot, I’d let him put a baby in me if I wanted,” Kayla smirked.

“Yeah, I think it has more to do with that illness thing that went around about that time,” Avery laughed. I was so distracted I didn’t even realize Avery had taken off my shirt and removed her panties. “Then again you’re not wrong, he’s real hot huh?”

Kayla stood up to remove her panties. They slid off in a second. Avery made quick work of my pants. In a flash the three of us were naked. Kayla jumped back on top of me. This time my cock was deep inside her hot, throbbing pussy. Everything on her jiggled and bounced as she rode me facing me. Avery rubbed Kayla’s body and breasts as she bobbed up and down. Kayla had lost her mind in ecstasy. I did too until Avery spoke up.

“Isn’t he the best?” She asked.

“I don’t see how you didn’t get knocked up sooner!” Kayla gasped. I placed my hands on her bubble butt, squeezing her lush flesh between my fingers.

Avery pressed her tits into the side of my face. I took her right nipple in my mouth while my hands continued to feel up Kayla. “I know! I’m sure I’ll be knocked up soon after this one,” Avery gasped.

Kayla shivered. “God, you’re so kinky!”

“What? Avery no,” I choked out.

She giggled and started nibbling on my ear. “You sure? I feel like you won’t be able to resist from getting me pregnant again, and again, and again?” Avery teased.

“Fuck, you two are mad sexy. I’d love a mans to take care of me and keep me constantly barefoot and pregnant,” Kayla gasped. She started moving faster. Avery slapped Kayla’s nice ass.

“No, Avery, I’m not getting you or anyone else pregnant. We’re-“ I cut myself off. It dawned on me. Kayla didn’t know Avery and I were cousins. That’s why she didn’t reject the idea of more babies like I was.

“Go on,” Avery pleaded.

“No, we should stop, I’m close to cumming and I don’t wanna knock her up too,” I replied.

“Hmm, no finish your sentence. Why don’t you wanna breed me?” Avery interrogated.

Kayla didn’t stop. She was not focused on what I was saying. Her belly and boobs bounced with each thrust. Constant moans escaped her mouth.

“Because we’re.” I stopped and stared up into Kayla’s eyes. They were rolled back in bliss.

“Say it!” Avery demanded. Her whole body was now pressed against me, tits, pregnant belly, thighs, everything crushed against my side. Her mouth, mere inches away from mine.

“We’re cousins,” I blurted out.

Kayla’s eyes opened wide with shock. “You two are cousins?” she gasped. I blushed. Avery smiled big and broad, looking proud of herself. “And you got her pregnant? Your own cousin, your own family, pregnant?” Kayla’s movements slowed but did not cease.

Avery sat up to play with Kayla’s tits. “Yes, it’s all true and I can’t wait to have all of his babies,” Avery teased. She took one of Kayla’s breasts into her mouth while she fondled the other one.

Kayla’s eyes rolled back again. She picked up the pace. “God, that’s so hot,” Kayla choked out. Suddenly, I felt her pussy tighten.

“It is?” I asked, shocked. Kayla didn’t answer as she was making out with Avery. The two of them seemed to love feeling up each other’s tits. A few times I saw Kayla’s hands sneak down to rub Avery’s swollen belly. Eventually they broke their kiss and Kayla responded.

“It’s totally the hottest thing I’ve ever encountered. I can’t believe you two fuck and even made a dirty little incest baby!” Kayla exclaimed.

“There will be more to come,” Avery cooed. She forced Kayla’s hand onto her round stomach. At this point I understood Avery was just saying that to excite Kayla, or maybe me too. Who could resist a hot chick begging to have your babies?

“Fuck, you two are insane,” Kayla moaned. “I’m gonna cum real soon!”

I felt her hot pussy contract even more. Her movements grew faster and rougher. “I’m close too,” I warned.

“It’s not a safe time to cum inside, let me orgasm and I’ll get off,” Kayla panted. Her voluptuous body jiggled as she bounced on my cock.

“You have to get off now!” I commanded. “I can’t hold it back!”

Kayla started to get up but Avery slammed her back down on me. “No, he can wait, orgasm Kayla,” Avery demanded.

“I’m gonna cum, let her off!” I groaned. Avery knelt behind Kayla, her hands on her shoulders pinning her on my dick. I couldn’t reach Avery.

“No, stop! I’m gonna get pregnant!” Kayla squeaked out just as a powerful orgasm took over.

“I don’t feel you resisting,” Avery snickered.

My cock exploded blast after blast of hot cum into Kayla’s unprotected womb. Her body trembled. Her movements were now subtle as she was lost in bliss. I could feel more and more cum pump out of my dick. I was filling her up pretty good.

“Ah, fuck,” Kayla sighed. She slowly got off of me and examined the damage. No doubt, cum oozed out of her pussy. Kayla wiped some cum off her ripe thighs and smeared it on Avery’s pregnant tummy. “Fuck you,” she hissed.

Avery only smiled. “It’s gonna be fine. If you do get knocked up, Joey likes big preggo bellies remember?”

“Yeah, but I’m not ready for a kid,” Kayla spat.

“Oh come on,” Avery groaned. “Look at your hips, those thick thighs, round ass, those humongous boobs and your soft, little belly and tell me you’re not a goddess born for breeding!”

“You’re such a bitch, you didn’t even apologizing for what you just did,” Kayla whined.

I shot Avery a disapproving look. Months ago it was obvious she kinda went off the deep end, though I never thought she’d do something like this. I couldn’t believe it. I had just gotten another girl pregnant and Avery basically forced me to.

“I’m not gonna apologize, I know what the two of you are into, you’ll both be grateful in time. Plus, you don’t have to be careful for the rest of the night. Joey can fill you up again and again and it won’t make a difference.”

“Only because you made him cum in me already!” Kayla argued.

Avery’s lips twisted in an evil grin. “Yes, and you love that. You love creampies. You can’t wait for more. You’re obsessed with my baby bump just as much as Joey is and I know you can’t wait to have one of your own,” Avery teased. Kayla didn’t speak. She stared at my cousin in stunned silence. Avery began rubbing her bulging belly. “Mmm in a few months you’ll have a baby belly just like this. Mine will be even bigger and we could rub our bellies together, wouldn’t that be hot? Two preggos fooling around with each other, feeling their tummies and titties grow? You already have big tits but when my milk comes in I bet mine will finally be bigger.” Avery popped one of her nipples into her mouth and started sucking on her own breasts.

Kayla’s anger melted. She came rushing over to make out with Avery. It must have been the cologne. The insatiable need for sex was too high for her to stay angry. It was going to take her body time to become pregnant and wear down the effects of the cologne. At least that meant I was in for a fun night.

The sound of sucking and kissing filled the room once again. Kayla had Avery pinned down, kissing her neck and downward until she reached Avery’s nipples. Kayla opened her mouth wide and stuffed one of Avery’s swollen areola inside. I knew Avery wasn’t lactating, though Kayla sure sucked away as if she was. Meanwhile, Kayla’s generous bust was pressed against Avery’s round pregnant belly. I could see her nipples grow more and more erect. She had her plump ass in the air as she sucked on Avery. Her thick thighs and bubble butt were not as large as Monet’s yet they were still extremely enticing. I gave her ass a hard slap. The force of my smack sent waves of flesh down her thighs. I loved her body, it was so voluptuous, and jiggly. It made me want to play with her soft curves all night. I also loved her tiny belly pooch too, however, I knew it was soon going to be replaced by a big, tight, pregnant tummy.

“Fuck me from behind while I eat out your sexy-ass cousin!” Kayla commanded. She raised her ass and pussy up while planting her face down between Avery’s spread legs.

“I can’t believe your cousin put a baby in you, you’re such a slut!” Kayla teased.

“He put one in you too bitch!” Avery smirked.

“Only because of you,” Kayla winked. Avery tried to reply but all she could do was moan as Kayla went to town on her pussy. I took hold of Kayla’s ass and began pounding her pussy. It was much better this time with all the freedom and recklessness of knowing I had already filled her with my cum.

We fucked each other for hours. I had never been in a threesum before. Actually, none of us had. I’m sure it wasn’t going to be the last time the three of us hooked up. Kayla really enjoyed Avery’s pregnancy. She also loved that we were cousins, in fact she even wanted to switch places a few times to watch me fuck Avery. It was a real kinky night. Kayla had the excuse of being exposed to the cologne Victoria had spread throughout the campus. Avery on the other hand was just being her wild, sexy self. I hoped Kayla would be ok with what we did once the cologne wears off as her pregnancy takes effect. For now she seemed fine with it. The sun was already up when we went to sleep. I slept spooning Avery, holding her pregnant belly in my hand while Kayla slept practically on top of me. Kayla was cuddling me from behind with one leg and arm on top of me. I didn’t mind, I liked having her soft curves pressed against me. We didn’t pull the sheets over us so we wouldn’t overheat. It was still a bit too hot and sweaty, yet it felt amazing nonetheless.

All good things have to come to an end. Kayla eventually had to go back to the sorority house. Avery and I usually went at it at least once a day but we were exhausted. She turned on the tv and sure enough the news was already talking about our school.

The news report stated that this time around most students recognized the symptoms and realized there was another outbreak of the virus which lead to all those pregnancies and hospitalizations. It didn’t seem to make a difference because there was no fighting the effects of the cologne. What was even worse was that some girls got pregnant on purpose out of fear of the alternative, death. The remaining women were knocked up simply because of the uncontrollable hornyness the cologne caused. Despite this, not all of the female students at my university were pregnant. Thanks to Victoria, the amount of confirmed pregnancies skyrocketed in the following days from around fifty to thousands. Thousands... that meant over 60% of undergraduate girls were pregnant. The media coverage of our school also grew. Everyday there were updates on the news of how many students were pregnant, how many were hospitalized, how many were having twins or triplets, the statistics were endless. This wave of pregnancies occurred months after the first so most women were not showing that much but pretty soon it became a campus flooded with pregnant bellies everywhere you looked.

As time went by the weather got warmer and the girls started showing more skin, especially the pregnant ones. It was clear they were overheating with all the extra pregnancy weight. It was rare that a pregnant student wouldn’t have her whole swollen tummy on display in an effort to beat the heat. Meanwhile, I was sure there must’ve been an increase in men who had a thing for pregnant women. There were sexy pregnant students with round bellies and swollen, ripening tits all over. If I was the only one into that, then I must have been in my own personal paradise. It wasn’t all fun and games though, having kids is serious, a disease where women had to get pregnant or else they died was serious.

Fortunately, there was hope. It was months after I sent that anonymous email though with all that media attention and the skyrocket in pregnancies, my cure was finally being tested and developed. Police had been sent to investigate the origin of the email but they discontinued it after a female officer got pregnant. That was around the time Vic unleashed the second wave of cologne so it made sense. The police officer wasn’t the only non-undergraduate to get pregnant. A few researchers, thirty TAs, two more policewoman, and three university therapists all got pregnant. The virus worked as long as the women were young enough to be impregnated.

My phone buzzed like wildfire. It was the lab I worked for on campus. The cure had been tested on the hospitalized students and it had worked wonders. All of the girls in the hospital had fully recovered. My boss had just sent a barrage of emails to me. It appeared our lab was going to be synthesizing the cure and distributing it around campus. It was definitely a bit too late as anyone infected was most likely already pregnant but to be safe; we were required to hand out the cure to all the remaining female students.

“What’s wrong?” Monet asked. Her fiery red lips turned into a pout.

“It’s my boss, I have to go to work today. We’re helping out with the cure effort,” I explained.

Monet’s hands dropped to caress her pregnant belly. “I prefer the cure you gave me,” Monet beamed at her bulging belly. At seven months along, Monet finally looked pregnant. She still had a much smaller baby bump then most girls but now it was large enough that it couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a bun in the oven. Her tits had swelled up to a C cup, much larger than before. She was really excited about becoming a mother and embraced all the changes in her body. It’s possible she embraced them a little too well as she wore some pretty revealing clothes but of course I never commented on it. Currently, Monet was wearing a white tube top showing off some deep golden cleavage and a pair of black short shorts from before she was pregnant. The shorts left about half of her ass cheeks hanging out as it had also grown a bit thicker too. She always had a nice, round, bubble butt, now it was enormous! It was just on the verge of being too big and with two more months to go in her pregnancy she was real scared it might get there. I’m sure I’d love it, the bigger it got the sexier it became. It wasn’t like she was big anywhere else. Her thighs had gotten thicker and sexier too. Monet was pear shaped and proud of it. She was definitely flaunting it with her pregnant belly fully exposed, her soft, golden, Egyptian skin soaking up the sunlight. I admired the way her swollen tits bounced in her tight top.

“Awe, you’re gonna be a great mom,” I complimented.

Monet looked up from her belly. “Fuck yeah I am!”

“Hmm, actually with the way you curse, maybe not.”

“No, I’ll be the best mom, NO, the best MILF!” She exclaimed.

“You’re well on track to being a MILF,” I confirmed. I placed my left hand on the exposed part of Monet’s ass. She giggled and blushed. I kept it there as I walked her home from a restaurant.

“Good luck at work, baby daddy!” Monet laughed as she opened the door to her dorm. I gave her a quick kiss on those luscious neon red lips of hers before I left.

“Good bye Cleopatra!” I called. She never liked being called that.

Sweat flowed down my forehead in the scorching sun. My boss set up a table outside the student center where girls could line up to receive the treatment we synthesized free of charge. There was supposed to be an orderly line but it quickly devolved into a mad mob of anxious students. Hands reached out in every direction grasping for their free pill bottles. We made enough for the whole school, yet people were frantically trying to get their treatment. Other members of the lab staff were trying to calm the crowd or telling the male students that only girls who need the cure can pick it up. If a student was too weak to collect their treatment in person it was already sent to their dorm, apartment, or house.

Someone accidentally scratched me with their nails. Hands were everywhere. I could barely hear a thing with the wild crowd around me. Gradually, I heard my name. It took some time until I finally spotted Victoria struggling to make her way through the crowd. At last she made it to my little stand.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. I did not expect to see her there. She had stopped working at the lab once she got pregnant. It was for the best as we sometimes used teratogens there.

“Check your phone,” Vic smiled. She grabbed a box of pill bottles and began passing them out. I was so busy with distributing the cure that I didn’t notice I had gotten a text from Vic. It said, “I feel bad that I’m responsible for all this. I asked if I could help hand out the cure with you and they approved. It doesn’t make up for what we did but I want to be a part of the solution.”

I stared at Victoria. Girls flocked around her to pick up the cure. She caught me staring at her and flashed me a brilliant smile for a brief moment before getting back to work. My heart skipped a beat. She looked so beautiful. Her belly was enormous, seven months pregnant with triplets. It was one of the biggest baby bumps in the whole school. Despite this, it was perfectly smooth, no stretch marks, just silky, tan, Latina skin. Vic was wearing a light blue two piece dress. Her big, watermelon of a belly stuck out in the middle, parting the two parts of the dress. The skirt portion was long enough to cover Victoria appropriately, though it did get a little snug around her plump ass. Pregnancy looked great on her. She didn’t have much of an ass before but now it was really rounding out. It was such a dramatic difference, going from a six pack to having a massive swelling belly. Somehow it only made her sexier. It added to her curves, her femininity, her softness. For a moment the sound of the crowd melted away. I was lost in my thoughts while staring at Victoria. Her tits overflowed out of her top. They had to be at least H cups by now. If they weren’t that big yet they would be once her milk comes in. They were already resting on top of her tummy, too big for any bra to keep up. The soft flesh of her tits spilled over the top of her dress creating a deep well of jiggling cleavage. Vic kept pausing here and there to lift up her top in the front, to keep from showing off too much.

“What are you fucking doing? I’m pregnant with triplets and I’m working harder than you!” Victoria scolded. She wasn’t actually angry. She just noticed I wasn’t doing anything. I immediately got back to work, passing out the cure. I wasn’t sure if she realized I was checking her out. It had to have been obvious, though she never brought it up. We diligently worked until everyone had gotten their share of the treatment.

Victoria was exhausted. It was hard for her to be on her feet for so long. I walked Vic to her apartment to make sure she got back ok. “You’re not gonna join me?” Victoria cooed. She waited at the threshold of her apartment. I turned around.

“Join you for what?” I asked confused.

“A shower,” Vic winked seductively.

“How could I say no to that?”

Victoria couldn’t move all that fast anymore but with my help we were in the shower in no time. She turned a knob and hot water rained down on us. Victoria leaned in close before I could do anything. She kissed my neck, her naked breasts pressed on my chest, her huge belly rubbing my erection. Her red lipstick rinsed off as she kissed me. I held her close as I made out with her. She had gotten so much thicker than she used to be. I grabbed a bar of soap and glided it across her thighs. They were soft and jiggled as I made my way to her plump ass. I loved her tan, brownish complexion. I could rub her beautiful skin all day.

“I want to feel your hands on me, use this,” Vic directed as she held out a bottle of body wash. I abandoned the bar of soap and squirted out a blob of vanilla-scented body wash. I rubbed her down until every inch was covered in a layer of sudsy bubbles. After feeling countless handfuls of her soft, luscious flesh I realized I wished she would be like this forever: round, thick, soft, curvy and swollen with my babies. I felt the weight of her breasts in my hands. They were massive, they enveloped my fingers, making my hands feel tiny in comparison. Vic let out a moan as I rubbed her tits. Her nipples had grown larger and much darker too.

Suddenly, Victoria grabbed my head and hair. She pulled me into the big globes of her bust. I sucked at her tits, teasing her erect, chocolate nipples with my tongue. I held her big, spherical belly in my hands as I worked on her tits with my mouth. I only stopped when I started to get soap in my mouth. I moved her back under the stream of water to rinse off the body wash. She looked so hot with soaking wet hair. Victoria held me closer again to make out. Her body moved slightly up and down after each kiss as she breathed heavily. Her tummy rubbed my hard cock. She gazed longingly into my eyes, the water falling on our heads. It felt like I could live in that moment forever. It felt like life was perfect. All the troubles of our lives and of the outside world washed away in that shower.

If only I knew what would follow. I didn’t know there were big side effects to the cure. I didn’t know the biggest decision of my life loomed ahead. Chaos and marriage just around the corner.

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Science-Fiction | Incest, Interracial, Latina, Pregnant, Threesome


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